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North District Association --will have an opportunity next session to take up the subject of missions.

South District Association.--"We do cordially approve of the benevolent de signs of the Board for spreading the gospel in heathen climes, and earnestly recommend it to the consideration of the churches." A Secretary was appointed" to correspond with the Board;" and a collection taken during the session for missionary purposes.

Long Run Association.--“ Brother George Waller is appointed a Correspond. ing Secretary, for the purpose of obtaining information from the Board of mis. sions. The missionary Reports were distributed among the churches and paid for.”

Russell's Creek Association.--" Agreed to correspond with the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions.” Took up a public collection, and added to it money collected before for missionary purposes, and forwarded the whole to the general fund.

Stockton's Valley Association --The missionary business not yet introduced.

Emancipation Association.--" Agreed to contribute something to encourage the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, and appointed brother David Barrow a Standing Secretary for the purpose of corresponding with said Board.” A pub. lic collection was taken up, besides paying for a parcel of the Report of the Board presented to this body.

Licking Association.--" Brother Rice's letter called for and read; whereupon, agree to answer, that this association present to Elder Rice their thanks, and through him to their respected brothers of the Board of Foreign Missions, for their attention towards us, and that we will cheerfully send them a copy of our minutes annually; and hope that God in his providence will open a door for the entrance of the gospel among the heathen of our own country." Besides paying for a parcel of the Report, a public collection was taken up in favour of the objects of the Board.

Cumberland River Association.—“ Received ten copies of the Report of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions. We feel it not only our duty to circulate said Reports among the churches, but to entreat you both to yield a favourable countenance towards the missionary cause, and to exert a zealous patronage for its promotion.” Paid for a parcel of the Report, and took up a public collec. tion for the mission.

Gasper River Association. The minutes have been received; but to this body the missionary bụsiness has not yet been introduced.

Little River Association." Whereas a request was received by this association to correspond with the Missionary Board, Elder Thomas Ross is appointed Secretary to enter into that business."

Burning Spring Association.-" Voted to enter into a correspondence with the Board of Missions ;" appointed a Standing Secretary for the purpose ; and took up a public collection for the general missionary object.

Union Association " Agreed to open a correspondence with the Board of Missions.” appointed a Secretary for the purpose.

Franklin Association.--Recently formed. The minutes have been received.

Union Association,-in the south part of Kentucky. Recently formed. Mi. nutes not yet come to hand.

ON10-Six Associations, and trvo auxiliary Mission Societies,

Miami Association.-" The missionary business taken up, and a letter from the Board of Foreign Missions read. Resolved, that this association do correspond with said Board, and that money be collected to cover the expense of correspondence. Dear brethren, shall or can we sit still whom God hath created anew in Christ Jesus unto good works, and has placed us in the garden of bis grace? Are not our bodies, and souls, and substance, all the Lord's! And should we not study to put all in motion for the glory of God, and the good of souls, to send the savour of the name of Emmanuel to the remotest bounds of the inhabited earth ?"

Beuver Association." Appointed brother Hanks to correspond with the Agent of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, from whom we have received 12 copies of their first annual Report ; which were disposed of agreeably to request, and money placed in the bands of brother Hanks, to be by him transmite

ted to the Board or Agent, who is also to furnish this association with such in. formation as he may receive from them in the recess of this meeting"

Straight Creek Association." Received a letter from the Board of Foreign Missions. Resolved, that Elder Thomas Ellrod act as our Corresponding Secretary in relation to said Board, to communicate, and to receive communications, on behalf of this association " Money was collected to pay for a parcel of the Report sent to this zealous body.

Muskingum Association. The minutes have been received. At the next session the missionary business may be introduced to their attention.

Mad River Association.-“ Brother John Thomas appointed Secretary, to hold correspoudence with the Board of Missions. Made a contribution of SA 20 in the house, and a public collection next day at the stand of $17 25, for the purpose of missions." Indiana TERRITORY-Three Associations.

Wubash Association.-" Appointed Elder Isaac M'Coy Secretary to correspond with the Board of Missions. Received nine copies of the Report of the Board, for which the association put into the hands of their Secretary 50 cents for each copy."

White Water Association._"Received an address from the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions : appointed brother Ezra Ferris Secretary, to receive and convey intelligence to and from the said Board.”

Silver Creek Association." Appointed brother James M'Coy as Correspond. ing Secretary with the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, and that he receive such subscriptions or donations from the churches or individuals as may be given him for such laudable purposes ; and do such other things as he may judge best and most likely to meet the views of said Board.”

Sabbutariun General Conference.--Minutes have been received.

In the foregoing review it has been thought best to give extracts from the minutes of the associations, and the letters of correspondents, rather than to express the substance in fewer words ; that brethren in each section of our country may read the sentiments of brethren in all other parts of it, in their own language. In a few instances words, or the location of members of sentences, have been varied or transposed, for the sake of brevity ; but without altering the substance or the meaning. It is delightful and animating to observe such a uniformity of impressions, wishes, and purposes such a general determiration, in favour of the grand evangelical design of imparting to the benighted tribes of men the knowledge of salvation by Jesus Christ.

Extracts from the records of the Sansom-street Baptist Female

Society for promoting Foreign Evangclical Missions. From the report of the managers at the annual meeting of the society, Jų. ly, 1816:

The managers have ordered a letter to be written to sister Judson in Ran. goon, with a view of encouraging her in her present sphere of holy toil and peril

, and assuring her of their resolution to assist the mission as the Lord may be pleased to enable them.”

At a meetnig of the society, December 4, 1815—“ It was moved and seconded that our sister, Mrs. Judson, be an honorary member of this society.” Resolved, that our sister CHARLOTTE H. White, be an honorary member "This society, in much affection and regard for their sister Mrs. JUDSON, now a missionary in the East Indies, unite in tendering her a testimony of the interest they feel in her peculiar situation, and in the blessed cause in which she is engaged :- They therefore appropriate the sum of thirty dollars for the procuring some acceptable present.”

This sum was placed into the hands of a committee for carrying the object into effect. The duty was fulfilled with affection, and prudence.


of this society.”




Names of the Names and Places of residence of the Corresponding Secretaries, Standing

Secretaries, Clerks, and Correspondents, of the associations 1 Bowdoinham,

Maine Rev. Robert Low, Correspondent, New Gloucester, Cumberland County, Maine 2 Lincoln, Maine Rev. Phinehas Pilsbury, Correspondent, Nobleborough, Lincoln County, Maine 3 Cumberland, Maine Rev. John Tripp, Correspondent Sec. Hebron, Cumberland County, Mzee Hew Hampshire, N. H. Rev. Timothy Hodson, Corresponding Secrcretary, Hollis, York County, Mainga

Meredith, N. H. Rev. Stephen Pillsbury, Corresponding Sec. Hebron, Grafton County, N. W. 6 Dublin, N. H. Rev. John Parkhursh Standing Secretary, New Ipswich, Hilsboro County, x. 7 Shaftsbury,

Vt. Rev. Eli Ball,Clerk ot Association, Lansingburg, Renssellær County, New-York 8 Woodstock, V. Rev. Joshua Bradley, Standing Secretary, Windsor. Windsor County, Vernant 9 Vermont,

Vt. Rer. Nathaniel Kendrick, Standing Secretary, Middlebury, Addison County, 1 10 Fairfield,

Vt. Rev. Roswell Meers, Scanding Secretary, Georgia, Franklin County, Vernant 11 Barre,

Vt. Rev. Elijah Huntington, Standing Secretary, Braintree, Orange County, Veraard 12 Danville,

Rev. Daniel Mason, Corresponding Secretary, Craftsbury, Orleans County, FL 13 Leyden,

Mass. Rev. Elijah Montague, Corresponding Sec. Leverett, Franklin County, dus. 14 Scurbridge, Mass. Res. Zenas L. Leonard, Corresponding Sec. Sturbridge. Worcester Co. Mam 15 Boston,

Mass. Rev. Lucius Bolles, Standing Secretary, Salem, Essex County, Massachuset 16 Westfield, Mass. Benjamin Hastings, Esq. Standing Sec. Westfield, Hampshire County, More 17 Warren,

R. I. Samuel Eddy, Esq. L. L. D. Corresponding Secretary. Providence, Rhode Island 18 Yearly Meeting, R. I. Res. Richard Knight, Clerk of Association, Cranston, Plymouth County, Mar 19 Stonington, Con. Rev. Jonathan Goodwin, Corresponding Sec. Mansfield, Windham County. Cse 20 Groton Union, Con. Rev. Asa Wilcox, Corresponding Secretary, Lyme, New London Coubty, Cos 21 Hartford, Con. Rev. Elisha Cushman, Cor Secretary, Hartford, Hartford County, Connectors. 22 New York,

N. Y. Rev. William Parkinson, Standing Secretary, New York City, Ner-la 23 Warwick, N. Y. Rev. Aaron Perkins, Standing Secretary, Marlboro, Ulster County, New Tesla 24 Otsego,

N. Y. Rev. Caleb Douglass, Cor. Secretary, Whitesborough, Oneida County, New-id 25 Chemung,

N. Y. Rev. Thomas Smiley, Standing Sec. White Deer, near Milton, Coluintrin Cah 20 Rensselærville, N. Y. Rer. J. Arnold, C. S. Cairo, Green co.-or Dea H. Hill, Caiskill, Green co. X.L. 27|Cayuga,

N. Y. Rev. Elkanah Comstock, Corresponding Sec. Owasco, Cayuga County, Xer-late 28 Essex,

N. Y. Rev. Ely Stone, Standling Secretary of association, Jay, Essex County, New 29 Saratoga, N. Y. Rev. Edward Barber, Corresponding Sec. Greenwich, Washington Co. No forte 30 Black River,

N. Y. Kev. Emory Osgood, Cor. Sec. Naples in Henderson, Jefferson County, X. Yen 31 Madison, N. Y. Rev. John Peck. Corresponding Secretary, Cazenovia, Madison County, N. Yetene 32 Lake George, N. y. Rev. Jehiel Fox, Correspondent of Association, Chester, Warren County, A.Y. 33 Union,

N. Y. Kev. Job Foss, Clerk of Association, Dover, Dutchess County, New-York 34 Franklin,

N Y Rev. John Bostwick, Corresponding Sec. Hartwick, Otsego County, New-Yert 35 Holland Purchase N. Y. Rev.Joy Handy, Corresponding Sec. Pomfret, Chatangue County, New-Yet

. 36 St. Lawrence,

N. Y. Deacon Samuel Robinson, Correspondent, Madrid, St. Lawrence Co. New-Fert 37|Ontario. N. Y. Rev. Solomon Goodale, Corresponding Sec. Bristol, Ontario Coanty, New York 38 Hudson River, N. Y. Rev. Lewis Leonard, Correspondent, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, N. Ferie 39 New Jersey, N. J. Rex Joseph Shepparil, Corresponding Sec. Salem, Salem County, New Jerry 40 Philadelphia, Penn. Rev. Horatio G. Joncs, Clerk, Roxborough, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvana 41 Redstone, Penn. Rev. James Estep, Corresponding Sec. Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland Con 42 Abington, Penn. Rev. John Miller. Standing Secretary, Abington, I.uzerne County Pennsylva 43 Delaware,


Rev. Daniel Dodge, Corresponding Secretary, Wilmington, New Castle Co Die 44 Salisbury, Md. Rev. Stevens Woolford, je. Cor. Fishing Creek, Dorchester County, Mania 45 Baltimore, Md. Rev. Spencer H. Cone, Standing Sec, Alexandria, District of Columbia, 1, 40 Ketocton,


Rev. William C. Back, Correspondent, Mount Pleasant, Frederie Ca. Virgin 47 Strawberry, Va. Rev. John S. Lee, Corresponding Secretary, Lynchburg, Campbell County, 48 Dover,

Rev. John Bryce. Corresponding Sec. Richmond, Henrico County, Virgini 49 Middle District, Va. Rev. Benjamin Watkins, Correspondent of associa. Powbatan County, Virgin 30 Roanoke,

Rev. John Jenkins, Corresponding Sec. near Grasty's store, Pittsylvania Ceva 61 Portsmouth,

Rev. James Mitchell, Standing Secretary, Norfolk. Norfolk County, Virgin 32 Albemarle,

Kev. Martin Dawson, Corresponding Secretary, near Warren, Albemarle Ca. I 53| Goshen,


Rev. Absalom Waller, Correspondent associa. Pittsylvania County, Virgitus 54 Shiloh,

Va. Richard 1. Tutt. Esq. Stated Clerk of Association, Culpepper County, Virgin 55 New.River, Va. Rev. John Black, Correspondent near Newbern, Montgomery County, Wa. So Mayho,


Rev. Benjamin Fuel, Correspondent, Wentworth, Rockinghnin County, NC. 57 Appomattos, Rev. Richard Dabbs, Cor. Sec. Oakhill, near Keysville, Charlotte County 68 Meherrin, Va. Deacon Joseph Saunders, Corresponding Secretary, Brunswick County, Virginia 59|Union,


Rev. J. Carney, Correspondent of Association, Buchanan, Harrison County, Ya 601 Green Brier,


Rev. John Alderson, Corresponding Secretary, Green Brier County, Virginia 61 Accomack,


Brother William Costin, Clerk of Association, Lower Northampton, Virgin 62 Washington, Va.

Dea. Elij. Gillingwaters, Clerk. N. Fork of Holston, near Abington, Wash. Co. Va 63 Tazes Valley,

Va. Rev. John Young, Standing Secretary, near Greenupsburg, Greenup Co. By 64 Sandy Creek N. C. Rev. Robert T. Daniel. Corresponding Sec. near Pittsboro, Chatham Co... 65 Kehukee, N.C. Rev. Bennitt Barrow, Corresponding Sec. Tarboro, Edgecombe County, NC 66/Yadkin, N. C. Rev. Thomas Wright, Correspondent, near Hain pronville, Surry County, xc 67 Flat River, N. C. Rev. Elisha Battle, Cor. Sec, near Granville court house, Granville County, N.C. 66 Neuse, N. C. Rev. Wiliam P. Biddle, Correspondent, Newbern, Crareu County, N. Carolina 09 Mountain, N. C. Rev. Daniel Keith, Correspondent, near Grayson court house, Grayson Cava: 50 Cape Fear. N. C. Rev. James A. Ranaldson, Correspond. Sec. Fayetteville, Cumberland Co.N.C. 71 Chowan, NC. Hon. George Outlaw, Esq. Moderator, Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina 72 Country Line, 73 Raleigh, N. c. Brother S. Bond, Correspondent of Association, Raleigh, Wake County, N.C. 74 French Broad, N.C. Rev. Humphrey Poses, Correspondent, Waynesville. Haywood County, NC 75 Pee Dee, N.C. Rev.John Colpepper,'Correspondent, Allentown, Montgomery County, . 76 Charleston, s.c. Rev. Richard Firman, D. D. Correspondent of association, Charleston, SC 77 Bethel, s.c. Rev. Samuel M'Creary, Cor. Sec. near Beckamsville, Chester Distries, s.c. 78] Brond River, Is.c: Brother William

Lancaster, Standing Soc. Spartanburg Spartanburg Dish sc





11/1807 Vt.


Times of Meetings of the Asso Places of Meetings

18/16 the Associations. 1 1787|Maine 36 211 2

1867 Fourth Wednes. 25, Sept. 10, A. M. Readfield, Kennebeck county. Mes 2/1804 Maine 59 291 6

2907 Third Wednes. 18, Sept. 10. A. M. Warren, Lincoln county, Maino 311810 Maine 24 191 1

1242 First Wednesday, second October. Livermore, Oxfom county, Maine 41783|N. H. 30 211 4

1.70 Sed nd Wednes, 12, June, 10, A M. Effingham, Strafford county, N. H. 51799 N. H. 8) 6

1001 Second Wednesday, n, September. Meredith, Stafford county, New H. 0/1800/N, H. 14 8 4

730 Third Wed. 16, October, 1 P. M. New Ipswich, Hillsboro county, N.H. 71780 V. 135 24 2 3511 First Wednesday, 5, June, 10 A. M. Sandisfield, Berkshire county, Mass. 81783 VL. 25 18 6 1845 Last Wednesd. 25, September 1 P. M. Sutton, north m. h. Newhampshire. 91735 V. 22 18 51021836 First Wednesl. 2, October, 10 A. M. Ira, Rutland

county, Vermont. 10 1793 Vt.

12 5 2 32 542 Second Wednes. 12, June, 10 A. M. Morristown, Orleans county, Vermt. 126

342 Third Wednes. 18, Septem. I P. M. Braintree, Orange county, Vermont, 12 1810 Vt.

71 2 3 71 179 Third Wedesday, 19 June, 1 P. M. Lunenburg, Essex county, Vermont. 13 1793 Mass. 26 18 3 35 1746 Second Wedneslay, ninth October Coleraine, Franklin county Massą. 14 1801 Mass. 24 19 3 1951 Last Wed. 28 August, 10 A. M. Woodstock, Windham county, Con. 151811 Mass. 30 21 3134 2963 Third Wednesday, 18 Sept. 20 A. M. Nottingham West, Rock. co. N. H. 16/1811 Mass.

8) 6 670 First Wednesday, 4 Sept. 10 A. M. Chester, Hampshire co. Massachus. 17 1767 R. 1. 41 28 4 329 4236 Tues: aft ist Wed: 10 Sept: 10 A, M. Pawtucket, near Providence, R. I. 38 R. L. 1714 1395 Frid: bef: 2d Sab. 6 Sept: 10 A. M. East Greenwich, Kent county, R. I. 191772 Con. 124/2011 3027 Third Tues: 15 October, 10 A. M. Colchester, New London county, C. 301785 Con. 101 9 4 1399 Third Wednesday, 19 June, 1 P. M. West Greenwich, Kent county, R. I. 911790 Con. 25 201 11126 1893 First Vednes: 2 October, 10 A. M. Cornwall, Litchfield co. Connecticut. 92/1791 N. Y. 12816 1 832011 Last Wedesday, May, 2 P. M. 1817 meeting house of Ist bap. ch. N.Y. 23:1701 N. Y. 2011 2 20 1265 First Wednesday, June, 2 P. M. 18 17 Deer Park, Orange co. N. York. 24 1795 İN. Y. 32|18/ 1 1851 First Wednesday, 4 Sept: 10 A. M. Richfield, Otsego county, New York. 25 1796 N. Y. 14 8 3 62 697 First Wednesday, 2 October. 10 A. M. Towanda, Lycoming county, Penn. 96 1796 N. Y. 16 15 246 1182 Second Wednes: 9 October, 10 A. M. Coeman's Albany county, New York, 27 1801 N. Y. 2214 2764 Third Wednes: 18 Sept: 10 A. M. Scipio, Cayuga county New York. 231802IN. Y.

6 il 1 198 Second Wednes: 11 Sept: 10 A. M. Plattsburg, Clinton county, N. York. 201805 N. Y. 2317 7 124 2456 Last Wednesday, 26 June, 10 A. M. Stillwater, Saratoga county, N. Y. 301808N, Y. 12 81 4 494 Second Wednesday, 12 June, 10 A. M. Rodman, Jefferson county, N. Yorke 34 1808 N, Y. 37|32 2790 Second Wednesday 11 Sept. 10 A. M. Cazenovia, Madison county, N.York. 321809|N, Y.

The minutes of this association have not yet been obtained from. 531809 N. Y. 13 5 660 First Wednesday, 4 Septem: 10 A. M. Carmel, Putnam county New-York. 341811N. Y. 17/14 78/1441 Third Wednesday, 19 June, 10 A. M. Hartwick, Otsego County, New York. 35 1831 N, Y. 13) 3 402 Last Wednesday, 28 August, 10 A. M. and. church in Middlebury, N. York. 36 1812 N. Y,

The minutes of this association bave not yet come to hand from. 371814 N. Y. 35 21 1701 Fourtb Wednesday, 25 Sept: 10 A. M. 1st. church in Pittsford, New-York. 381815|N. Y.

Last Wednesday, 28th of August Poughkeepsie, Dutchess co. N. York. 39 1811N, J, 123:14 38 1834 Tuesday, the 17th of September, 1st. baptist church. Hopewell, N. J. 401707 Pend. 24 21 10 230 2948 First Tuesday, 1 October, 2 P. M. 1s. baptist churcb, Philadelphia, Pa, a 1776 Penn. 33123 34 1099 Frid: bef 1st: Sab: Sep. 31 Aug:10 AM Cross Creek, Brook county, Virginia, 42 1807 Pend. 3 42 19 277 First Wednesday, 4th Sept: 11 A, M. Abington, Luzerne County, Penna. 431795 Del. 8 22 66 564 Sat: bef: Ist Sab: June, 11 A. M. 1817, London Tract, New-Castle co. De 44 1782|Md.

1414 33 441 Saturday before 4 Sab: 26th October, Nassiongo, -county, Maryland. 451792 Md.

1911 2 50 761 Friday before Second Sab: 6 Septem. Pleasant Valley, Washington co. Md. 461786 Va. 37.11 3 170 2459 Thurs: before 3rd Sabbath, 15 Aug. Goose Creek, London county Virga. 471766 Va.

Last Saturday, twenty-fifth of May, Bethel church. Franklin county, Va. 48|1783 Va. 43 26 6 Second Saturday, twelfth October, Kilmarnock, Lancaster county, Vaa 491783 Va. 812, 3

Second Saturday, twelfth October. Nottoway charch, Noctoway co. Va. 5011788 Va, 30 19 2 31 2849 Saturday bef: second Sab: 11 May, Crossroad, m. h. Halifax county, Va. 311790 Va, 122 10 61 1876 Saturday bef: 4 Sabbath, 25 May, Highhill m. h. Sussex county, Va. 52 1791 Va. 11 10 1 Second Saturday, twelfth Oetober, Adriel, Nelson county, Virginia. 13:1791 Va. 12619

Third Saturday, nineteenth, October, Bethel m: h: Caroline county, Virga. 54 1791 Va. 20 13 9 104 1628 Frid: bef: 1st. Saturd: Sept: 30, Aug: Battle Run m: h: Culpepper co. Va. 351793 Va. 10, 92 4 349 Second Saturday, twelfth October, Bethel meeting house, Wythe co. Va. 56/1798 Va. 15 11 3 Frid: bef: second Sabbath, 7 June, Red Cabin, Head of Dan River, 571804 Va. 15 15 31

Second Saturday, tenth August, Appomattox m: h: Prince Ed: co: V. 53 1804 Va. (16 7 9 600 Sat: before 4th Sabbath, 26 April, 1817 Reedy Creek, Brunswick co: Va. 591804 Va

The minutes of this association have not yet come to hand from. 601807|Va. 3 3 2 Frid: before second Sabbath, 6 Sept: Mann's m: h: Monroe county, Virga. Ci 1808 Va. 6 3 3 728 Sat: bef: 3rd Sabbath: 17 August, Lower Northampton,, Va. 621811 Va. 131 61 26 521 Second Friday, 13th of Sepu nuber, Indian Creek m: b: Russel co. Va. 631813 Va. 12 7 7 294 Friday bef: 4th Sabbath, 23 August Kanhawa church, Kanawa co. Ya. 041756/N. C. 19 9

Fourth Satunlay, twenty-six, Octob: Brush Creek in: h: Rando: co: N. C. 051771 N.C. 31 14 5! 411921 Saturday bef: 1st. Sabbath, 5 October, Conoho Log Chapel, Martin co. N: C: 69 1790 N.C. 16, 92 First Saturday, fifth of October, Brier Creek m: m: Wilkes co: N: C: 67 1794 N.C. 10 8 107 1061 Sat: bef. 4th Sabbath, 26th October, Neuse m: b: Wake county, N: C: 68 1794 N.C. 22 8 1 57 1040 Day bet: 3rd. Sab. 19th October, Union m: h: Edgecombe co: N: C: 091799 N. C. 14 5 7 140 680 Fourth Sat. twenty-fourth August. Johns River church, Burk co: N: C: 701805JN. C. 26 14 150 1601 Saturday bef: 1st. Sabbath: 5 October, Bull Tail m: h: New Han: co: N: C: 711006NC, 23 10 2 711916 Sat. bet second Sabbath, 11 May Ballard's Bridge meeting house 721806 N. C. 11.10 1 461031 Thind Saturday, seventeenth August Graves a: h: Caswell county, N: C: 731806 N. C. 17 20 28 823 Sat: bef: 2 Sabbath, 12 Oct: 11 A. M. Cedar Fork m: h: Wake co: N: C: 741807 n. C. 15, 9 2 27 526 Sat, before 4th Sabhath, 24 August, New Found m: h: Buncombe co: N:C: 75|1815 X. C.

Sat: before 30. Sabbath, 19 Octob: Richland, county N: Carolina: 70 1751 S.C. 40'28 5263/3873 Sat. before 1st. Sabbath, 2 November. Near Ledgers Saw m: Marlb: D: S:C; 77 1789 S. C. 35'2016, 742381 Day before 1st. Sabbathi

, titth Octob: Fair Forest church, Union Dis: S: C 77'icods. c. 30.231 5! 27/1519 Friday but: 34. Sabhraib, 18 October, Sundy ruun: h: Ruthethird co: N: Ca

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Names of the No.


Names and Places of residence of the Corresponding Secretares, standse Associations.

Secretaries, Clerks, and Correspondents, of the Associations. 79 Saluda,

s. c. Rev. James Crowther, Correspondent of asso. Abbeville District, South Carolina. 80 Edgefield,

S. C. Rev. Joseph King, Standing Secretary, Edgebeld District, South Carolina, 81 Georgia,

Geo. Rev. Jesse Mercer, Correspondent of asso. Grantsville. Green County, Georgia 82 Hephzibah,

Gto. Brother Thomas Byne, Correspondent, Mount Pleasant, Burke County, George 83 Sarepta,

Geo. Rev. Isham Goss, Corry sponding Secretary, Oglethorpe County, Grorgia 84 Savannah River, Geo. Rev. Willian T. Brantly, Correspondent, Beaufort, Beaufort District, S.C. 85 Oemulgee,

Geo. Rer. Charles Culpepper. Correspondent of associa. Wilkinson County, George, 86 Ebenezer,

Geo Rev. John Ross, Correspondent of association, Wilkinson County, Gestgie 87 Mississippi,

Mis. T. William Snodgrass, Esq. Standing Secretary, Natchez, Mississippi Tenta, 88 Flint River,

Mis. T. Rev. Zadock W. Baker, Clerk, Enon, Madison County, Mississippi Territory, 89 Holston,

Ten. Rev. Jonathan Mulkey, Corresponding Sec. Buffalo Ridge, Washington Co. Te 901 Tennesee,

Ten. Rev. West Walker, Corresponding Sec. 20 miles from Knoxville, Knox Co Te 91 Cumberland,

Ten. Rev. Garner M'Connieo, Corresponding Sec. near Franklin, Williamson Co. Tr. 92 Red River,

Ten. Rev. Sugg Fort, Corresponding Sec. near Port Royal. Monigomery County, Th 93 Elk River, Ten. Rev. Jeremiah Burns, Corresponding Sec. War Trace, Bedford County, Te 94 Concord,

Ten, Robert C. Foster, Esq. Corresponding Sec. Dear Nashville, Davidson Co. Tee 95, Caney Fork, Ten. Brother William Logue, Clerk, Rocky River church, Warren County Tennek 96 Elkhorn,

Ky. Rev. Silas M. Noel, Cor. Sec. Oakhill, Dear Frankfort, Franklin County, Let 97 Salem,

Ky. Gen. Joseph Lewis, Standing Secretary, Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentuck. 98 South Kentucky, Ky.

Kev, Thomas J. Chilton, Correspondent, Mount Verde, Wayne Co. Kemarks, 99 Tates Creek,

Brother William Goodloe, Standing Sec. near Richmond, Madison Co. Kentucks, 100 Bracken, Ky. Rev. Walter Warder, Corresponding Sec. Mayslick, Mason County, Kentucky

, 101 Green River, Ky. Michæl W. Hall, Esq. Correspondent, near Glasgow, Bärten County, Kentucky 102 North Bend,

Rev. Absalom Graves, Standing Sec. Bullitsburg. Boone County, Kentit.j. 103 North District, Ky. William Orear, Esq. Clerk, near Mount Sterling, Montgomery Co. Kentucky 104 South District, Ky. Col. Gabriel Slaughter, Cor. Sec. near Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentuki 105 Long Run, Ky

Rev. George Waller, Corresponding See. near Shelbyville, Shelby Co. Kentucky, 106 Russells Creek, Kv. Rev. John Chandler, Corresponding Sec. Dear Greensburgh, Green Co, ka 107 Stocktons Valley Ky. William Wood Esq. Clerk, Stockton's Valley, Cumberland County, Kentucky, 108 Emancipating, Ky. Rev. David Barrow, Cor. Sec. Near Mount Sierling, Montgomery Co. Kentucky 109 Licking,

Rev. Ambrose Dudley, Moderator, near Lexington, Fayette County, Kentech 110 Cumberland R. Ky. Brother Thomas Paschal. Clerk, near Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentech111 Gasper River, Ky. Brother Edward Collins, Clerk, near Russellsville, Logan County, Kentucky, 112 Little River, Ky. Rev. Thomas Ross, Cor. Sec. Saline Creek, near Dover, Stuart Co, Tenness 113 Burning Spring, Ky. Brother Alexander Lackey, Stauding Secretary, Beaver Creek, Floyd Co. Kes 114 L'nion, Ky. Brother Archelaus Vanhook, Cor. Sec. near Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kem 115 Franklin, Ky. Rev. John Scott, Clerk of Association, near Port William, Gallatin Co, kas 116 Union,-south. Ky. Rev. Moses Foley, Moderator of associa. Cumberland River Church, Kentucky 117| Miami, Ohio. Kev. John Masoni, Corresponding Secretary, Sugar Creek, Warren Coudly, odia 118 Scioto,

Ohio. Rev. Samuel Comer, Corresponding Sec. near New Lancaster,*Fairfield Co. Oh 119 Beaver, Ohio, Rev. Azariah Hanks, Corresponding Sec. New Lisbon, Columbiana Co. Ote 120 Straight Creek, Ohio. Rev. Thomas Ellrod, Corresponding Sec. near West Union, Adams Co. O 121 Musningum, Ohio. Rev. Jacob Drake, Clerk of Association, Delaware, Delaware County, obr. 122 Mad River, Ohio. Kev. Jolo Tbomas, Corresponding Sec. near Urbanna, Champaign Co. O 123 Wabash, In. 7./Rev. Isaac McCoy, Correspondiog Sec. Muria, near Vincennes, Knox Co. In T 124 White Water, In. T. Rev. Ezra Ferris. Corresponding Secretary, Lawrenceburg. Indiana 1 125 Silver Creek, In. 7. Jaines M'Coy, Esq. Corresponding Sec. near Charleston, Clark County, In. 7 120 Sab. Gen. Conf. U.S.A.Deacou William Stillmau, Clerk, Hopkiulon, Washington County, k. Ident


This Table is arranged according to what is conceived to be the most convenient geographical relatius at the country

The associations belonging to each state are placed together, and ranged according to the dates of their respective constitutious. In cases of two or more being found in the same state to fare leta constituted in the same year, the letters of the alphabet decide the point of precedence. I hose, the date whose constitutions, is not yet ascertained are place after the others. Of the 126 associations, there we' of the number, of whose churches inviorination has not yet been received: but they probably

cuan! more than 40.---This added to 2541, will give the whole numiar oi churches in 120 associatious, at 25$1. I 121 of these, there are 1568 orlamed ministers, and 305 licentiate preachers. Allowing about the same pr. portion of preachers as of churches to the other 5 associations, will make up thom puniber 1586 ordained. 367 unordainel, preachers :-2581 churches, and only 1953 preachers ! “ Pray ye therefore the Lord of harvest, that he will send forth labourers.” As appears by the minutes of 1815, ihere were baptized in the ** in 86 of the associations, 400". Allowing the same proportion to the other 40, on whose minutes those bat tized are not distinguished from those received by letter, will give 2139 : whole number annunlly bapti: 6739. All the members belonging to 109 of the associations, as seen on tie preceding table, amount fri 158,508. The same proportion will give to the other 17, 24722: total of all these associations 18.936.

It is hoped, that the associations against whose names appear [blanks] in the preceding table will askeri as convenient, take measures to supply Uiose indications on their minutes, annually, wbich will eander to render the table complete. It is desirable to know these things. " Is a candle brougit to lx ptt *** a bushel !" " He that doeth truth comath to the light.


1. The Lincoln Baptist Female Cent Society for promoting the mission to the Indies

2. The Maine Baptist Auxiliary Society to aid Foreign Missions.
NEW 3. The Dublin Soci, ty auxiliary to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions.
HAMP. 4. (A Femalt Mile Society-supposed to be in Westmorrland.)
SHIRE. 5. (Auxiliary Mission Society, within the bounds of the Meredith Association.]

VER 6. The Union Society in Vermont and New Hampshire auxiliary to Baptist Board For. Missies
MONT. 7, The Vermont Society auxiliary to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions,

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