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Oct. 15. By cash from Rev. Luther Rice, for quarterly payment received by him from the United States

Government, for quarter ending June 30, 1826, for Withington Station, 150,00
Carey School, 150,00,

300,00 Middlesex Bap. Miss by Mr Calvin Blanchard, Treas.

70, H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of Utica For. Miss. Soc. per Mr E. Lincoln, Female friends belonging to the Rev. Dr Sharp's church and Soc. per Mrs Sharp,

30, Rev. Otis Converse, Treas. of the Worcester Co. Bap. Charitable Soc. 21.

Levi Farwell, Esq. Treas. of the Boston Bap. Association, it having been received by
him at the late annual meeting in Cambridge, and was contributed as follows:
From Male Fri. Soc. Woburn,

Natban Alden, Esq. Abington,

Joshua Tucker, Bur. Miss.

Littleton Bap. Church and Soc.

9,56 A friend, Littleton,

1,05 Female friend, Roxbury,

7 Fem. Mite Soc. Framingham, to educate a Burman youth,

14, Fem. Miss. Soc. Malden,

12,36 Collected at Monthly Concert, Dedham,

25, Mrs Aldrich's Mission Box,

Cambridge Fem. Benevolent Soc.

Collected at the close of the Association, for Burman Mission, af-
ter a sermon by the Rev. Dr Sharp,


216,58 H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Utica Bap. For. Miss. Soc. per Mr E. Lincoln, 25, 25.

John Billing, Jr. Esq. Treas. of the Vermont Bap. Convention, for Burman Mission,

per Mr C. Haven,
Rev. Z. L. Leonard, Treas. of the Starbridge Association, for Burman Mission, 50,00

--Carey Station, 15,00,
Nov. 8.

Elder Herrick, Charlestown, N. Y. 11.

Mrs Badger, it having been contributed by females belonging to Rev. Mr Grosvenor's

Ch. and Soc. to educate a Burman child by the name of Sarah Wayland, 14

Proceeds of missionary field belonging to the Bap. students in Amherst Academy,
per Dea. J. Loring,

6,50 17.

Bap. Gen. Tract Soc. for publication of Tracts in Burman language, per Rev. N. Davis,

55, J. Moriarty, Esq. Treas. of the Salem Bible Translation and For. Miss. Soc. for For.

Miss. 540,00-Burman schools, 40,00-Salem school in Bengal, 180.CO, 700,
Rev. G. Wetherell, and S. C. Dillaway, Committee of the Washington, (N. Y.) Bap.
Association, for for. Miss. by Rev Mr Weston, per Mr E. Lincoln,

H. E. T. for education of a Burman child, named R. Eugenia T. per Rev. Mr Weston, 15,
Miss T. Rogers, Treas. of the Fem. Pri. Soc. of the Ist Bap. Ch. and Soc. in Boston, 28,76
Collected at the monthly concert for prayer in Oct. at Agawam or West

As above, from Mr Jesse Todd,

,00 Per Mr J. T. Jones,

3,00 Shaftesbury Bap. Association, for Bur. Miss. per Rev. S. H. Cone,

108, 28. William Inglesby, Esq. Charleston, S. C. for Burman Mission,

25, 29.

Male Pri. Soc. in Franklin, Vt. for Bur. Miss. by Mr Benj. Spaulding, per Mr L. Lincoln, 4 Dec. 2.

Fem. Judson Association of Bradford Academy, by Miss H. P. Hasseltine, per Rev.
Mr Knowles,

4,25 Fem, Miss. Soc. belonging to the Rev. Dr Sharp's Ch. and congregation per Mrs Lois Clouston, Treas.

33, 12. Creek Association, for Burman Mission,

Carey Station,

Randolph Church, for Burman Mission,

3,31 Received by Elder J. Blake, per Mr E. Lincoln,

15,33 The children of Levi Ball, Townsend, Mass. for Bur. Miss. being the produce of their

labor, per Mr E. Lincoln, 18.

Cash from the Mulberry-Street For. Miss. Soc. N. Y. by Mr Thomas Day, Jr.
Treas. per Mr C. L. Roberts,

A lady belonging to the Federal-street Bap. Ch. Boston, by Rev. N. Malcom, Pastor,
for the station in Liberia, Africa,

12, 1829 Jan. 1S.

Miss Hannah Whitney, of Royalston, Mass. for Bur. Miss. per Rev. E. Andrews,
H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Utica For. Miss. Soc.

35, Members of Bap. Ch. Roxbury,

12,07 20. Bap. Fem. Miss. Soc. Sardinia, Erie Co. N. Y. per Mrs Juda Metcalf, Sec.

10, Mr Sam'l Bullin, Lima, N. Y. by Rev. Sam'l Goodale, per Mr. E. Lincoln, Bur. Miss. 10, Dea. Isaac Chapin, of Heath,

Fem. Miss. Soc. Heath, Sarah Taft, Sec.

Mr Sullivan Taft, of Heath,
Chester Fein. Mite Soc. Alvira T. Graves, Sec.


11,62 A lady of the Bap. Ch. Exeter, in consequence of reading Mrs Wade's Journal, per

Rev. J. N. Brown, 21. Samuel Payne, Esq. Treas. of the Madison Aux. Soc. N Y.

50, Two years and six months interest on one thousand dollars, it being the amount for

which ten shares of U. S. Bank stock, belonging to the Convention een pledg

ed as security by Rev. Luther Rice, 31. Semi-annual dividend

on twelve shares U. 9. Bank Stock, at 3 and a half per ct.

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reb. 10. By cast from Calvin Stockbridge, Treas. of Cumberland Por. Miss. Soc. it having been received

by him as follows:
From Young Men's Pri Soc. Portland,

do. do.

do. North Yarmouth,

do. do.

Mission Box,

Minor Fem. Pri. Soc. for the education of a Burman Youth,
named Stephen Chapin,

Male Primary Society, Freeport,

Female do.

M. Stockbridge,

Fem. Primary Society, Brunswick,

Mission Box,

Rev. B. Titcomb,

D. Dexter and children, do.

3,50 Ephraim Brown,

1, Henry Dimmock,

Male Primary Society, Bath,

Fem. do.

Mission Box,

Female Primary Soc. N. Gloucester,

262,51 M. Mims, Esq. Treas. of the State Convention of the Bap. denomination in South Carolina, for Foreign Missions, 50,00-Withington Station, 50,00,

100, Miss Elizabeth Cornelius, Alexandria, D. C. collected in her school for Carey Station, 2, Mrs Sophia Leonard, first payment to educate an Indian boy at Carey or Thom. as, at the option of the Board, to be named Abraham Faw,

Collection at missionary prayer inceting, Alexandria, D. C. for printing the
Scriptures in the Burman language,

Mrs Leonard for same purpose,
Mrs Cornelius, do.

A female friend,

Received from Rev. S. Cornelius, Alexandria, D. C. per Rev. Dr Bolles,

45,54 South Boston Fem. Pri. Soc. by Mrs Mary B. Hill, Sec.

18,50 1. Bap. Miss. Soc. in Amherst College, by Mr Chapin,

23,25 21.

Hiram Richmond, Treas. of the Pri. Soc. Ashfield, for For. Missions, 27.

Mr Wm. Stow, being a donation from Mr Solomon Goodale, late of Conway, Mass.

deceased, per Col. C. E. Billings, for Indian Missions, 3,00-For. Miss. 108,00, Mar. 6.

A friend, to aid in publishing the New Testament in Burman,
General Committee of the Charleston, s. C. Ass: ciation, by M. Mims, Esq.
American Beneficent Soc, it having been contributed as follows :
Female Judson Society, Richmond, Va.

For. Miss. Soc.

Do. do. do.
N. C.

Per Rev. Luther Rice,

140,06 17. E. Probyn, Esq. per Rev. Dr Sharp,

SO, Primary Society, Montville, Me..

12,50 Do.

do. Prospect, do. Do. do. Belfast, do.

1,88 Per James Mc Crillis, Treas of the Waldo Aux. Soc. in Belfast,

20, A friend, by Mr Bailey, Scituate, for the Burman Mission,

2,25 19.

Mr Philip Brown, Treas. of the New Hampshire Bap. State Convention, contributed

as follows:
From Male Primary society, in Milford,

Fem. do, do.

Contribution at close cf Association, in Milford, Oct. 15 & 16, 1828, 14,03
Per Mr Benjamin Cressey,

107,74 28.

Archibald Smith, Jr. Treas. of York Bap. Soc. Aux. &c. contributed as follows:
By balance due,

By cash from Mrs Lydia Taylor,

1, Berwick Great Hill Primary Suc.

1,67 Elder Wm. Goding,

1,00 John Twombly and others, Berwick,

2,76 Female Primary Society, Sanford,

5,65 Rev. Abner Flanders,

,50 Primary Society, Alfred and Waterborough,

8,81 Welles Primary Society,


40,00 Mr Gindrat, Montgomery, Alabama, for Star in 1825,

6,38 The Alabama Convention, in 1826,



Per Rev. Lee Compere,

36,04 Apr. 1. Rev. S. W.

1,00 Mr R. H.

,25 A female friend,

3,45 A Christian friend,

230 Per S.

Rev. Dr Bolles, being balance unexpended in his hands of moneys advanced in Au.
gust last, of journeying expenses of Miss Thompson, Mr Slater, &c.

Oliver T. Cutter, Treas. of the Juvenile Miss. Soc. Cambridge, per Mr E. Lincola, 10,88
Foreign Miss. Soc. Hancock, Me. Aux. &c. for Burman Miss. by Andrew Witham,
Esq. Treas. per Mr T. W. Merrill,


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23,00 5,

April 14. By cash from H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Utica Bap. For. Miss. Society,

Henry Darling, Burman Mission, per Mr. E. Lincoln,
Mrs Matilda How, of N. Y. per Rev. George Keely,

Mrs Ann Saltonstall of H. per do.

To be appropriated to Bap. Miss, among the Indians upon our western frontiers,

A friend to missions in Milton, for Burman Mission,
An unknown friend, for Burman Mission, per Rev. Mr Grosvenor, 5,
Friends in 1st Bap. Ch. Boston, col. by Miss Jepson, for Bur. Bible, do. 6,00





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Gen. Committee of Churches of Charleston, (S. C.) Bap. Ass. per W. Riley, Esq. 286,97 IS. Washington, Me. Aux. &c. from Rev. Mr Bond, per Mr Nathan Arnold,

43,63 Rev, W. T. Brantly, on account of the Columbian Star,*

57, By cash for the school at Sault de St. Marie, for the Chippawa Tribe, received July 21, 1828, 2000,

Dolls. 10061,90 * The Treasurer has also received from Mr Brantly 43 dollars, making the sum 100 dollars.

Errors Excepted,

HEMAN LINCOLN, Treas. Boston, April 21, 1829.

The subscribers have examined accurately the preceding account current, and find it in every respect correct and duly sustained by vouchers.


Committee Boston, April 22, 1829.

LEVI FARWELL, (of the Board.) The subscribers, a Committee appointed for that pnrpose, have examined the foregving account, and report that it is correctly cast and sustained by suitable vouchers.

DAVID BENEDICT, Committee Philadelphia, April 30, 1829.

LEVI FARWELL, '} (of Convention.)

Bengal Christian School Sociсty in Account with Heman Lincoln, Treasurer.

Dr. 1828 June 10. To cash remitted Wm. H. Pearce, Calcutta, per Liverpool packet,

750,00 Paid two per cent premium on 700 dollars,

14,00 1829. April 21. To balance carried to new account,

67,25 Dolls. 831,25

Cr. 1828. April 25. By Balance from last account,

,28 June 6. By annual subscription from Mrs Prudence Farwell, Cambridge,

60,00 10. By cash from the New York Society for promoting female schools in India,

182,25 From the Bap. Churches in Boston, it having been collected at monthly concert, for prayer, per Dea. J. Loring, Treas. &c.


: From Mr John Mills, jr.


Dolls. 831,25 Errors Excepted, Boston, April 21, 1829. The subscribers have carefully examined the above account, and find it correctly cast, and sustained by the proper vouchers.


Committee. Boston, April 22, 1829.


H. LINCOLN, Treas.



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o Though the Minutes, &c. were regularly read and corrected in the Convention, and the list of members more than once, the following omission has been discovered:

Archibald Maclay, from the Mulberry-Street Church, N. Y.
C. G. Sommers,

South Baptist Church, N. Y.




Article 1. The object of this Society is to aid the missions under the direction of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions.

Art. 2. All (females] of approved moral character, contributing to this cause, shall be members of the Society, until they shall decline making a donation at the subsequent annual call of the Collectors.

Art. 3. The Society shall elect, annually, a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a suitable number of Collectors.

Art. 4. The President, and in his absence, the Vice President, shall preside in all meetings of the Society, and shall have power to call special meetings at pleasure.

The Secretary shall keep the records, manage the correspondence, and at the annual meeting make a report.

The Treasurer shall take charge of the money collected, and, after deducting incidental expenses, shall pay the same to the Treasurer of the Auxiliary Society of

as soon as convenient after the annual meeting of this Society, and shall make a report at each annual meeting.

Art. 5. The four officers above named, shall constitute an Executive Committee, to manage the business not otherwise appropriated by the articles of this Constitution.

Art. 6. The business of the Collectors is to obtain funds. And in order to do this most effectually, they shall make a suitable division of their appropriate labor; call upon all the individuals, who are friendly to the object, within their respective limits, and give all a respectful invitation to contribute to the object; take their names, and the sums which they wish to give for the year ; and shall pay over to the treasurer, at least ten days previous to the next annual meeting, all their collections.

Art. 7. The annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the

and shall be opened with prayer.

At this meeting, the Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be read; (the former of which shall be forwarded as soon as convenient to the Secretary of the Auxiliary Society;). the officers for the year ensuing shall be chosen ; and such other business and services shall be attended to, as may be deemed ex. pedient.

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