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of their respective departments. pect at home of a succession of There is great harmony in the young men, who will devote thenmission family, and the religious selves to self-denying toils among prospects of the native church are the Heathen, has brightened. encouraging. Sabbath and oth- Persons in different parts of the er meetings of the church are reg- country, with no agency but that ularly attended. The brethren are of the Spirit of God to impress persevering in their religious them, have felt constrained to precourse, and ardently desire to be pare for missionary work; and led farther into the mysteries of though the number is inadequate the Gospel of Christ. Two na- to the exigencies of the Board, tives, a brother and sister of the still, the view which it offers of church, have recently finished divine care for the cause, leaves their earthly course, and left a on the mind a consoling assurance satisfactory evidence that they that the heavenly influence will have joined the spirits of the just not be withdrawn, till what is made perfect. One has lately re- wanting is supplied. quested baptism, and several others are rejoicing in hope. A spir- Societies, Churches, &c. Auriliary. it of inquiry prevails among those Corresponding indications of who generally attend Divine wor- divine favor have been manifested ship.

in the readiness with which inDeparture of Missionaries. dividuals, Churches and SocieIt was stated in our last commu- ties have come forward to furnish nication to the public, that a few the means requisite for sustaining young men had been examined our operations. A spirit of enand accepted for foreign service, lightened charity has gone forth, and were expecting soon to em- under the influence of which perbark. Every preparation sons act more from principle and made with becoming despatch, less from excitement. They look and on the 24th of May, Rev. Eu- deliberately at the work to be genio Kincaid and Rev. Francis done—the sacrifices to be made Mason, with their wives, sailed —the part to be performed by from Boston for the East, and in them—and believing that it was August, Rev. John T. Jones and never intended that they should wife. The former arrived in Cal- "stand all the day idle,” or “be cutta in good health, September eased while others are burdened," 30th, and again embarked for calmly decide what they should Maulmein, November 9th. The do, and make their arrangements Jatter reached the Bay of Bengal accordingly. It becomes then a in December.

part of their business no less than We cannot contemplate the their secular concerns, and is fularrival of these Missionaries but filled with more abundant pleawith raised expectation and grat- sure. Some have provided for itude. Their assistance has been this claim, by retrenchments in vacalled for in the language of earn- rious ways, and others by deest entreaty, and urged by every signating to it the proceeds of a consideration of regard to the field or a part of their income wants of the perishing, and of from whatever source it might sympathy for the exhausted Mis- arise. It deserves to be mentionsionaries on the ground; and ed, that a friend in Connecticut, though the number is not what it who has heretofore repeatedly should be, they will afford impor- given generous sums towards the tant relief. Schools which were publication of the Scriptures in languisbing will be revived, and Burmah, has this year forwarded stations, unavoidably deserted, re- $150, for the same object, with an newed. In the mean time the pros- expressed hope that others would


unite and swell the amount to a sibility of informing their people thousand.

on the subject of Missions, and The subject of a second grant organizing them for action. It to this Board to aid the publication must be apparent that where this of tracts in Burmah was proposed service is undertaken with becomby Rev. Mr. Sommers to the Di- ing resolution, no other persons rectors of the American Tract So- could execute it so well. They ciety, upon which $300 were in are intimately acquainted with the kindest inanner appropriated their hearers, and the best time and to the object.

manner of presenting the subject A gentleman of Coventry, Rhode to them; and the promptness with Įsland, prompted by benevolence which they have seconded the to the beathen, and without solic- effort, shows that they appreciate itation, forwarded $100 to the both the object and the agents. Treasurer. A female Society of Some ministers, after doing what Providence, in the same State, was was practical at home, bave visithe first to imitate the worthy ex- ted Churches and Associations ample of a friend in New York, abroad, diffused information, and and take upon themselves the formed Auxiliary Societies, with entire charge of supporting a na- little or no charge to the funds, tive preacher in Burmah at an ex- but their absolute expenses. Rev. pense of $100 per annum. The Mr. Bennett, of Homer, New York, Male Primary Society of the Fed- has in this manner, under the eral Street Baptist Church in sanction of the Board, rendered Boston has since assumed a third, important aid, and the Rev. Mr. by the payment of a like sum to Davis, of Brockport, New York, is that object.

prosecuting a similar service so Churches have in some instan- far as his engagements will perces come to our aid, which had mit. Rev. Lee Compere has travnever before taken part in this elled extensively and exerted a work of mercy ; new Societies happy influence in favor of Misbave been formed, and old ones, sions in the State of Alabama, for which were languishing, revived. which he declined all compensaIt has been animating to witness tion. The only agent under pay both the spirit and effect with is most usefully employed in ditwhich this was done in vari- fusing intelligence, the mere want ous Associations, where the im- of which withholds many worpulse promises long to remain, thy individuals from co-operation with as much advantage to them- with us. selves as to the spiritual illumi While on the subject of gratuination of those to whom they cor- tous agency, it is proper to state, dially contributed. But on this that the Agent of the Board at subject our limits will not suffer Calcutta, W. T. Beeby, Esq. and us to enlarge.

his worthy predecessors in office, It adds to our pleasure to be Rev. Messrs. Pearce and Lawson, able to say that the encouragement have never made a charge of their thus given to our finances, appears bigbly useful services; in conseto result from spontaneous feeling quence of which a constant saving rather than pressing solicitation, of funds has been realized to a and has therefore accrued with considerable amount, and a corbut little expense. Considerable responding debt of gratitude imsums, which in past years were posed by those worthy men on expended in agency, have been all the friends of Missions. saved by the gratuitous services of Pastors, many of whom with

State of the Treasury. meritorious zeal and fidelity have As might be supposed from the taken upon themselves the respon- preceding representation, the

state of the Treasury is such as “ I must beg you to remit 500 to enable the Board to fulfil its rupees to Mr. Judson. We are existing engagements without quite delighted with Mrs. Judson's embarrassinent; a circumstance Memoir. I perceive from the conwhich they wish to record with cluding remarks of the Compiler, the liveliest gratitude to God. that money is wanted to print the They have known what it was, Scriptures, and as I conceive the even in their limited operations, mission to have dune, and to be and while practising, as they are doing more than any other in the accustomed to do, the utmost econ- East, they shall never want while omy, to be straitened for means, it is in my power to assist them and on the present enlarged plans with my prayers or money." which are imperiously called for, Besides the influence of a relithey doubtless will be again, un- gious character which the Meless vigorous efforts are made by moir exerts upon the hearts of the friends of Inissions. It must men, the sale of it is a constant be perceived, that to establish new source of income to the Mission stations among the Indians, and Treasury. The publishers have to send fresh laborers to Africa, already paid in, $1250, being profBurinah and other sections of the its of the work. heathen world, will require a far The American Baptist Magazine greater amount of funds, than is no less deserving of patronage have usually come into the Treas- that at any former time, but doubt. ury. Nor can we doubt that less owing to the numerous rewhen our brethren understand ligious newspapers which now that we have fifty-one missiona- issue from the press weekly, its ries and assistant missionaries al- circulation is less extensive than ready in the field, they will sup- formerly. And though we may ply what is necessary.

not anticipate that it will be ta

ken to the exclusion of more frePublications.

quent journals, still its importance The Memoir of Mrs. Judson has as the official organ of the Board, reached a fourth edition in this demands that a few copies at country, and needs no commenda- least should be in the hands of tion to secure it a place in the every church. They would then family library of all who are ac- be furnished with the latest intelquainted with it. Its utility can- ligence from all the Missionaries, not be estimated in producing for which might be read with delight the mission a spirit of sympathy and advantage at the monthly conand prayer. Persons who thought cert of prayer, and on other publittle before of their duty to the lic occasions. Then would moreheathen, upon reading it, have over in this manner, have in posfelt convicted of neglect, and been session at least one copy of each aroused to action. Some have Annual Report, which is regularoffered themselves for missionary ly published in the Magazive for work, and others have generously June, together with all the regiven of their substance. A copy ceipts and expenditures of the having been presented by a gen- year. With so much to recomtleman of Madras to his friend in mend the measure, it is earnestly Darwar, in the interior of India, hoped that fresh efforts will be the following letter was received made by ministers and private in reply.

brethren to increase its circulation.





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The General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States
for Foreign Missions, &c. in account with Heman Lincoln, Treasurer.

May 1. To cash paid Rev. A. Bingham's draft, in favor of E. P. Hastings, dated Sault de St.
Marie, March 27, 1830,

R. Simmerwell's draft in favor of A. Coquillard, dated Carey, April 19, 1830, 700,
Expense up above drafts,
R. Simmerwell's draft, dated Carey, April 5, 1830, at 10 days sighty 300,00
Less for interest deducted,

The following bills for Burman mission, &c.
Furniture Commiss. Co. for maltrasses, &c. 34,00 True & Brodhead, 40,00
Cobb & Co.

111,96 Daniel Henchman, 12,
Miss Lane, 12,82, Miss King, 10, 22,82 Lincolu & Fessenden, 5,34
John Lepean, 4,75, Susan Griggs 19, 23,75 J. & C. Daniell, 17,12
S. H. Foster,

6,40 Foster & Brackett, 3,51
Mr. Leach,


,56 Freeman, Cobb & Co. 2,40
J. T. Jones, 15, Wm. True, 26,50, 41,50 Miss E. Macomber, 50,00
Miss Gill,

15, D. W. Elmore, 10,
Rev. L. Bolles,


7. To cash paid Rev. Nath'l Kendrick's draft of April 23, 1830, for Indians at Hamilton, 75,
Mr. Elmore's expenses to Hartford,

Miss Walton, for Indian stations,
Mr. Hammond,

Mrs. Stannard,

155, Lincoln & Edmands' bill for paper,

521,75 June 16.

J. T. Jones, per order of Committee,
Lincoln & Edmands, for African mission,

60, Rev. Evan Jones's draft for Valley Towns station, dated April 28, 1830,

60,25 For exchanging uncurrent money,

3,84 26.

Rev. Evan Jones's order for the Valley Towns station, dated March 25, 100, 30. Rev. Evan Jones's draft of June 2d, for do.

80, July 7. Owners of ship Martha, for passage of missionaries to Calcutta,

J.T. Jones, per order of Comınittee,
E. Bailey, for tuition, &c. Miss H. M. Griggs,
Grant and Daniell's bill of paper,

540,74 Rev. N. Kendrick's order on account of Indians at Hamilton,

75, G. D. Blakies' order on account of W. H. Pearce,

277,79 Isaac H. Cary & Co. for rent of chambers,


75, Rev. Benj. R. Skinner, for African mission, L. Slater's draft for Thomas station,

160, Lincoln & Edmands, on account of Rev. A. Bingham, for Sault de St. Marie, 20, 12.

Ezra Dyer and Co.'s bill of clothing for J. T.Jones, per order of Committee, 4,50
Aug. 2

Lincoln and Edmands,
The following bills:
T.C. Wales,
13,75 Lewis Jones,

Robinson and Scott,
2, Arnold S. Langley,

Wm. Maoning, jr.
32,95 Sawyer and Bowman,

A.S. Langley,

3,50 G G. Jones, passage of misRev. L. Bolles, 6 months sal


ary, to Oct. 1,

400, L. Farwell, in part for outfit
John Templeton,
32,21 of missionaries,


-1071,31 6. J.T. Jones, as per bill,

21,29 D. R. Griggs's bill,

134,65 16. Rev. A. Judson's order of June 8, 1829,

10,25 18. For exhanging uncurrent money,

,65 20. Rev. Ely Stone, being two quarters for the Tonawanda school,

100, 25. Rev. J. Peck, for the Oveida slation,

50, 27.

Rev. A. Bingham's draft in favor E. É. Hastings, dated Aug. 10, 1830, 200,00
Miss Mary Rice,

For the fault St. Marie station,


,34 Sept. 1.

For exchanging uncurrent money,
F. P. Browning's order in favor of J. Ward & Co. for the Thomas station, 350,

Cash invested for note, as per agreement of the Committee this day,
J. M. Peck's bill for J. T. Jones,

5, A. S. Langley,

37,50 A two dullar bill bad money,

2,00 23.

Rev, Evan Jones's draft, dated Jan. 30, 1830, in favor of M. Cunningham, 30,00 28. Rev. N. Kendrick for Indians at Hamilton, as per letter of 9th inst.

627,50 Oct. 4. Bourne and Thatcher for desk,

13, 9.

L. Farwell, Esq. Treas. of the Newton Theol. Inst. tor board of J. T. Jones, 6,26




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Oct. 11. To cash paid for exchanging uncurrent money,

80 14.

Rev. Ely Stone for the Tonawanda school, being for the quarter due Isl. inst. 50, 15.

For exchanging uncurrent money,
Lowe and Read, for medicine,

Bigelow and Bangs, freight of three boxes to Savannah,


For the Valley Towos station, 20.

Samuel Beals bill of furniture, etc. for Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Kincaid, 25,17
Arnold S. Langley,

$7,50 21. For exchanging uncurrent money,

1,86 24.

Rev. Evan Jones's draft for the Valley Towns station, dated Sept. 22, 1850, 160, 30.

Rev. Evan Jones's draft in favor of M. Cunningham, dated Aug. 11, 1850,
for the Valley Towns station,

70,25 Nov. 4. Rev.John Peck, for Oneida station, for quarter due Oct. 1st,

50, 5.

Miss Nabhy Gill, for board of master F. W. Mason, son of Rev. Francis
Mason, missionary in Burmah,

L. Farwell, Esq. Treas, of Newton Theol. Inst. for board of Rev. F. Mason, 14.23

Rev. Evan Jones's draft dated Sept. 22, 1830, for Valley Towns station,

Mr. Mason Ball, to defray expences of Agency, per order of the Cor. Secry, s),
Jackson and Lincoln for hook case,

15, 17.

Crocker and Brewster's bill,
Abbot and Post's bill,


11,35 18. Exchanging uncurrent money,

,15 Jackson and Lincoln, it having been advanced by them June 6, 1827, to pay

sundry demands against the Columbian Star, and which with the inier-
est thereon amounts to

*1822,58 24. H. H. Barton, for a trunk,

4,25 Dec. 3. W. T. Beeby's order in favor W. Nichols,

12.00 Do. do. in favor Lincoln and Edmands,

46, For exchanging uncurrent money,

,18 Loaned the Cambridge bank, for four inonths, Paid Rev. Nath'l Kendrick's order for Indians at Hamilton,

50, 4. N. T. Eldredge, for coal,

12,50 Rev. Jesse Mercer's draft in favor Lincoln & Edmands, dated Oct. 26, 1830,

for the Hickory Log school,
Bigelow and Bangs for freight of two boxes clothing,

3,13 15.

For the outfit and passage of Rev. Benj. R. Skinuer, as per account forwarded

by the Commiliee at Richmond, Va. Isaac H. Cary & Co.'s bill of rent,

Abbot and Post, 27.

Exchanging uncurrent money,
Jan: 1.

Rev. Evan Jones's draft dated June 30, 1830, in favor of Eli Mustin, for the
Valley Towns station,

10, 11.

Rev. L. Bolles, Cor. Sec'ry, one quarter's salary, due the first insl. 200,00
Same, for travelling expenses to attend the York, New Haven, and
Hartford Associations, the past season,

Same, as per bill, towards outfit of Mrs. J. T.Jones,


L. Peterson,
Rev. Evan Jones's draft of Jan. 3, 1831, favor of M. Cunningham, 245,00
Less for interest deducted,

244,50 Feb. 10.

Rev. Ely Stone, for the Tonawanda school, being for the quarter due 1st Jan. 50,
A. S. Langley's bill,

Bigelow and Bangs,

,87 Benjamin T Wells,


15, 12.

Charles Hubhard, 19.

For exchanging uncurrent money, 21.

Isaac H. Cary & Co. for rent of chambers, one quarter, ending Jan. 19,
March 1.
Four per ceni. discount on 50 dollars Georgia money,

A two dollar counterfeit bill,

4.00 5.

Messrs. Dexter and Smith, for half cord of wood for the missionary rooins, 2,25
L. Peterson's bill,
6,30 Charles Bowers' bill,

For articles sent to Mrs. Boardman.

13,30 9.

Messrs. W. and J. C. Crane's drast in favor of Cutter and Perkins, dated

March 2d, 1831, for the African mission, the same having been paid by them

to the order of Rev. Benj. R. Skinner, as per their letter of Mar. 1, 1831, 43 12. For exchanging uncurrent money,

,57 15. Lincoln and Edmands bill,

315,87 18.

Rev. L. Bolles, Cor. Sec'ry, one quarter's salary to the first of April, 200,
Rev. John Peck, for one quarter's allowance to the Queida slation, due the

first of January, 1831, * $587,75 of this sum has been received, and is credited March 19th, 1831. For the remainder the Treasurer has ample security, and he bas the fullest confidence that the balance will be paid within





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