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spirit of benevolence in the churches has risen with the demand made upon it. The influence which this fact is calculated to exert on the future operations of the Board, all can imagine. It will encourage them “to attempt great things and to expect great things."

The receipts for the year amount to $47,496,29_exceeding the receipts of the preceding year by $15,687,18. Of this sum, it gives us great pleasure to say that two thousand tive hundred dollars were contributed by the American Bible Society; and two thousand five hundred by the American Tract Society. These noble institutions are now beginning to contemplate the field as the WORLD; and the former, especially, will not consider its object achieved, till every family on earth, which can read, is in possession of a copy of the sacred scriptures. Immediately after the payment of the above, they appropriated a similar amount for the year to come, provided they were sustained by the public in raising it. Individuals, churches and auxiliary societies also, have contributed with a noble generosity. Some have given, from whom nothing had been received before, and others have more than doubled their wonted communications, as may be seen by reference to the Treasurer's report.

The actual payments from the treasury in the same time amount to $ 22,711, 66. Of this sum, only about one thousand dollars have been paid, towards meeting our large expenses in Burmah, as drafts from the missionaries in that country have not yet arrived. When they shall be received and liquidated, it will leave but a small balance of the proceeds of the year with which to continue our vastly extended operations. We must, therefore, appeal to the same sources from whence we have hitherto derived supplies, and, looking to heaven for its special blessing, trust they will not disappoint us.

ANIMATING REVIEW. We cannot survey the progress made by the Board in extending its fields and multiplying the number of cultivators since the last anniversary, without emotions of joy and thanksgiving to God. The Board have experienced such tokens of the divine approbation, as tend to assure them of final success. Never before were they able to obtain but a scanty supply of laborers ; but the past year, they have taken into actual employ more than the whole number previously under appointment. They have commenced four new stations, established four new churches, and received to baptism, on profession of faith, more than four hundred converts. The calls, however, are still urgent and deeply affecting. There is scarcely an arrival from either of the missions, which is unaccompanied by earnest request for further assistance. Let no one, therefore, imagine that his duty is done. Only let him survey the field which is white unto the harvest, and gather to himself fresh incentives to go forth and do with his might what his hand findeth to do. “He that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal.”


Corresponding Secretary.



The General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States, for

Foreign Missions, in account with Heman Lincoln, Treasurer. 1832.

DE. May 3. To Cash, I. Potter, for freight of 3 boxes from Salem,

1,50 Premium for exchanging money, received in New York at the

sitting of the Convention, viz. dis. on $150 at 3 pr. ct. 4,50—

dis. on $ 2586 at 1 pr. ct. 25,86—Counterfeit bill, $2, 32,36

Rev. John M. Peck, for the Tonawanda school, 12. Paid postage of letters at New York during Convention,

1,10 17. Freight of box of books from New York, 19. For 12 books Gold Leaf for the Burman Printing Office,

4,65 Rev. A. Evans' draft of May 5th,

250, 28. Olive Oil for Burman Printing Department, June 1. I. H. Cary & Co. for rent Chamber No. 52 Washington St.,

40,50 2. A standing press for the Printing Department, and bookbinder's press, plough, &c.,

62,75 5. Rev. A. Bingham's draft, Saut de St. Marie,

500, F. A. Packard's draft on account of William H. Pearce, same charged Mr. Pearce',

496,30 8. Paid Rev. Mr. Lewis, missionary to the Indians,

200, Mr. R. B. Hancock, printer to Burmah, 15.

Rev. H. Fittz, for services as Editor of the Magazine, ending
May 15, 1832, 1 quarter,

125,00 18. 6 plough knives, Printing Department, Burman Mission,

2, Counterfeit bill received in New York, 22. For shoes sent Mr. Mason, at Burman,

5, 4 Roller Frames for Printing Department,


10,30 Mr. L. Slater's draft, Thomas Station,

175, 25. Rev. A. Brigham's draft, Sault de St. Marie,

70, F. A. Packard's order, on account of Rev. W.H. Pearce, who has accounted for the same,

56,42 8 Rollers for Printing Department, Burmah,

2,67 27. Passage to Calcutta for Mr. Royal B. Hancock and wife, Rev.

Thomas Simons, and Miss Sarah Cummings, on board the ship
Fenelon, including a quantity of freight,

1000, 28. Rev. Mr. Simons, for sundry articles of outfit, purchased by himself, 27,20 29. Mr. R. B. Hancock, in silver,

Miss S. Cumınings, in silver,
W. Hooton, for covering 32 boxes of paper, sent to Burmah,
per Ship Fenelon,


65,50 30. John Mead, for a bookbinder's standing press for the Printing Department, Burmah,

10, Rev. D. Lewis' draft, missionary west of the Mississppi, Rev. C. E. Wilson, do.



310, J. G. Rogers, Agent of the Boston Stereotype Foundry, for

various articles sent to Burmah, per Ship Fenelon, with R.
B. Hancock,

1030, 3. Mr. A. Webb, missionary, in part for outfit,

50, 5. S. H. Foster's bill, in part of outfit, for missionaries to Burmah, 19,39 Jotharn Meeker's draft, Thomas Station,

Corresponding Secretary's salary, 1 quarter,

The following bills for the outfit of missionaries to Burmah,
L. Bolles,

Robert Burr,

4,50 John M. Peck,

5,75 Charles H. Perry,

3,83 E. & L. King,


For postage 1 quarter, en ling 1st inst.,

Putnam & Damrell, for printing 4000 copies of the proceed-
ings of the Convention,



July 2.


July 7.

Bills for outfit of Miss. to Burmah, paid L. Farwell,

W. Brown,



38,28 5,25

9. 10.

938,90 50,


Corresponding Secretary's travelling expenses, as per order

of the Board,
Wharfage of goods sent to Burmah per Ship Fenelon,
Insurance on goods to Burmah, per Fenelon,

Samuel Beal & Sons, on account of outfit,

Grant & Daniell, for paper sent to Burmah per Ship Fenelon,
-R. B. Hancock,

Rent of Missionary Rooms, one quarter, ending July 1, 1832,
Freeman, Cobb & Co. on account of outtit of missionaries
to Burmah,

Robert White for making boxes and packing goods sent to
Burmah for Printing Department,

8,25 Lincoln & Edmands, for Books, Ink, &c., for Burman Mission, 218,21 do.


general purposes, 5, The following hills on account of outfit of missionary to Burmal, Michael Webb, jr.

19,44 Messrs. Brooks & Co.

47, John B. Jones,

25,50 Ezra Haukes,

2, Miss L. Peterson,




331,50 500,


Mr. J. Lukins' draft, Indian Station,
1 quarter's allowance to the Tonau anda school,

Oneida school,










6,68 40,50 38,37


Exchanging uncurrent money,

,54 Clerk lire for the Missionary Rooms,

62,50 Sundry articles for the Missionary Rooms,

7,98 Hooping the box containing the Printing Press sent to Burmah, 2, Mr. A. Webb, on account of outfit,

For trucking, &c.,

Printing Press for J.C. Marshman, by direction of Rev. Mr. Cone,
Rev. David Lewis, missionary to Indian Stations,
Rent of Rooins No. 36 Washington Street,
Boxes for Printing Paper seat w Burmah,
Freight and truckage on 2 large tuuhs belonging to Prof. Rostan, 1,91
Freight on box to Albany, containing 300 copies of the pro-
ceedings of the Conventiva sent to Ctica, N. Y.,

C. Haven's bill on account of ontlit of Miss. per Ship Fenelon,
Freight of Printing Press from N. York, on account of J. C.

Freight of box to Philadelphia, containing Reports,
Binding book for Mr. T. Simous, missionary to Burmah,
Abner Webb, in preparation for mission to Burmah,
Otis Tufts, for the Printing Department, Burmah,
Rev. Evan Jones' draft, Valley Towns,
Freight of Box to New York, containing 400 copies of the

Proceedings of the Convention,
Rev. H. Fittz, for services as Editor of the Magazine, 1 quarter,

ending 15th inst.,
Freight of goods to Calcutta, per Ship Dover,

William Nichols, on account of W. T. Beeby,

Freight of five boxes of clothing, &c., sent to the west for

Indian Stations, three of which were for S. St. Marie, 2,48
two for Thomas Station,


[blocks in formation]

John Davis' draft for the Creek Mission,
Rev. M. Merrill, for expenses, &c. of family in going to the

Sault St. Marie mission station, and certain articles of outfit,


Sepi. 6.



Lincoln & Edinands' bill for books, &c. for general purposes, 10,19
Sault St. Marie,

Burman Mission,

13,42 Thomas Station,

P. Davis, juo. Thomas Station, as per advice from L. Slater

to Corresponding Secretary,
Coal for Missionary Rooms,
For box of school apparatus, for the Sault St. Marie station,
Putting hoops on box containing press sent to Mr. Marshinan, 1,25
Box to Valley Towns,
Thomas and S. St. Marie,


24,25 9,

,25 ,50


2, 150, 150,




70, 25,

3, 230,



25. Oct. 1.

[blocks in formation]


15, 890, 23,



Rev. Evan Jones' draft, Valley Towns Station,
Rev. R. Simerwell's draft, Carey Station,
Travelling expenses of four young men from Hamilton Theo-

logical Institution, New York, who have been received as
candidates for missionary labors; namely, Mr. G.S. Com-
stock, Williain Dean, $20 each,

Hosea Howland, J. H. Vinton, $15 each,
Rev. H. Fittz, for balance due him as Editor,
For getting coal into Missionary Rooms,
Jothain Meeker's draft, Sault St. Marie,
Rev. N. Brown's draft to pay sundry bills, in part for outfit

for Burman mission,
For large Pocket Book for the use of the Missionary Rooms,
Corresponding Secretary, for 1 quarter's salary due this day,
Rev. s: Peck, towards defraying travelling expenses in prepa-

ration for mission to France,
L. Slater's drafts, Thomas Station,
For maps on rollers for Missionary Rooms,
G. A. Elliot's bill of hardware, for L. Butterfield, missionary

to Valley Towns,
Rev. J. Č. Rostan, missionary to France, two quarters'.

salary, ending January 1, 1833,
Travelling expenses of himself and family from New York to
Boston, and back,

Travelling expenses of Professor Chase, from Newton, by invi-

tation, on account of mission to France,
Jobin Bradford, for working tools, &c., delivered Mr. Butter.

field, for Valley Towns Station,
L. Butterfield, to defray incidental expenses in preparing

for mission to Valley Towns,
Bill of truckage, &c.

For postage, 1 quarter, ending 1st inst.,

Professor Chase, for travelling and other expenses, on account
of mission to France,

Professor Chase, on account of mission to France,
One quarter's allowance to the Tonawanda and Oneida schools,

each $50, per E. Stone,
Homes & Homer's bill, hardware for the Valley Towns Station,
J. Lykins' draft, Indian Station,

Christian Watchman, 2 years for Mr. McCoy,

do. Thomas Station,


[blocks in formation]

Shoes, &c. for Miss Rayner, missionary to Valley Towns,
For Biblical Repository, sent to Messrs. Judson & Jones,

Burmah, (charged their account,)
J. Meeker's dratt, for expenses incurred at Detroit, in pre-

paring to go to the Sauli St. Marie station,
Cash paid Mr. Moses Merrill's draft, in part for travelling

expenses, and in preparing at Detroit to go to the Sault St.
Marie station,

Paid same, having been received from E. P. Hastings, Detroit,
for purposes as mentioned above



Oct. 22.









,50 800,




Nov. 1.

. 3.

4,05 3,39 50, 250,



L. Peterson, for goods delivered Miss Rayner in part of outfit
for Valley Towns Station,

Joseph Huse, for goods delivered Mr. Leonard Butterfield for
Valley Towns Station,

Cash paid J. Lykins' drast on account of Indian Station, West

of the Mississippi,
Passages of Rev.J. C. Rostan, wife and daughter, and Rev. I.

Chase, to France, in Ship Havre from New York,
I. H. Cary & Co. rent of Rooms over No. 52 Washington St.,

1 quarter, ending October 19th,
Passage of Mr. & Mrs. Butterfield and Miss Rayner to Savan-

nab, on their way to the Valley Towns Station,
Freight of box of goods belonging to Mr. Webb, missionary

for Burmah, from New York,
Rev. A. Bingham's drast, Sault St. Marie.
Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry, for goods sent Rev. W.

H. Pearce, Calcutta, same amount charged in Mr. P's. acct.,
Bill of truckage for Burman Mission,

Bill of truckage Indian Stations,

For box, hooping, carting, goods sent to Indian Station to D.

Freight 2 boxes and 2 half barrels to N. Orleans on way to
Indian Station, D. Lewis,

For cleaning, &c. in Missionary Rooms,
Rent of Missionary Rooms, one quarter,
Rev. I. M'Coy's draft, Indian Station,
For yellow-washing rooms,

Clerk hire in full to Nov 1.

Bill of sundry articles for rooms, expenses of postages, ex-
changing money, &c. to date,

On account of clerk hire per receipt,
For setting glass in window (charged J. B. Joy,)

For sundry small articles for the use of the Missionary Rooms, 4,03
Freight of box from New Hampton

E. Chamberlin's bill of sundries for Missionary Rooms,
D. O'Briant's draft, Cherokee Station,
L. Butterfield's draft, Valley Towns,
For trucking packages for do. do.
T. P. Cushing's bill floor cloth for rooms,
S. T. West's bill for binding sundry volumes for rooms,
A. Bingham's draft, S. St. Marie,
Evan Jones' draft, Valley Towns,
S. F. Smith, for services as Editor of American Baptist Mag-

azine, one quarter,
Evan Jones' draft-Valley Towns,

Evan Jones' draft-Valley Towns,

Treasurer Newton Theological Institution for board of Messrs.

Brown & Webb,
Balance of Rev. A. Webb's account for sundry articles of outfit, 78,97
Rev. A. Webb's travelling expenses, &c. including the ex-
penses of Mrs. Webb,

Rev. N. Brown for sundry articles of outfit,
Passage of Rev. N. Brown & wife, Rev. A. Webb & wise, &

Miss C. J. Harrington to Calcutta,
Rev. N. Brown, misssionary to Burmah,

Miss C. J. Harrington, do.

(the above in silver, to defray incidental charges at Calcutta.)
Rev. Evan Jones' drafts, Valley Towns,
Freeman, Cobb & Co. for articles delivered Rev. N. Brown,
S. West, for binding 3 Vols. Am. Bap. Mag.




12. 13. 14.


1,51 125, 125,

,50 14,17 18,30 200, 100,

19. 21.

28. Dec. 6.


[blocks in formation]
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