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found several converted Cherokees who have abandoned the gods of their fathers, and have devoted themselves to the service of Jehovah. Over this little flock Rev. Mr. O'Bryan has been regularly ordained as the pastor, and it is gratifying to learn, that his services as a minister of Christ, are bighly acceptable. For the support of this School, the government of the United States furnishes an annuity of two hundred fifty dollars which has hitherto been appropriated for the benefit of Rev. Mr. O'Bryan; but it appears to your Committee that this amount is very inadequate to the necessities of his family, which consists of seven persons. It is therefore to be hoped that the wants of this Station will receive the prompt attention of the Board.

All which is respectfully submitted.

JOSEPH B. COOK, Chairman.



1824 Dec. 11.


8 300


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1825. jan. 10. Feb. S.

2,36 150

To Cash paid Rev. J. Going per Dr. Baldwin's Order,
Q. B. Brown's Order of December 8, favour of Luther Rice,



being the a.
mount appropriated to the Valley Towns Station, to be paid out of the Mission fund,
To Casb paid L. Carey's Order of December 23, favour of R. Ralston, having beea

previously directed by Dr. Baldwin
To Cash paid to Rev. I Wayland jr. bill of Postage,

E. Carey's Order on Rev. Doctor Baldwin of February 1,

0. B. Brown's Order favour of Lather Rice dated Jan. 31, 1825, for the

Tinsawattee School
freight of Boxes Clothing sent to Valley Towns Station,
for the use of Withington Station,

for the services of Rev. Mr. McCoy at the Carey Station,
for the use of the Valley owns Station,
the last quarter's Compeasation of the Corresponding Secretary for services

tbe current year

for the use of the Valley Towns Station, Feb. 24,
Amount of Counterfeit bill received from Rev. D. G. Boardman Mar. 3
TD Cash paid E Carey's, order on Dr. Baldwin, dated Marcb 22, 1825,

One Counterfeit Dollar.
O. B. Brown's order favour of Lutber Rice of Feb. 24 1825,

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Mar. 3


28. April 25.




76 100

2,70 300

May 2.


2,65 40,00 20


20 666

25 100

126,85 ico

L Carey's Order of April 23, 1825,
Postage of letters to date
O. B. Brown's Order favour of Luther Rice of 3d inst. .
premium on 177 dollars Plattsburg money received from John Conant one

and a hall per cent.
Rev. L. Bolles' bill,
Rev. E. Kincaid,
O. B. Brown's Order as follows favour of Luther Rice, dated May 28, 1825,

out of Education funds,
travelling expenses of Messrs. Healey and Peckworth to attend the

annual meeting of the Board of Managers
for the use of the Withington Station

Valley Towns
for services of Rev. Mr. McCoy of the Carey Station
Compensation and expenses of Mr. Burdick, collecting funds for

for the use of the Tonawanda School
travelling expenses in part of the Corresponding Secretary while engaged

in Misssionary business to several tours in Virginia
first quarter salary of the Corresponding Secretary the current year
to meet the Postage of the Corresponding Secretary in part the past year
five per cent premium on fifty dollars Southern Money

Postage to Date
To Sundry Boxes and Bundles of Clothing Received December 31, 1824 and March 31,

1815, estimated by the Donors sent to J. Carlton to be forwarded by bím to their

place of destination
To Cash paid 0. B. Brown's Order of July 12, favour of Rev. William Staughton, D. D.

Rev. E. Carey forwarded him at Sew-York, (July 5, See letter.)
To remittances made to Rey. John Lawson, Calcutta, as follows:
Viz, in Specie

a Bill of Exchange, dated New-York, July 7, at ten days drawn by Rev. E. Carey

on Messrs. Penny and Pearce, Calcutta
To Cash paid Samuel Archer pr. Receipt 'in favour of R. Ralston for the Passage of

Rev. G. D. Boardman and his wife on Bcard Ship Asia Capt. Sheed for Calcutta

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Aug. 16.

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Amount brought forward July 22. TO Cash paid O. B. Brown's Order of Feb. 8, at sight, favour of Isaac McCoy

466,05 in part for outfits for Rev. Mr. Boardman from Philadelphia by R. Rab ston, Esq.

68,34 Oct. 15.

0. B. Brown's Order of Oct. 5. w bullows :
Viz. for the Valley Towns Mission

use of the Tonawanda School

100 Beneficiaries of the Board in the Columbian College 254.36 Tinsawattee School

I$1,62 services of the Rev. I. McCoy


330,93 Nov. 2. To Cash paid for outfits for Rev. G. D. Boardman and Lady

240,00 IS.

O. B. Brown's Orders of Oct. 3, favour of R. P. Andrews as follows:
for the use of the Oneida Indian School


0. B. Brown's Orders of Oct. 31, favour or Luther Rice as follows:
for Withington Indian School

do. Station

817,70 for the Tinsawattee Indian School

62,50 for the Carey Station

150 Tomawanda Indian Scbool

100 for fourth quarter of the Corresponding Secretary's Salary

100 for the use of the Valley Towas Station


-I915,20 Bec. 9.

To loss on uncurreat Bills 27.

To Casb paid O. B. Brown's Order Dec. 13 favour of Luther Rice 31.

Calvin Holton, per Receipt 1826. Jan. 11. discount on New-York Money

75 16. two per cent on twenty eight dollars uncurrent Money

$6 Feb. 0.

O. B. Brown's Orders of January 27, favour of Luther Rice as follows:
Viz. for the use of the Withington Mission School

One quarter Salary for the Corresponding Secretary

100 for Oneida Mission School

100 Tonnawanda

100 » Salary and expense to Jas. R. Burdick

126,85 » Carey Mission School

14,50 Luther Rice's Order by Order of the Board of Managers

1002 do.

20, SO » Valley Towns Mission School

$14 Tinsawattee

94. SO

2543.77 0. B. Brown's Order of January 30, favour of Luther Rice designated to the African Mission

316,16 per cent on ten dollars Poughkeepsie bill

50 Lincoln and Edmands as per Receipt, it having been previously credited by

mistake March 31.

O. B. Brown's Order of March 25, for the payment of two drafts drawn by
Rev. Isaac McCoy of the Carey Station

To amount paid to O. B. Brown's Order

for the payment of his expenses to New York to settle the late Treasurer's Accounts

350 so

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98,54 16


April 18. To Cash paid Rev. L. Bolles, it having been previously advanced by him in out-fit for

Rev. C. Holton, board of Lewis an Indian youth, to J. M. Allen in part for agency

in the State of Maine, travelling expenses, Stationary and Pustage, &c. as per his ac. To Lash Paid Lincoln and Edmands' bill

James Loring's

0. B. Brown's Orders fav. Luther Rive dated April 14, 1826, for the use
of the Withington School 300 dollars. 'Tiasgwattee School 62,50. Tonawanda School

100. Oneida School 100.
bulance due L. Rice settlement with G. Evans for services
for the use of the Carey Station
reimbursement of funds paid by him to the use of the late Indian School in Kentucky

under the patronage of the Bard
balance due him on settlement witb J. M. Peck for Missionary agency, &c.
for Purposes of the Colum bian College and Education


189, 30


193, 50 1629,68



20. To Cash paid to Postage Date

now Credited to the Rhode island Baptist Convention, it having beca

erroneously entered Oct. 26, 1829. April 21.

Balance to Credit of New Accouat




1824. Dec. 4.



By Cash of Thomas Stokes, Esq. late Treasurer N. York

Union Society, Vermont, and New Hampshire auxiliary to the Baptist

Board of Foreign Missions, from A. Forbes, Esq Treasurer
Asa Billings Treasurer of the Baptist Barre Association, Vermont,

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-217033 S


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Mr. Davis Sumner jr. being amount collected in a Missionary Box kept in
.: here of Mt, Austin for Burman Mission

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Jan. 3.

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Wm. D. Murphy, President of the Baptist Junior F. Mission Soc. N. Y.

100,50 31.

Norman Warriner, Agawam, Hampden County, Mass. Treasurer of

Executive Committee of Evangelical Benevolent Societies of Baptist
Churches, the following sums :
For the Jews

Education of Heathen Females from Hinsdale Female Society

By a bundle of Clothing for Fort Wayne School from Hinsdale Female Society
estimated by the Donors at

Cash from Ditto for Ditto,

so Ditto Foreign Missions

3,62 Agawam Female Society

IS 1835. A Bundle of Clothing from Ditto estimated by the Donors at


-38,07 Cash from a female friend in Charlestown for Burman Mission

10 a friend of Missions in Buffalo, NY

5 8.

Rev Sereno Taylor, it having been collected at the monthly Concert
of Prayer in Saxton's Village, Rockingham, Vermont,

17,73 12.

being the proceeds of a part of a Collection of uncurrent bills received of
Thomas Stokes, Esq. as per his letier of December 14, 1824

S1944 21.

of Female Society, belonging to the North Baptist Church, in Randolph,

Ms by H. H. Brown, Esq. Treasurer of Warren Association. 26. of Samuel and Wm Hill for Indian youths by Rev. F. Wayland, Jr.


25 31. being proceeds of Ohio bill sent to Philadelphia to be exchanged

3,50 of Levi Pearce, Esq. Treasurer of the Baptist Foreign and Domestic Mission

Society for Plymouth crunty;
Viz. for the translation of the Scriptures

Burman Mission

300 Indian Stations in the United States


-475 of Newark, N. J. Female Mission Society, Sally Vanderpool, Treasurer, for the benefit of the Cherokees

30 11. By the following sume received from Rev. Luther Rice, agent of the General Convention : for foreign Missions

133,75 Domestic do.

1089,16 General purposes

228,50 19. By Cash from the Mechanical labouring Society in the vicininy of Boston, being the

**** 1451,41 earnings of the first Tuesday in each quarter of the year

17,02 from Missionary Suc. Sullivan, Maine

» Congregation Female cent Soc. for Indian Missions

» Romanus Emerson

» a member of the Baptist church, in Beverly for Carey Station

S » a Friend in Abington

S » John Collamore, Esq. for Burman Mission.


-32,75 21.

Miss H. Thompson for the education of a Heathen Child to be samed
Rachel Eugenia Thompson, 2d. by Mr Wayland

Jason Lathrop, Treasurer of the Ulica For Miss. Soc. and Otsego Asso.

IS Mr. Geo. D. Boardman, by Rev. Dr. Bolles for Burman Mission

400 19.

Executor to the Estate of the late Benjamin Stevens, being part of a
bequest of said Stevens, by J. Conant, Esq. Brandon, Vermont

Mrs. Susannah Hobart of Ashburnham
Abel Parker of Jeffry, N. H.

Simeon White
Samuel Chipipan, Hyannis, for Indian Mission


25,00 31. By a Box of Clothing, &c from the Female Benevolent Soc. of N. Yarmouth, Maine, Asenath Corliss, Secretary, estimated by the Du nurs

33,12 April I. By Cash from Nathan Alden, Esq. for Foreign Missions

5 Rev. Geo. D. Boardman, being a part of his collections made in the State 13. of Maine

104,88 a Friend for the Carey Station

$ By cash collected at the monthly union concert for prayer, April 4, at the Baptist Meeting House, in Exeter, N. H. by J. F. Mores for the Carey Station

6,30 By Cash from an unknown female friend du.

Burman Mission


- 9,30 Salem Bible Translation and F. Mission Society, by J. Moriarty, Treasurer

300 the N. Y. Female Missionary Society, for foreign Missions

Miss Tempy Rogers, Treasurer of the primary Society to aid the Burman
Mission, belonging to the first Baptist Church and Society in Boston 120,50

229,50 May 4.

a female friend in the vicinity of Boston for Bur. Mission by Rev. Geo. Evans
a friend in Buxport, Maine, for the Carey Station

Hamlitos Aux. Soc. for For. Miss., State of N. Y. by Rev. Dr. Baldwin

105 13

I. Conant, Esq. Treasurer of the Vt. Baptist Board of for. Miss. auxiliary
to the Baptist Board of foreign Missions

177 16.

a Donation from Widow Rosanna Mason, of Providence, R. I by Nathia
Waterman, jr. Esq.


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March 3





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Amount brought forward

3473,00 May 16. By Cash, a donation from the Female Union Miss. Society of Perth Amboy, N. J. for the use of the Burman Miss by Miss G. A. Brinley, Secretary

26 from Uriah Gregory collected at the monthly concert of Prayer at Weston for the Burman Mission

12 19.

the For. Mission Association in the Bap. Soc. Cambridge, by Deacon
William Brown, Treasurer

183 20.

Isaac Briggs, jr. of Pelham, Mass. for the Carey Station
Charles street Female industry Society, Boston, for the support of
Ann Sbarp, at the Carey Station

sane Society for the Carey Station


- 31,50 the Baptist Benevolent Soc. industry, Maine, by Rev. D. Chipman

21,33 Rev. D. Chipman,collected at the monthly concert in Sidney, Maine 11,15

32,42 „ a friend in Ohio by Rev. C. G. Sommers of New York


to the Gospel by Rev. ti. Grew, Hartford, Con. through the
hands of Dr Bolles, as follows:
Viz. for Missionary Stations among the Indians in the United States

» Foreign Missions


-177 from Female Soc. Sutton, N. H. for Burman Mission, by Rev. C. 0. Kimball,

a friend in New Boston

Mrs. Eaton, in Weare

1 Female Society, in Salisbury, N. H.

3 a friend to Missions in Methuen, N. 11.

Dea. Wm. Searls New Chester

Abigail Nichols, Sutton, N, H.
Female Society, Sutton, »
for Indian Missions, by Rev. C. 0. Kimball 1,46

16,3% 31. Mrs. Fuller of Cambridge

1,50 June 10. Rev. I. Lothrop, Treasurer of Utica Foreign Mission Society

a friend to Missions

New-Port, N. Y. Bible Soc. for the Translation of the Scriptures in the
Burman language

H. B. Rounds, Esq New-Port

the Baptist Foreign Mission Association, Roxbury


67,22 13

Nancy llsby, Treas. of the Portland Bur. female Education Society to
be appropriated at the discretion of the missionaries to the Education
of Burman female Children, by Mr. Han man

By Cash being the annual payment for the support of Elizabeth Green, an Indian child at
the Valley Towns, Rec. from a friend to Missions, pr. hand of Rev. Henry Green 30

57,77 15. from a female friend at Sharon, by Rev. D. Sharp

5 a sick man, by Rev. D. Sharp Female Mite Society, Wills, Maine, by Mrs. Betsey Barron, Secretary

6,12 28.

the Male Bap. Primary Soc., of Bloomfield, Maine, from E. W. Freeman,
Agent, to be appropriated at the discretion of the Board by order of said Soc.

13.75 the Female Baptist Primary Soc. of Bloomfield, Maine, Lydia Emery, Sec.

12,37 the following sums received from Rev. Luther Rice, Agent of the Gen. Convent. For foreign Missions

300,44 Domestic

670,53 General Purposes

202,81 Education


-1365,95 Rec. for E. Thresher's Order of May 10, fav. L. Rice on A. P. Cleaveland, Esq. John Pratt


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» Wm. Inglesby, Esq. Charleston, S c. for Foreign Missions 20. By a bill of Exchange, dated N. Y. July 7, at ten days sight on Penny and Pearce, Calcutta,

drawn by Rev. E. Carey for

By Cash from sundry Individuals in the Meredith Association by Rev. S. Pisbury 27.

the auxiliary Society, of Saratoga, Wasbington Co. N. York
» Saratoga Association from Rev F Wayland, sen sent by J. Elliot

» Whately Bap. Female Mis. Society by Electa Smith, Cor. Secretary August 16.

Jas. Wilson, Esq. of Worcester, for Burman Mission by Dea. J. Loring 23.

Young Ladies in the Bradford Academy for the Indian Society, received by

Miss Sarah Kimba 11, through Mrs. Baldwin 26.

Baptist Church, Troy, New York, for the Burman Mission
Hudson, New York, for Burman Mission
Sabbath school for Cherokce Indian School, attached to Oliver street, super-
intended by Mis. Prud'honime, by Rev. S. H. Cone

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a Female friend in Weston, for Borman Mission, by Uriah Gregory
Bap. Ch. & Soc. Mount Desert, (Me ) for Burman Mission by Rev. S. Norton
Bap. Evangelical Soc, in the Western part of Mass through Nonnan War.

riner, Esq by the hand ofike Rev Thomas Barrett, as follows:
Viz. from Sandisfield Benevolent Soc. by E. Wake for For. and Indiaa Missions

Russel Female Charitable Society, for Burman Mission
Hinsdale Female Mite Society

for Education of Heathen Females
Mr John Terry of Dinsdale
Westfield and Montgomery female Ben. Soc. for Burman Mission
Ephraim Walker



2,88 1,12 6,71 1

1835. Sept. 17.

Amount brought forward
Agawam Female Society, for the convention to dispose of
Collection at Agawam, for Carey Station
Elder Asa Todd for Bible Translation
& Friend
a female Friend for Carey Station

27,71 8198,31



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By Cash from the female primary Society in Wiscasset, Maine, by Rev. A. Briggs,

Treasurer of the Baptist Convention, of the State of Maine,
Male primary Society in Waterville
Warren Association, by Eugh H. Brown, Esq. Treasurer

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7,50 17,75

12 124,16

.-161941 3,62 S I

the Norton Female Mite Society, by Mr. E Lincoln
a Friend, for the Burman Mission

N. Warriner, Esq. Treasurer of the Baptist Education Bonevolent

Society, per Rev. Mr. Barrett, by Mr. E. Lincoln



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first Baptist Church and Society, in Charlestown
two female friends of Charlestown, being the profits of the sale of 87

Copies of Rev. Dr Chaplin's Missionary Sermon at the Ordination

of Rev. Mr. Boardman for Burman Mission
Charlestown Female Missionary Society for Burman Mission

Lord's day school children

Children in Miss Wyman's School »
Rebecca Perkins, Malden
Female Benevolent Society, in Cambridge and vicinity
friend in Cambridge, 2 dollars. Miss Sally Reed, Cambridge, I dollar
Bap. Ch. & S. 4,50. Ferr. Char. $o. Tidls. Mis Box 13,87, Littleton
Mi ss Matilda Saltonstail oals. Bap. For, aux soc 17,30, Haverhill
Fem Cha So. 11,42. Individuals 3,58. Dunstable for Indian Miss.
Bap. Ch. Dunstable, Mass. for Carey Station
Malden Fem. Mite Soc. 3Odls. Bap Ch. and Soc. 20, for Carey Station
Chelmsford Ch. and Soc 17,19. Female cent Soc. 11 dollars
Milford prinary Society of Gentlemen

Female cent Society 16,10. Miss. Box 2,31 by Mrs. Everet
Ladies in rst Bap Ch. & So. Haverbill for Education of Burman Fem.
Female Judson Soc. of 2d. Bap Ch. & Soc. Haverhill
Eunice Nichols, Cambridge, for Carey Station
Children in Brookline by Mrs. L. Griggs for Ed. Burman Children
Female Mite Society, Salisbury, New-Hampshire
Baptist Female Mite Society, Framingham
Miss Asenith Goodnow
Woburn Female Dom. Mis. Soc. for Carey Station
2 female Friends, Amherst, N H by G. Evans,
a Widow in the vicinity of Boston, by do. being the Widow's Mite
From L. Farwell, Esq. ITreasurerpfy the Boston Bap. Association, it

having been rec by him at the annual Meeting in Methuen

a fernale Friend, Milton, for Burman Mission by Dea. J. Loring
of Nathan Alden, Esq of East Bridgewater, by Deacon Loring
from the Utica For Mission Society by Jason Lothrop, Treasurer

» Female Missionary Society, Newport
the Female Miss. soc. of the 3d Bap. Ch. and Soc Boston, by Miss L.
Clouston, Treasurer, to be equally divided between the Burman Mis.

sion and the Indian Mission in our own Country




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the Female Soc. in Petersborough, N. H. by Mrs. Sarah Thayer, Treas.
By the following sums, rec. from Rev. Luther Rice, Agent of the General Convention.--

for Foreign Missions
» Domestic

General Purposes

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By Cash received for Order on A. P. Cleaveland
from the Vermont Auxiliary Baptist Board, by J. Conant, Esq Treasurer

J. Conant, Esq being part of a bequest from Benjamin Stevens, deceased 28
» of the Seekonk Fem. Miss. Soc. aux. to the For. Miss. by Mr. H.4. Brown, Prov. 23,30
» through the hands of Deacon John Clark, St. Johnsbury, Vermont

from Aaron Griswold per H, B. Rounds

1 3 friends for Rev. I. McCoy, at Ca. Sta. by Rev. Z, L. Leonard of Sturb. s a friend, by Rev. Mr Putnam

SO the Franklin Asso for the For Mission, by the hand of E. Lincoln

50 the Salem Translation & For. Miss. Soc. by the hand of Rev. Dr. Bolles

Credited in ac. for outfits of Rev. G. D. Boardman, it having been received

by him at sundry times by collections, subscriptions, &c. in aid of Bur. Miss.
from El Isworth & Surry, Me. Bap fe. ct. so. M. I rue worthy, Sec. by Capt. Lord
Rev. Luther Rice, Agent of the General Convention, for Foreign Missions $

General Purposes $4,39
Domestic Missions

Appropriations of the United States Gov. for the quarter ending Sept. 30, 1825


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By Cash from H. Prince, Esq. Treasurer of the Baptist Convent. of the State of Maine

from the Lincoln Bap. Aux. Society in aid of Foreign Missions
Lincoln Female cent Society, in aid of For. Missions by Dea. J. Loring
Mr. J. Cauldwell, Tre asurer of the N. Y. Soc. for the Education of Heathen
Children for the Carey Station, per Messrs. Freeman, Cobb & Co.


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