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Oct,5. By cash from A friend at Newton for Bur, Miss. per L. Farwell Esq. 5,

A little girl belonging to the Bap. Sabbath School in
Portsmouth, N. H. for the Bur. Miss. per Mr. Simons,

,35 The Juvenile Sewing Soc. in Worcester, Mass. for the

Burman Mission, per Miss Eunice Howe, Treasurer,
by Mr. Simons,

2,59 The estate of the late widow Peniah Bárter of Pomfret;

Conn, for the Burman Mission, forwarded by
Messrs. Gurdon Robinson, James Elliot and John
Paine, it having been placed in their hands by the above
named Mrs. Baxter by her will, to be disposed of for
benevolent purposes, according to their judginent.
The Female Bap. Bur. Miss. Soc, in Sharon, for trans-

lating the scriptures, or otherwise, as the Board may
think best, per Mrs. Parmelia Sumner, Treasurer,

A female friend of this city for Bur. Tracts, by Rev.
Dr. Bolles,

1, The members of the Second Bap. Church in Charles

town, Mass, for the purpose of educating a female child
in Burmah to take the name of. Nancy Holden,'the
same amount to be continued yearly for four years,
per Mr. D. Fosdick,

25, Dea. James Loring, Treas.of the Boston Bap. For. Miss.

Soc. collected at the monthly concerts for prayer in
Boston, for the education of Burman females,

162,53 A little boy for the Bur. Miss. by his Father,

,25 7. The Brookline, Mass. Church" for purchasing school

apparatus for the Mission schools at Maulmein and
Tavoy, per Rev. Mr. Warne,

A female friend in West Scituate for the Bur. Miss.
per Mr. E. Lincoln,

3, A female friend in Cambridge, for publishing the Bible in Burmah, per Mr. 0. T. Cutter,

1, “ Mr. Thomas Huntington of Brooklyn, Conn.

,37 The Soc. connected with the First Bap. Church Boston

for the support of a Bur. child, named Sarah Way

land, per Miss Lydia C. Jepson, Sec'y, and Treas.
A female friend, being the first payment towards educa.

ting a Burman child at Maulmein, under the care of
Mrs. Wade, per Rev. Mr. Knowles,

30, 8. The Juvenile Miss. Soc. connected with the Male de

partment of the Federal St. Bap. Sunday School,
Boston, being the first payment towards educating
Bur. boy at Tavoy, to be called William Manning,
per Master John L. Lincoln, Cor. Sec'y.
Afriend to the Bur. Bible, per Rev. Dr. Bolles,

The Young Men's Tract Soc. Cambridge, per Mr. C.
E. Morso, Treasurer,

10, The Fem. Tr. Soc. of West Camb. for printing Tr. in Bur. per Mrs. Nelson, Treas. by Mr. 0. T. Cutter,

8, The Middlesex and Norfolk Miss. Soc. for the following purposes : For the Foreign Mission,

113,66 Educating a Bur.child, to be named Maria T. Jackson, 25, Mrs. Wade's School,

Indian Missions,

Per Dea. J. Fosdick, Treas.
H. P. L. for the support of a Burman child, named Eli-
za Lincoln,

25, 11. The State Bank, Boston, being the semi-annual dividend on eighteen shares of stock, for Translations,

27, 13. Dr. Thomas Huntington of Brooklyn, Conn. for the Bur. Mission, per Mr. W. Nichols,

20, Rev. Otis Converse Treas of the Worcester co. Bap.

Charitable Soc. per Mr. Andrus March, for the fol

lowing purposes : For General Purposes,




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Books to be sent to the Valley of the Mississippi, 2,76

150, 14. A Lady in Foxborough, Mass. per Mr. Gear,

1, from Miss H. N. Bennett of Middleborough, Mass. be

ing deficiency in amount forwarded Sep. 1, 1831, for
naming a Bur. child Mary Hubbard,

1, 15. A few young females of Oliver Street Church, N. Y. for

Bur. Tracts, per Rev. S. H. Cone,
The Woburn Church and Congregation, Mass. having

been collected at the monthly concert for prayer, for
publishing the scriptures in Burmah, per Mr. Moses
Pearsons, Treas. by Mr. John Tidd,

40, 17. A friend to Missions to he appropriated to the benefit of For. Miss. per Rev, Ira M. Allen, Philadelphia,

20, A young man for the Bur. Miss. by Mr. T. Simons,

1, Rev. Henry J. Hall of Cornwall, Vt. towards the sup

port and education of a child at Tavay, to be named
by the Missionaries, per Mr. Walker,

20, The Infant's Bur. Bible Soc, connected with the First

Bap. Sabbath School Boston, per Mr. H. J. Howland, 1, A friend to Burmah, by Mrs. O'Brien,

5, 20. Mrs. Mary Arnold of Cumberland, a member of the Chi

in Medfield, Mass. for printing the Bible in Burmah,
per Rev. Moses Curtis,

25, 21. Mr. Sprague of Templeton, per Glover,

2, Rev. Daniel Hascall, Treas, of the Madison N. Y. For. Mission Society Aux. &c.

100, The U.S. War Dep. being the gr. allowance from the

civilization fund, for the improvement of the Indians, Mrs. Peabody of Milford, N. H. for the Burman Bible, per Mr. J. A. Bolles,

1, 28. The Evangelical Benev. Soc. of the Westfield associa

tion, per Rev. Daniel Wright, Treasurer, for the

following purposes: For Foreign Missions,

14,60 Burman Bible,

31,25 Mission,


-215,12 The Bap. Church in Heath, Mass. per Rev. A. Case,

8,16 Dea. Nathaniel Stowell Trea. of the Mass. Bap. State

Conven. it having been contributed as follows : Jan.

Collected at the ministers ineeting at South Lee, 17,42 April,


64,26 July,

New Canaan, 27, Oct.

2d Ch. Cheshire, 11,30
Month. Concert in Pitts. 66,88

Becket, 6,25
The Miss. Soc, in Wendall Association,
Rev. E. Briggs, ,

For the Burman Mission,

234,11 Mr. Bartlett of Harmony, Me. for the Bur. Miss. 31. The Kennebeck Bap. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per

Hovey Esq. Treas. by Capt. S. Springer,
Nov. 1. Two little girls belonging to the Sabbath School in Fra-
mingham, Mass. per Mr. Thomas Simons,

3. The Oxford, Me. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per T. Merril
Esq. by the hand of Mr. S. P. Hill,

A friend of For. Miss. in Milton,
A lady in Exeter, N. H. per Rev. j. n. Brown, by
Mr. E. Lincoln,


The Vt. Bap. Sc. Con. per J. Conant, Tr. for Bur. Miss. 350,
Rev. Daniel Packer, of Montholly $10 for printing the

Bible, and $10 for printing Tracts in Burmah, 20,
Widow Shepard of Brandon,


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Nov.3. By cash Proceeds of Jewelry from same,

2, from her son,

,75 A lady of Montholly, per Elder Leland,

,50 A lady at Ludlow, by Rev. Dr. Bolles,


4. The Lincoln Bap. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. in aid of For.
Miss. per Hezekiah Prince, Treasurer,

The Lincoln Fem. Cent Soc. in aid of For. Miss, per
Mrs. Isabella Prince, Treas. by Capt. S. Fuller, 26,33

118,34 5. A friend to Miss. to support a Talieng sister, for one

year, with a pledge to continue the same for three
years, per Mrs. Wayland of Providence, R. I.

7. A lady of the First Bap. Ch. Boston for printing the
Bible in Burmah, per Rev. Dr. Bolles,

6, 8. Dea. J. Woodcock, for the Burman Mission,

The Carey Soc. of the First Bap. Ch. Boston, for the
support of an Indian lad, named James M. Winchell,
by Miss T. Rogers, Treasurer,

20, The United Female Industrious Soc. of Chester, n. .

being avails of work, per Mrs. S. Tenney Treas. for
the Burman Mission,

4,43 9. A friend in South Reading, Mass. for the Bur. Bible,

Calvin Blanchard Esq. Treas, of the Middlesex Bap.
Miss. Soc. for the Burman Mission,

117,64 10. The Franklin Bap. Bener. Soc. having been contribu

ted by the Bap. Ch. in Conway, for the Bur. Miss. 3,95
Females of the Bap. Ch. in Charlemont for same

Forwarded by Nathan Alden Esq. per Mr. F. Heartwell, 8,20
11. Master John Lawson Lothrop, for Burian Mission,
by Mr. W. Bolles,

Dr: T. Huntington of Brooklyn, Conn. for Bur. Miss.
14. L. Farwell Esq. Treas, of the town of Cambridge be-

ing six months interest on a loan of 6000 dollars,
Mr. John Ford, being a widow's mite towards printing
the Bible in Burmah,

A few friends in Sullivan, n. 1. for printing Tracts in
Burmah, per Mr. H. Foster,

1, 16. Rev. S. Cornelius of Alexandria D. C. contributed by

John Withers Esq. $50 for printing the Bible in tho
Burman language, and $50 for the support of a na-
tive Burman preacher,

100, One years interest on a note of $2000, at five


Rev. William Reese of Norwich, Ohio, per Mr. Will.
iam Nichols,

John Dunlop Esq. of Edinburg, Scot. for the Bur. Miss. 50,
Rev. A. Bennett, contributed as follows:
The Shaftsbury Association for the Bur. Miss. per Rev.
S. H. Cone,

The Steuben N. Y. Bap. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. 47,38

37,48 Cortland,

120, Collected in sundry places,

53,82 per W. Colgate Esq.

358,68 The Horton Female Mite Soc. being the first payment

to aid in the education of a Bur. child, per Mrs. E.
M. Pryor. Secretary,

25, 24. The Fem. Juv. Soc. of the Rev. Mr. Knowles' Church

and congregation, for the support of an Indian child

at the Ca. Šta. named Marg. B. Doyle, per Mrs. Chorley, 16,67 25. A fem. friend of Lincoln, Mass. for the Bur. Mission,

3, 28. By cash being six months interest on a note of $5000, 125, A friend, per Mr. H. Lincoln,

7, A friend of equal privileges in consequence of reading

in the Watchman the letter of Mr. Judson, for the
Burman Mission,






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Dec. 2. By cash from Miss Lucy Swaim, for Burman Bible,

1, A friend in Aurora, Ohio, per H. Hill Esq.

6. Three ladies, who were prevented by the weather from

attending the monthly concert for prayer, at Dr.
Sharp's meeting-house,

8. Rev. William Emerson of Weathersfield, Conn. for the
Burman Mission, by Mr. E. Lincoln,

A female member of the Bap. Ch., Brooklyn, Conn.
per Dr. Thos. Huntington,

H. Burnett of Snow Hill, Ohio, being surplus amount
remitted for the Watchman, per Mr. W. Nichols,

10. A friend for the Burman Mission, per Rev. Elisha

12. Jeremiah Brown, Esq. Treas, of the Connecticut Bap.
State Convention, for For. Miss.

Rev. B. Stow, being a widow's mite for the Bur. Miss.

1, 13. A friend for the Bur. Miss., per L. Farwell, Esq.

5, 11. A friend,

20, 16. Rer. C. Train, accompanied with the following note.

I send you enclosed five dollars for the Burman Miss.;

I had a heart to send more. Though my income is
small, I cannot deny myself the pleasure of doing a
little for the cause of God, believing that we are
stewards of his bounty, W.J.

Framingham, Dec. 14, 1831.
17. John Mulford, senior, of N. J. for the Bur. Miss. per
Rev. I. M. Allen,

10, Dea. James Loring, Treasurer of the Boston Bap. For.

Miss. Soc., having been contributed as follows: Collections at the Monthly Concert for prayer, for female schools in Burmah,

Coll, taken at the anniversary of the Society at the

Meeting-house in Baldwin place, Oct. 23,
From the Female Primary Soc., of the Federal St.
Bap. Ch. and Con., per Mrs. H. Lincoln,

Mrs. Hannah Billings, for Burman Female Schools,
per Mrs. Lincoln,


212,68 20.

A female friend with her prayers that Burmah may
soon be given to the Lord for an inheritance.

Mr. D. Hopkins of Voluntown, Conn. for printing the
Bur. Bible, per Mr. William Nichols,

5, 22.

The 2d Bap. Ch. Tiverton, R. I. for the Bur. Miss. 5,
Mrs. Amy Hambly, for same,

per Rev. E. Gale,

6, 24. Rev. Marvin Grow of Greensborough, Vt. for the Bur. Mission, per Mr. William Baker,

10, 26.

Mr. F. Drury of Florida, Mass. for the Burman Miss.
per Mr. F. A. Willard,

A friend to the Burman Bible, per Rev. Dr. Bolles,

,81 27. J. Nitchie Esq. of N. Y. for Burman Tracts, per Rev.

S. H. Cone, 28. Robert A. Coffin Esq. of New Ipswich, for printing the Bur. Bible, per Rev. A. Meriam,

5, 30.

Rev. Lee Compere, forwarded by Rev. Jesse Mercer,
to Messrs, Lincoln & Edmands,

31. The Alabama Baptist State Convention for For. Miss.
per Mr. Temple Lea,

124, 1832. Jan. 4. The Old Colony Bap. Miss. Soc. per Mr. Levi Pierce Treas. for the Burman Mission,

50, Translation of the Scriptures,


80, 5. "

The Baptist Church in Sharon, Mass. collected at the

monthly concert of prayer, for Foreign Missions, per
Jeremiah Richards Ésq.



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Jan. 7. By cash from “ One who owes every thing to his Lord and Master,"

For Burman Bible,
For Burman Tracts,

Miss Eliza Jameson, of Warren, Me., being a New Year's Present for
the Burman Mission,

Miss. Nancy Kalloch, of Warren Me., for printing Burman Tracts,
Dea. N. Stowell, Treasurer of the Mass Bap. State Convention, baving

been contributed as follows:
By the Bap. Ch. in Worcester being a special contribution made on reading
Mr. Judson's letter, of March 4, 1831, for the Burman Mission,

By the Wendall Miss. Soc , for the following purpuses :
For the Burman Mission.

For Burman Tracts, to constitute the Rev. Erastus Andrews a life member of
the A, B. Tr. Soc. of Sunderland and Montague, by the young men in his Soc. 10,
Indian Schools,

Burman Bible,

172,12 J. Dunlop Esq. of Edinburg, Scotland, being the second donation from this generous friend, of the same amount, within a few weeks, for the Bur. Miss.

SO, Mr. Robert Scott, of Salisbury, Mass. for Printing Burman Tracts,

3, Rev. C. B. Keyes, Treas of the Berk. Cuun. Bap Assoc. for the following objects: For the Burman Mission,

39,50 Schools,

11,25 Bible,

11,6 Interest on the above,


-64, 10. A friend for Indian Missions,

6, 11.

A friend as a New Year's gift to the Bur. Miss. by Rev. J N. Brown,
The American Education Soc. for two years rent of the Attick Story over the
Missionary Rooms, No. 52 Washington Street,

24, 17.

Rev. M. Curtis, having been contributed in Medfield, Mass. for the following objects :
For the Burman Mission,

The balance at the disposal of the Board,


32,75 The Vt. Bap. St. Con. per John Conant Esq. Treas. being a collection made by

the Central Bap. Church in Shaftsbury, on the first Monday of Jan. 1832, in
aid of the Burman Mission,

70, 19.

H. B. Rounds Esq. Treas. of the Utica Bap. For. Miss. Soc. for the following

For the Burman Mission,


50, Schools,

13,25 Mrs. Wade's School,


-200, 20. A friend for the Burman Mission, per Mr. E. Lincoln,

2, Mr. Pynson Blake of Princeton, Mass. for the Burman Bible,

3 A female in Phil. to purchase Tr. for Bur. per Rev. J. Patterson, by H. Hill Esq. 23.

Mr. J. Carter, having been contributed by himself and several Baptist friends in
Charlestown, Mass. towards the support of a Native Burman preacher,

100, 28. 0. Starkweather Esq. of Pawtucket, for tbe Burman Mission,

Mrs. Mary May, for same, per 0. Starkweather Esq.
A female friend in the coun. for the Bur. Miss. by one of the pastors in this city, 3,
Mrs. Lydia White for Burman Mission, per Mr. E. Lincoln,

20, 30.

M. White Esq.of Cleaveland, Ohio, for the Bur. Miss. contributed as follows:
At the monthly concert for prayer, the past year,
By L. Stockwell Esc.
A friend to Missions,

Thomas Whelpley, Esq. As one of a hundred for raising a thousand dollars for
this object,


40, 31.

The boy's Benev. Soc. of the Oliver St. Bap. Ch. N. Y. as a New Year's pre-
sent to the Burman Mission, forwarded by W. R. Williams, Esq.

2, Yeb. 1.

The Male and Female Miss. Soc. in Andover, Ver. for the Burman Mission,
per Joel Manning Esq. Agent, by Mr. Adams,

19,67 The Female Industrious Suc.of the Charles St. Bap. Ch. Bos for the educa.

tion of two Ind. girls at the Ca. Sta n'd. Ann Sharp, and Suphia 0. Lincoln, 40, Nathan Alden Esq. of East Bridgewater, for Foreign Missions,

10, 6.

The U. S. War Dep, being the gr, allowance from the civilization fund, due the
1st of Jan. for the benefit of the Indian Sta. under the charge of this Board,

Dr. Lawson Long of North Adams, Mass. as a family donation for For. Miss.
per Mr. W. Nichols,

7,50 7.

Rev. John M. Peck, collected at the monthly concert for prayer, at Rock Sp.
Illinois, for Burman Tracts,

Mrs. Betsey Stone, Treas, of the Female Miss. Soc. of Jay, Essex county, N. Y.
for the Burman Mission,

10, Accompanied with the following note. Though the donation be small, we

send it with the assurance that the offering of the widow's mite, is as ac.
ceptable to God, as the gifts of the rich. Be assured dear sir, we feel a
deep interest in the Miss. cau and we hope the time is not distant when
the shores of poor benighted Burman, shall resound with the high praises
of our Redeemer,

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