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dancock Aux. Society,

Thomas W. Merrill, Prairie Run, Mich. Ter. York Co. Miss. Society, J. Ballard, South Berwick, Me. Cumberland F. M. Society, E. Thresher, Boston.

VERMONT. State Convention,

Hadley Procter, Rutland, Vt.

E. B. Smith, East Poultney, Vt. Shaflsbury Association,

Stephen Olmstead, Schodack, N. Y.

MASSACHUSETTS. State Convention,

Addison Parker, Southbridge
Boston F. M. Society,

Daniel Sharp, Boston,
James D. Knowlcs, Boston,
Howard Malcom, Boston,
William Hague, Boston,
Francis Wayland Jr. Providence, R. I,
Irah Chase, Newton Theol. Seminary,
Hon. Heman Lincoln, Boston,
*S. M. Noel, Frankfort, Ky.

N. R. Cobb, Esq. Boston.
Salem B. T. and F. M. Society, Rufus Babcock Jr. Salem,

Lucius Bolles, Boston,
Enoch W. Freeman, Lowell,
Jonathan Aldrich, Beverly,
Cyrus P. Grosvenor, Salem,
John O. Choules, Newport, R. I.
*Jonathan Bachellor, Esq. Lynn,

William Phillips, Providence, R. I.
Mid. and Norfolk M. Society, B. C. Wade, Woburn,

T. P. Ropes, Weston,
Henry Jackson, Charlestown,
Levi Farwell, Esq. Cambridge,
Stephen Chapin, College Hill, D. C.

Harvey Ball, Newton Theo. Seminary,
Mid. Bap. Miss. Sociely,

*John Parkhurst, Chelmsford. Worcester Co. Charit. Society,' * Abial Fisher, Suurbridge,

Jonathan Going, Worcester.
First Church, New Bedford, Stephen P. Hill, Newton Theol, Sem.
Evangelical Benevolent Soc.
Westfield Association,
Plymouth Co. For. Miss. Society, Nicholas Medbury, Middleboro'.

} Benjamin Putnam, Springfield.

* Not present.

Stale Convention,

Pharcellus Church, Providence. Providence F. M. Society, R. E. Pattison,


State Convention,

G. F. Davis, Hartford,
E. Cushman, N. Haven,
J. H. Linsley, Stratford,
Orson Spencer, Deep River,
Ireneus Atkins, Bristol.

State Convention,

Alfred Bennet, Homer,
John Peck, Cazenovia,
Elon Galusha, Utica,
John Blain, Auburn,
Jonathan Olmstead, Esq. Hamilton,
William Winterton, New York,
W. D. Murphy,

do. Monroe Bap. Miss. Sociely, Henry Davis, Brockport,

Jrah D. Cole, Fredonia,

Oren Sage, Rochester. Hudson River Association, Aaron Perkins, Poughkeepsie. Otsego Association,

R. T. Smith, Norway, Herkimer Co. Genesee Fon Miss. Society, Joseph Elliot, Wyoming, Genesee Co. Franklint Dos

Benjamin Sawin, Middlefield,

Oliver Tuttle, Meredith, Delaware Co. Saratoga Miss. Society,

Thomas Powel, Ballston Spa.
Seneca For, Miss. Society, James McLellan, Trumansburg.

Thomas A. Warner, Stous Square Lewis Co.
Zelora Eaton, Newport, Herkimer Co.
Daniel Putnam, Sangerfield,
A. M. Beebee, Utica,

Olis Whipple, do.
Catskill and Westkill Miss. Soc. Peter Simonson, Catskill.
Madison For. Miss. Society, Daniel Hascall, Hamilton,

Nathaniel Kendrick, do.
Oliver St. For. Miss. Society, Spencer H. Cone, New York.

Stephen Chapin, Washington, D. C.
Thomas Garniss, New York,
Thomas Purşer,
William Colgate,
Robert Edwards,
Roger Pegg,
George Colgate,
Joshua Gilbert,

G. N. Bleecker,
Oliver Si. Fem. For. Miss. Soc. William R. Williams,

Timothy R. Green.

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Burman Sch. Fem. Society, George Benedict, New York.
Mulberry St. Fem. For. M. Soc. Thomas Stokes, Esq.
Brooklyn Fem. Miss. Society, J. E. Lazell,

E. Raymond.
First Bap. Church N. r. Wm. Parkinson,
Mulberry St. Church,

A. Maclay, South Bap. Church,

Charles G. Sommers,

N, Caswell. North Beriah Church,

D. Dunbar. First Church, Troy,

Benjamin M. Hill, Troy. First Church, Albany,

B. T. Welch, Albany. Gibbonsville & West Troy, Ch. Ashley Vaughan, West Troy. First Church, Brooklyn, C. C. P. Crosby, Brooklyn. Church at Sardinia,

E. Loomis, Springville, Erie Co. Church at Hudson,

William Richards, Hudson.
Cortland Aur. Society,

J. B. Worden,
I. D. Hart,
G. Pettit.

East Jersey Missionary Society, Daniel Dodge, N. Brunswick.
Church at Cohansey,

Henry Smalley, Bridgetown.

Pennsyl. Missionary Society, John C. Harrison, Bridgeton, N. J.,

David Jones, Bustleton.
Bap. Gen. Tract Society, Ira M. Allen, Philadelphia.
Females of 1st. B. C. Second St. Morgan J. Rhees,
Philad. Fem. Burman Ed. Soc. W. E. Ashton,
Sansom St. Fem. Miss. Society, J. L. Dagg,
Fem. Miss. S. 1st. B. Ch. 2d St. W. T. Brantly.
1st. Bap. Ch. Spruce St. Philad. G. B. Perry.
Church, Great Valley,

Leonard Fletcher, Spread Eagle, Del. Co.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. American Benef. Society, Luther Rice, College Hill.

Virginia Missionary Society, James B. Taylor, Richmond,

Eli Ball, Richmond,
Robert Ryland, Lynchburg,
Jeremiah B. Jeter, Lancaster C. H.
Isaac McCoy, Shawnee P. O. Jackson Co. III.
Addison Hall, Kilmarnock, Va.

William H. Turpin, Augusta, Geo.
Youth's Miss. S. 2d Ch. Richm. James C. Crane.

State Convention,


Thomas Merideth, Edenton.

Gen. Comm. of Charleston Assoc. Basil Manly, Charleston,

J. Holroyd, Providence, R. I.
P. Ludlow, New York.

State Contention,

Thomas Stocks, Esq. Greensboro',
Adiel Sherwood, Eatonton,

Cincinnati For. Miss. Soc. William F. Nelson, Amherst, Mass.
Granville For. Miss, Soc. Allen Darrow, Granville.
F. M. S. of Enon Ch. Cincinnati, William F. Nelson, Amherst.

KENTUCKY. Georgetown Missionary Soc. William F, Nelson.


Rev. Daniel SHARP,

William T. BRANTLY, Vice Presidents.
Francis WAYLAND,
Rev. Lucius BOLLES, Corresponding Secretary.

James D. Knowles, Recording
Hon. Heman LIncoLN, Treasurer.

Levi FARWELL, Esq., Assistant Treasurer.
John L. Dagg,

Enoch W. Freeman,
William Crane,

Charles Train,
Bela Jacobs,

Nath:niel W. Williams,
Elon Galusha,

David Jones,
Samuel Cornelius,

Charles G. Sommers,
John Kerr,

Cyrus P. Grosvenor,
Jonathan Going,

Ensign Lincoln,
Robert E. Pattison,

Thomas B. Ripley,
Rufus Babcock, Jr.,

Eli B. Smith,
Archibald Maclay,

Oliver C. Comstock,
Henry Jackson,

John Conant,
Adiel Sherwood,

Thomas Meredith,
Thomas Stokes,

Baron Stow,
William Colgate,

Aaron Perkins,
Oren Tracy,

Noble S. Johnson,
Thomas Stocks,

John Peck,
Irab Chase,

William B. Johnson,
Eli Ball,

Nathaniel R. Cobb,
Alfred Bennet,

Abner W. Clopton,
Bartholomew T. Welch,

Joel S. Bacon. SPENCER U. CONE, President of Convention. Ex-Officio. Howard MALCOM, Secretary, of Convention,

Gustavus F. Davis, Assistant Do,


New York, April 25th, 1832. viz: Kendrick, Holroyd, Lincoln, At 10 o'clock, A. M. the Conven- Taylor and Stokes. tion met according to appointment,

Brethren Colgate and Cobb, were at the meeting-house, occupied by chosen to audit, the Treasurer's the Oliver Street Baptist Church. account.

The President of the Conven Resolved, That the Convention tion having deceased since the last meet at 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. until meeting, the Secretary called the further order. meeting to order.

Resolved, That ministering brethRev. Spencer H. Cone, of New

ren present, be invited to take a York, was chosen Chairman. seat, and participate in the deliberRev. Dr. SHARP, of Boston,

ations of this body. The following opened the meeting by prayer.

accepted the inviiation,
The credentials of delegates Charles Sparry, R. I.
were called for, and their names William Hutchinson, N. Y.

Abraham D. Gillet, N. Y.
Resolved, That a President and Seth Ewer, Mass.
Secretary of the Convention, be Amasa Smith, N. Y.
now chosen by ballot.

Henry Stanwood, Conn.
Rev. S. H. Cone was elected

C. T. Fay, N. Y. President, and

Isaac Keach, N. Y. Rev. H. Malcom, Secretary.

William Curtis, N. Y.

John Cookson, Conn. Mr. M. wishing to decline on William W. Hall, Mass. account of ill health, Rev. G. F. Erastus Denison, Conn. Davis, was chosen Assistant Sec.

J. H. Baker, Conn. A letter was read from the Rev. J. M. Chaliss, N. J. W. B. Johnson, who had been ap George Phippen, Conn. pointed to preach the Convention Levi Kneeland, Conn. Sermon, stating that the ill health G. S. Webb, N. J. of his family would prevent him David Lewis, N. Y. from fulfilling the appointment. John C. Murphy, N. Y.

Another letter was read, from Zelotes Grenell, do. the Rev. President Chapin, of D. C. Levi Tucker, Pa. who had been appointed his sub Ira Hall, Mass. stitute, announcing that the delicate Augustus Beach, Mass. state of his health would not allow George W. Miller, Mass. him to perform this service.

John Middleton, Mass. : The Convention sermon having Thomas Roberts, Mass. 1 thus failed, it was

Prayer by Dr. Bolles. Resolved, That the arrangements for the evening, be left with the

Adjourned. pastor of the Church,

Afternoon Session. The following brethren were Prayer by brother Maclay, N. Y. appointed a Committee on elections, Applications for the next Trien,

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