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Vacancies among
Directors how

or from any Stockholder in such Company, the amount of any call or
calls of Stock which such Stockholder may neglect to pay, after public
notice thereof for two weeks, in the newspaper, or one of the news-
papers, published nearest the place where the Directors of the said
Company usually meet for conducting the business of the said Com.
pany, or after a personal demand for payment shall have been made
from such defaulting Stockholder by the Treasurer of such Company;
and the oath of the said Treasurer shall be deemed sufficient proof of Proof.
the said notice or of such demand, a copy whereof shall be filed in the
office of the Clerk of the Court where the trial shall take place.

VII. And be it enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the President and Directors of any such Company to elect one of their number to be the policeerd, beer President, and to nominate and appoint such and so many officers and servants as they shall deem necessary for performing the duties required of them by the said Company; and in their discretion, to take security from them or any of them for the due performance of his or their duty, and that he or they shall duly account for all moneys coming into his or their hands to the use of any such Company

VIII. And be it enacted, That if any vacancy or vacancies shall at Vacancies among any time happen amongst the Directors of any of the said Companies ailed during the current year of their appointment, by death, resignation or permanent residence without the County or Counties in which the work is situated, in respect of which such vacancy or vacancies shall occur, or by any other cause, such vacancy or vacancies shall be filled up for the remainder of the year in which they may so happen, by a person or persons to be nominated by a majority of the remaining Directors, unless otherwise provided by some By-law or Regulation of the Company in which such vacancy may occur.

IX. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for the President and Rates of Toll. Directors of such Company, to fix and regulate, from time to time, the tolls or wharfage to be received from all vessels entering such Harbour or lying at such Pier or Wharf, and for loading and unloading all goods, wares or merchandize in such Harbour, as to them shall seem meet; Provided they shall not in any case exceed the amount herein- Provieo. after specified; Provided also, that such Tolls, Rates or Dues shall be provino. subject to the approval of the Governor of this Province.

X. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for any such Com- Provision for pany or their Agent, Officers or Servants to detain any goods, wares meat of more or merchandize, or any vessel, boat or craft until the legal tolls or charges thereon shall be paid, and for charges for repairs of vessels or boats when such charges remain unpaid for the space of thirty days,

how fixed

mav hold stock in such Companies.


such Companies, their Agent, Officers or Servants may sell or dispose of such vessel or boat to pay the said charges, and in cases where the charges for wharfage or storage dues on goods, wares or merchandize remain unpaid for the space of one year, such Companies, their Agents, Officers or Servants may sell such goods, wares or merchandize or such part thereof as may be necessary to pay such dues, by public auction, giving ten days' notice of such sale, and returning the overplus, if any,

to the owner or owners thereof. Municipalities XI. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for any Municipal

body corporate, having jurisdiction within the locality in which any such work as aforesaid is to be constructed, to subscribe for, acquire, accept and hold, and to depart with, and transfer Stock in any such Company, and from time to time to direct the Mayor, Reeve, Warden, or other Chief Officer thereof, on behalf of such Municipality, to subscribe for such Stock in the name of such Municipality, and to act for and on behalf of such Municipality in all matters relative to such Stock and the exercise of the rights of such Municipality as a Stockholder, and the Mayor, Reeve, Warden or other Chief Officer

shall, whether otherwise qualified or not, be deemed a Stockholder in Votes upon such the said Company, and may vote and act as such, subject always to

such rules and orders in relation to his authority, as shall be made in that behalf by such Municipality by their By-laws or otherwise, but voting according to his discretion in cases not provided for by such Municipality: and it shall be lawful for such Municipality to pay for or to pay all instalments upon the Stock they shall subscribe for and acquire, out of any moneys belonging to such Municipality, and not specially appropriated to any other purpose, and to apply the moneys arising from the dividends or profils on the said stock or from the sale thereof, to any purpose to which unappropriated moneys belonging to such

Municipality may lawfully be applied. Company may XII. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for any Company to 10 Municipality, be constituted under the authority of this Act, whenever they shall see chase the same. fit, to sell to any Municipal authority representing the interest of the

Payment of callo on the same.

locality in which the work shall be situate, and for such Municipal authority to purchase the Stock of such Company at the value that may be agreed on between the said Company and the said Municipality, and to bold the same for the use and benefit of the said locality; and such Municipal authority shall, after such purchase, stand in the place and stead of the said Company, and shall possess all such powers and

authority as the said Company shall hare theretofore possessed and Proviso. Money exercised; Provided always, that it shall be lawful for any Municipality under 16 V. c.22. making or desirous of making, any such purchase of any such work, to

Company may sell their works

which may purchase the same.

may be raised

Increase of capi

borrow money or raise the means of paying therefor by By-law to be passed under the provisions of the Act passed in the present Session, and intituled, " An Act to establish a Consolidated Municipal Loan Fund for Upper Canada."

XIII. And be it enacted, Thall it shall be the duty of the Directors Company to renof every Company incorporated under this Act, to report annually, at Municipality some time in the month of January in each year, to the Municipality within which such work shall be situated, under the oath of the Treasurer of such Company, the state and nature of their work, the amount of all money expended, the amount of their Capital Stock, and how much paid in, the amount of dividends paid and the amount expended for repairs, and the amount of debts due by such Company; and every to keep regular such Company shall keep regular books of account, in which shall be Books, c. entered a correct statement of the assets, receipts and disbursements of such Company, which shall be at all times open for the inspection of any person for that purpose appointed by the Municipality aforesaid.

XIV. And be it enacted, That the Directors of any such Company shall have power to increase the Capital Stock of such Company, when tal provided for. they shall find the Stock already subscribed insufficient to finish the contemplated Work.

XV. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for any Company formed under the authority of this Act, to borrow any sum of money borrow money. on the security of such work, not exceeding one half the value thereof.

XVI. And be it enacted, That so soon as any such Pier, Wharf or Harbour shall be so far completed as to be capable of receiving and wharfage limited. sheltering vessels, and of safely loading and unloading the same, such Company shall have power and authority to ask for, demand and receive, recover and take as toll or wharfage to and for their own use and benefit, on all goods, wares and merchandize shipped on board or landed out of any vessel, boat or other craft, from or upon any such Pier or Wharf within the bounds of every such Harbour, not exceeding the following, that is to say:

£ 8 d.
Pot or Pearl Ashes....... ----- per barrel 0 0 4
Pork, Whisky, Beef, Salt, Lard or Butter, " 0 0 3
Flour ---

...-.. " 0 0 2
Lard or Butter..

.-----..per firkin or keg 0 0 1 Grain of all kinds......

-...per buchel 0 0 1 Horned Cattle or Horses..

-- each 0 0 4 Calves, Sheep or Wine..... ...... " 0 0 1 Merchandize.

.....per ton 0 3 0


may purchase

pany at its current value.

£ & d. Sawed Lumber, per 1,000 feet board measure.....0 i 3 Square or round Timber ........ per 100 cubic feet 0 0 9 Saw logs ---------------

-------...0 0 lt Pipe Staves ....

------per M., O 2 0 West India Pipe Staves. ---

..--.- per M, 0 0 0 Unenumerated Articles ........ -- per ton 0 2 0 Boats of 12 tons or under......

... each 0 1 0 " over 12 tons and not over 50.......... " 0 2 0

u over 50 tons....................... 6 0 3 0 Municipality XVII. And be it enacted, That after twenty-one years from the Flock or com time of completing any such work as aforesaid, so that tolls are col

lected thereon, it shall and may be lawful for any Municipal authority representing the interests of the locality in which the work shall be situate, to purchase the Stock of such Company at the current value thereof at the time of purchase, and to hold the same for the use and benefit of the said locality; and such Municipal authority shall henceforth stand in the place and stead of the said Company, and shall possess all such powers and authority as the said Company shall bave

theretofore possessed and exercised. This Ac may be XVIII. And be it enacted, That notwithstanding the privileges that

may be conferred by this Act, the Legislature may at any time bereafter, in their discretion, make any such additions to this Act, or such alteration to any of its provisions, as they may think proper, for affording just protection to the public, or to any person or persons, body corporate or politic, in respect to their estate or property, or right or interest therein, or any advantage, privilege or convenience connected therewith, or in respect to any right, public or private, that may be affected by any of the powers given to any such corporation..

This Act may be amended by the Legislature.


Be it remembered, that on this

day of
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
We, the undersigned Stockholders, met at , in the
County of

, in the Province of Canada, and resolved to form ourselves into a Company, to be called (insert the name irtended to be taken by the Company,) according to the provisions of a certain Act of the Parliament of this Province, intituled, An Act, dc., (insert the title of this Act,) for the purpose of constructing a Pier (or Piers,) Wharf (or Wharves,) and making (or dredging) a Harbour (or constructing a Dry Dock, at (name of the place.) And we do hereby

declare that the capital Stock of the said Company shall be
pounds, to be divided into Shares, at the price or sum of Five
Pounds each. And we, the undersigned Stockholders, do hereby agree
to take and accept the number of Shares set by us opposite to our res-
pective signatures; and we do hereby agree to pay the calls thereon,
according to the provisions of the said in part recited Act, and of the
Rules and Regulations, Resolutions and By-Laws of the said Company
to be made or passed in that behalf; and we do hereby nominate (the
names to be here inserted.) 10 be the first Directors of the said Com-


Number of Shares.



14 d 18 VIC., CAP. 51, SE C. 18.

An Act to consolidate and regulate the General Clauses relating to .

XVIII. And be it enacted, That-

Firstly. Municipal Corporations in this Province may subscribe for Municipal any number of shares in the Capital Stock of, or lend to or guarantee may take stock. the payment of any sum of money borrowed by the Company from any Corporation or person, or indorse or guarantee the payment of any Debenture to be issued by the Company for the money by them borrowed, and shall have power to assess and levy from time to time upon the whole rateable property of the Municipality a sufficient sum for them to discharge the debt or engagement so contracted and for the like purpose to issue Debentures payable at such times and for such sum respectively, not less than Five Pounds, currency, and bearing or not bearing interest, as such Municipal Corporation may think meet.

Secondly. Any such Debenture issued, indorsed or guaranteed, shall Dehentures be valid, and binding upon such Municipal Corporation, if signed or be binding indorsed, and countersigned by such officer or person, and in such manner and form as shall be directed by any By-law of such Corporation and the Corporation Seal thereto shall not be necessary, nor the observance of any other form with regard to the Debentures than such as shall be directed in such By-law as aforesaid.

Thirdly. No Municipal Corporation shall subscribe for Stock or in- They cannot

issued by them to

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