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at least of the Auxiliaries in Mas- mands our notice. Our much essachusetts and Maine, have adopt- teemed brother Judson, who has ed this measure, with evident ad- devoted his life to missionary vantage, and it is our hope that work, has now added the last of the practice may become general. his earthly possessions, amounting

to $6000 to the same object, reeState of the Treasury.

ommending that for the present, The report of the Treasurer, the interest only should be apexhibits a considerable balance in plied.t Three hundred and his hands, which may be account- twelve Sicca Rupees have also ed for in the following manner. been paid to the agent, by Rev. The appropriation of the Ameri- Mr. Hough, being moneys he had can Bible Society, to aid the pub- received to aid the Mission, at his lication of the Scriptures in Bur- discretion. mah, has but just been received, But we ought not to conceal and is not yet remitted. The that all these sums which are subgenerous subscription of various ject to immediate use, are indisother friends to the same object, pensable to meet existing demands in the form of a fund of $5000 against the Board, together with payable in five annual instalments, those that will grow out of the of one thousand dollars each, adds recent appointment and outfit of to the amount. Besides the above, so many new Missionaries, and the Convention being one of the for which we should have been residuary legates of the late Mr. wholly unprovided, except for this John Withington's estate, receiv- most seasonable relief. It must, ed from his executors in the moreover, be kept in mind, that a month of March, $7000, a sum sum equal to this amount, will in exceeding our anticipations, and future be necessary, in addition to enlarged by the fact, that the said ordinary receipts, to maintain the executors, in consideration of the Stations on the proposed scale of objects to which the money was enlargement, and that the most to be devoted, declined the usual vigorous efforts, by all our Soallowance for their services. cieties, and individual friends, There is another item which de- will be required to do it.



Maulmein, May 31, 1828. " Rev. and dear Sir,

“When I left America, I brought with me a considerable sum of money, the avails of my own earnings and the gifts of my relatives and personal friends. This money has been accumulating at interest, for many years, under the management of a kind friend to the mission, and occasionally receiving accessions from other quarters, particularly at the close of the late war, until it amounts to 12,000 Rupees. I now beg leave to present it to the Board, or rather to Him, “who loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood.” I am taking measures to have the money paid to the Agent of the Board ; and the payment will, I trust, be effected by the end of this year.”



87,50 100,

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The General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States for Foreign Missions, &c. in account with Heman Lincoln, Treasurer.

Dr. 1829. April 23. To cash paid Evan Jones' draft, dated Feb. 17, 1829, for

75,00 May 4. Counterfeit bill,

is paid Rev. N. Kendrick's order on account of Indians, Hamilton,

Cephas Bennett, for sundry articles of outfit for himself and wife,
W. Slaughton's order to Rev. Mr. Peck, for Tonawanda and Oneida stations, 300,
Passage of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett to Calcutta,

600, Freeman, Cobb & Co.'s bill in part for outfit of Mr. Bennett,

123,33 Mr. C. Bennett,

500, Counterfeit bill, received in the state of New-York, by C. Bennett,

2, paid Wm. Nichols, for Christian Watchman as per account,

10, 20.

Rev. A. Wilcox's expenses of journey to attend the annual meeting of the

Board at New York, in 1828, 22.

Expense on draft,

One and a half per et. on 30 dollars, Utica money,

on 25 do. do.
June 1. Remitted to Wm. H. Pearce, Calcutta, per Monmouth,

» paid one and a quarter per ct. premium on 2000 dolls.

Joseph Maylin's bill of exchange for 100 sicca rupees, estimated at
fifty cents each,


-2075, S. Insurance on merchandise shipped from Philadelphia to Calcutta,

24,50 Forwarded to Rev. Ely Stone, two quarters for Tunawanda school,

100, Paid insurance one and a half per cent on 2000 dolis. on board Monmouth, for Calcutta,

30,00 Policy,


31, Less for cash,


28,21 S. Eckslane's bill,

499,41 J. &. D. Clark's bill for snudries for outfit of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, 135, Rev. Lr. Bolles' bill, expenses of journey from Philadelphia to Washington in company with Mr. M'Coy,

22, In part for outfit for Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, as per bills following, viz. Hooper & Wolf,

3,25 Thomas Evans,

1,25 J. & B. Orne,

6,03 George Wilson,

2,75 A Ramage,

1,50 J. Howe,

15, Bolly & Seaver,

1,06 Robert Smith,

5,50 John Davis,

1,20 Do. do.

1, Richard Ronald & Son,

5,30 Freight, to Philadelphia packets,

4,00 Do. New-York do.

7,84 C. Bennett's bill,

5,75 L. Harwood's bill,


64,43 13. To cash paid premium on 20 dolls. one per cent, Do.

: 15 do. three per cent,

,65 For printing press sent to Burmah, with extra bolts, box, &c.

250, F. P. Browning's draft, dated May 29, 1829, for the station at the Sault de St. Marie,

500, 23. For books in New-York, as per bill, to send to Burmah,

11,75 On account of outfits for Mr. Cephas Bennett,

35, 29. Rev. A. Bingham's draft of the 19th inst. for Sault de St. Marie,

100, Two per cent premium on 40 dolls. uncurrent money,

,80 8. On account of salary tu Corresponding Secretary,

250, E. Jones' draft for ihe Valley Towns station dated March 28, 1829, 97,25 Rev. John Peck, for the Oneidas, being quarter due 1st inst.

50, 13. Two per cent premium on 25 dolls. uncurrent money,

,50 Abel Bingham's order dated June 27, in favour of E. P. Hastings, for Sault St. Marie,

600, 15. Rev. Dr. Kendrick's order for Indian lads at Ilamilton, N. Y.

112,50 24. Freight of boxes from Utica to New York, for Mr. Bennett,

4,38 C. Haven's bill for sundries for Carey station,

85,64 30. Rev. J. Mercer's draft for Hickory Log school, Cherokee nation,

132, F. P. Browning's draft dated July 24, 1829, Thomas station,

500, Sept. I. Forwarded Rev. Ely Stone, being the last quarter for 1823, from the United States Government for Tonawanda school,

43,75 D


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July 3.

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July 29.

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Aug. 15.


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Sept. 3. To cash paid premium on fifteen dolls. uncurrent money,

1,50 5.

Rev. A. Bingham's order in favor of E. P. Hastings, for the mission at the

Sault de St. Marie,
18. Counterfeit three dollar bank note,

* Paid five per cent. premium on 40 dolls. uncurrent money,
Rev. E. Jones' draft for Valley Towns,

20, 24.

Two per cent premium on 23 dolls. uncurrent money,

Rev. E. Jones' draft for Valley Towns, Oct. 6.

Jourueying expenses of the Cor. Sec'ry in state of Maine, 10.

One per ct. premium on 12 dolls. uncurrent money,

Mr.). T. Jones,
Remitted to Calcutta, for Bur. miss. per ship Rome, Capt. Kennedy, 2000,00
Paid 7–8 per ct. premium on dollars,


-2017,50 14.

Rev. E. Jones'draft, for Valley Towns, dated Aug. 7,
R. Simmerwell's order, dated Aug. 31,

250, 22. Rev. E. Jones' draft of June 5, for Valley Towns,

160.25 Do. do. July 28, do.

100, 24.

Rev. A. Bingham's order of Sept. 25, at sight, in favor of E. P. Hastings,
for Sault de St. Marie,

300 27. Rev. Ely Stone's draft of 4th inst. for Tonawanda school,

50, N. Kendrick's draft of Oct. 15, in favor of F. Walker & Co. for Indian youths at Hamilton, N. Y.

100 Nov. 4.

One per cl. premium on 25 dolls. uncurrent money,
Dr. Rice, for medical services at Thomas station,

150, 12.

Two per ct. premium on 21 dolls, uncurrent money,

Rev. I. M'Coy's order for Carey station,
Rev. L. Compere's draft,

230.37 Daniel Bartlett, being balance due bin for his agency in Maine,

31.20 Dec. 1. E. Jones' draft of Oct. 13, for Valley Towns station,

160.25 29. I. M'Coy's two drafts of Nov. 10, 200 dollars each,

400, 1830. Jan. 4. J. T. Jones,

50, 15. Premium on uncurrent money,

,15 18. Rev. I. M'Coy,

100, 20.

Premium on uncurrent money,

Rev. John Peck's order, in favor of Rev. Daniel Hascall, for two quarters
due for the Oneida school, from U. S. Government,

100, 22.

Res. Ely Stone for the Tonawanda school,
Feb. 1.
Jesse Mercer's draft for Hickory Log school, Cherokee nation,

200, Thomas Dawson's draft, for balance due him for services at Valley Towns, 100, L. Slater's draft for the Thomas station,

S02 12.

Rev. I. M'Coy, 13.

Dr. Kendrick's order in favor of B. Sears, on account of Indian youths at

Hamilton, N. Y. 22. Forwarded Rev. I. M'Coy, 26. Paid Dr. Bulles, Cor. Sec'ry, in full for salary up to April next,

550, March S. R. Simmerwell's draft, Carey station,

250,00 Less for cash,


-249,25 5.

Premium on 11 dolls, uncurrent money,
Evan Jones' draft for Valley Towns,

Less for cash,


-159,30 Rev. I. M'Coy, Bigelow & Bangs bill of freight,

3,99 Order in favor of Mr.J. T. Jones, for Burman mission, 20. J.T.Jones,

10, 24.

I. M'Coy's draft, 28. Rev. I. M'Coy, for Carey station,

119, April 2. Charles Hubbard's bill for fixtures at missionary rooms,

33,50 Aaron Cooley's bill for coal,

5,25 Dexter & Smith's bill for wood,

Millard & Keith's bill, missionary rooms,

Charles Brooks do.
Tirrell & Mossman, for coal,

Wm. Nichols, for Watchman sent Indian stations,

7,50 True & Brodhead, for Mr. Mason,

23,25 Cor. Sec.'s bill for postage, stationary, from Apr. 1,1829, to Apr. 1,1830,176,85 For sundry articles for missionary rooms,


205,67 5. Rev. John Peck's order for the Oneida school,

50, Lincoln & Edmands' account,

458,88 7. Advanced Rev. F. Mason,

20, For excbanging money, 19. Paid Isaac H. Cary & Co.'s bill of rent,

40,50 30. Postage, from April 30, 1929, to this date,

24,66 Investment made by order of the Board, being donation from Mr. Judson, 6000,


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Cly 1829. April 21. By balance from old account,

2297,21 22. By cash from Dea. James Loring, Treas. of the Boston Aux. Soc. to be appropriated

as follows, viz.
For female schools in India,

Do. do. in Burmah, under care of Mrs. Wade, 69,02

-313,71 Female Pri. Soc. of the 20 Bap. church, in Boston, for general purposes, 126,29 Fem. Juv. Soc. connected with the Fem. Sab. school belonging to the sec

ond Bap. church and Soc. in Boston, to aid in the education of a child at
the Carey station, by the name of Margaret B. Doyle,

22, 23.

Lincoln & Edmands, being amount of profits on first edition of Mrs. Judson's

350, Burman Fem. Ed. Soc. Boston, to be appropriated exclusively to the education of Burman children, per Mrs. C. A. Wilbur,

188, Elias Megregory, contributed as follows: From the people in Suffield, Conn.

91,27 Agawam, Mass. per Rev. T. Barrett,

10, Ashfield and vicinity,

6,10 Donations from a number of individuals,


50,10 John Conant, Esq. being part of a bequest of brother Stevens, foreign miss. 22, Mr, Hadley, per Mr. E. Lincoln,

2,50 A friend to Africa, avails of jewelry, for miss. to Liberia, per Mr. E, Lincoln, 6,00 May 4. U.S. War Department, being quarterly payment due April 1, in aid of the

Indian schools and Indians at Hamilton, N. Y. say, 500,00
Do. do. being 2 quarterly payments due Apr. 1, for Miamies, 1000,
Do. do. for school at Sauli de St. Marie, for the Chippewas, 1000,

-2500, American Tract Society, to aid in publishing tracts in Burmah,

300, Fifth Bap. Church in Philadelphia, per Rev. J. L. Dagg,

[50 dolls.from Rev.J. Maylin for publishing the Bible in the language, 50
dolls. for Indian missions in U. S. and 100 from a respectable individual

for publishing the Bible in Burman.)
Mr. Wm. Dabney, Treas. of the Virginia Bap. Miss. Soc.

200, (50 dolls. from Dea. Wm. Crane, for printing the N. Testament in Bur

mah; 50 from Richmond Fem. Miss. Soc.)
The Mulberry-St. church, New York, per Rev. Mr. Maclay,

100, Pennsylvania Bap. Miss. for foreign missions,

do. domestic do.

Per Rev. Samuel Huggens,

200, Georgia Baptist Convention for foreign missions,

do. for New Testament,

Per A. Sherwood, Treas.

Oliver-street, N. Y. Bap. For. Miss. by Rev. S.H. Cone, per Mr. C. L. Rob-
erts, Treas.

Members of the Bap. church and congregation, Pemberton or New Mills,
N. J. for the Translation of the Scriptures in the Burman language, by
Rev. John Rogers,

The south Baptist church in the city of New York, per Rev. C. G. Somers, 100,
(50 dolls. is from the Fem. Miss. Soc. for publishing Bible in Burmah ; 30
from Youth's Miss. Soc. in Sunday school, for the support of a female
scholar to receive the name of Sarah Lockwood Sommers; 20 dolls. for

publishing tracts in Burmah.)
Baptist For. Miss. Soc. Salem, N. J. by Rev.J. Shepherd, :

Female Miss. Soc. of the first Bap. Ch.Philadelphia, by Rev. W.T. Brantly, 100,
Richmond Fem. Judson Soc. on account of the Virginia Bap. Miss. Soc. for
Bur. Fem. schools, from Jane N. Daniel and Frances B. Greenhos, per
Rev. James B. Taylor,

14, Bap. Miss. Sor. Baltimore, from Rev. 8. W. Lynde,

36,40 Mr. Nath'l R. Cobb, Boston, :

100, Bap. Miss. Soc. Dis. of Columbia, per Rev. S. Cornelius,

102,50 (i5 dolls. of the above is from the Africans connected with the first Baptist

church in Washington, D. C. for the African mission.).
Rev. J. D. Knowles, it having been contributed by the ladies of the second
Baptist church and coo. in Boston, to aid in printing the Bible

in Burmese, 61, Ladies in second Baptist church and Soc. in Eaton, N. Y. for Mrs. Wade's school, per Rev. J. Peck,

6,50 From second Baptist church and society in Eaton,


14,90 Madison, N. Y. Baptist Aux. Soc. per Rev. J. Peck,

112,50 Philadelpbia Fem. Dom. and For. Miss. Soc. Auxiliary &c. per Rev. Dr. Staughton,

Oliver-street, N. Y. Fem. For. Miss. Soc.
(50 dolls. lo constitute Mr. Cone a subscriber to aid in publishing the Bible

in Burmah; 50 dolls, as a mark of respect to the venerable Rev. Jobn
Stanford. 50 dolls. of this sum was contributed by Mrs. Mary Ellis

through Mrs. Cauldwell.)
Catland, N. Y. Bap. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Rev. A. Bennett,


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May 6. By cash from East Jersey Bap. Miss. Soc. per Rev. G. F. Webb,

124.00 Whitesboro' Fém. school Sec. for Mrs. Wade's school. per Rev. E. Galuzha, 0,41 Rev. John Seger, Heightstown, N. J. Bap. church, collected at the moutbly concert, per Rev. W. T. Brantly,

A widow of Nottingham Square, N. J. per Rev. W. T. Brantly,
Rev. Mr. Galusha, for Bible in Burmah,

Sarah Rogers and others, Little Falls, N. Y. for same object, per Rev.
E. Galusha,


Rev.C. D. Mallary, near Columbia, S. C. for publication of the Scrip
tures in Burmah, per Rev. N. Davis,

Rev. N. Davis, proceeds of sales of Mrs. Judson's portrait,
The Bap. Gen. Tract Society, for publication of tracts in Burmah, per
Rev. N. Davis,



58,63 Pennsylvania Miss. Soc. per Rev. J. L. Dage, it having been contributed as

follows: In Cohancy, N. J. from Isaac Milford, 5-Jacob Harris, 5-Pbebe
llarris, 2-Sarah Watson, 3-N. H. Flanagin, S,

16, Mr. Amos Hyde, collected at the miss. prayer meeting, Newton Upper Falls, 10,50 Fem. Mite Society, Hillsborough, N. H. by Miss Sally Howe, Treas. per Mr.

L. A. Coolidge, 15.

Rev. W. T. Brantly,
Charles C. Hill, aged nine years, for the Burman mission,

,19 R. E. Eaton, Esq. Springville, Erie Co. per Mr. W. Nichols, : 20. Mr. Wm. Masters, Methuen, for publisbing Burman Bible,

10, Sophia Hammond,


Hezekiah Prince, Esq. Treas. Lincoln Bap. For. Miss. Soc. Aur. &c. per
Mr. E. Lincoln,

194,28 Mrs. Isabella Prince, Treas. of Lincoln Bap. Fem. Cent Soc. per Mr. E. Lincoln,

$6.95 Dea. James Fosdick, Treas. of the Middlesex and Norfulk For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c.

per Mr. E Lincoln,
Rev. Calvin Newton, Bellingham, for printing the Burman Bible,

Rev. Hadley Proctor, Rutland, Vt. it being interest due on a bequest from a lady
Pawlet, Vt. per Mr. E. Lincoln,


H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of Utica Bap. For, Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. per Mr. E. Lincola, 23,
Kennebeck For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. by J. Hi vey, Esq. Treas. per Rer. E. Cbesman, 217,9
Female Industrious Society belonging to the Rev. Dr. Sharp'a church, for the educa-

tion of two Indian girls, under the care of Mr. Isaac M'Coy, named Ann Sharp

and Sophia 0. Lincuin, by Miss Elizabeth Ford, Sec. and Treas.
Lydia Gordon, Belfast,
Primary Society, Fredonia, per Mr. L. Lincoln,

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H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Utica Bap. For. Miss. Society,

Rey. H. Malcom, from a poor woman of his congregation, for the Burman miss.

for the African mission,
Miss Hannah Whitney, Royalston, Mass. per Rev. Mr. Metcali,
A fricne, per Rev. Mr. Knowles, for Indian schools,

S, A friend to Christian missions, lately ordained to the work of the ministry, for pub lishing the New Testament in the Burman language,

10, Rey. Thomas B. Montaine, Southampton, P2. by Rev. J. Going,

An attorney at Law, on reading the Memoir of Mrs. Judson, by Rev. J. Going,

Mrs. Bucknam, Lexington, being the avails of a gold ring,
Collection at monthly concert for prayer in 1st Bap. church in Cambridge, 30,82
Female Judson Society, Cainbridge,


Mrs. Eunice Nichols, Cambridge,
Proceeds of a pair of gold ear rings received by Mr. C. Bennett and sold by Master

M. C. Bolles,
Carey Society of the First Bap. church, Boston, for the support of an Indian child at

the Carey station by the name of James M Winchell, per Miss T. Rogers, Treas. 30, A. Parker, Esq. Jaffrey, N, H. per Mr. E. Lincoln,

Female Bap. Society, Pymouth, for the western mission, per Miss Nancy H. Syrimes, 14.
Mr. P. Blake, Princeton, Mass. for printing the Bible in Burmal, per Rev. Dr. Sharp, 2,
Proceeds of the sale of a masonic urnament, from a member of Rev. Mr. Knowles

A member of the Bap. church in Thingwood, Hunterdon Co. N. J. for publishing the
Bible in Burman, by a friend to the Scriptures,

$ Mr. Ephraim Wood, Camden, Maine, for Burman Bible,

IO, Collection taken at Philadelphia during the late meeting of the Convention, 59,65 Mrs. Mayhew, for the Carey station, per Mr. E. Lincoln,

1,48 Mrs. Estber Waters, widow of a Baptist minister, for the Burman mission, per Rev. Going, of Worcester,

20, Mr. A. B. Smith, student at the Theological Seminary, Newton, to aid in publishing

the Bible in Burman, per Dr. Bulles,
Samuel Day, Esq Treas, of the Lincoln, Me. Aux. For. Miss. Soc.

Oliver-street Baptist For. Miss. Soc. per Rev. S. H. Cone,
A frierd, being an annual contribution to aid in the education of an Indian chlid by
the name of Elizabeth Greene, at the Valley Towns, per Rev. H. Grew,

30, Calvin Blanchard, Esq. Treas. of the Middlesex Bap. Miss Soc.


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