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of native children, who were here reclaimed from their heathenish customs, and taught to read the Sacred Scriptures. Two native men at Grand Cape Mount, being brought to the knowledge of the truth, were baptized; both of whom manifest a strong desire to labor for the salvation of their fellow countrymen. A young man, named John Revey, who has been teaching school eight years in Africa, was received into the fellowship of the church by baptism, about two years ago

The native mission school was removed from Monrovia to Grand Cape Mount, and placed under his care. The native kings were ans. ious that this school should be supported, and it continued to prosper until the death of our Missionary. We have learned that one of the Swiss Missionaries has since taken charge of the school, though the natives greatly prefer an English or American teacher. The Baptist church at Monrovia, consisting now of about one hundred members, and a Missionary Society in that town, remain as evidences of the fidelity and success with which our Missionary performed the duties of his station. It is a source of consolation to the friends of Mr Cary, that though his life was terminated in an unexpected moment, and in a most distressing manner, the unwearied diligence and fidelity with which he discharged the important trust confided to his care-his zeal for the honor of religion, and the purity and piety of his general conduct, have gained him a reputation which must live in grateful remembrance, as long as the interesting Colony exists, in whose service he lived and died. Your Committee cannot help expressing their regret, that so small a portion of benevolent feeling has been exercised towards this Mission, and that so little has been accomplished during the eight years of its existence. They believe, however, that what has been done ought to animate us to more enlarged and vigorous efforts for its future support and prosperity.

When it is considered that the American Colonization Society have already introduced hundreds of our people into Africa, and that there is reason to believe assuredly, that they will soon have thousands there—that the trade with that country is rapidly increasing—that a respectable church of our own denomination already exists in Monrovia, which is prepared with a Missionary Society there to aid our operations--that the natives greatly desire the es. tablishing of schools and the preaching of the gospel-that Missionaries can be supported there, under these circumstances, for one fourth of the amount requisite for the maintenance of Missionaries in the east, or even on our own frontiers—and that they can immediately commence their work in their own language, may we not hope that soine brethren of competent talents will be found to offer themselves for this noble work, and that a spirit of liberality and of prayer, on this behalf, will pervade the churches throughout our happy and prosperous country?

Your Committee have not had sufficient time to give to this subject all the consideration which it demands, yet they indulge the hope that the importance of the object, and the facilities for obtaining it, thus briefly and imperfectly stated, may, through the blessing of God, serve to awaken the minds of our churches to this subject.

We recommend the adoption of the following resolutions :

Resolved, That this Convention cherish a grateful recollection of the selfdenying labors of our late lamented Missionary to Africa, Rev. Lott Cary; and that we sympathize with his family, the American Colonization Society, and the church at Monrovia, in the loss they have sustained in his death.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Board, to take measures for supplying the vacancy occasioned by the death of brother Cary, as soon as possible, by an able white Missionary: And that they endeavor to the utmost of their power, to promote the success of this Mission, as one in which the Convention feel a special interest.

S. CORNELIUS, Chairman.


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The General Convention of the Baptist denomination in the United States for Foreign Missions, &c. in account with Heman Lincoln, Treas.

Dr. 1828. April 29. To cash paid protest of draft on Secretary at War,

3,00 May 2.

Quarterly allowance from the U. S. Government for Oneida School, tu)
order of Rev. John Peck,

Rev. L. Leonard, per receipt,

Rev. Dr Kendrick, do.
Rev. S. H. Cone, bill for Carey Station,


101,00 6. Discount on uncurrent money,

,25 Rev. Alonzo King, for his bill, travelling expenses, visiting Aux. Societies in Maine, 20, 13. Two per cent premium on 22 dolls. uncurrent bills,

44 June 2.

16 do. do.

10. » Remitted Wm. H. Pearce, Calcutta, per ship Liverpool packet, Capt. Lord, 2300,00
» Paid premium one and a balf per ct. on 1800 dolls.

27, Do. two per ct.


lo, For collecting, sorting, counting, and packing, including box,

4,44 For trucking keg of dollars,

2341,69 For Joseph Maylin's draft, for 100 sicca rupees, estimated at so cts. each,

SO, 23.

Rev. Lee Compere, as per his receipt in favor Rev. Adiel Sherwood, dated May 5, 63,50 July 7. Insurance on specie, per Liverpool Packet,

41,86 Forwarded Rev. Ely Stone, for Tonawanda School, for quarter due first inst.

43,75 » Paid Rer. Isaac M'Coy, draft dated June 18th, for Carey Station,

243, 12. Freight and trucking of a box of clothing from Connecticut,

50 IS. Isaac M'Coy's draft, dated June 30, at 15 days' sight,

83,50 Less for cash,


83,245 Rev. G. E. Davis, as per bill,

6,50 16.

Robert Simmerwell, for the Carcy Station,

Rev. Abel Bingham, on account of the Miamies at the Sault de St. Marie,
Rev. Dr Kendrick's draft, for Indian Lads at Hamilton, N. Y.

87,50 21.

payment made Rev. John Peck, for the Oneida Indian School,

22. » To counterfeit bills and bills of Banks that have failed, received in sundry parcels
at different times,

8,00 To cash paid s per ct. exchange, on 11 dolls. South Carolina Bills,

8,55 Aug. 7. Rev. Dr Bolles, Corresponding Secretary, two quarter's salary,

25%, Towards outfit and journeying expenses of Miss Thompson, and Mr Slater, &c. 150, Evan Jones' draft dated June 14, to Thomas Berry,

so, 8. Isaac M'Coy's draft, dated June 12,

340, Isaac M'Coy's draft, dated June 25,

500, 11. Exchange on foreign gold,

its 18.

Rev. G. F. Davis, in part for services rendered In Rhode Island, as Ageat for the
Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, &c.

Rev. John Peck, for Oneica School,

50, 29. R. Simmerwell, per order, for Carey Station,

One per ct. premium on sixty-one dollars,

forty-five do.

ts Sept. lo. Rev. Evan Jones' draft favor Rev. W. T. Brantly, Valley Towns Station,

10, 13.

Exchange on eighteen dollars,
Lee Compere, draft dated Aug. 11, for Withington Station,

300, 23.

Christian Watchman one year in advance, from Sept. 1, for Burman Mission, 2,50
Lincoln & Edmands' bill, per order of the Board,

245, Forwarded Rev. Ely Stone, for Tonawanda School,

43,75 Paid two per ct. premium on 14 dolls. uncurrent money,

Evan Jones' draft, Valley Towas Station,

Do. do. do.


234,50 15. Por sundry articles sent to Burman schools,

Treight of box of clothing to Mobile, for Withington Station,

do. Savannah, for Valley Towns do.


100, 100,

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Oct. 3.

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Exchange on 45 dolls. uncurrent money, at one and a half per ct.

907 Evan Jones' draft dated Oct. 15,

75,00 Do. do, do. April 23,


300,50 Rev. N. Kendrick's draft dated Oct. 13, at sight, for Indian Lads, Hainilton, N. Y. 87,50 Remitted Wm. H. Pearce, per ship Arbella, Capt. Fuster, as per bill of Lading, 2024, One and a half per cent. premium on 2000 dolls.

30, Do. do. 12 do.

,18 Rev. Jesse Mercer's draft of the 8th inst. for Tinsawattee School,

200, James Keen's bill,

2, Four per cent premium on 25 dolls. South Carolina money,

1, Rev. Jesse Mercer's order for Tinsawattee School,


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John Taylor Jones' bill, for four weeks' labor performed in the formation of

Pri. Societies, and in the circulation of the American Bap. Magazine, 20,00
Expenses connected with the Agency,


Less deduct one half compensation as donation,





Charles Tappan, as per receipt, for Colonization Society,

1829. Jan. 6.



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22. Feb. 12.


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March 6.


Rev. Dr Bolles, one quarter's salary, for services as Corresponding Sec'ry, 1828,
Nath. Kendrick's draft, dated Jan. 8, for Indian Youths, Hamilton,

Rev. Jesse Mercer's draft to Lincoln & Edmands, for Tinsawattee School, 35,00
Rev. E. Jones' draft to Eli Mustin, for Valley Towns,


55,00 E. Jones' dran to W. T. Brantly, for Valley Towns Station,

lo, Rev. John Peck, be ing one quarter due first inst. for Oneida School,

Rev. Jesse Mercer's order to W. T. Brantly, for Tinsawattee School,
Evan Jones' draft, dated Nov. lo, -
Five per cent premium on one hundred dulls. Georgia bank notes,

Evan Jones' draft of June 18,

20, DC. do. Nov. 13,

34,28 Lee Compere, do. Jan. 9,

300, Premium on 81 doils. uncurrent money,

1,81 Evan Jones' draft of Dec. 14,

92,87 Francis P. Browning, draft of Mar. 3,


For Carey Station,
Evan Jones' draft, dated Jan. 23,

122,34 Received by Rev. Lee Compere, from Mr Gindrat, Montgomery, Alabama, and from

the Alaoama Convention in 1826 & 1827, as per his letter, dated Aug. 15,
1828, for Withington Station,

„ Paid Corresponding Sec'ry's bill for stationary, postage, and incidental expenses, from
April, 1828, to March 31, 1829,

89,10 Corresponding Sec'ry, une quarter's salary, up to Ist inst. One year's postage,

23,72 Two per cent premium on 25 dolls, uncurrent money,

50 Credited to account of Fund for support of Corresponding Secry, it having been con. tributed for that purpose,

2000, To balance carried to sew account,


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By balance from last account,

643,81 May 1. By cash from the Fem. For. Miss. Soc. of the First Bap. Church, Philadelpbia, per Rev. W. T. Brantly,

100,00 Pennsylvania Miss. Soc. Sam' Hoggens, Treas. received per Rev. J.L. Dagg, is having

been contributed as follows:
From Joseph Walker, annual subscription, -

Ebenezer Mission Soc. per Rev. J. L. Daga,
Rev. Joseph Matthias, annual subscription,
Rev. Noah Davis, do. do.
Rev. S. Huggens,


Mrs Mary Hyde, per J. Compton, donation,

Male Miss. Soc. of sth Bap. Ch. Philadelphia, per J. K. Huggens, 20,
Sansom-Street, Philadelphia, Fem. Miss. Soc. for For. Missions, 50,


Indian Stations, 50,
Lower Dublin Fem. Miss, Soc. for Foreign Missions,


200,00 Oliver Street, N. Y. Bap. For. Miss. Soc. connected with the church and congregation under the pastoral care of Rev. S. H. Cone, per Mr. C. L. Roberts,

800, Oliver-Street Bap. Fem. For. Miss. Soc. to be applied to the purposes of Foreign Mis. sions, exclusively, per Mrs M. Purser, Treas.

200, Rev. M: Leonard, it having been collected at the monthly conært for prayer in Caze. novia village, N. Y.

8, Miss. Suc, belonging to the Berriah Bap. Ch. and congregation, Vandam-Street, N. Y. per Mr W. M. Simpson, Treas.

100, Samuel Payne, Esq. Treas. of the Madison Soc. N. Y. Aux. &c. per Rev. Dr Kendrick, 90, Whitesborough em School Soc. to aid in support of schools under the care of Mrs Wade, in Burmah, by Sally Whipple, Treas. per Rev. E. Galusha,

24,15 Rev. Mr Dags, per Dr Bolles, for Star, Collections at annual meeting of the Board,

48,50 6. Penobscot County, Me. For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c.


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May 6. By cash from Oxford County, Me. For. Miss. Soc. Aux. &c. received by Rev. Alonzo King, per

Dea. C. Stockbridge,

20,48 Friend to Zion, per Rev. Henry Grew,

240, To be appropriated as follows: Thirty dollars for the continued support of Eliza Green, at the Valley Towns Station, this being the annual donation for that object. The remainder for the education and support of children in Burmab, Africa, and at the Indian Stations in this Country, in such proportions as the Board shall deem ex

pedient 10

Marsball S. Durkee, for Carey Station, per Mr E Lincoln,
H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Ulica Bap. For. Miss, Soc. per Mr E. Lincoln, 25,
An unknown friend in the Country, for the fem. schools in India, per Dea. J. Loring, 10,
Prim. Soc. in Orland by the Treas. of the Aux. Soc in the Co. of Hancock, Me. 14,
The Sisters of the Bap. Ch. Augusta, Ga. by Miss Jane L. Harding, Cur. Sec. per Rev.
W. T. Brently,

40, Carey Soc. of the First Bap. Ch in Boston, for the education of an Indian boy by the

name of James Manning Winchell, at Carey Station, per Miss L. C. Jepson, Treas. 20, 27. Temales belonging to the Baptist Ch. and congregation in Middletown, N. J.

12, 28. Monthly concert for prayer at Danvers, per Dea Kent,

5,82 A friend to Missions, per Rev. Mr Parkhurst,

50 A friend to Foreign Missions, per Rev. Mr Drinkwater,

5, June 2.

Government of the United States, being a quarterly paynent in aid of the education
of seven Indian youths at Hamilton, N. Y.

As above, being quarterly payment due April 1st, for Carey Station, 75,00

Do. Withington


Do. Oncida do.

Do Valley Towns do.

Do. Tinsawattee do.

Do. Tonawanda do.


- 400,00 Miss Elizabeth Richards, deceased, for education of Indian children under the care of Rev. I. M'Coy, per Mr David R. Griggs,

: Lake George Association,



6, Dea. James Fosdick, Treas. of the Middlesex and Norfolk Aux. Soc. for Foreign Missions, per Mr E. Lincoln,

356, Meadfield Fem. Pri. Soc. for the Burman Mission, per Catherine Morsa, Treas. 13,77 Abel Parker, Esq. Jaffrey, N. H.

IS, Fem. Mite Soc. Hillsboro, N. H. per Sally Howe, Treas. for Burman Mission,

5,50 IO. Fem. Prim Soc. in Second Bap. Ch. and Soc. in Bostor, for Burman schools,

77,31 14

Fem. Industrious Soc. of Rev. D. Sharp's Ch. and congregation for the education of

two Indian children at the Carey Station by the names of Ann Sharp and Sophia
0. Lincoln, per Miss Elizabeth Ford,

40, 16. A female member of the South Bap. Ch. in New-York: viz. For Indian Fem. schools,

20,00 African Bap. Mission,

10,00 Per Rev. C.G. Sommers,

30, 19. Female member of the Baptist Church, Poland, for Burman mission,

SO Sunbury Fem. Cent Soc. per Mr E. Lincoln,

49,12 23. Ontario Association, by Rev. Whitman Metcalf, per Mr E. Lincoln,

19, Bap. Convention of Georgia, per Rev. Adiel Sherwood, to be appropriated as follows : For Withington Station,

93,50 Burman Mission,

$2,94 General Purposes,


200, Bap. Miss. Soc. of Virginia, per Wm. Dabney, Esq. Treas.

200, 25. Male Pri. Soc. Eastport,

Fem. do. co.
Per Messrs Hayden & Brooks,

12,00 Being the interest of a bequest of fifty dollars from Miss Eleanor Blakely, Pawlet, Vt. 3, Levi Willard, Treas, of the Dablin Association Mission Soc.

50, 26.

Archibald Smith, jr. Treas. of the York Baptist Aux. Soc. it having been contributed
as follows:
From Cornish Primary Society,

Lebanon Fem. Jo. do.

7,50 A Friend,

Male Pri. Soc. Buxton,

Fem. de. do.
Contributed by a friend to Burman Mission,
do. Indians in the West,

do Colonization Soc.

Contributed at Association,


41,01 July 1

John Hovey, Treas. of the Kennebec Aux. Soc. by Capt. Springer, per Mr E. Lincoln, 333, S.

Fem. Miss. Soc. of the South Bap. Ch. N. York, for Fem. Burman schools, by Mrs

Sarah L. Sommers, 12.

Dea. Robert Brodie, Charleston, s c. it having been collected at the last monthly con-
cert for prayer, per Mr T. B. Swift,

16, Stockville Bap. Miss. Soc. N. S. for Bur. Miss. per Mr C. Tupper,

II, 21.

R. C. Foster, Esq. Nashville, late Sec. of the West Tennessee Bap. Miss. Soc. Aux.
to the Bap. Board of For. Miss.

100, Franklin Association, N. Y. per Rev. John Peck,

50, G

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3,51 4956

July 21. By cash from War Department, being a quarterly payment in aid of the education of
seven Indian Youths at Hamilton, N. Y.

Being quarterly payment due ist inst. for Carey Station,

do. Withington do.

do. Oneida

do. Valley Towas do

Tinsawattee do.

do. Tonawanda

Being two Do.


For the Withington Station for Indian Reform, as per Treaty and advice
from the War Department,


2400,00 20.

Rev. Luther Rice, it having been received by him of the United States Government
in 1826, for buildings at the Thomas Station,

667, Aug 9. Bap. Miss. Soc. Cumberland, N. S. per Mr E. Lincoln,

26,50 18.

Rev. David Benedict, Treas, of the R. I. Bap. State Convention, per Mr L. Lincoln, 300,
For Burman Mission from Saratoga Association, per Dea. J. A. Waterbury, Treas. 26,70
Mrs Mary Tolman, for Bur. Miss. Der Rev. Mr Glover,

2 H. K. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Utica For. Miss. Soc. Aur. &c. per Mr E. Lincola, so, Juvenile Missionary Soc. belonging to the Hudson Bap. Sab. School, for the tuition of

two Indian boys by the names of Benj. Stanton and Howard Malcom, at the Val.

ley Towns, per Mrs Catherine Skinner, Treas.
Bap. ch. in Hudson, N. Y. it having been collected at the monthly concert for prayer,
per Mr Wm. Vann,

Baptist Church, Troy, N. Y. per Rev. S. 1 Cone,
Last Jersey Miss. Soc. per Jona. Osborn, Jr. Esq. Treas.

61, 28. H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Ulica for. Miss. Soc. per Mr L. Lincoln,

Sharon Bap. Fem. Burman Soc. per Hitty Johnson, See,
Sept. 6.
Francis P. Browning, Detroit, M. T.

Mrs F. P. Browning,


20, Thomas Pettingill, Esq. St. Johns, N. B. for Bur. Miss. recd per Messrs Hayden & Brooks,

20, Contributed as follows, received per Rev. Dr Bolles : From Church in Whitesboro,


Sec. do. Westmoreland,
Do. Lennos,

Do. Florence,
Juvenile Soc. in New Stockbridge,

Mrs Sarah Douglass,

Mrs C. Welles, Trenton,

Elder Robert Williams, Trenton,
Arnold Welles, Libridge, Bur. Miss.

Collection in Second Church, Utica,

Do. at Oneida Association,
Juvenile Soc. New Stockbridge, Bur. Miss.

The Cburch in do.

8,50 Do, Lennox,

8,02 Second do. Westmoreland,

7 Place unknown,

,84 Nathan Robinson,

,50 John G. Stearns,

1, Elder Jesse Elliot,

104,33 10 Collected at Worcester, Aug. 13, at prayer meeting in the Baptist Church,

3,85 Mrs Susan Thompson,

13, 10

Norman Warriner, Esq. Treas. of the Evangelical Ben. Soc. in the westerly part of
Mass. per Rev. Mr Barrett, to be appropriated as follows, viz.
For General Convention,


1s,lo Foreign Missions,

7,77 Burman Missions,

10,87 Carey Station,


50,00 Agreen Tingley, Sackville, N. B

1,00 Charles H. Chandler, Amherst, N. S.

940 Rev. Roswell Mears, Georgia, Vt.

943 Per Mr Wm. Nichols,

1,83 First Fem. Pri. Soc. Sedgwick, Me. Rebekah Pinkham, Pres. Sally Allen, Treas. Ruth R. Allen, Sec. per Capt. Tibbets,

21,37 H. B. Rounds, Esq. Trezs. of the Ulica For. Miss. Soc.

23,00 8. Wendeli Miss. Soc. Mass. for Burman Mission, per Rev. E. Andrews,

SC, lo.

Semi-annual dividend on 12 shares United States Bank Stock, three and a half per ct 42,
From the War Department, being a quarterly payment in aid of the education of
seven Indian youths at Hamilton, N. Y.

A quarterly payment due lst inst. for Carey Station,

do. Withington do.

do. Oneida

do. Valley Towns do.

do. Tinsawattee do.

do. Tonawanda do.

do. Miamies,




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Oct. 4.


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