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nial Meeting were presented from

April, 26. the Second Baptist Church in

Morning Session.
Richmond, Va, Federal Street,
Boston, Hartford, Conn. Ist. Prova Prayer by Rev. Dr. Chapin.
idence, R. I. and Sansom Street,

Further communications were Philadelphia

received from Auxiliary Societies. Resolved, That these applications

A communication from the be referred to a Committee, con- Trustees of Columbian College, resisting of brethren Pattison, Mal- questing the nomination of fifty com, Hall, Davis, and Rhees. persons, out of whose number the

Resolved, That the Report of the Board for the next three years may Managers be now read. The Cor- be elected, was read. responding Secretary then pro Resolved, That brethren Chapin, ceeded to read the same in full. Hascall, E. Ball, Choules, and (See Document A.)

Crane, be a committee to report a Resolved, That the Report be nomination in accordance with the accepted and published.

above request. Resolved, That a daily prayer

Resolved, That a Committee conmeeting be held in this place du- sisting of five persons, be appointring the session, at 6 o'clock A. M. ed, to prepare a set of by-laws,

Resolved, That brethren Bolles, embracing such parts of the ConGoing, Jackson, Procter and Ben- stitution as are not embraced in edict, be a committee to make ar

the Charter. Brethren Sommers, rangements for holding one or more Grosvenor, Harrison, B. M. Hill, Conferences during the session, on and T. R. Green, were appointed. topics of general interest, connected

The Committee on Elections rewith the objects of this Convention. ported that all the brethren who

Resolved, That brethren Way- had presented commissions were land, Bennet, Maclay, Perry, and entitled to their seats, their respecStocks, be a Committee on the tive Societies having paid the reBurman Mission).

quired amount. (See list ante.) Resolved, That brethren Dagg,

The Committee on Conferences Sherwood, Jones, Galusha, and reported the recommendation that Farwell, be a Committee on the this evening be devoted to a free Indian Missions.

conference on Foreign Missions. Resolved, That brethren Know- The recommendation was adopted. les, Welch, Jeter, Ryland, and

Resolved, That the Committee W. R. Williams, be a Committee make suitable arrangements for the on the African Mission.

meeting. Resolved, That brethren Chase,

A communication was received Church, and Rice, be a Committee from the Baptist General Tract Soon the subject of the permanent ciety. fund for the support of the Corres Resolved, That said communicaponding Secretary:

tion be committed to brethren AlResolved, That brethren Sharp, len, Dodge, and Hague. Going, Perkins, Peck, and Dunbar,

A letter from the Baptist Youth's be a Committee to devise and re- Assistant Missionary Society of N. port any measures they may deem York, was read, inviting the memnecessary for enlarging the opera

bers of the Convention to attend tions of this Convention.

their anniversary on Friday evenPrayer by bro. D. Jones, of Pa. ing. Adjourned.

Resolved, In consideration of a

meeting to be held tomorrow morIn the evening, President Wayland, of ning in Mulberry Street, in referProvidence, R. 1. preached from Rom. ence to enlarged Domestic Misvii. 13. "That sin by the commandment sionary operations, that when tho might become exceeding sinful.”

Convention adjourn in the afternoon, to meet to-morrow afternoon at the usual hour.

Resolved, That bretbren Babcock, Cushman, Beebee, Ludlow, and Ashton be a Committee on the publications of the Convention.

Resolved, That brethren Belles, Knowles, and Babcock be a Committee to prepare a suitable expression of the sentiments of this Convention, in relation to those members of the Convention, and Missionaries, who have deceased since the last Triennial Meeting.

Resolved, That the President and Recording Secretary of this convention, with the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Board, when chosen, be a Committee to present a nomination of the board of Managers.

Resolved, That the reading of the Minutes of the Board be the order of the day for this afternoon; and that such Committees as find it necessary, have leave of absence to attend to their appropriate busi

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CONNECTICUT. Gustavus F. Davis.

NEW YORK Spencer H. Cone, Archibald Maclay, Thomas Stokes, John B. Yates, W. W. Todd, Charles G. Sommers, William Colgate, Elon Galusha.

NEW JERSEY. John Rathbone.

Williain T. Brantley,
Jobo L. Dagg,
David Jones.

O. B. Brown,
Samuel Cornelius,
Enoch Reynolds,
George Wood,
John S. Meehan,
J. L. Skinner,
M. St. Clair Clarke,
Charles K. Gardner,
John T. Temple,
Robert Johnson,
Isaac Clark,
Nathan Towson,
John Withers.

John Kerr,
James B. Taylor,
Eli Ball,
A. W. Clopton,
Robert Ryland,
R. B. C. Howell,
William Crane,
Edward Baptist.

Thomas Merideth,
P. W. Dowd,
John Armstrong,
Professor Hooper.

SOUTH CAROLINA. William B. Johnson, Richard M. Todd, John F. Wilson, Peter Ludlow.

GEORGIA. Wilson Lumpkin, Jesse Mercer, Adiel Sherwood,

Prayer by brother Bennet, N. Y.

Afternoon Session.
Brother Taylor of Va. prayed.

Agreeably to order, the Minutes of the Board, embracing its operations for two entire years, were read, and occupied two hours.

Resolved, That this Convention approve the course of the Board of Managers, as it appears from the reading of the Minutes.

The Committee appointed to make a nomination of at least fifty persons, out of whom the choice of the Trustees of the Columbian College may be made, submitted the following list, which was approved by the Convention:

Heman Lincoln,
Lucius Bolles,
Daniel Sharp,
Cyrus P. Grosvenor,
Jonathan Going.


Nicholas Brown, J. O. Choulos.

Henry O. Wyer,

Brother Colgate introduced the William H. Turpin,

Rev. Thomas Burchell, a MissionThomas Stocks.

ary to the Isle of Jamaica, and the

President welcomed him to a seat,
Richard M. Johnson,

agrecally to the vote of the Con

vention. OHIO.

Op motion of brother Pattison, John McLean.

Resolved, That the Origin and Adjourned.

History of Missions, edited by Prayer by brother Dodge, N.J. brother J. 0. Choules, now in a Noie. In the evening a public course of publication, be submitted Conference was held, agreeably to to the Committee ou publications, appointment, on the subject of Fore to report to this body. eign Missions.

The Committee on the AFRICAN Prayer was offered by brother Mission reported. The preamble D. Dodge, N. J.

and several resolutions were adoptThe Corresponding Secrelary of ed; but the hour of adjourument the Board gave a condensed view having arrived, the report was laid of Missionary operations in Bur. on the table, and the Convention mah, from the commencement of

Adjourned. our efforts in that empire-also a Prayer by brother J. L. Dayg. mong the Indian Tribes of this

Saturday, April, 28. Country. The facts were of a very

Morning Session. encouraging nature, and strongly

Prayer, by President Wayland. showed the necessity of extended

The Report on the African Misexertions. Brother McCoy presented an af- considering its last section, accept

sion was again taken up, and after fecting account of several of our In

ed. (See Appendix.) dian Tribes; and bespoke the increased sympathy and prayers of last Triennial Convention to report

The Committee appointed at the the Convention in their behalf.

Brother Jeter, of Va., addressed RULES OF ORDER for the Conventhe meeting on the obligations of able to attend to this service, and

tion, stated, that they had not been Christians to extend the knowledge

were discharged. of salvation throughout the whole

Resolved, That Messrs. Stocks, world. The services were concluded by Committee to report Rules of Or

Malcom, and E. B. Smith, be a prayer offered by Dr. Chapin, D. C. der at the present session.

Friday, 3 o'clock, P. M. The Committee to prepare a The Convention met according suitable expression of the feelings to adjourninent.

of this Convention, respecting their Prayer by brother A. Sherwood, dereased members and MissiopaGeorgia.

ries, respectfully reported the The Committee on the BURMAN following resolution, which was Mission reported, and were dis- adopted : charged.

(See Appendix.) Resolved, That this Convention The subject of establishing a feel it to be a solemn admonition, Mission to France, was introduced and a cause of sincere yet submisby brother H. Malcom, accompa- sive sorrow, that death has remonied by a statement of facts in rela- ved from this world, since their tion to the religious state of that last session, an unusual number of kingdom.

their members and of their missionResolved, That the subject be re- aries. The Rev. William Staughferred to the Committee on enlarg- ton, D. D. one of the fouoders of ing the operations of this Couven- the Convention, and for twelve tion, to report on the expediency years the Corresponding Secretary of such a Mission.

of the Board ; the Rev. Robert B.

Semple, who for nine years was in the extensive and important opthe President of the Convention; erations committed to his care, the Rev. Noah Davis and the Rev. with his constant readiness to take George Leonard, who were mem- long journies on behalf of the Conbers present at the last session; the vention, and his refusal to accept Rev. George D. Boardwan, mis- any compensation for services, or sionary at Tavoy ; the Rev. Ben- renuneration for his heavy travel-jamin R. Skinner and wife, mis- ing expenses, and especially his sionaries at Liberia ; Mrs. recent relinquishment of his priJones, wife of the Rev. Evan Jones, vate business, that he may

devote missionary at the Valley Towns; his whole time and attention, graRev. George Kalloch, who had been tuitously, to his official engageappointed a missionary. among ments, are deeply and gratefully the Indians beyond the Mississippi, felt by this Convention. and Mrs. Kincaid, wife of the A resolution was introduced by Rev. Eugenio Kincaid, missionary brother McCoy in reference to the at Maulmein, have all, within the future reports of the Treasurer brief space of three years, ceased relating to disbursements of funds from their labors on earth.-The for Indian Stations and was referred Convention sympathize with the to the Committee on Indian Misbereaved families and friends, and sions. with the whole religious com Resolved, That the choice of of munity. But they sorrow not as ficers of the Board be made the those who have no hope. The order of the day for the afternoon. lives and the deaths of these de

Adjourned. parted brethren and sisters furnish Prayer by Dr. Kendrick, N. Y. evidence that they were faithful

Afternoon Session. servants of the Saviour, and inspire a confident and consoling belief

Prayer by Prof. Hascall. N. Y.

On motion of G. F. Davis, Conn. that they have entered into the joy of their Lord.-May their example regard with deep interest the exer

Resolved, That this Convention anirnate us all with zeal for the tions which have recently been glory of God, and the welfare of Zion. May their death admonish

made to promote the cause of us to do with our might what our

Temperance, on the principle of

ardent hand fiadeth to do.

entire abstinence from On behalf of the Committee.

spirits as a drink, and rejoice in the L. Bolles, Chairnian.

success which, by the blessing of

God, has attended them. The Committee on the perma

Resolved, That we consider the nent fund for the support of the habitual use of any intoxicating Corresponding Secretary, reported. liquors as injurious to the physiAfter some discussion, the Report cal, intellectual, and moral powwas laid on the table, and it was ers of man, and detrimental to

Resolved, That the 13th Article the best interests of society. relating to this subject be referred Resolret, That we cherish an arto the Committee on the Constitu- dent desire that the friends of the tion, to inquire and report if any Temperance Reform may not reamendment in that article be ex- lax iu scriptural, systematic efforts pedient.

against intemperance, until this The Committee on Publications powerful enemy to the happiness reported and were discharged. and prosperity of the community

(See Appendix.) shall be routed, and coinpletely The Treasurer presented his Re- vanquished in every section of our port duly audited.

beloved country. Resolved, That it be accepted The order of the day being call. and published. (See Appendix.) ed for, the Convention proceeded to

Resolved, That the faithful and the election of officers of the Board laborious servicos of the Treasurer, of Mapagers.

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On balloting, the following were The Committee on RULES OF declared to be duly elected. ORDER, reported sundry regulaRev. Jesse Mercer, President, tions, which were accepted, and or

Daniel Sharp, D. D. Vice Pres't, dered to be printed.
Nath'l Kendrick, D. D. 2d. V.P. The Report of the Committee
Stephen Chapin, D. D. 3d."

on Indian Missions, was again ta-
W. T. Brantly, D. D. 4th.
Fran. Wayland,Jr. D.D. 5th.

ken up, and discussed until the Jeremiah Chaplin, D, D. 6th.

hour of adjournment. S. M. Noel, D. D. 71h.

Prayer by brother John Peck, Basil Manly,

8th. of N. Y. Hon, Heman Lincoln, Treasurer,

Adjourned. Rev. Lucius Bolles, D. D. Cor. Sec. James D, Knowles, Ręc,

Afternoon Session. Rev. Professor Rostan, from Prayer by brother Jeter, of Va. France, was introduced to the The Committee appointed to Convention by Rev. A. Maclay, nominate a Board of inanagers reand invited to a seat by the Presi- ported a list of names, and were dent.

discharged. The Corresponding Secretary

The Committee to whom was introduced to the Convention the referred the invitations for the next Rev. Thomas Simons, Missionary, Convention, reported in favor of and Mr. Royal B. Hancock, Print- complying with the request from er, both of whom are soon to em

Richmond. bark for Burmah.

Resolved, That the next ConvenThe Conimittee on Ivdian Mis- tion be held in Richmond, Va. sions, to whom the resolution of Brethren Jeter, Ryland, and brother McCoy was submitted, re- Sherwood were appointed a Comported the following resolve:

mittee to nominate the preachers for Resolved, That the Treasurer be the next Convention. instructed to exhibit in a separate

The Report of the Committee on account, at each meeting of the Indian Missions was again taken Convention, the monies received up and discussed. The embarrassand disbursed for Indian Missions,

ments of the subject seeming to The Committee on Indian Mis multiply, an interval of devotion sious reported. The Report was

was agreed upon. discussed until the hour of adjourn

Business was accordingly susment, and then recommitted and pended while a portion of scripture made the order of the day for Mon

was read by the President, and day morning.

prayer offered by brother Bennet, On motion of brother L. Bolles, N. Y. imploring “wisdom from

Resolved, That this Convention above" to enlighten and guide the recommend a meeting on Tuesday deliberations of the Convention. evening, in Conference, at which Resolved, That the Report under time, one member of the delega- consideration be recommitted to the tion froin each state, agreed on by same Committee, with the addition sald delegation, be desired to give of brethren Blain, Elliot, Jackson, an account of the state of the and Meredith. Churches within their limits—the

The Committee on enlarging the means which exist for their growth operations of the Convention, reand improvement—the bindrances, ported the following resolution, if any, which oppose said improve

which was adopted. ment--and the facilities for over

Resolved, That the Convention coming the same,

views with particular favor the Prayer by brother E. Galusha, idea of extending its Missionary N. Y.

operations to other regions of the Adjourned to 9 o'clock, Monday earth, than those already embraced morning.

within the sphere of its labors; Monday, April 30. and that therefore, the Board be Morning Session.

empowered to take the requisite Brother Knowles, Mass. prayed.

steps to ascertain the expediency

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