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Feb. 7. By cash from the Vt. Bap. Miss. Soc. per J. Conant, Esq. Treas. contributed as follows:

By Mr. Thomas Hammond for printing Burman Tracts,
By a lady for Burman Bible,








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Feb. 6.



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Mr. B. Rouse of Cleaveland, Ohio, contributed as follows:
By Mr. John Seaman,

Master B. Franklin Rouse,
Edwin Cooledge Rouse,

Miss Rebecca Ellen Rouse,


B, 50
A friend at Joanna Furnace, Penn. for Burman tracto,
A female friend for Indian stations, by Rev. J. D. Knuwles,
Mr. Benjamin Maxwell, of Heath, Mass. for Bur. Miss by Mr G. Williams,

The 2d. Bap. church in Scroon, NY. for For. Miss. by Mr E. Lincoln,
The children connected with the Sabbath School of the Baptist church in

Foxborough, Mass, for the Burman Mission, per Rev. T.C. Tinglev,
Mr. E. C. McIntosh of Albany, contributed by Miss. Soc's in that place,
For general purposes,

support of a Burman child named Bartholomew T. Welch,
“ support of a Burman child named Mary Ann Welch,

< Burman Bible,


- 129,
Dez. James Loring, Treas of the Boston Bap. Foreign Mission Soc. as follows:
Collection at the prayer meeting beld at the federal st. Meeting House. 34,50
Breast pin and thimble sold for
From the Female For. Miss. Soc. of the Federal St. Bap. Church, for the ed.

ucation of a Bur. child, to be named Lydia Malcom, per Miss Rebecca Nutter, 25,
Collection at the prayer meeting held at the meeting-bouse in Union Street, 10,10
Mrs. M. B. Chorley, Treas of the Second Bap. Female Primary Soc. for Mrs.
Wade's Female School at Maulmein,

Collection taken at a prayer meeting held at the Baldwin Place meeting house, 11,13
Mrs. Eliza Smith, Treas. of the Female Primary Soc. of the First Bap. Church
and Congregation for Foreign Missions,


- 136,75
8125,50 of the above are for Bur. Female Schools, and 811,25 for For, Miss,
Rev, Thomas Barrett collected at the Monthly Concert for prayer, in Dudley,
M3ss. for the Burman Mission,

William Colgate Esq. of N. Y. 8200 having been contributed as follows:
By the For, Miss, Soc. of the Mulberry Street Bap Church, per Thomas Day
Esq. Treasurer,

The Cayuga Bap, Foreign Missionary Soc. per Rob. Tompkins Esq. Treas.
For African Missions,


R, Cutler of Exeter N, H. (A colored brother,) as a new years present to the
Burman Mission, after reading Mr. Judsons letter, per Mr. W. Nichols,

The Virginia Missionary Soc. by Rev, Robert Ryland of Lynchburg Va for the
Burman Mission,

30, Rey, Whitman Metcalf of Sardinia N. Y. for the Burmaa Mission, having been

contributed as follows:
The Female Society Sardinia,

Collection taken at the Monthly Concert for prayer,

17,49 Mr. Elihu Rice,

The Baptist church Eden,

The Female Society of do. .
Interest allowed on the above,


-58, The South Carolina Baptist State Convention, by John B. Miller Esq. Treas.

223,54 John B. Miller Esq. Executor of the last will and testament of Mro. Elizabeth

Macnair late of South Carolina, deceased, bequeathed by her as follows:
To the Baptist Mission in Burman, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Judson,

I give twenty dollars, viz : ten to the male, and ten dollars to the female
Schools attached to this Mission,

20 Mr. John F. Wilson, Treasurer of the Welch Neck Baptist Association S. C.

baving been contributed as follows:
Collection for printing the Holy Scriptures in the Burman language,

By one of the Churches of the Association for Foreign Missions,

Voted by the Association for do.

A friend in Canada for the Burman Scriptures, by Mr. John P. Haven, of N.
Y. forwarded by Rev. Mr. Cone,

10, The children in Miss M. W. Chapin's School New York being a donation

to aid Dr. Judson in procuring Tracts for distribution in Burmah,
Mr. Abijah Peck, of Clifton Park N. Y. as one of a hundred to raise a thousand
dollars for the Burman Mission,

'The United States Branch Bank, being dividend on twenty two shares of Stock
for the six months ending Jan, 1832,

77, Mr. Samuel Eddy of Colraine Franklin Oo, Mass., Messrs. D. & J. Dickinson as a now year's Present to the Burman Mission,

10, A person in Worcester Mass. contributed at the monthly concert of prayer, in

Rev. Mr, Miller's Soc, for the Bur, Miss, per Mr. Holmes,
The Salem Bible Translation and Foreign Mission Soc. per J, Moriarty Esq.

Treasurer, One thousand dollars for the following objects :

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Mar. 8. By cash for Burman Schools,

Indian Missions, ander Rev. Mr, McCoy, for the education of a child to

be named Harriet Emma Obear, Missions,


1000, 10,

The Oliver Street Foreign Missionary Soc, of the Rev. Mr, Cone's Church N.
Y, in payment for a printing press, presented by Elder Ebenezer Loomis, to
the Burman Mission, being the ibird Printing Press presented by this gener-
ous Society,

Dea. Nathaniel Dodge and Dea. "Silas Jacobs of Marshfield, Vt, being in part
for a bequest made to the Convention by Miss Clarissa Pitkin for For. Miss.

135, 15.

Rev. J. N. Brown of Exeter, N. H. being a donation from a friend for the

Burman Mission, 16.

The Northern Bap. Education Society, for rent of room, No. 18, Joys' Building,
One gr. from Jan. 1, to April 1, 1832,

13, 17. Rev. Thomas Simons, collected Ly him at the South,

soo, 19

The Salem Bible Translation and foreign Mission Society, contributed by #
friend in Lynn,

25 26,

The Norfolk Missionary Soc. being a collection made in Brookline, for In

fant School Apparatus, in addition to the amount received Oct. 7, 1831, for
the same purpose,

11,50 17.

W. R. Stockbridge, Esq. Treasurer of the Cumberland Baptist Foreiga Miss.

Society, Aux, &c, as follows:
Mrs. Staples, of Hebron,

Male Primary Society of North Yarmouth,

27,83 Female

29,14 Female Burman Education Society of same,

Male Primary Society of Freeport,

Feinale do

Male Primary Society, Bath,

7,96 Fem.

11,62 Mission box, Bath,

3,42 Young Men's Society, Portland,

First Bap. Church,

Primary Society, Vill. Ch. Brunswick,
Burman Female Ed. Soc. of Portland, for the support of two fe.

male children in Burmah to be named Martha Mayo and
Elizabeth Nelson, by Miss. A.C. Leonard Sec.,


282,88 Dea J. Loring, Treas, of the Boston Baptist Foreign Mission Society, having been contributed by a friend for the Burman Mission,

20, 31

Several individuals in Hartford, Conn. towards the 1000 dolls.

New Years Gift to the Burmans to furnish them with the word of
God-per Mr. Henry Grew,

150, April, 2 Mrs. Rebecca B. Kalloch, being an appropriation made by the Board

on aecount of her expenses in preparing to go as a missionary with
her late husband, the Rev. George Kalloch, to the western Indians,
and refunded by her as she had not occasion to use it,
Samuel Huggens, Esq. Treasures of the Penn. Bap, Mission-
ary Society, contribuied as follows:
By The Baptist Church Great Valley, Penn., for Foreign Missions, per
Mr. Thomas Brown,

A donation from a friend,
The Holmesburg Church, for educating a Burman child named
David Jones,

The Female Mite Society of Lower Dublin, per Rev. David Jones, 43,
Rev. Joseph Walker, for Foreign Missions,

10, Miss Mary V. White,


-116,50 From the Norfolk Missionary Society per Rev. J. A. Waroe, for the Burman Mission, contributed as follows: By the Ladies working Soc. of Brookline, Mass. being avails of work, 22,45 Amount in the treasury of a society which became extinct before the formation of the above,


31,68 A friend, for the Borman Mission, per Mr, W. Nichols,

5, 9. The male Primary Miss. Soc. of the Bap. Ch. and Con., Ran.

37, dolph, Mass. per Dr. Wales, The Female Primary Missionary Society, of the Baptist Church

and Congregation, Randolph, Mass. per Dr, Wales,

Mrs. M. o. Leftwich, Bedford, Va, for the Bur. Miss, per H. Hill, Esq. 10,

The U. S, War Department, (received by H. Lincoln at Washing.

ton,) being the annual appropriation for the Chippewas, of 81000
for Education as per Treaty ; for the years 1830 and '31,,

2009 The Treasurer of the American Colonization Soc. it having been

paid for the passage of Rev, Mr, Skinner and wife to Liberia, and
now refunded by direction of the Board of Managers, of above
named Society,

150, A friend to Missions,' Providence, R, 1. to support a Talieng Sister

two years in Burmah. The same generous individual contribu

ted g 30, in Nov, last for the same object: A lady

in East Haverhill for the edụcation of Karen females, per Mr. W. Nichols,




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Ap. 10. By cash from Mrs. J. Collamores Miss. Box, kept at Scituale, Mass.

for the Burman Mission, per Col. Collamore,
Messrs. Freeman, Cobb & Co. being the avails of pre-

perty sold on the settlement of the late Rev. Mr.

Skinner's affairs, in Liberia,
Mr. E. H. Kincaid, of Washington, D. C. for the Bur-

man Mission,

The Fredericksburg Bap. Miss. Soc. Va. being the first

qr. contribution for the Burmàn Mission, per Rev,
George F. Adams, Corresponding Secretary,
The Baptist State Convention of Connecticut, per

Jeremiah Brown, Treasurer,
The Female Miss. Soc. of the First Bap. Church and

Congregation, Providence, R. I. for ihe support of

a Native Preacher in Bur. per Mrs. L. L. Wayland. 16.

Messrs. Lincoln & Edmands, being the premium on

7,500 of the Memoir of Mrs. Judson,
The Hancock Bap. Miss. Soc. Aux, &c. of the State

of Me. per Rev. James Gillpatrick, President and

Treasurer, by Rev. T. W. Merrill, 17.

The Salem Biule Translation and Foreign Mission

Society, per J. Moriariy, Esq. Treas. 19.

The Middlesex and Norfolk Bap. Miss. Soc. per Dea.

J. Fosdick, Treasurer,
$25 of the above, was from young ladies connected with

the Bap. Church and Soc. in Roxbury, to educate
a heathen child under the care of Mrs. Mason, at
Tavoy, Burmah, to be called Mary A. Leverett;
and $25 from members of the Framingham Church
and Society, for the education of a Burman youth
by the name of Charles Train.
Mrs. Dana, of Brighton, being a widow's inite for For

eign Missions,


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Summary of the credits in the preceding account, .
Balance on hand in last account,

4502,86 Received on notes for Loans previously made,

4000, Received from the U. S. Government,

4265, Received legacies during the year,

635, Received the balance on account of the sale of the Columbian Star Printing Office,

1283, Received for interest on loans,

677, Amount refunded by the American Colonization Soc. 150, Received from Messrs. Lincoln & Edmands, profits on the Memoir of Mrs. Judson, *

375, Other Contributions and donations,


$31,809,11 *The whole amount received from the publishers, as

profits to the Convention, on this interesting work, is $1675, The subscribers have examined the Treasurer's account, and find the same correctly cast, and properly vouched, and that he has a balance of $3237,23 in his hands. New York, April 26th, 1832.


Committee. NATH. R. COBB,

REPORT ON INDIAN MISSIONS. The Committee to whom was recommitted the Report on Indian Mis

sions, after much deliberation, respectfully submit to the Convention the following facts and recommendations as their Report, on this deeply interesting subject.—REPORT.

The progress and result of measures heretofore adopted for the promotion of Indian Reform, awaken both gratitude and regret. With devout gratitude the Committee contemplate the generous sympathies of the benevolent, for the overwhelming sufferings of the Aborigines of our country. They appreciate the energetic efforts which have been put forth, to save from utter extermination this injured, neglected, and perishing race; and the untiring perseverance of your Board, and their Missionaries, in the prosecution of their humane plans, though constantly beset with difficulties and surrounded by discouragements. But wbile they rejoice with the angels of God, over a few penitent natives, rescued from the deepest degradation, and the most complicated misery, they are filled with regret, to see the mass of Indian population borne away by the unchecked tide of desolation. Deprived of their ancient inheritance, remote from the sepulchres of their fathers, cut off from their chosen employment, abased by dependence, slighted by their neighbors, irritated by insults, and wounded by repeated injuries, all their prospects have been obscured by a cloud of impenetrable darkness, and their spirit has been broken, while they have sunk into sullen sadness.

The Coinmittee are cheered with the hope, that missionary efforts will hereafter confer more lasting benefits upon the Indian tribes. The Government of the United States have proposed to secure to them a tract of country west of Arkansas Territory, and State of Missouri, and south west of Missouri river. Fourteen tribes or parts of tribes are already in the territory, viz: The Choctaws, Cherokees, Creeks, Senecas, Osages, Shawanees, Kanzas, Delawares, Weas, Peankashaws, Piores, Ottawas, Omahas and Pawnees. It is believed that numerous other bodies of the natives will soon upite themselves to this assemblage. Here is presented a wide field for missionary enterprise. Several of these tribes, feeling the want of aid in civilization, have already desired that schools might be established in their districts, and the gospel be ministered to them. In this territory, promising so much usefulness, many additional laborers are immediately wanted, to the support of whom, an appeal must be made to the benevolence of our denomination. Such an opportunity for benefiting this long neglected and deeply afflicted race, has never before been presented to us, and if neglected, may never recur. The star of hope, now certainly gleams on the hitherto darkened horizon of Indian prospects. It is confidently believed, that the readiness of some to offer themselves for the work of inissionaries, and of others, to furnish the means for their support, will be adequate to the urgency of the call, and the abundance of the harvest.

Your Committee believe that it has been too common to estimate our obligations to the Aborigines of our country, by their numbers only; and to feel and act, as if a like number of heathen in any part of the world, bad an equal claim upon our missionary efforts. It ought not to be forgotten, that the Indian tribes are our neighbors; and that they numbered millions, while in the undisturbed possession of the country we now occupy. But they have been reduced to their present number, by the settlement of emigrants among them, by whom both their temporal and spiritual welfare has been regarded with great indifference. If these facts were duly considered, it would appear, that for us to neg

lect them at this critical moment, would be to incur the righteous displeasure of Heaven!

Your Committee have learned, that Duncan O'Bryant, your Missionary at the Hickory Log station, Georgia, has removed to Arkansas, with eighty families, including the entire church under his care. The devotedness and success of this missionary, in the service of the Convention, entitle him to their continued approbation and confidence, and inspire the hope that he will still be an instrument of good to the Indians. The Committee would also express gratitude to God for his protection and preservation of your valuable missionary, Isaac M'Coy, in the performance of his arduous labors in surveying the Indian country, with a view to their desired location.

More than half of the Pawnee tribe have within a short period perished with the ravages of the small pox, which is likely to extend to other tribes. This severe and afflicting dispensation calls for the deep, est sympathy of this Convention. It is a consolation to bare learned that Government will extend to them relief, and probably interpose an effectual barrier by vaccination.

It is recommended by your Committee, that agents be appointed in various places, to receive and forward such articles of clothing, bedding, books, &c. as will be needed at the Indian Stations, and that inforınation of their appointment be given in all the Baptist periodicals.

An intiniation has been given, that funds may be obtained to establish a printing press in the Indian Territory. Fully impressed with the importance of so powerful a means of enlightening that ignorant people, your Committee would also recommend, provided it can be done without using funds appropriated to other objects, that the Board be requested to establish a printing press in the newly acquired Indian territory.

In behalf of the Committee,

J. L. DAGG, Chairman.

REPORT ON THE TRACT SOCIETY. The Committee on the communication from the Baptist General Tract

Society, beg leave to lay before the Convention the following state


Although the Society have been involved in deep embarrassments, it is now relieved so far as to be able to move onward in its operations with more than ordinary vigour. From the events of the last year, it feels itself loudly called upon by the providence of God, to come forth more distinctly to the public view as the coadjutor of this Convention, in diffusing the light of the gospel among the nations that sit in darkness. The recent inquiry among the multitudes of the interior of Burmah, has been caused by the distribution of tracts. Of this the Christian public are aware, and already $300 have been transmitted by this Society to your treasury, for the purpose of printing tracts in Burmah.

Much more will doubtless be contributed by the Auxiliaries of the Society which will be a proper medium for directing such contributions to the fulfilment of their purposes. En In Liberia a considerable number of the Society's publications have been distributed and the demand for more, is urgent.

In Germany a field unusually inviting is spread before us. By a letter received from Rev. Mr. Oneken of Hamburgh, the society's committee are informed that he has recently become decidedly a Baptist in sentiment, and is ready to be baptized as soon as a proper administrator of the rite appears. He considers the errors prevailing in Germany respecting Infant Baptism and the Constitution of the Church to be seri

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