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Apl 28. By cash from A stranger for the Bur. Mission,

2,83 30. The R. I. Bap. St. N. Waterman jr. Esq. Trea, 100,

Bap. Female Miss. Society, of Seekonk Mass. Aux. &c.
by Rev. B. C. Grafton,

An unknown friend in Aurora, Portage County, Ohio,
for For. Miss. per Mr. B. Rouse,

6, May 2, «

Deacon James Loring, 'Treas. of the Boston Bap. For.

Miss. Soc. contributed by the Juvenile Miss. Soc.'
of the Sabbath School in the Bap. Church, Union St.
Boston, per Miss Sarah Jepson, Treas. for female
schools in Burmah,

Mr. Goodale of South Boston, towards procuring a bell
for the 'Thomas Station, per Mr. Walton,

,50 Semni annual dividend, on eighteen shares of State Bank

Stuck, at sixiy dollars each at 2 1-2 per cent, for
Translation account

Mr. Robert Scott of Amesbury, for Rur. 'Bible, per
Messrs. Lincoln & Edmands,

3, 8. " By cash, being three qr. interest on $6007 at 5 per ct. 225, 4. From i he Board of the Bap. State Con. of N. C. per

Henry Austin, Esq. Treas. for the Bur. Miss.
5. Deacon Jaines Fosdick, 'Treas. of the Middlesex and

Norfolk Miss. Soc. for the following objects :
Foreign Missions,


10, Schools,

11,30 Bible,


417, 6. “ Oxford (Me.) Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Rev. A. Wilson, for For. Miss.

18, Elder Nathaniel Chase of Bucksport (Me.) for Indian Missions, per Rev. A, Wilson,

,81 'The Female For. Miss. Soc. of the first Bap. Church

Philadelphia, per Rev. W. T. Brantly,
" Pennsylvania Bap. Miss. Soc. per Samuel Huggens,

Esq. Treasurer, as follows:
Sansom Street Female Missionary Society,

For. Miss. Soc. of the first Bap. Church Philadelphia,
per Mr. William Smith,

Sansom Street Female Miss. Soc. for Bur. Schools, $20
for For. Miss. $75; for Indian Miss. $75;

Rev. Joseph Walker in full of $10,
9. " C. Entzminger, Esq. of St. Matthews Parish, Orange-

burg, Dist. S. C. being the second payment towards
$500 in aid of Translating the Scriptures in Burmah,
per Rev. B. Manly,

50, A friend in Wells, (Me.) for publishing the glorious

gospel among the poor pagans, per Capt. J. Littlefield, 10, 10. "

Dea. James Loring, Treas. of the Bos. Bap. For. Miss.

Soc. baving been contributed by the Primary Soc. of
the Charles St. Bap. Church and Congregation, for
For.Miss. per Dea. S. Lothrop, Treas.

99,75 11. P. Davis Jr. "Esq. of Detroit, (Mich.) for Indian Stations in that Territory,

10, 16. The Courtland N. Y. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Rev.

A. Bennett,
« Miss. Soc. of the Seneca Assoc. a gold ring and cash,

Oliver St. Female Miss, Soc. per Mrs. M. Purser,
Oliver Street For. Miss. Soc. per Rev. S. H, Cone,
for General purposes,

A Friend, per William Colgate, Esq. for the
Burman Mission,

Edward Probyn, Esq. for do.

-500 1248,







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May 16 By cash, Rev. Alfred Bennett, as per letter to Cor. Sec'y, of

March 28, 1831, 19. A feinale disciple in Orleans Mass. for the Bur. Miss.

per Mr. Harris, 21. John T. Anderson, Esq. of Hanover coun. Vir: towards

the education of a Burman child, to be named

Frances Ann Anderson, 23. From a constant reader of the Magazine for the Bur. Miss. 25. Mr. A. Baldwin of Townsend Mass. for the Bur. Miss.

per Mr. Wright,

By cash received on note of April 9, 1831.

Mr. Jacob C. Woods Executor on the estate of Miss
Louisa Smith, late of Walpole Mass. per Rev. Moses

Curris, heing a legacy for Missionary purposes,
June 3. The Penobscot For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Levi

Morri'l 'Treasurer,
4. The Ladies Miss. Soc. of Robertsville, S. C. by Mrs.

Phoebe M. Robert Secy, for the bur. Mission.
9. Mrs. Sally Purmort of Jay, Essex County, N. Y.

by Mr. Sawyer,
H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Utica Bap. For.

Miss. Soc. as follows:
From the Watertown Church, N. Y, to educate a Bur.
child, to be called Jacob Knapp; the first payment

For the Burman Mission,

115, Bible,











15. "

Friends in Beverly Mass. belonging to Rev. Mr. Al

drichs Soc, being the first payment towards educa-
ting a Burman child to be named Francis Macomber,
by Rev. Mr. Aldrich,

The Young Ladies Judson Soc. of Cambridge, towards
educating Burman Females, under direction of Mrs.
Wade, per Mr. Farwell,

50, From Mrs. Susannah Hobart of Ashburnham, per J. Conant, Esq.

2, A friend, by the hand of Rev. Henry Grew, for the sup.

port of a child at the Valley Towns Station, named
Eliza Greenc,

For Burman Schools,

60, Indians in the United States,


140, By cash, being balance of note of April 9, 1831,

2500, Interest on do.

82,39 The Hudson River Bap. Association,

The Troy N. Y. Bap. Female Miss. Soc. for Bur. Miss.
per Mrs. Mahala Dennison,

The Bap. Church in Troy N. Y. for the Bur. Mission,
per Rev. B. M. Hill, Pastor,

Forwarded by Rev. S. H. Cone,

133, Dea Amasa Brown Treas. of the Black River Missionary Society N. Y. for Burman Mission,

87, For Burman Bible, per Rev. Jesse Elliot,

13, From the Watertown Church N. Y. towards the sup

port and education of a Bur, child, named J. Knapp, 13, From a youth, being a donation to the Bur. Miss. 1,06 by Mr. Abner Webb.

114,06 The Bap. Church in Rowe, Mass. for printing the Bible in Burmah, per Mr. P. Hall,

4,12 Archibald Smith Jr. Esq. Treas, of the York Me. Bap.

For. Miss. Soc. having been contributed as follows :
By Dr. James Ayre,

Mr. Daniel Appleton North Buxton,

2,50 Rev. Frederick Clark, Saco,

2, Mr. Daniel Bickford,

1,40 Cornish Female Society, for the Bur. Miss.

2,25 A friend for the Bur. Miss.



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June 24 By cash, A friend, per the hand of Rev. Henry Grew, for
Mrs. Jones, Missionary in Burmah,

50, 27. R. Wallack Esq. Washington D. C. being in part for

notes due from Mr. Peter Force on account of the
Colunnbian Star Printing Office,

675,25 29. A friend in Framingham, Mass for the Bur. Miss.

3, July 2. The Vt. Bap. St. Con. per John Billings Jr, Esq. "Treas. for the Bur. Mission, per the hand of Mr. Tilden,

100, From Mason Ball, being the balance of $775, collected

by him while on an agency, in the States of S. Car

olina and Georgia,
A person in the neighborhood of Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
for the For. Miss. by Rev. W. T. Brantly,

10, 6. The Female For. Miss. Soc. of the first Bap. Church

and Con. Providence R. I. being the second annual
payment for the support of Ko-chah-a a native preach-
er, per Mrs. E. A. Eddy,

100, Mr. Moses Parsons of Marshfield Mass. for For. Miss.

3, 8. A friend for the Bur. Miss. per Rev. Mr. Hague,

1,08 9. The Franklin Association N. Y.

The Madison Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Rev. D. Has.
call, Treasurer,


250, 11. Mrs. Obedience Pelton of Euclid Cuyahoga county, Ohio, for publishing the Bible in Burmah,

2, Miss Harriet Pelton of same, for do.

Mr. Moses White of Cleaveland, Ohio,

Collection by Ohio Bap. Convention at Lancaster after
a Missionary sermon,

· 17,19
Collection at Granville, by Rev. Dr. Bolles,


25,53 12. From Dr. Bolles, having been contributed as follows: W. T. Nelson, for Burman Mission,

W. T. Smith Esq. Lexington Ken.

Rev. Dr. Fishback, of do.
Miss Loomis of Albany, for Bur. Bible,

Elder Handy of Buffalo, N. Y.


31,50 13. The U. S. Gov. being the quarterly allowance from the Civilization fund, for Indian Stations,

500, « Dea. Joseph Gilbert of Hartford Conn. having been for

warded to him by Messrs. Elijah Griffiths, John Davis
and John Mulford Jr. of Philadelphia, a committee on
the Estate of the late Rev. Benjamin R. Skinner, for-
merly a Missionary to Africa, located at Liberia, who
died on the passage from that place to the United
States, the first of March last,

67,45 14. C. D. Everett Esq. of St. Johns New Brunswick, for Burman Bible,

. 10, Dea. Thomas Pettingell, of same, for do.


30, 16. A friend to Miss. per Dea. Farwell, for the For. Miss.

5, 18. Mr. Nathaniel Oviat of Richfield, Medina county Ohio, per Mr. House,

6, U. S. Bk. being semi-annual dividend on 22 shares of stock,

“ The Sunbury Geo. Fe. Ct. Soc. per Rev. Prof. Ripley,. 50, 23. Two friends, lowards defraying the expense of a bell at the Thomas Station, per Mr. E. Lincoln,

6, 26.

The Oliver St. N. Y. For. Miss. Soc. for the support

of Moung Ing a native preacher in Burmah, by Dea.
William Colgate,

100, 27. Deacon William Stockbridge, having been contributed

for the Burman Bible, as follows:
Mrs. W. Purrington, of Bowdoinham, Me.

Priscilla Lunt, of do.
Mr. Cargill of Newcastle,
Reuben Milnor, of North Yarmouth,

Reed and Mr. Rice, Woolwich,






Aug. 1. «


July 28. By cash,being the interest on $2500 loaned the 30th of June last,

The U. S. Gov. for the use of the Thomas Station,
Mr. William Inglesby of Charleston, s. c. por Mr. P.

4. Mr. Levi'Pierce, Treas, of the old Colony For, and

Domestic Miss. Soc. for the following purposes :
For Translating the Bible into Burman and for Bur-
man Tracts,

For the Burman Mission,

50, For Indian Missions in the United States,


- 150,




15. 19.


« The Ballston Female For. Miss. Soc. for the educa

tion of Bur. youth; per Mrs. Lucy Satterlee, Sec'y.
The Female Mice Society of Ballston Spa. for Mrs.

Wade's school, per Miss M. C. F. Waterbury, 13,
The For. Miss. Soc. in the Saratoga Association, N.Y.

per Mr. Childs, Treasurer, for the Bur. Miss. 90,
The Brodalbin Church N. Y. for do. per Rev. Dr. Sharp, 2,

124, A Juvenile Soc. towards educating children at the Carey Station,

6,31 Mr. Charles Tupper of Amherst, Nova Scotia, by the

hand of Mr. William Nichols, contributed as follows:
By the Miss. Soc. in Cumb. N. S. for the Bur. Miss. 18,80
Mr. Agreen Tingley, Sackville,

Mr. Reuben Chase,

,50 Mrs. Jane Upham, Onslow,


21,30 Rev. S. C. Dillaway, Treas. of the Washington Bap.

Association N.Y. having been contributed as follows :
By the Adamsville Church and Soc. for the Bur. Miss. 8,
The Female Miss. Soc. of same for do.

The Hartford Church and Soc. for do.

2, Funds unappropriated by the donors,


Mrs. Abigail S. Howard for Bur. Miss. per Mr. E. Gale, 1,
Mr. M. Ball, collected by him while on Agency in S.
Carolina and Georgia,

The Female Union Miss. Soc. of Perth Amboy, N, J.
for the education of a child at Val. Towns, to be named
Thomas Brown, by Miss Evelina H. Bruen, Sec'y.

12, “ A friend in West Harwich, C. C. for the Bur. Miss. 2, W. Bowen for same,

2,50 A female friend for Bur. Tracts, per Messrs. L. & E.

1, The East Jersey Miss, Soc. for For. Miss. per John Os

born Jr. Treas.
The Female Bap. Benev. Soc. of the 3d Bap. Church
and Congregation, Middleborough Mass. towards the
support of a female child under the care of Mrs. Wade,
in Burmah, to be named Mary Hubbard, per Mrs.
Hepzibah N. Bennett, Sec'y.

20,50 “ H. B. Rounds Esq. Treas. of the Utica Bap. For. Miss.

Soc. for the following objects :
For Burman Mission,


41,40 Tracts,

10, Schools,


202,40 Mr. John Tidd Executor on the Estate of Dea. Thad.

deus Davis, late of Woburn, Mass. deceased, being
a legacy for the Burman Mission,

20, Miss Eliza Jameson and Mrs. Jane Bosworth for the

education of a Bur, child in Mrs. Boardman's school
to be named Ann Mary Bartlett, the first payment,




Sep. 1.




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Sep. 12. By cash from Elder Lewis Fisher, being profits on the sale of
Mrs. Judson's Memoir, for the Bur. Mission,

13. • A contributor, for translating the scriptures into the
Bur. language, per Mr. William Nichols,

5, 16. Mr. John Brewster Jr. Sec. of the Miss, Soc. of South

Reading Academy, for translating the Scriptures in
Burmah, per Rev. Mr. Thresher,

17. The Saratoga Association for For. Miss. per Mr. J.
Waterbury Treas.

72, 22. The Oliver St. For. Miss. Soc. New York, per Rev.

S. H. Cone, being in payment for a printing press,
presented to the Burman Mission,

Mr. Coggswell of New Bedford, collected at the Monthly
Concert for prayer, for Foreign Missions,

20, 24. Mrs. Elizabeth Coggesball of New Bedford, towards

the support of a Burman child to be called by her name, 15, 26. Mr. Jonathan Whitney of Conway, Mass. for the Burman Bible,

5, The Bap. Female Miss, Soc. of Newark, N. J.

per Mrs. Sally Vanderpool, Treas. for For. Miss.

50, Miss Helen M. I'racy of Newburyport, for the Bengal Christian School Society,

15,40 North Yarmouth, Me. collected at the Annual Meeting

of the Cumb. Association per W.R. Stockbridge Esq. 25,67
Contribution taken at the annual meeting of the Penob-
scot Association, in Charleston, Maine,

Contribution taken frora a few friends at the house of

Mr. Levi Judkins at Cornville, after exhibiting the
book forwarded by Mr, Boardman from the Karens, 1,10
A sister in Corinih, per Dea Hunting, for publishing
the Bible in Burmah,

Mr. William Arnold of Dover,

Eli Towne Esq. of same,
Mrs. Judge Kinsley of Hampden,
The Bap. Church in Bangor Maine, it having been
contributed at the monthly concert for prayer, per
Deacon Clark,

From Dea. Benj. Buxton, (aged 82 years,) of Thomas-
ton, for his friend Rev. Mr. Boardman,

A child of Elder Nathaniel Robinson of Dover, named
Nathaniel Stillman,

-82,43 The above sums were collected by the Treas. while on

a visit to the State of Maine. In addition to which,
a contribution was made at the meeting of the Lin.
coln Association in Jefferson, and also at the Ken-
nebeck Association at Cornville, in both of which the
amount was paid to the Treas. of the Auxiliaries con-
nected with these associations ; both of which, to-
gether with the Cumberland and Penobscot Associa-

tions, were visited by the Treasurer.
30. L. Farwell Esq. Treas. of the Boston Bap. Association,

having been contributed as follows:
« By the Medfield Female Primary Miss. Society, 12,60
Miss Ann Dexter, Newton,

Monthly Concert, Watertown,

29,52 Oct. 1. “- A friend in Haverhill, per Rev. Dr. Bolles, 3. A friend to the Burman Mission, after attending a prayer

meeting held at Rev. Mr. Jacobs' Church, Cambridge,
previous to the sailing of Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, for
Burmah, per C. Everett Esq.

5, 4. R. Wallack Esq, of Washington, D. C. being the bal

ance and interest of the notes due from Mr. Peter
Force on account of the Columbian Star Print. Office,





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