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Amount brought forward

1354 5,40 Nov. 22. By Cash from Benevolent Society, Buckfield, Maine, by W. R. Stockbridge, Esq.

2,50 by hand of James Duabam of Hebron

Female Miss Society, New.Gloucester

My le

Benevolent Society North-Yarmouth

1,50 Female Benevolent Soc. do.

26,83 Mission Box at Monthly Con. do.

11,70 Minor Female Miss. Society do.


84,38 Female Ben. Soc. Sedgwick, Maine, Rebecca Pinkham, Pres., Sally Allen, Treas.

13,63 bec. t Mrs Sarah Barnes, Portland, for Rev. G D. Boardman

SO Dea Benj. Prescott, Treas. of the Dublin Soc Aux. to the Bap. Board of For.

Miss 30, for the Burman Mission 30, for the Indian Stations in this country 3.

Baptist Female Mite society, Dedham, for the Carey Station by Mrs. Adlam 8. Worcester County Miss, and Education Soc. by Rev. A, Fisher, jr. Treas.

100 9.

Mrs. H Bassett for the Indian School at Carey Station, by Rev. Z. L. Leonard
M. Leonard


7 14. a friend by Mrs. Hope

1 IS.

Mrs. Sally Howe, Treasurer of the Female Bap. Soc. of Hillsborough, N. H.
for Foreign Missis as by the hands of Mr. Stow

8 20.

Female Union Missionary Society of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, for the Carey

Station by G A Brinley, Secretary
Miss Box by Catherine Lewis, Marshfield, for Carey Station
Robert Scott for Burman Mission

Sabbath School in 20. Bap. Soc. in Boston, for Heathen Children


$.42 Mr. Hobart of Milton for Foreign Missions

Fem. Primary Soc. connected with the Bap. Meeting in Roxbury, for F. Misa. 30,05
Fem. Industrious Soc.

for Carey Station 14,82
Bap. Ch. Roxbury, for Carey Station, by Rev. W. Leverett


64,48 Jan. 6. the mechanical labouring Society in Cambridge for the Carey Station

Female Mite Society, Shaftsbury, by T. Sedgwick, Esq.

Shaftsbury Auxiliary Society



190,53 (o Second Bap. Sabbath School Youth's Mite Society, by Mrs. Pulsifer

6,60 II.

the New York Baptist Poreign Mission Society by Rev. S.H. Cone
through the band of Mr. D Fosdick, Charlestown, Mass. for Carey Station

5 14.

the Carey So. of the 1st. Bap. Ch. & So. Bost , for the Ca Sta. from Mrs. Hill &

Miss Rogers for the support of an Ind. 'Child by the name of J. M. Winchell
Samuel Hill, aged 6 years, for the Heathen

Ester B Hill, Wm. B Hili and Sam Hill, Children of Sam, Hill, 40 cents each
the White Male Children in the Sabbath School attached to the Baptist

Oliver street New York, for the support of an Indian Child at the Carey
Station, to be called John Williams, by Mr. Roberts


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Elihu Morton, Treasurer of the Black River Baptist Missionary Society

by hand of Francis Thompson, for Burman Mission
Miss Haldah E. Thompson for the Education of R. Eugenia Thompson, a

Child at Rangoon, Annual payment
the East-Jersey, Baptist Miss Society for Foreign and Domestic Missions

from Edward Jones, 'Treasurer
the Monthly Concert collections at Sexton's Village, Vermont, for Domestic

and Fortign Missions, by Rev. S. Taylor

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Miss. Society connected with the Fairfield Association, by Rev. S. Sabine
the York, Maine, Baptist Association the following sums for Burman Miss.
The Buxton Female Missionary Society

the Lemington

for Foreign Missions
Miss Sally Johnson of Cornish
a friend in Kennebank

a Contribution
Received of Rev. Henry Smith of Alfred, by Rev. T. B. Ripley of Portland, Maine,

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1826 March 24

1 200

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Amount brought forward
By Cash, a bequest from Miss Eliza Lincoln, deceased, for the Foreign Mission to be

equally divided between the Burman Mission and the Carey Station
from the General Committee of the Charleston, S. C. Baptist Association

for Education and Miss. purposes, being one half of the amount contributed

for these objects by Josiah B. Furman, Treasurer
By Amount received of the Washington Missionary Society, by O. B. Brown
Cash from Salem Bible Translation and For. Miss. Society, by J. Moriarty, Treas.

the Rhode Island Bap. Convention, by Rev. David Benedict, Treasurer
the Middlesex and Norfolk Aux. Miss. Soc. by Deacon J. Fosdick, Treas.
as aforesaid for Education Purposes


450 30

April 11.

18. 19.

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from Rev. L. Rice, Agent of the General Convention for Domestic Miss.

» Gen. Purposes
» Education

315 663,26

86,76 680 1429,68

-3000,70 ICO 703.84

... 803,84

20 By Cash of the Boston Soc. Aux. to the General Convention for Trans. of the Script.

do. for Burman Mission, by Deacun James Loring, Treasurer

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We the subscribers appointed by the Convention to audit the account of the Hon. Heman Lincoln, Treasurer, having xamined and compared the same with the vouchers, do find it correct.

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Nero-York, May 9, 1826. At a numerous meeting of the friends of Columbian College, members of “ The Baptist General Convention,” from different parts of the United States, bolden in the Oliver street Baptist meeting-house, Rev. Jesse Mercer, of Georgia, was called to the chair, and Gustavus F. Davis, of Massachusetts, appointed Secretary.

The object of the meeting was fully stated and explained by Rev. Jonathan Going, of Massachusetts.

Resolved, unanimously, That this meeting feel a deep and lively interest in the welfare of Columbian College, in the district of Columbia, and are disposed to adopt immediate and efficient measures to relieve said College from present embarrassment.

Resolved unanimously, That in order to the success of such measures, the financial concerns of the College must be put into such a state, and managed in such a manner, as to secure public confidence.

Resolved, unanimously, That the opinion of the five following gentlemen in favour of the good management of the financial concerns of the College, ought to inspire public considence, viz. Rev. R. B. Semple, of Va., Rev. L. Bolles of Mass., Rev. William T. Brantley, and Hon. James Thompson, of Pa., and that a certificate to this effect under their hands, will be satisfactory to us.

Resolved, That the above named Committee have power to fill all vacancies which may occur by death or resignation.

Resolved, unanimously, That we recommend early and prudent measures to be taken to reform the system generally known by the “ One hundred dollars system,” in favour of Students, which has been found injurious to the income of the College.

Resolved, unanimously, That we recommend the adoption of a prudent retrenchment in all pecuniary charges in sustaining the operations of the College.

Resolved, That measures be now taken to obtain the sum of fifty thousand dollars in subscriptions of at least fifty dollars by responsible persons, on condition that the whole sum be subscribed within two years, payable in sixty days after the subscription to that amount shall be obtained; and on the further condition, that the Committee, contemplated in the fourth resolution, shall certify that the state of the financial concerns of the College warrants the payment of the money.

Resolved, unanimously, That it be recommended to the Trustees of the Columbian College to fill the present vacancies in the Board, and the first vacancies which shall occur with those gentlemen residing in the District of Columbia that were named in the list of nomination, furnished by the General Convention.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Trustees of the Columbian College be recommended earnestly to solicit the Rev. Elon Galusha to become their Treasurer, immediately to remove to Washington, and enter upon the duties of his office.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Trustees of Columbian College to employ Rev. L. Rice, and such other Agents, as shall be deemed necessary, vigor. ously to prosecute the collection of out-standing subscriptions, and the obtaining of additional subscriptions for paying the interest on the College debt, and defraying its current expenses also to aid in procuring subscribers to the amount of fifty thousand dollars.

Resolved, That this meeting be dissolved.

Per order of the meeting,


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APPENDIX ; containing Documents, &c.
Report on Mission to Africa,

on Mission to Mexico and South America,
on Luminary and Star,
on Carey and Thomas Stations,
on Agent's Accounts,
on Sunday Schools,
on Domestick Missions,
on Conduct of Mr. Rice,










on Appropriations,
on Withington Station,
on Valley Towns and Tinsawattee Stations,



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