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James Loring, Esq. Treas, of the Boston Aux. Soc. for Domestick or Western missions, per

50,00 Dea. C. Stockbridge, Treas, of the Cumberland Bap. For. Miss. Soc. received through

Mr. E. Lincoln, viz.
Contribution at the annual meeting in N. Yarmouth-for translation of Scriptures, 9,08
Lisbon Male Primary Society,

Do. Female, do.

3,51 North Yarmouth Male do.

Do. Fcmale

Bath Male

Do. Female do.

10,28 Do. mission box,

Portland Male Primary Society,

Do. Female do. for the education of Burman female children, 22,
Portland Young Men's Primary Society,

New Gloucester Male

Freeport Male Primary

Do. Female

Brunswick Male

Do. Female


- 246,15 John Page, Esq. Haverhill, N. H. it being a bequest from his late honoured mother, Mrs. Hannah Page, per Mr. E. Lincoln,

100, Young ladies of Mrs. Ann Little's school, Martinsburg, Va. to educate a Cherokee child,

by the name of Ann Little, received per Rev. O. B. Brown, Washington, D. C. Mrs. ''annab Whitney, Royalston, for Foriegn Mission, per Mr. E. Lincoln,

1, From the Country Bap. Miss. Soe, in the Leyden Association, by Mr. David Purrington, per George Eels, Esq.

25, From the State Convention of the Bap. Denomination in $. Carolina, per M. Mims, Esq. Treas. to be appropriated as follows, viz. Withington station, 50 dols. Bur.

Mjss. 80 dols 130,
The General Com. Charleston, S. C. by J. B. Furman, Esq. Treas. per H. H. Furman, Esq. 364,52
New York State Convention, through the ack River Miss. Soc. per Rev. A. Averill, 20,
Wendall Suc. for Miss. purposes for Indian schools, per Rev. E. Andrews,
Dainariscotta (Maine) Aux Soc. per Dea. Daniel Day, Treas.

90, Waido Auxiliary, J. M'Crillis, Esq. Treas.

20,01 Hancock, do. "A. Witham, Esq. do.

174,91 Washington, do. Rev. P. Bond, do.

60,87 Contribution of the Congregational Soc. in Castine, under the pastoral care of Rev. Mr. Mason, fir Burman mission,

20, Contribution of Rev. Thomas B. Ripley's Society, portland, for Bur. Miss.

29, Received per Rev. Gustavus F. Davis,

394,79 Dea. Philip Brown, Treas. of the New Hampshire Baptist Convention, viz. For instructing females in Burmah,

6,75 For heathen youth,

1,90 For Foreign inissions,

189,76 For the Burman mission,


200, Dea. James Loring, Treas. of the Boston Bap. Aux. Soc.


--2134,16 Jan. 15 By cash from the General Government of the United States, being a quarterly pay. mint in aid of the education of seven Indian youths at Hamilton, N. Y.

87,50 By cash being a quarterly payment due lst instant, for Carey station,

75, As above, for Withington station,

56,25 Oneidas,

50, Valley Towns,

43,75 Tinsawatta,

43,75 Tona wanda,


400,00 being quarterly payment due 1st instant for Miamies,

500,00 By amount received from Feb. 29, to April 24, 1828, as published in Magazine, No. 137, viz. By cash from S. Payne, Esq. Treas. of the Madison Soc. Aux. to the Bap. B. of For. Miss. 50,

N. B. Twenty dollars of the above are from the Hamilton Female Wade Society, for

the rdueation of Burman female children under the care of Mrs. Wade.
From the Youth's Mite Soc. of the Second Bap. Sab. School, by master Elisha E. Glover, 5,58
Dr. Lawson Long, Buckland, Mass. contributed as foilows, viz.
From Mrs. Long,

A friend to missions,

,50 Doctor Long,

7,50 By Joseph Griswold, Esq.

-13, Samuel Eddy, Colerain, (received Feb. 8,)

1, Mr. Wm. Stow,

it being a donation from Mr. Solomon Goodale, deceased, late of Conway, 102,
The American Beneficent Soc. by females near Fayetteville, N. C. per Rev. L. Rice, 27,50
Rev. Luther Rice, it having been received by him from the United States Treasury for
Tinsa watía school,

62,50 The Male Sunday School, No. 13,

New-York, for the education of an Indian child by the
name of John Williams, at the Carey station,
Mr. Dayton, of Washington county, N. Y. for
Burman miss. per Henry Hill, Esq.

H. B. Rounds, Esq. Treas. of the Utica Hap For. Miss. Soc per Mr. É. Lincoln,
The Perth Amboy Union Fem. Miss. Soc. per Mr. C. I. Roberts,

16, The Lineoln Bap: Aux. Soc. (Me.) in aid of Foreign inissi' ns, from Hezekiah Prince, T'reas. 144,84 Lincoln Bap. Cent Society, Me, in aid of Fireign missions, by Mrs. Isabella Prince, Treas. 42,11 Mrs. Eleanor Pugh, deceased, per Rev. Dr. Bolies,

5, The Fem. Juv. Soc. connected with the Female Sabbath school belonging to the Second

Bap. Ch. and Soc. in Boston, to aid in the education of a child at the Carey station, by the name of Margaret B. Doyle,

16, Mrs. Mary Walbridge, Cambridge, vt. per Rev. Ira M

1,06 The Cambridge Mechanics' Labouring Soc. per Rev. B. Jacobs,


563,81 Dec. 21. By cash for sundry articles sold from Columbian Star office, June last,

» being balance due on account of moneys received for the Columbian
Star, as per account current,








1828. Feb. 20. By cash received of Dr. Clark Lillybridge, being on account of moneys collected for balances due for Columbian Star,

49,31 April 24. By cash from a female friend, reserved out of her earnings for missionary purposes, 25. 9 being discount on draft,

dolls. 14603,33 Cr.

General Convention, &c.
By balance brought from old account,

$643,81 Errors Excepted, HEMAN LINCOLN, Treas. Boston, April 6, 1828. The undersigned, appointed to audit the account of the Treasurer of the General Convention of the Baptist Denomination in the United States for Foreign Missions, &c. hereby certify, that they have attended to that service, and find said account correctly cast and duly vouched. New-York, April 30, 1828.

CHARLES G. SOMMERS,} Committee. The Treasurer has received in addition to the foregoing account, twelve shares in the United States Bank, from the estate of the late Hon. Constant Taber, of Newport, R. I.


Cr. 105.58

Bengal Christian School Society in account with H. Lincoln, Treasurer.
April 25. By balance from old account,
May 5. By cash from Mrs. Prudence Farwell,

Cambridge, being her subscription for 1826 and 27,
at $60 per annum,

12, 22,53


Dr. May 5. To cash remitted W. H. Pearce of Calcutta, per brig Smyrna, in care of Capt. H. R. Kendall, jr. 270.00

y paid premium one and a half per ct. for Spanish dollars, To balance carried to new account,


By balance carried to new account,

Errors Excepted, H. LINCOLN, Treas. Boston, April 25, 1828.

The undersigned, appointed to audit the foregoing account, have attended to that service, and find the saže correctly cast and duly vouched.

CUARLES E. SOMMERS,} Committee New-York, April 30, 1828.

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No. 59 Washington-Street,


As amended and passed, New-York, May 8th, 1826.

We, the delegates from Missionary continue in office till successors be Societies and other religious bodies of chosen. the Baptist Denomination, in various

IV. At each triennial meeting, the parts of the United States, met in Con- Convention shall elect a Board of vention, in the city of Philadelphia, Managers, consisting of a President, for the purpose of carrying into effect, four Vice-Presidents, who shall take the benevolent intentions of our consti precedence of each other, in the order tuents, by organizing a plan for elic of their election, a Corresponding and iting, combining, and directing the

Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, energies of the whole denomination, and thirty Managers, out of the Sociin one sacred effort, for sending the eties, Associations, Churches, or reglad tidings of salvation to the heathen,

ligious bodies beforementioned, who and to nations destitute of pure gospel shall continue in office, till successors light, agree to the following rules or

be elected; the President, and Refundamental principles, viz.

cording Secretary of the Convention, Article I. This body shall be styled, shall be also members of the Board. « The General Convention of the Baptist denomination in the United States

V. The Board of Managers shall for Foreign Missions, and other impor. eleven shall be a quorum to transact

hold an annual meeting, at which, tant objects relating to the Redeemer's Kingdom.”

business ; but at other meetings, five

shall be the quorum. II. A Triennial Convention shall be held consisting of delegates from

VI. Such persons, only, as the Missionary Societies, Associations, in full communion with some church Churches, and other religious bodies of of our denomination, and furnish sat. the Baptist Denomination, which shall isfactory evidence of genuine piety, annually contribute to the funds under good talents, and fervent zeal for the the direction of this body, a Redeemer's cause, are to be employed amounting to at least one hundred as Missionaries. dollars, each being entitled to one

VII. In regard to funds, contributrepresentative and vote, and for every ed for Missionary purposes, but withadditional sum, of one hundred dollars, out appropriating directions, the one additional representative and vote Board shall exercise discretion in apshall be allowed. But no individual propriating the same to Foreign and shall be entitled to more than one vote.

Indian Missions ; but no) application III. At each triennial meeting, the of monies, given for a specific object, Convention shall elect a President, shall be made by them to any other and Recording Secretary, who shall use.



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