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Resolded, That this discussion be for monies received and disbursed by the the present postponed.

Board, as ordered by the last Convention, Resolved, That this Convention take not being yet ready, it was measures to ascertain immediately the Resolded, That it be produced on Monfinancial condition of the Columbian day morning next. College, with a view to relieve it from The President announced the appointpresent embarrassment.

ment of the following Committees. Resolved, That the above resolution be

1. On the Treasurer's accounts. referred to a Committee on the concerns of the College to be hereafter ap

Messrs. Stephen Gano, pointed.

David Benedict, Resolved, That Messrs. Semple, Going

William Colgate, and Mercer be a committee to devise if

Thomas Stokes. possible, and present at 3 o'clock, some 2. To examine the accounts of the plan of arrangement on the subject of

Agent. placing Mr. Rice's name on the list of

Messrs. Howard Malcom, nomination for Trustees. Adjourned.

Daniel Hascall,
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Olmstead.

Jonathan Bacheller,
Met at 3 o'clock. Mr. Maclay prayed.

Abial Fisher, The committee having entered, made

Heman Lincoln, the following report.

John Conant. * Mr. Rice having declared his deter

3. To examine the appropriations of mination to devote his time to the co

the Treasury. lection of funds for the College, and

Messrs. John L. Dagg, never again to perform any part of the service of disubursing monies on ac

Samuel W. Lynd

John Kerr, count of the College, unless specially directed so to do by a resolution of the

Archibald Maclay, Board of Trustees; and having also ex

Henry Jackson. pressed his determination to retire from 4. On the Burman Mission, a seat in the Board of Trustees, provided

Messrs. Daniel Sharp, he shall be found in the opinion of the

William Staughton, Convention on the investigation which

Thomas Brown, he has invited, unworthy of that office,

Francis Wayland, jr. is the opinion of the Committee that

Lucius Bolles. his name ought to be placed on the list for Trustees."

5. On accounts with the Missionaries R. B. Semple,

in India. Jesse Mercer, Com. Messrs. Daniel Sharp, Jonathan Going,

Samuel Cornelius,

Eli Ball.
I agree to the above.
Luther Rice.

6. On the African Mission.

Messrs. William Staughton, The report was accepted, and Mr.

Lucius Bolles, Rice's name was accordingly added,

Abner Davis, After some further alterations made by

William Crane, the Convention,

Noah Davis. Resoloed, That Messrs. Stokes and Ruggles be a committee to forward the 7. On establishing a Mission in Mexi. nomination and votes, by Messenger and

co, or South America. by Mail ; with liberiy io draw on the Messrs. Elon Galusha, Treasurer for expenses of a Messenger

Lucius Bolles, if they should send one. Adjourned.

John Conant,
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Ball.

John M, Peck.

8. On the Withington Station.. Saturday, April 29.

Messrs. Jesse Mercer, Met at 9 o'clock. Prayer by Rev. Mr.

Jonathan Going, Leonard. Minutes were read.

Jonathan Merriam, Rev. Mr. McCoy, Missionary from Ca

Abner Davis. rey Station, was invited to a seat. The Board of Managers were called on

9. On the Siations at Valley Towns for some statement of their proceedings

and Tirsawattee. since the last Convention, but not being Messrs. Joseph B. Cook, yet prepared, time was allowed them till

C. G. Sommers, Monday next

B. C. Grafton, The printed statement of accounts of

Jesse Mercer.


10. On the Stations at Carey and voluminous account prepared by the Thomas.

Treasurer. Messrs. S. H. Cone,

The Committee on Agents' Accounts, Noah Davis,

reported that they had been referred to Francis Wayland, jr.

former numbers of the Luminary and R. Babcock, jr.

Annual Reports, and a recent Manuscript Aaron Perkins,

Account, and that they were not able to David Jones.

accomplish an investigation from such

resources11. On the subject of State Conden

Resolved, That the Agent be directed tions,

to furnish a Manuscript Account current Messrs. William Gammell,

to the Committee by to morrow morning. Luther Rice,

The Report of the Committee on the George Patterson,

Burman Mission, was read and accepted. Joseph W. Sawyer,

The President announced Dr. Staughton, Francis Wayland, jr.

Dr. Bolles, J. Mercer, J. Kerr and N. Ken. 12. On the affairs of the Luminary and drick, as a committee on the constitution. Star.

Resolved, That the President be Chair

man of that Committee. Messrs. Francis Wayland, jr.

The President announced Messrs. Peck, J. D. Knowles,

Rice, Maylin, and Chase as a Coromittee Joseph Maylin,

on domestic Missions. T. B. Ripley,

Resolved, That the accounts of the James Loring.

Columbian College be presented to the 13. On the affairs of Columbian Col Committee on its affairs at 4 o'clock this

afternoon. Adjourned to 9 o'clock to lege.

Rev. Mr. Jones prayed. Messrs. William T. Brantley, 0. B. Brown,

Tuesday, May 2, 1826.
Lucius Bolles,
Daniel Sharp;

Convention met at 9 o'clock.
Francis Wayland, jr.

Rev. Mr. Wilcox prayed.
William Staughton,

The Committee on our account with the Nathaniel Kendrick,

English Missionaries in India reported, David Benedict,

That on inquiry they found that they Jesse Mercer,

had no facts on which to report except Elon Galusha,

what are contained in the Treasurer's Stephen Gano,

Report, and therefore beg leave to be Irab Chase,

discharged." Jonathan Going,

Resolved, That the request of the Robert B. Semple.

Committee be granted. 14. On the Charter of the Convention.

Resolved, That the Committee on the

Star and Luminary be instructed to inMessrs. J. D. Knowles,

quire into the state of the property wbich Obadiah B. Brown.

at the last meeting of the Convention the A communication from the American Agent estimated to be worth $10,000, Sunday School Union, accompanied by a and which he then proposed to deed to number of their last reports, was produ the Convention without delay. ced by Mr. Thomas Stokes

Resoloed, That the communication of Resolped, That they be referred to a the Agent read yesterday morning, and committee. Adjourned to Monday next now lying on the table be referred to the at 11 o'clock.

Committee on the conduct of the Agent. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Kerr.

Messrs. Stokes, Peck, Leonard and

McCoy, were appointed a Committee on Monday Morning, May 1, 1826. the communication from the American Convention met at 11 o'clock.

S. 8. Union. Adjourned to 12 o'clock.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Cook.

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Wayland.
Minutes of Saturday were read.
The Agent presented and read his u-

Met at 12 o'clock. sual communication respecting his opera

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Dagg. tions during the past three years.

The report of the Board of Managers Resolded, That it lie on the table. was called for, which was accordingly

The Committee on the Treasurer's produced, with documents accompanyAccount reported, that they “ had examined and compared the same with the Resoloed, That it lie on the table. vouchers, and do find it correct." They Adjourned to 9 o'clock to niorrow presented at the same time a full and morning. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Brantley.

ing, &c.

Wednesday, May 3, 1826.

Thursday, May 4th. Prayer by Dr. Kendrick.

Convention met at 9 o'clock. The Minutes were read, the roll of

Prayer by Rev. Mr. McCoy. Delegates called and corrected.

The Report of the Committee on the
The Report of the Committee on the Carey and Thomas Stations was read
African Mission was read and accepted. and accepted.
See Appendix (A.)

See Appeadix (D.)
Resoloed, That this Convention, as far

Whereupon as their information has extended, cor Resolved, That the unfavorable reports, dially approve of the Missionary labours alluded to in the Report of your Com. of the Red. Lott Carey in Africa.

mittee of 1823, are altogether unfounded, Resolded, That the interests of the Af- and that we entertain unshaken confia rican Mission be particularly recommend. dence in the integrity and missionary ed to the attention of the Board.

zeal of the Rev. Mr. McCoy. Resolded, That this Convention regard Resolved, That it is expedient and newith deep interest the objects and the cessary to adopt an uniform rule for the exertions of the American Colonization support of our Indian Stations, and the Society in the establishment of their Co. compensation of Missionaries there em. lony at Liberia in Africa-and as the en- ployed :largement and support of this Colony is

Resolded, That if in the opinion of intimately connected with the progress of the Board it be deemed expedient, a meMissions in that part of the world, we

morial be presented, at the next session readily recommend to the friends of Afri- of Congress, expressive of the entire ap. ca of our own denomination particularly probation of this body of the plan of the to take collections on the 4th day of July, present Secretary of War to colonize the and at any other proper seasons, in aid of Indians in the West, and of our readithe funds of the Colonization Society.

ness to co-operate in the measure ; and Resolded, That it be recommended to praying Congress to increase the approthe Board to employ an Agent or Agents priation to aid Indian reform. for the express purpose of soliciting do

The Report of ihe Committee on the nations and collecting funds for the sup- Agent's Accounts was read and accepted. port of our Missionary operations at Liberia in Africa.

See Appendix (E.) The Report of the Committee on es.

The Report of the Committee on the tablishing a Mission in Mexico or South communication from the Corresponding America, was read and accepted.

Secretary of the American Sund. School See Appendix (B.)

Union was read and accepted.
The Report of the Committee on the See Appendix (F.)
Carey and Thomas Stations was read.

Resolded, That the report be recom-

Resolved, That this Convention view mitted to the Committee, and that Dr. with lively interest the extensive operaStaughton be added.

tions, and growing prosperity of the The Report of the Committee on the American Sunday School Union, and concerns of the Luminary and Star, with that the Secretary of this Convention be the property deeded to the Convention requested to return a friendly answer to by the Agent, was read and accepted.

the letter received from that body, acSee Appendix (C.) Resolved, That tbe recommendation of companied by a copy of this report and

resolutions, the committee appended to their report be adopted.

Resolved, That the particular attention Resolved, That if the Board find it of our denomination be urged to the expedient to re-convey to Mr. Rice the support and establishment of Sabbath property of which he was the donor, Schools. Much has already been done, that they be fully authorized to do so on

but such is the wideness of the field of behalf of the Convention.

labour, that new and vigorous exertions The Committee on the Charter report- are highly necessary. ed the entire validity of that instrument,

Resolved, That brethren Semple, BabAt the proposal of the Committee on the Carey and Thomas Stations, Rey, Committee to prepare a nomination for

cock, Eastman, Kerr and Gammell be a Mr. McCoy was requested to make a full the next Board of Managers. and verbal statement of such points as he considered important to be known by Resolved, That a Committee be ap. this Convention." Rev. Mr. McCoy con- pointed to examine into and report the tinued till the hour of adjournment.

best location for the Board of Managers Prayer by Rev. Mr. Gammell. of this Convention.



The Report of the Committee on Do. The Committee on State Conventions mestic Missions was read.

having reported See Appendix (G)

Resolved, That the Corresponding SecResolved, That the consideration of retary be instructed to commence a corthe subject of this Report be postponed. respondence with the Corresponding SecThe Convention adjourned.

retaries of the different State ConvenRev. Abner Davis prayed. tions in the United States soliciting their

co-operation in the object of this ConAt half past 3 o'clock, the Convention vention, and inviting them to send dele

Rev. A. Fisher prayed. gates to attend its next triennial meeting It being stated that progress in busi- according to the rules of the 2d Anicle ness before the Convention could not be of the Constitution, and also to corresmade, before certain committees report, pond with the Missionary Societies in it was

such States as may not have formed such Resolded, That we adjourn to 10 o'. Conventions directing their attention to clock to morrow morning.

this important subject. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Eastman. The Committee appointed to nominate

a list of names for a Board of Managers, Friday, May 5th. reported a list. Convention met.

Resolved, That it lie on the table for Prayer by Rev. Mr. Knowles. the use of members. The consideration of the report of the Resolded, That Messrs. O. B. Brown, Committee on Domestic Missions was G. F. Davis and J. D. Knowles be apcalled for, and it was

pointed a Committee to prepare a suita. Resolted, That this Convention will ble expression of respect for our deceased heartily rejoice in the adoption of such brethren Furman and Baldwin. general measures in relation to Domestic Resolved, That brethren B. Jacobs, and Missions as shall be calculated to unite L. Leonard be a Committee to inquire the energies of the whole denomination in into the unfinished business of this consystematic missionary labours within our vention and report to morrow morning: country, either by the co-operative efforts The Convention then proceeded to the of State Conventions, and Associations, election by ballot of a new Board of or other eligible means.

Managers. Several officers were elected, A communication from the Baptist when the Convention adjourned to 10 General Tract Society was read

o'clock, to morrow Resolved, That it lie on the table.

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Patterson. The Report of the Committee on the conduct of Mr. Rice was read and accept Saturday at 10 o'clock, the Convention ed. See Appendix (H.)

Prayer by Rev. Mr. Jackson. Resolved, That no charge against Lu

Minutes were read. ther Rice as lo immoral conduct has been

The communication from the Baptist substantiated. Resolved, That many imprudencies are

Tract Society was considered. properly attributable to him, for which Staughton and Sommers be a Committee

Resolved, That brethren Gammell, however, the urgent embarrassments of the College furnish at least a partial to attend to said communication and reapology

port. Resolved, That from the various de.

The Committee on the Address of the velopements it appears that Mr. Rice is Baptist General Tract Society reported a a very loose accountant, and that he has resolution which was adopted by the

Convention as follows: very imperfect talents for the disbursement of money.

Resolved, That this Convention reAdjourned to half past 7 this evening.

joices in every exertion employed for the Rev. Amasa Smith prayed.

advancement of the Redeemer's king

dom. Among such exertions it considFriday, half past 7 o'clock, Conven ers the distribution of tracts. The blestion met. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Welch. sing of the Lord has already attended

The Report of the Committee on ap- efforts of this nature. The Convention propriations was read and accepted. wishes the Society much success in its See Appendix (I.)

endeavours, and will ever rejoice in its The Commitiee on locating the Board prosperity. reported as their unanimous opinion that The Committee on the concerns of Boston, Ms. was the most eligible place Columbian College reported. for the location of the Board.

After some discussion of resolutions Resolved, That the Board of Managers predicated on this report, the Convention be located in Boston, as recommended in adjourned to 3 o'clock. the above report.

Prayer by Rev.Mr. Cornelius.


At 3 o'clock Convention met.

Resolved, That we recommend the Prayer by Rev. Mr. Sommers. Board to request the Rev. Peter Doty to The discussion of the subject of the take into his immediate care all the College was continued, and the following financial concerns of the Stations, and preamble and resolutions were adopted : that Rev. Lee Compere be also requested

Whereas it appears by experience, that to transfer then to him.t the connexion between the Missionary The Report of the Committee on the and education concerns of this Conver- Valley Towns and Tinsawattee Stations tion is of no benefit to either-and was read and accepted.

Whereas it is evident that this Conven See Appendix (L.) tion can exercise no control over the Whereupon affairs of the Columbian College which Resolved, That the Board be requested will either be beneficial to that Institu- to make further inquiry respecting the tion, or maintain the confidence of the deficiency of vouchers referred to, from public, and as this inability is rendered the Valley Towns Stations, and that they more evident by the late decision of the instruct our Missionaries' at that, and Attorney General* ;-therefore,

other Stations, in the United States, to Resolved, That the Board of Trustees pay particular attention to this subject be requested so to alter the ordinances of for the future, and also to accompany the College, is to place the power of 'every account with its proper vouchers, nomination in some other body than this and to transmit at proper times a distinct Convention, taking due care to preserve estimate of the property they severally to the Baptist Denomination the effective hold belonging to the Convention.. control of the Institution. Resolved, That as a sentiment has in School at Tinsawattee affords us peculiar

Resolted, That the prosperity of the some degree, though erroneously, public satisfaction, and we recommend to the ly prevailed that this body was responsi- early attention of the Board the importble for the debts of the Columnbian College, and as this Convention feels a deep tend to the permanent establishment of

ance of adopting such measures as may interest in its prosperity, should the Trus- that Station. tees pursue the course recommended to them in the list of nomination recently a suitable expression of the feelings of

The Committee appointed to prepare furnished by the Convention, and their the Convention in regard to the members measures be such as to inspire public con. fidence, we will use our influence and last session, presented the following no

of this body, who have deceased since its exert our powers in obtaining monies by tice, which was unanimously adopted. subscriptions and donations to relieve

“While this Convention acknowledge them from their present embarrassments. with devout gratitude to God the benig.

Adjourned to 9 o'clock Monday morn nant kindness which has redeemed from ing. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Malcom.

destruction the lives of so many of their

members, they cannot but deeply feel the Monday, May 8, 1826.

loss which they in common with the Convention met at 9 o'clock.

Baptist denomination and the whole chrisPrayer by Rev. Noah Davis. tian community have sustained, by the The Report of the Committee on the death, since the last session of the ConWithington Station was read.

vention, of several individuals who have See Appendix (K.)

shared in their councils, and zealously Resolved, That this Convention highly promoted their designs. disapprove of the conduct of the Rev. Lee The removal from this disordered Compere in meddling with the political world of any one, who with an enlightand party disturbances as to the Creek ened mind, and a renovated heart, is acnation.

tively occupied in the diffusion of piety Resolved, That as no imputation of and iruth, is at any time a cause of reguilt or impeachment of moral character, gret. But the Convention feel, that it is or purity of motives, is preferred against right to mention as a peculiar reason for the Rev. Lee Compere, or any misman. unfeigned sorrow, the death of Richard agement of the concerns of the Station, Furman, who was for six years, the we recommend to the Board of ManaPresident of this Convention, and of gers to continue him as their Missionary Thomas Baldwin, who was during many at Withington Station, in the Creek Na. years and at the time of his decease the tion.

President of the Board of Managers. *The Attorney General of the United States had decided that elections of the Board of Trustees must be made in Washington, D. c.

+ This resolution was adopted at the instigation and with the consent of Mr. Com pere, and not on account of any dissatisfaction with his financial arrangements,

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