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greater. The fact is, moreover, that the largest part of the pious colored population in this country from whom colonists and missionaries must be supplied, are attached to baptist churches, strengthens the conviction, that God has made it the special duty of the American baptists to labor for the establishment of the Redeemer's kingdom in Africa.

The Committee feel assured that emigration to Liberia will increase rapidly. In a few years many thousands will be there assembled, increasing in wealth, and enjoying the rights of freemen. But wealth and freedom, without strong moral restraints, will speedily ruin the colony, and disappoint the hopes, which, as christians and as patriots, we have felt in the anticipation of its success. Here, then, is another urgent reason for efforts to diffuse among the colonists the lights of knowledge, and the influences of christianity. By these alone, with the blessing of God, can the welfare, or even the continued existence of that colony be secured.

The Committee accordingly recommend to the Convention, the adoption of the following resolutions :

Resolved, That it is the duty of the Board to continue and enlarge their missionary efforts in Africa, as soon, and as fast as it may be practicable.

Resolved, That experience has shown, that our dependence must be principally on colored persons, as missionaries and school teachers, in Africa ; and that means ought to be adopted, to obtain suitable individuals, who may receive such preparatory mental training as may be thought expedient, and who shall be sent to Liberia as soon as they may be properly instructed.

Resolved, That the Board be instructed to adopt the necessary measures to carry the preceding Resolutions into effect.

REPORT ON PUBLICATIONS. The Committee on publications respectfully REPORT:

The periodical press is, in this age, one of the mightiest engines which God's providence has ever placed within human reach. The Committee feel bound to express their conviction, that more should be attempted, and that more, much more, may be accomplished by this instrumentality, in arousing the attention, kindling the zeal, and directing the enterprize of those friends of the Redeemer's kingdom with whom we are connected. The American Baptist Magazine, commenced by Dr. Baldwin, nearly thirty years since, and which has been an established favorite with the friends of Zion, is now the only periodical publication of the Board. It has many anil strong claims on all the friends of missions, and no former period, or circumstances, have seemed to call more loudly for conducting it with the greatest possible efficacy, and giving to it the widest circulation. The Committee have been happy to learn the determination of the Board to devote the entire energies of one individual to the editorial department of this work. They deem it important that the most solemn pledge thus given to the public by the Board, that the work shall be ably and satisfactorily conducted, should be fully redeemed. They also consider it best that the Board should confine the Magazine exclusively to religious topics. Nor can they

ubt that when thus assured of its value, and when every facility is furnished for its regular and economical transmission to every part of the country, that its patronage will rapidly increase.

Missionary intelligence, records of what God's grace is doing among the heathen, and the thrilling appeals of our missionaries in their behalf

should not be withheld, or even delayed; as the light which shipeth from the east even unto the west, so universally and rapidly, if possible, should these tidings be sent forth.

The last Convention recommended that “a quarterly circular on a half sheet should be issued by the Board, and a copy of the same forwarded regularly to every baptist minister, or church in the union,-said circular to contain the most interesting missionary intelligence which can be procured.” How far the multiplication of religious newspapers in almost every section of our country, may render this proposal unnecessary, the Committee will not attempt to decide ; but again commend the subject to the early attention of the Board.

We ought indeed to be grateful for the almost unprecedented circulation of Mrs. Judson's Memoir, but the Committee feel constrained to say, that generous as has been the patronage already extended to this volume, it does not, in their estimation, equal its merits. With unfeigned satisfaction, they have learned the purpose of the Board to procure the compilation of a memoir of our lamented Boardınan, that from the grave be may speak to us, as when lying down by the side of it, be did to the poor Karens.

The Committee cannot omit this opportunity to entreat their bretbren, in the ministry especially, to exert their influence among the families and individuals around them, to increase the number of subscribers to these and other useful religious publications, and by every wise expedient endeavor to promote their perusal.

Smith's ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF Missions, edited by the Rev. J. 0. Choules, having been referred to the notice of this Committee, they have fully examined the nuniber already printed, and possessed themselves of the views of the conductors of the work. The Committee are happy to express their entire confidence in the qualifications of the editor, and belief that the work will richly merit the attention of the religious public.

Respectfully submitted,

Rufus Babcock, JR., Chairman.

TREASURER'S REPORT. The General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United Slates for

Foreign Missions, &c. in account with Heman Lincoln, Treasurer,


May 7. To cash paid L. Slater's draft, of Feb. 25, 1831, in favor of Phineas Davis, • 100.

Less for interest deducted,
for the Thomas Station,

9378 « L. Slater's draft of March 17, 1831, in favor of same, for the Thos. Station, Less for interest deducted,


33,95 II. Mr. P Davis jr. for the Thos. Station,

10, 12.

Rev. Evan Jones' craft of March 2, 1831, in favor of M. Cunningham, for
the Valley Towns Station,

80, 16. Rev Alfred Bennett, for five weeks services on agency,

30, Travelling expenses of same,.





Rev. Evan Jones' draft of April 14, 1831, in favor of M. Cunningham,

Less for interest deducted, (Valley Towns Station.)



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Jene 9. To cash for excharging 230 Dils. Uncurrent money i per st.

2,30 18. Orant & Daniell's bill of paper,

- 304,27 Carter, Hendee & Bablock,

14,22 Lincoln & Edmands,

367.40 For the Burman Mission,

385,89 For exchanging money, 'to dollars i per ct.

1,10 L. Slater's draft for the Thomas Station,

- 200,00 Less for interest deducted,


199,64 30. Insurance on paper, books, &c. sent to Burmah, by Ship Mount Vernon,

7,25 For Clerk hire at the Mission Rooms,

62,50 July 2. For exchanging 25 diliars unc. money,

25 For the Christiao Watchman, for the Valley Towns Station,

do For the Burman Mission,


12, Rev. A. Bingham's draft, of June 13, 1831, for the Soult de St. Marie Station, 1000, 6.

Messrs. Lincoln & Edmands, for books, printing ink, and book binders tools ;
for the Burman Mission,

The Cor. Secretary's acl'. of postage for one quarter, to Ist inst.

3,15 8. Towards the travelling expenses of Miss Walton, from the Thomas Miss. Sta.

6,37 II. Rev George Kallxch, per order of the Board,

10, 13

W. T. Beeby's draft of Feb. 14th, 1831, in favor of Mrs. E. H. Jones, (he having
credited the same in our account,)

For Rev. Wm. H. Pearce of Calcutta, he having accuunted to w. T. Beeby,
Esq. our agent for the same,

. 97,75

585,50 10. For sundry articles of outfit for Mr. Kincaid, Miss, to Burmab,

8,50 Cor. Secretary's Salary une qr.

• 200,
Travelling expenses of shme to the States of Ohio and Kentucky, in the Spring
and summer of the present year,


315,0$ For rent of Mission Rooms one qr. ending 19th, inst.

40,50 37. " Rev. Evan Jones' draft of July 6th, for the Valley Towns Station,

38, John Davis' draft dated Onion Mission June 5, 1831,

175, John Davis is a native preacher among the Creek Indians, west of Arkansas Territory, Mason Ball on account of agency,

233,69 Sept. 1. For exchanging 202 dollars unc, money, at I 1-4 per ct.

2,53 Cor. Secretary's salary one gr. to ist. inst.

200, Rev. D. w Elmore balance of an appropriation made by the Board Sept. 6, 1830, 50, “ R Simeiwell's draft of July 7th, for the Carey Station,

150, For Christian Watchman, Sent to Calcutta,

2,50 Rev. William Groom of Broadalbin, N. Y, on account of Kev. E. Kincaid, Missionary in Burmah, per order of the Board,

96, For a Printing Press for the Burman Mission,

250940 L. Slater's draft of Aug 29th, in favor of F. P. Browning, Esq.

350, For the Thomas Station. For freight of Printing Press from New York,

2,43 For clerk bire at the Mission Rooms,

62,50 For sundry articles for same,

10,50 Sundı y expenses of Rev. Nathan Brown,

12, do do Professor S. C. Ruslan,

32, Io. " Capt. J. Spalding of the ship Gibraltar, for the passage of Mr. Oliver T. Cutter, printer tu the Burman Mission, and w.fe, from Boston to Calcutta,

500, 11.

Paid two quarters allowance to the Tunawanda and Oneida schools each so dls. per qr. 200, 12. Rev. Evan Jones' draft of Sept 21, 1831, for Val. 'Towns Station,

250, 18. Rev. E. Jones' draft for same, dated July 25, 1831,

150, 19. Insurance on Printing Press and paper sent to Burmah, by Ship Gibraltar,

S, 50 30. “ The Cor, secretary's postage bill, for the quarter ending the 30th, ult.

17,55 For two setts of school apparatus,

30, One for the school at Moulmein, and one for Tavoy-Burmah, Sundry bills towards the outfit of Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, and other expenses connec. therewith,

Paid the following bills for the Burman Mission :
Boston Type and Stereotype Foundry,

William Hooton
Grant & Daniell, for paper,

Jobn A. Haskell for two pairs of printers chases,


-350,07 Lincoln & Edmands, for books, for Mr. Cutter,

30,59 For Dr. Judson,


43,50 Freeman Cobb & Co. for Mr. Cutter,

42,98 James Loring, for books,

1,33 L. Bartholomew, for polishing and packing the printing press,

2,25 Lincoln & Edmands,




Oct 4


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48,08 3,61

Treight of two boxes goods, to Savannab, for the Valley Towas Station,


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Oct. 23. To cash for rent of Mission Rooms, onc qr.

: i

40,50 Tirrell & Mossman for coal,

7,50 Wood cuck & Warren for "


For the Missionary Rooms, 26. Messrs. Lincoln & Edmands, for the Bap. Gen. Tr. Society,

20, The Mass. Sabbath School Union, for the Valley of the Missippi,


12,76 These sums were contributed for these objects, and sent to our Treasury, with other money. Martin Jobnson,

100, Advanced to Rey. Thomas Simons for paying his passage to Charleston, S. C. and to defray other expenses while travelling on account of the Mission,

So, 3. The Cor. Secretary for travelling expenses in attending the Vt. Bap. St. Coa.

13,05 Nov. 11. J. Lykins, Missionary West of the Missippi river, draft of Aug. 16th,

158, 14 Rev. E. Jones' draft of Sept. 27th, for the Valley Towns Station,

100, 23

The Charlestown Female Seminary, for tuition, board &c., of Miss H. B. Low,
now Mrs. Cutter, Missionary to Burmali,

26,18 20.

Dr. A. R Thompson, for medical attendance on the late Rev. Mr. Kalloch and

30, 28. The Treasurer's account of postage, from April 21st, to 30th, inst.

Paid the following bilis on account of the late Rev. George Kalioch,
Caleb Symmes, for funeral expenses, &c.,

Mrs. Susan Waitt, for boarding himself and nurses during his late illness, and
for medicine,

L. Kidder & Co, as per bill,

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Dec. 9

R. Simerwell's draft of Nov. 2d, for the Carey Station,
· For sundry articles for Mr. and Mrs. Kalloch, who were accepted by the

Board in May, and were expected to engage in Missionary labor among the

N. B. In consequence of the death of Mr. Kalloch, the most of the above ar.

ticles are on hand, and will no doubt be wanted for others.
Rev. J. Mercer's draft of Nov. 23, for the Hickory Log School in the Chero-

kce Nation, being in fall for the expenses of that Station to the 30th of

Sept. last.
G. P. Wells, of Charlestown, Mass for Boarding Mr. and Mrs. Kattoch.
Rev. W. T, Brantly on account of Rey, Eugenio Kincaid,
Expenses of Rev. Dr. Bolles, to Providence, on business of the Board,
For Clerk hire at the Mission Rooms,
For sundry articles for same,
For Advertising the Rooms, No. 52 Washington Street, to Let,
For exchanging 120 dolls. uncurrent Money 1-2 pr. ct.

282, 43,08

9. 14. 31.

62,50 10, 1,17

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75 375

1,50 12,25

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16,65 3.

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]


1,50 40,50

reb. I.

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For Coal for the Missionary Rooms,
For Wharfage of Goods sent to Burmah by Ship Gibraltar,
Postage for one quartar ending December 31st, 1831,
11-2 per cent on 200 dollars,
J. A. Haskell
J. Lykins' draft of Nov. 16,1831.
Boston Soap Stone Co. for Stone, for Stove funnel,
Rent of Mission Rooms, one quarter,
for the New England Palladium, from May 1, 183r to date, for Burman

Rev. H. Malcom, for Books Purchased by him in London, including duties

and charges connected with the same as per bill,
N. B. - In addition to the above, the Rev. Mr. Malcom procured us a present for

the Mission a number of valuable publications from the London Missionary

Societies, relating to their operations.
Rev. H. Malcom for money advanced by him, in March 1830,
For work done at the Missionary Rooms,
John Davis' draft of Nov. 24, 1831, being the balance of salary for one year

as Preacher to the Creek Indians,
Rev. Evan Jones' draft of Dec. 2, 1831, for the val. Towns Sta.
For exchanging 50 dollars uncurrent money,
Advanced to Mr. Hancock, Printer for Burmah,
Treasurer of Newton Theological Institution for Board, &c. of Mr. Kalloch

while at Newton.-per order of the Board,
N. Russell, Jr. bill for 0. T. Cutter,
Cor. Secretary's Salary, for one quarter ending 31st inst.
Rev. Evan Jones' draft of Feb. 8, for the Valley, Towns Station,
For one dozen Outline Atlasses, for Bur. Schools, per order of the Board,
Expenses at the Mission Rooms,
For a Printing Press, for the Burman Mission, -


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Mar, 10 To cash, J. Lykins 'draft of February 16,

125, Freight of Printing Press, from New York,

3,80 12

For 1-4 ton Coal for Mission Rooms, 10

Mr. R. Simerwell's draft of January 30th, for the Carey Station 23

For services at the Missionary Rooms, as per bill, 27

Freight of Box Goods sent to the Missior avies in Birmah, per.
Ship Emporium, :

2, 30

For one quarter chal. Coal, for Mission Rooms, 31 For Clerk hire at Mission Rooms to date,

62,50 For Postage and for Work done at the Mission Rooms,

6,50 2 R. Simerwell's draft of March 8, 1932. for the Carey Station,

Do, 9

For Rent of Mission Rooms one quarter, from Jan. 1, to April 1,

50, 10

Rev.'E. Jones' draft of March 1, 1831, for the Valley Towns, Sta-

200, Postage for one quarter, ending ist inst.

16,74 10

Caleb Burbank, for 200 Reams of Printing Paper for the Burman

Messrs Lincoln and Edmands, for Books sent to Burmah, for Rev.

60,02 Messrs Lincoln and Edmands' account,

254,21 18

For Signs for the Mission Rooms, . 19

Two Quarters allowance to the Oneida and Tonawanda Stations,
cach 50 dollars per qr. as per letter to Rev. Ely Stone of this date, 200,
For Sundry articles for the Mission Rooms

5,75 Teinporary Loans per order of Finaneial Com, as follows, May 24 do




5,000 Sept, 24 do


3,000 Dec, 16 do


2,000 Feb. 23 do do

230 do

2,500 Mar, 28 do




28,571,88 Balance of cash on hand,

3,237,23 Dils. 31,809,11




Cy. 4,502,86

48,90 27,79 23,25 -100,

Ap’l. 22 By cash on hand, as per last account,
26 From the Madison Foreign Missionary Society Aux. &c, per Rev.

Daniel Hascall Treasurer, to be appro, as follows:
For General purposes,
For Burman Bible,
For Burman Schools, •
From the Hancock (Me.) Missionary Society Aux, &c. per Rev.

James Gillpatrick 'Treasurer, having been contributed as follows:
By the Male Primary Society in Sedgwick,
do Female do


do do in Surry and Ellsworth

do in Hancock
do Male do

do Female do in Eden,
do 2d do

do in Sedgwiok,
do do

do in Blue Hill,
do do

do in Trenton,
do Male do in Ellsworth
· Rev. Amos Allen being a part of a legacy from the late Mr. Sol-

omon Billings' of Brookville, for charitable purposes,
Thomas Perkins and family, Penobscot,
Individuals in Mount Desert,
A friend to Missions in Eden,

do Ellsworth,
Individuals in Blue Hill,
Collection at Ellsworth, at anuual meeting,







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