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VIII. The Treasurer shall faith. (appointed by the Convention) or any fully account for all monies received their members, the Board shall have by him; keep a regular entry of all power to fill the vacancy. They receipts and disbursements, and make shall also have power to reject from roport of the same to the Convention, their body, any member whose conwhenever it shall be in session, and to duct, in the opinion of two-thirds of the Board annually, and as often as by the members present, shall merit ex. them required. He shall, also, before pulsion, and fill his place, by the apentering on the duties of his office, pointment of another. give competent security, to be ap

XIII. The Board of Managers proved by the Board, for all the stock shall have power to make such com. and funds that may be committed to

pensation to their Corresponding Sechis care; his books shall be open at

retary, as shall, in their judgment, be all times, to the inspection of any adequate to his diversified services ; member of the Board or Conven- and for this purpose, they shall have tian.

power to accept of any funds, conIX. The Corresponding Secretary tributed with the special design of shall maintain intercourse, by letter, forming a distinct fund, the interest with such individuals, Societies, or only of which shall be applicable to public bodies, as the interests of the the support of the said Secretary. Institution may require. Copies of all communications, made by the par

XIV. No monies shall at any time ticular diroction of the Convention or be paid out of the treasury, but by Board, shall be handed by him to the order of the Board, signed by the Recording Secretary, for record and President, or one of the Vice-Presisafe keeping

dents, designating the fund from which .. X. It shall be the duty of the Re- it is to be paid. cording Secretary of the Board, to XV. It shall be the duty of the keep a fair record of all its proceed- President, to call a speoial meeting of ings, and of such other documents as the Convention, on application from may be committed to his care, for this the Board. purpose.

XVI. Any alterations, which er. XI. Each officer of the Conven- perience may dictate, from time to tion, and Board of Managers, shall be time, may be made in these articles, a member of some Baptist Church.

at regular meetings of the Convention, XII. In case of the death, inability by two-thirds of the members present. or resignation of any of the officers,

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Rev. Daniel Sharp, D. D.
Rev. James D. Knowles, Boston Society Aux-
Rev. Howard Malcom,

iliary to the Board Hon. Heman Lincoln,

of For. Missions, Nath. R. Cobb, Esq. Rev. Charles Train,

Middlesex and NorRev. Bela Jacobs,

folk Missionary Rev. William Leverett,

Levi Farwell, Esq.
Rev. Lucius Bolles, D. D.
Rev. George Leonard, Salem Bible Transla-
Rev. Charles 0. Kimball, tion and Foreign
Rev. E. W. Freeman,

Mission Society.
Jonathan Bacheller, Esq.
Rev. Jonathan Going,

Worcester Co.

Baptist Mr Joseph White,

Charitable Society, Rev. Stephen Chapin, D. D. Boston Burman Fem,

of Dist. of Columbia, S Education Soc.

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Rev. Wm. Staughton, D.D. Philadelphia Fe. For.
Rev. William E. Ashton, S and Dom. Miss. Soc.

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of the Board of Managers, for the Year ending April 29, 1829.


The Board of Managers have These distinguished and useful looked forward to the meeting of men embalmed their memories in the General Convention by whom the affections of the living, and they were appointed with lively left behind them the assured hope interest, as furnishing occasion that they have entered upon their for a full developement of mis- high reward. sionary concerns. They con The business of the Board since ceive that to those who are hum- your last meeting, has been conbly aiming to advance the king- ducted with unvarying harmony. dom of Christ among men, a New establishmgnts have been review of the past must be pro- formed, and some additional laductive of good. It cannot fail, borers appointed to stations al. from the nature of all human un- ready existing, as will appear in dertakings, to suggest lessons of the details now to be offered. improvement; and, while it dis We shall commence with the closes the impotence of mere hu- operations in the east. man efforts, to call into more certain exercise that reliance upon

Maulamying. God, which always insures suc Maulamying, on the east side of

It may also be expected to Martaban river, about twenty-five refresh the mind, which is too miles from its mouth. Missionaeasily depressed, by placing be- ries, Rev. Adoniram Judson; Rev. fore it a series of facts of animat- Jonathan Wade; Mrs Deborah ing character, bearing upon their Wade. Native Assistants, Moung very surface the

evidence of Ing; Moung Shwa-ba; Ko MyDivine approbation.

at-Ryan; and McDonald. They may not say, however, Our intelligence from this place that all who were appointed Man- is to June 15, 1828. Rev. Mr Boardagers by the Convention, are man, who commenced the station present to share the responsibility in April, 1827, was destined like of this Report; for two, even

the other brethren to have his within the last year, have ceased fortitude and perseverance early from their toils on earth. The Rev. tried. He was received by Sir A. STEPHEN Gano has long held an Campbell, with great kindness, eminent standing in the church and a situation offered him, which and in the direction of most of promised effectual security to his our benevolent Associations; and family. But his object was usefurnished evidence in every situa- fulness; and he thought this could tion that he received his strongest be better attained by taking his impressions and his purest joys residence remote from the camp, from the triumphs of grace by and in the immediate vicinity of Christ Jesus. Like him, the re the native population. By doing spected GEN. FORBES, was a most this he exposed himself in a slensincere and devoted friend of un- der habitation to the assault of a adulterated christianity; and, not- reckless banditti from the opposite withstanding the influences which Burman shore, and must in one inmight be supposed to combine to stance have been in imminent deaden his aspirings after God, hazard of his life. On this subject and his sympathies for human Mrs Boardman, in a letter to a wretchedness, his consecrated friend, dated Nov. 3, (see Mag. for spirit always associated him Oct. 1828,) says:

“ We came to with every benevolent enterprise. this place wishing, I trust, to spend

and be spent among this people, hope of Amherst becoming a town, and trusting in an Almighty arm since Mr Crawford has declined for protection. Be assured, we the government of these provfelt happy in our decision. We inces.” And on the 2d of Oct. he saw these wretched, deluded peo- adds : “We have lately been ple perishing in ignorance of the clearing up part of our ground Gospel; we thought of the love contiguous to the road with a of our Saviour to precious souls; view to building a house for brothwe cast a glance towards Geth- er Wade and myself, as we have semane and Calvary, and that now concluded to abandon Amwas sufficient. Shall we consult herst altogether.” It seems that our own ease and comfort ? we Amherst gradually declined as an said; or shall we be willing to inviting station, but was not retake joyfully the spoiling of our linquished till much precious seed goods? This was the question; of the Gospel had been sown and I trust the grace of God en- there, which promised to bear abled us to choose the latter. And fruit unto life eternal. The efthe spoiling of our goods we were forts of Mr Wade were unwearicalled to take. About a month ed to the time of his leaving, and after our removal, we were awak- a close attention was given to the ened one morning just before day- Word preached every Sabbath, break. Mr B. called for a light, by forty or fifty hearers, some of and to our surprise, we saw every whom were occasionally deeply trunk and box in the room broken impressed. (See Journal kept at open and robbed of their contents. the place in Mag. for March, 1829.) After the first emotions had a lit- On the 14th of Nov. 1827, he jointle subsided, I raised my eyes to ed his brethren at Maulamying. the moscheto curtains surround- From this time, all their operaing our bed, and to my amaze tions assumed a most encouraging ment saw two large holes cut, the aspect. They were together, and one at the head, and the other at the younger Missionaries had conthe foot of the place where my quered the language, and were husband had been sleeping. From able either to converse or preach that moment I quite forgot the in it, and an amount of influstolen goods. In imagination I ence before unexperienced, was saw the assassins standing by our brought to bear on the region of bed-side, ready to do the worst, darkness. It was conceived that had we been permitted to awake. places well located expressly deHow merciful was that watchful signed for preaching and converProvidence which prolonged the sation with the natives, would faslumbers of that night, not allow- cilitate their labors, and two ing even the infant at my bosom to zayats, 3 miles apart, N. and S. open its eyes at so critical a mo were erected at suitable distances ment.” After this fearsul inva- from the Mission premises. The sion, their situation was rendered one intended for Mr Wade was more secure by a special guard, completed in December, and on which Sir Archibald, in the same the 20th he says: “Went to the spirit of kindness which lias mark- zayat this morning with the ined all his conduct to the Mission- tention of spending a part of the aries, assigned to them.

day, together with Moung Ing, in On the 12th of August, follow- solemnly dedicating it to the sering, Mr Judson made a visit at vice of God by prayer; but bethe station, and appears not to fore the arrival of Moung, Ing, have withdrawn from it after- eight or ten persons had gathered wards; for in his journal of Sept. around me, to whom I tried to 9, he says: “Still at Maulamying, preach the word of eternal truth as we have nearly given up all and life. Before these left me

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