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Mar. 28. To cash paid Rev. A. Bingham's draft of Jan 26, 1831, in favor of L. P. Hastings, Esq. Pres. of
the bank of Michigan, for Sault de St. Marie station,

900,00 April 1. Rev. D W. Elmore, from Sept. Oth, 1830, to date,

117.75 Arnold S. Langley, as per receipt,

62,50 L. Slater's draft of Feb. s, 1831, in favor of P. P. Browning, for Thomas station, 150, Invested in note, by order of the Financial Committee, payable on demand, with interest at five per cent per annum,

4000, 12.

Paid for sundry articles forwarded to Mrs. Wade in Burmah, by direction of Mrs. Gillison
and Mrs. Davis, of Philadelphia:
Lincoln & Edmands' bill,

23,62 Thomas P. Cushing, 8,25
L. Peterson,

A. S. Langley,

40, 19

One quarter's allowance to the Tonawanda and Oneida Indian stations, in the state of

N. York, due the first inst. from the civilization fund from the United States, 100,
The following bills :
Mrs. Gill, on account of expenses incurred in providing for the child which has de.
ceased, of Rev. Francis Mason, a missionary to Burman,

Isaac H. Cary & Co. for one quarter's rent due this day,

40,50 Rev. L. Bulles, for postage from April 16, 1830, lu April 19, 1831,


120,71 20. A. S. Langley's hill,

: The Treasurer's account of postage for one year, 21.


Dolls. 27 587,03

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Cr. May 1, By cash of Mr. J. Beal, of Hingham, for the Bur. Bible, per Rev. Mr. Ball, 7.

Dea. J. Loring, Treas of Boston Aux. Miss Soc. for the following purposes :
For Mrs Wade's school in Burmah, by Mrs. Chorley, Treas. of 20 Bap.
Pri. Fem Miss. Soc.

For For. Miss. by Mrs E. Smith, Treas. Feni. Pri. Soc.of 1st Rap. Ch. and So. 22,25
For the for. Miss. by Dea. S. Lothrop, Treas. of Pri. Soc. of Charles st. Ch. 80,
For Bur. Miss. by Mr. D Hopkins, of Weston, Mass.

For Fem. Scbools in Bur. collected at monthly prayer meetings in Boston 137,24

-312,87 From Rev. Henry Grew, for the purpose of aiding in printing the Scriptures in the

Burman language-being a donation from three individuals of Hartford, Con. of
50 dollars each, and to be considered as a part of the proposed "New Year's Gift"
of 1000 dollars to the benignted Burmans,

1 50,
Rev. Samuel Huggeas, Treas. of the Pennsylvania Miss. Soc. as follows:
A balance,
Marcus Hook Society, for Foreign Missions,

A female member of the Blockley Baptist Church, for Bur. Miss.

10, Male Society of the ist Baptist Church, Philadelphia,

10, Male Society of Sansom-st. Church,

30, Pencale do,

do Juvenile Indian Miss Suc. of do.

Holmsburgh Pem. Soc. for the education of a Burman child,

Phineas Phillips, Great Valley, Penn. in full of so dollars, to print the
Bible in Burmab,

Donation from do.


243,70 Joseph B. Gilbert, Treas. of Conn. Bap Con. for the following purposes : For the Burman Mission,

Female schools in Burmah,

Printing the Bible in Burmah, so dollars to go towards the 1000 do llars to
be raised by the ist of July,

Translation of the Bible in Burmah,

48,00 African Mission,

33, Indian Mission,


-480,77. Female Soc. of the 1st Bap Ch. Pbila. forwarded by Rev. W. T. Brantly,

From female friend for Burman nuission per Rev. Mr Knowles,

Wasbington Bp. Assoc. forwarded by Rev. Geo. Wetherell, Treas. of Hartford, N. Y.
per Mr. B. Dennis,

S, Forwarded by Rev. B R. Skinner to Rev. B. M. Hill, and by him to Dr. Bolles, Af. miss 1,69 20.

Lady, Shamoken, Pa. by Miss M. K Wythe, Cor Sec. Phil. For. & Dom. Fem. Miss. So. 10, 21.

Fem. Indus. Soc. of the 30 Bap. ch. in Boston, for the education of two girls, Ang

Sharp and Sophia 0. Lincoln, who are under the care of the Rev. Isarc M'Coy,
by Miss Elizabeth Ford, Sec'ry,

40, Amer. Tract Soc. for printing tracts in Burmah, per Rev. W. A Hallock, Gen. Agit, 300, A friend to the Bible, to aid in publishing the Bible in Burmah,

30, Miss Sally Alden, for the Bur. Miss. by Rev. Enoch Sandford, of Raynham, Mass. Dea, Wm. Colgate, from the sources, and to be applied to the purposes, following: From A. M. Beebee, Esq of Ulica, N. Y. for printing the Scriptures in Bur. mah, forwarded to Mr. Colgate, April 6, 1830,

433,00 May 12, from same person, for same purpose,

25,50 Rev Alfred Bennett, Agent, for foreign mission,

120, Lewis Porter, April 28, by C Pratt, Covert, Seneca Co. Foreiga mission, 55,72 .Oliver-St. Mission Suciety, per Rev. $. L Cone, *


1084,32 Daniel Wadsworth, Esq. of Hartford, Burman mission,

5, * Two hundred and fifty dollars of this sum was contributed by Messrs. Edward Smith, C. L. Roberts, John 1. Harris, Robert Colgate, and Edward M. Cone, each so, for printing the Bible in Burman.


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May so. By cast from sundry persone received during the present month, per Lincoln & Edmands :
From Abel Parker, Jaffrey, Bur. mission,

N. 8. Rounds, Esc. Treas. Utica for. Miss. Soc.

80,21 Noah Davis, Agent General Tract Society,

112,92 A friend to missions,

10, Royal Clarke, Agent Penobscot Aux For. Miss. Soc. .

T. Merrill, 'Treas. Oxford, Me. Aux. For Miss. Soc. per C. Stockbridge, 31,62
Oliver-St. N. Y. Ladies' Bap. Miss. Soc.

J. Early, Greensboro, Ga.
J. Fosdick, Treas of the Middlesex and Norfolk Aux. Soc.

Wm. Moncrief, Whitesboro, Ga. per N. Davis,

10, Old Colony Bap. For. and Dum. Mim. Soc. per L. Pierce,

200, Henry Darling, Bucksport, Me.


1146,30 June I.

A. T. Penniman's Mission box, for For, Mies.
A friend to Missions,


C. D. Mallary, being profits of osie of Mro. Judson's Memoir,

N. B.

1,37 Per Messrs. Lincoln & Edmands.

14,87 Rev. B. Putnam, Pastor of the ch. in Marshfield, Mass. for For. Miss.

15,87 Friend in Boston, per Rev. L. Bolles,

37 16.

A few members in the church at Wallen, Vir. by Mr. John Wigglesworth, per
Rev. Dr. Semple,

Gabriel Gray, Esq. Culpepper county, Vir.

U. S. War Department, being quarterly allowance due April 1st from the Civ.
ilization Fund,

From do. for educ. of Indian youths, at the Hamilton Inst. being for the year
1829, and three quarters of the year 1830, at 350 dollars per annum, 612,50

III2,50 Mrs. Polly Stow, Cohway, Mass. for printing the Bible in Bur. by Col. Billings, 17.

Georgia Bap. Con. for For. Miss." for Bur. Miss. by Rev. A. Sherwood, Treas. 400, 19 Hudson Bap. Church, per Rev. H. Malcom,

Rev. J. Barrett, having been contributed as follows, vi

Friends in Southwick, for Burman Bible.
Dea, A. Day, of Westfield, for do.
A Friend in Wilbraham, for Indian missions,

Mrs. E. S. Moore, S. C. per Rev. Basil Manly, for Burman mission,
A friend to missions, per Rev. H. Grew, for annual support of a child at the Valley
Towns station, named Eliza Green,

30,00 Frum do. for same,


50, 21. A friend in Boston, per Rev. L. Bolles,

1, 23.

Mrs. T. Rogers. Treas of the Carey Soc. of the first Bap. Ch. in Boston, for the support

of an Indian lad at the Carey Station by the name of James M. Win hell, 26

Bap. Ch. in Charleston, S. c. it being a collection taken up after the monthly concert of prayer--for Bur. Miss. Per A C. Smith, Esq.

35,;'s July 1.

R M. Gamell, of Newtown, King and Queen's county, Vir. collected by him to aid ia
printing the Bible in Burman,

10, Mr. E. M'Gregory, of North Leverett, for printing the Bible in Burmah, it having been

coilected as follows:
Dr. J. Rice, of North Leverett,

1,00 Mrs. L. M'Gregory,

1, Two friends, cach 50 cents,


-3,00 6. Collection taken at Chester, Mass. per Rev. D. W. Elmore,

2,10 7. Mr. James Holman, Sec of St. John's Bap. For. Mis. Soc. per Mr. C. Gisb,

59, Cumberland Bap. Mis. Soc.

23,75 Friends in Sackville, for Bur. Miss.

3,50 Sent by Mr. C. Tupper of Amherst, N.S. to Mr. W. Nichols, per Mr. C Gibb, -27,25 15

Bap. Ch. in Bangor, Me collected at the monthly concert for prayer-for the Burman
Mission, per Koyal Clark, Treas.

145 S. L. Somers, Treas, of Fem. Miss. Soo, of the South Bap. Ch. New York, for Foreign Missions, per Mr. N. Caswell,

50, 28.

Mrs. E Willard, Sec. of the Providence Fem. Mis. Soc. towards the support of a native

preacher in Burmah, per Rev. R. E Pattison,
Various sources, during the present month, through the hands of Messrs. Lincoln &

Edmands, as follows:
H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. Utica For. Miss. Soc. contributed as follows:
Whitesboro Fem. school Soc. for promoting fem. schools in Bur. 23,11
For Burman Mission,


Sunbury Geo. Fem. cent Soc. for Mrs. Wade's school, per Rev. H. J. Ripley, 50,
Friend to For, Miss.
Sabbath School No. 13, of the Oliver-st Bap. Ch. N. Y. for the education of an
Indian child, named Deborah Caldwell,




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Aug. 2.

Mrs. Watkins,

: :
Mrs. Wells,

A child of Mr. Edward Lothrop, four years of age, who takes collections on Sabbath

mornings, of its brothers and sisters, which in a short time has amounted to
two dollars,


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Aug. 9. By cash being three months interest on 6000 dollars, lent Cambridge
Bank,at 4 per cent per annum,

Less the interest paid on notes from the town of Cambridge to
J. Belknap's estate, to August 25th,


36,67 Young Ladies Judson Soc. Cambridge, for Mrs.Wade's school, 30,00 Friend to missions, for do. per Dea. L. Farwell,


55, Collection at Rev. Mr. Knowles's Meeting-house, Boston, at the desig

nation of Messrs. Kincaid and Mason as missionaries to Burmah,
per Dea. S. Beal,

106,70 Guy Turner, Esq. Chesterfield, Con.

Mrs. Turner, as above,

Mrs. S. B. Palmer, from Bap. praying circle, Norwich, Con.
Edwin Stillman, Mendon, Con.
Mrs. Deborah Kimball, on behalf of herself and other ladies in

Lowell, for the support of a Burman female, to be called
Ann H. Judson, being the first annual payment,

Dea. A. Bugg, Lowell,
Dea. Mason,
Two female friends,

Per Rev, J. T. Jones,

-34,62 A lady, per Dr. Sharp, fur Bur. Miss.

1,00 Mrs. Mary O'Brien, for the support of a Burman female, to bear the name of Eliza Lincoln,

25, Deacon William Colgate, having been contributed as follows: Rev. E. Loomis, Hudson, for Burman Bible,

3, Oliver-st, N, Y, For, Miss, Soc. for the support of Moung Ing, a na.. tive preacher in Burmah,

100, Rev. F. Wayland, Saratoga Springs, for Bur, Bible,


-106,50 W. A. Smith, for Bur Bible, per Dea. J. A. Waterbury, 16.

H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. Utica For, Miss. Soc. per E. Lincoln, 50,00
Dea. H. Mason, Craftsbury, Vt. for Bur. Miss. by Rev. S. Davison, 10,
John Gill, Littleton, N. H. per same,


-63,00 20. A. S. Palmer, Derby Line, Vi. per Mr. E. Lincoln,

Conn. Bap. Con per G. Read, Treas. for the following purposes :
Roek Spring School,
Indian Miss. in U, S.

Printing Scriptures in Burmah,

School in Maulmein,

10,05 Sault de St. Marie,

1, General purposes,


-500,00 25. Rev. Daniel Hascall, Treas. Madison For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c.

50,00 20.

Seini-annual dividend on 22 shares U. S. Bank stock, at 3 1-2 per cent, 77,00 30. Shaftsbury Assoc. for For. Missions,

110,00 Hudson River Bap. Assoc. having been contributed as follows: Troy Ch. for African Miss.

Albany Ch. do.

for general purposes,

Friend, for Bur. Bible,

3, Gibbonsville and West Troy Bap. Ch.

8, Per Rev. S. H. Cone.

-111,00 Bap. Ch. Hudson, N. Y. collected at the monthly concert of prayer, 13,00 Juvenile Hudson Bap. Sunday School, for the support of two

Indian boys at the Valley Towns Station, named Howard Malcoin,
and Benjamin Stanton, by Rev. E. Loomis,

Per Rev. S. H. Cone,

-33,00 U.S. War Department, being the quarterly allowance from the Civiliza. tion Fund, due the 1st of July,

500,00 Sept. 8 Mrs. C. B. Latasse, King & Queen Co. Vir. for Burman Bible, per Messrs. W. & J. C. Crane,

1,00 9.

Baptist State Convention of Alabama, per Temple Lea, Esq. 30,00
Rev. Mr. Smith, of Sunbury, Pen. intended for collection of Mr.
Kincaid, by Rev. W. T. Brantly,


-35,00 20, Mr. John Hovey, Treas. of Kennebec Soc. Aux, &c. by Capt. Springer, per M.. E. Lincoln,

175,00 Rev. C. B. Keyes, Treas. of Berkshire County, Bap. Assoc. Mass, per

Dea. James' Loring, for the following purposes :
Burman Bible,

Foreign Missions,

47,18 Domestic do. Carey Station,

6,76 Over in the above,


-- 79,00 Mrs. Williams, towards Monument for Mrs. Judson, per Dr. Bolles, 2,58 Rev. S. C. Dillaway, Treas. Washington Bap. Assoc. of the State of N. Y. for Bur. Miss.

39,97 20. Elder Nurton,Livermore, Me. for Bur. Miss.

22,00 Interest on do.


-29,00 * The above sum of 22 dollars, was forwarded in March, 1825, and delivered to a gentleman who engaged to hand it to the Treas. but who by mistake omitted it, and it was not received by him till

within a few days past.


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Sept. 20. By cash from widow Dillingbam, of Newport, R. 1. for Durman mission, 50,00
Collection for do. in the 2d, Newport,

Per Res. J. 0. choules,

67,50 A friend towards a monument for Nirs. Judson, per Mrs. Chaplin,

Rev. Henry Davis, of Brockport, N. Y. having heen Cuauibuted as follows:
Collection at Niagara Assoc. 14,01 Friends to miss. Medina, X. 1. 7.04
Friends to miss. at Hartford, N. Y. 4,62 Mrs. Buttoli,

Less expense of collecting, retained by Mr. Davis, 1,17—26,17 25,
Mrs. Elizabeth Coggeshall, of New Bedford, towards the support of a Bur-

man child to be called by ber name, per Mr. Jubp B. Jones. Oct. 4.

Sharon Fem. Bap. Miss. Soc. per Miss Parmela Sumner, Sec. Bur. unission, 10,
Female friend in Milton, for Burman mission,

,50 9.

Jona. Osborn, Esq. Treas. of the East Jersey Miss. Soc. thirty-five dollars of

which is from the North Beriah church, N. Y.
Levi Farwell, Esq. Treas. of the Boston Bap. Assoc. it having been paid to

him at the late annual meeting, and was contributed as follows:
Bap. Church in Weston, collected at the monthly concert for prayer, 10,75
Bap. Church in Lilleton, do. do.

Joshua Tucker, Harvard, Burman mission,

Worcester County Bap. Char. Suc. per Rev. Otis Convers, Treas, 100,
Baptist Church and Soc. Dedham, monthly concert,

Fem. Mite Society of do.
Burman mission,

Young Ladies' Industrious Soc. of do. Injian do.

3,75 Male and Fem. Juv. Soc. of Woburn, for Burman schools,

Bap. Cb. and Soc. Woburn, collected at monthly concerts, Bur. Bible, 52,
Female friend, Malden,

Do. Cambridge,
Bap: Ch. and Soc. Wesi Cambridge, inonthly concerts,

A friend to the Burman mission, Newton,


253,91 The Lincoln Bap. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Mr. H. Prince, For. miss. 85,41 Lincoln Bap. Fem. Cent Soc. per Mr. H. Prince, for For. missions, 83,66

119,0z A friend in Cumberland Association,

1,00 Do. in Wayne, Me.

,75 Per Rev. E. Thresher,

1,75 12.

Soc. connected with the 1st Bap. Ch. Boston, for the support of a Burman

child named Sarah Wayland, per Miss Lydia C. Jepson, Sec. and Treas. Fem. Pri. Soc. of Medfield, to be appropriated at the discretion of the Board, per Miss Katharine Morse, hy Mi. E. Lincoln,

13, Eastern Maine Assoc. per Mr. Daniel Faulkner, Treas.,

Hancock Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Mr James Gillpatrick, Treus.
W. Metcalf of Sardinia, Erie Co. N. Y. having been contributed as follows:
By Individuals of the church,

Female Society, Ejen,

6,57 Friends to Burman mission,

Contribution at the close of the Holland Purchase Assoeiation, 17,46

Du. at the monthly concert for prayer of the church in Sardinia, 7,25
Cash to constitute Rev. Whitman Metcalf and Rev. Geo. D. Boardman

life members of the Bap. Gen. Tract Soc. contributed by the Female
Miss Soc. of Sardinia, with the request that the avails go to printing
tracts in Burmah,


38,22 1S.

U.S. War Department, being the quarterly allowance from the civilization
fund, due ist inst. for Education of Indians,

500, 14.

Mr. Purrington, Treas. of the Leyden Assoc. for Bur. mission, 15.

H.B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of Utica Bap. For. Miss. Soc. rec'd sept. 25, 50,00
Same, received this day,

Do. being present for Mrs. Boardman,
Do. for Mrs. Wade's school,

Do. for Burian Bible,


-117,50 20. Wm. Gaull, Esq. Treas. of the New Hampshire Bap. Convention,

200, 21.

Mr. Anasa Brown, Treas. of the Black river Bap. Miss. Soc. for the Bur-
man missivo, 110,00—for Burman bible, 10,00,

Less for exchanging money, 60 cents,

119,40 22. Mrs. Sally Vanderpool, T'reas of the Newark Bap.. Fem. Miss. Soc.

50, 27.

Addison Bap. Miss. soc. Me. Awx. &c. per hand of T. Coffin, Esq.
Miss. and Ed. Soc. connected with the Siurbridge Assoc. for the Burman mis-
sion, per Mr. Z. L. Leonard, Treas.

47,17 30.

Dea. N. Stowell, Treas. of the Mass. Bap. State Convention, it having been

contributed as follows:
By the ministers' meeting in Berkshire Assoc. for Burman mission, 59,73
Collection at the monthly concert fur prayer, Pittsfield, for do.
Westfield Assuciation, for Burman mission,

Du. Do. for Foreign missiuns,

24,95 Mr. B. Taylor, Lebanon Springs, Bur. miss.

10, The Church in Windsor,

42,92 Mr. Ira Hall, for Burman bible,


283,23 Old Colony Assoc. per J. Collamore, Treas. by Lincoln & Edmands, Bur. miss. 16,81 Fem. Miss. Soc.of Foxboro', per Miss P. Upham, Treas.


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Nov. 4. By cash from Nathan Alden, Esq. of East Bridgewater, Ms. for the Burman mission, 5,00

Lower Dublin Fem. miss. Soc. Pa. per Rev. D. Jones, for Bur. miss. 36,25
A donation from the Female Soc. of Holmeshurg, Pa. per same, 15,
Young Ladies' sewing society, of Holmesburg, Pa. per same,

Forwarded by Rev. Samuel Huggens to Mr. E. Lincoln.

56,25 Rev. Dan'l Hascall, Treas. of Madison For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c.

50, A female friend to missions, for the Burman inission,

35, Fem. Juv. Soc. connected with 2d Bap. Ch. and Soc. Boston, to aid in the

education of an Indian child at Carey station, called Margaret B. Doyle,
per Mr. Chorley,

Mrs. Hannah Carleton of Boston, for Burman bible,

50, 8.

J. Billings, jr. Esq: Treas. of Vermont Bap. State Con. per Rev. E. Thresher,
for Burman mission,

300, Esgex miss. Soc. N. Y. per Rev. E. Thresher, Bur. mission,

20,50 Proceeds of four bushels of chestnuts, from Mr. Jona. Whitney of Conway, Mass, for the Burman mission,

5,00 13.

Interest on $2000, fund for support of Cor. Sec. from Apr. 18, to Nov. 13, 183), 57,50 17.

Mr. Jonas Evans, for translation of the Scriptures, per Mr.J. B. Jones, 5,
Mr. Amos Hyde, it having been collected at a missionary prayer weeting at
Newton Upper Falls,

13,25 20.

Received at sundry times and originally credited to the Bengal Christian

School Society, a draft for which has been given on our Agent at Calcutta,
W. T. Beeby, Esq.

118,25 24.

Mrs. P. Fisher, of Dedham, Ms. per Rev. Thos. Driver, for Burman bible, 5,

Miss Sarah Tasi, Sec. of Fem, miss. soc. of Heath, Bur. miss. per Mr.T.S. Tatt, 5,37 29.

Rev. C. D. MaHary, Augusta, Ga. being annual payment towards Bur man
translations, per ev. W. T. Brantly,

10, SO. Middlesex Bap. miss. soc. per Mr. C. Blanchard, Bur. mission,

92,19 Dec. 1. A female friend, for Bar, mission, per Rev. A. Merriam,

Mr. Clark Young, of Falınouth, N. S.

Mr. Young, of

Burman Bible, per Mr. W. Nichols,

3, Madison For, miss. soc. Aux. &c. per Rev. Daniel Hascall, Treas.

50, Of the above sum of 50 dolls. together with 50 dolls, credited the 4th of Nov. last, to the Madison For, miss. soc. 49 dolls. are to be appropriated for printing the bible in Burmah, and 28,76 for the education of Burman females. 8. By cash from Dea. J. Loring, Treas. of Boston soc. Aux. &c.

126,44 Same, as Treas, of Boston Bap. For, miss. soc.

To be approp. as follows: Bur, miss. 104,71—Fem, schools, Bur. 143,07. 247,78

Dea. J. Loring, Treas. of Boston Bap. For. miss. soc. (100 dolls. of which is
to be appropriated to the support of a native Burman teacher,)

200, 15.

Collected in Conn, hy Rev. B. R. Skinner, for the African miss. 76,43
Received by him in Virginia, for same purpose,

Vir. miss. soc. Richmond, Vir. per Messrs. Crane & Taylor, for do. 242,

500,62 In addition to the above amount of 242 dollars, there were very liberal donations of clothing and furniture, towards the outfit, and for the use of Mr. and Mrs. Skinner, after their arrival in Africa; and much kindness and attention shown them during their stay in Richmond, Vir.. 17. By cash from Dea. David Purrington, Colraine, per Mr. C. Thompson, Bur. miss. 5,40 Females in Bap. church, Canton, Ms. per Dea. F. Crane,

16, 22.

Treas. of the Bap. miss. soc. of Mass. being a part of Miss Bull's legacy
for translation of the Scriptures,

Proceeds of three shares of Columbian bank stock, being a part of Miss
Bull's legacy for translation of the Scriptures,

685,18 24.

For Bur, mission, being a thanksgiving tribute from an indigent family, per
Rev. B. Willard, Northampton, Ms.

1, Mr. Nath'l Oviatt, Richfield, Ohio, for For. miss. per Mr. Benj. Rouse, 10,50

Mr. Rouse in his letter to the Treas, enclosing this atnount, remarks that the

donor was induced to present the above from reading the memoir of Mrs. Judsou. 25.

1. B. Rounds, Esq.Treas. Utica Bap. For. B. bible, per Mr. E.Lincoln, 50, 27.

Spring Hill Fem. miss. soc. (N. Car.) for Bur, miss. Miss Catharine White,
Pres. Miss Sarah Monroe, Treas. per Mr. E. Lincoln,

15, 1831. Jap. 1.

Dea. Wm. Colgate, New York, for For. miss, contributed as follows:
By a friend in Danbury, Conn. per Dea. Eliakim Raymond,

Ontario Association, per Mr. Abrabam Spears, Treas.

Munro miss. soc. Aux. &c. per Mr. Albert G. Smith, Treas..

Collected by Rev. A. Bennett, Ag't, items published in N.Y. Register, 19,24
Bap. Ch. in Mulberry-st. New York, Rev. A. M'Clay, pastor, per
Thomas Day, Esq. İreas.


173,69 3.

A young man of New Bedford, as a new year's present for the Bur, mission,

to be appropriated to the support and education of a female child to re-
ceive the name of Harrie: Wells, it being the commencement of a yearly
subscription for this purpose, per Rev. S. P. Hill,

A grocer in Boston, being the profits on the sale of some sm articles during
ihe year 1830, per Rev. J. D. Knowles,

2, 7.

A. C. Smith, Esq. Treas. of the Gen. Com. of Bap. churches in Charleston

Assoc. to be applied as follows: Foreign missions, 390,07; Burman mis-
sion, 24,50; Burman Female schools, 24,00,

438,57 E

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