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tion shall annually be made our meeting to aid the benevolent designs of said Board, and that brother Goodale forward the same and correspond with their Corresponding Secretary. A collection of $20 was made; and ai the close of the session a society auxiliary to the said Buard was, with much unanimity, formed and organized.” Elder G. remarks" I never saw money look so valuable as when I saw it drop into the hat for the purpose of aiding our brethren who are engaged to carry the word of life to the poor heathen.”

Hudson River Association,-recently formed, but will, no doubt, take pleasure in extending an active patronage to missionary endeavours.

Female Mite, or Cent, or Mission Societies, are found in the following places in this state, viz.-New-York, Mount-Pleasant, Amenia, Hudson, Troy, Cairo and Durham, Lexington, Greenville, Charleston, Whitesborough, Newport, Sangersfield, Hamilton, Madison, Cazenovia, German, Homer, Fabius, North

Norwich, Henderson, Greenwich, Paris, Ellisburg, and others which cannot 5. be here mentioned for want of more particular information.

New Jersey-One Association, and two auxiliary Mission Societies. The minutes of the New Jersey Association continue to display the same disposition as heretofore. “A letter from Luther Rice, Agent of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, was received, accompanied with twenty-one copies of tlre annual Report of the Board for 1815. The association, desirous of promoting the objects of the Board, do recommend to the churches to have so much of the Report read in their public assemblies as may appear calculated to advance the

interests of the society. It is recommended to the churches to make annual ? contributions to aid the funds of the mission, and thereby furnish more ample

means of sending the gospel among the heathen.”

PENNSYLVANIAThree Associations, and five auxiliary Mission Societies.

Philadelphia Association.—" Feel, tenderly feel, for the millions that are on our globe enveloped in the darkness, degraded by the crimes, and tortured with the superstitions of ldolatry. The study of geography, it is said, was instru. mental in first kindling in the heart of Dr. Carey the missionary fame. Feel for the blinded Jew and the deluded Mahometan. Say not the cause is too great, and your capacity for usefulness too trivial. God has already blessed the endeavours of men of like passions with yourselves to an astonishing degree in these latter times. The Lord has sent forth among his churches a glorious spi. rit, not limited, as at the reformation, to the destruction of the abuses of the papacy, but which pants and prays and labours for the days when men shall be blessed in the Redeemer, and all nations shall call loim blessed." Let it not be said of us that " we are idle.Every object that aims at benevolence, and is conducive to the happiness of men and the glory of Jehovab, should stimulate our exertions, and animate our souls with joy and pious devotion ! Let all our energies be in active operation for the prusperity of our Redeemer's kingdom in the whole world.”

Redstone Association," resolves itself into a Missionary Society auxiliary to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions; and for the future the society shall consist of the elders and messengers of every church, who shall collect and forward to the Treasurer of this society annually, at least five dollars. A collection was made of about $25.". The Washington Female Mite Society, to aid the foreign mission, is in the

Abington Hesociation.—“ After worship, proceeded to take into consideration the request of tire missionary society for foreign missions, in a letter from the Agent of said society ; upon the consideration of which, it was voted, that Elder John Miller be a Standing Secretary to correspond with the Board, and that he be directed to purchase copies of the Report for the use of our churches.” DELAWARE-One Association, and one Mission Society.

Delaware Association." It is with heart-felt satisfaction we have received conimunications from our brother Rice, with the first Report of the Board of Foreign Missions, accompanied with a letter from their Corresponding Secre. Cary; and would earnestly recommend to our brethren, to have a missionary Sermon preached annually, in their respective churches, and a collection raised and forwarded to the Branch Society of Delaware.” The same disposition is understood to have been manifested a-fresh at the recent session of this body

same quarter,

ary cause."

Elder Daniel Dodge has been appointed Corresponding Secretary for the purpose of maintaining regular intercourse with the Board.

MARYLAND-Two Associations, and one Mission Society.

Salisbury Association,-minutes have been forwarded, and it is believed this body will countenance the missionary object.

Baltimore Association.- No intelligence except a copy of the minutes.

VIRGINIA-Eighteen Associations, and six or seven Mission Societies. These are able to do much, and undoubtedly will do much, for the promotion of the gospel.

Ketocton Association.—" A letter from the Agent of the Board of Foreign Missions was received, accompanied with 38 copies of their annual Report, which were distributed; and the association do recommend to the churches a serious consideration of the importance of this work. Yes, brethren, it would be wicked to be at ease at such a time as this. Let us implore God's pardon for our past neglect, and pray his blessing on our future attempts. Let it not be said that the Ketocton Association had no hand in pushing forward the mission

Strawberry Association. This body evinced, at a recent session, a disposition favourable to the views of the Board, by the appointment of a Corresponding Secretary relative to the missionary business.

Dover Association.--" The whole glory of propagating the gospel to the sal. vation of sinners is due to God; but the means must be used by his people." This body has come into the plan of regular intercourse with the Board, by ap. pointing a Corresponding Secretary for the purpose.

Middle District Association. In relation to this, the prospect continues as it was last year, favourable.

Roanoke Association.—" A letter was presented from the Agent of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, in which he requests to establish and keep up a correspondence with us-Agreed unanimously to comply with the said request. Resolved, that this association recommend the forming of a missionary society in this district." This society has since been formed.

Portsmouth Associatim,--has appointed a Corresponding Secretary for the purpose of regular intercourse with the Board, and advised the churches to take this subject into their most serious consideration,"

Albermarle Association, has appointed a person to hold correspondence upon the subject of missions.

Goshen Association, will probably patronize the missionary business, when it shall have been placed before them at a future session.

Shiloh Association, will probably do the same.

New River Association. The minutes and a very friendly letter bave been forwarded by the Clerk.

Mayho Association-From a member of this body a friendly letter bas been received.

sppomattox Association, -Appointed a Standing Secretary to correspond with the missionary society, and will, it is believed, exert a zealous patronage in favour of the cause.

Meherrin Association.--"Elder Creath presented a letter from the Agent of the Board of Foreign Missions, directed to this association, soliciting aid, and proposing a correspondence. Agreed to lend assistance in the pleasing glorious work, and appointed brother Joseph Saunders Corresponding Secretary. A col. lection was made for the above purposes.” At the recent session of this body a collection was also made ; and it is understood that the same thing is to be attended to annually.

Union Association. From this no information has been obtained.

Green Brier Association,-appointed, last session, a committee on the mis. sionary business. A letter from the Rev. Mr. Alderson, one of said committee, is very satisfactory upon the subject.

Accomack Association.-A copy of the minutes is all that lias yet been received.

Washington Association. A copy of the minutes has been obtained, and it is hoped the body will be fayourable to the objects of the Board.

Taze's Palley Association. --Minutes and a friendly letter from Elder Joho Young have been received.

NORTH.CAROLINA-Twelve Associations, and one Mission Society. This Mission Society sends on to the general treasury this year $500.

Sandy Creek Association,-“ Resolved, that we appoint Elder Robert T. Daniel a Corresponding Secretary in relation to the Board of Foreign Missions for the United States."

Kehukee Association." After taking the subject under consideration, resol ved to appoint brother Bennitt Barrow, Corresponding Secretary for this association. Ordered, that the churches be informed, that they have an opportunity of receiving annually, pamphlets containing missionary information ; if they think proper to take them, that they signify it in their next letters, and contribute accordingly.”

Yadkin Associntion.--From a member of this body a kind letter has been received.

Flat River Association, - last year appointed a Corresponding Secretary on the subject of missions: this year took up a collection to aid the general fund.

Neuse Association.-" Twenty-two copies of the first annual Report of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, with a letter, were laid before us by our Clerk. The letter was read, and the Report distributed, one copy to each church; and for the benefit of the institution a collection was directed to be made in the congregation on the two succeeding days of this meeting."

Mountain Association:-Minutes of this have been obtained, and a kind letter from a member of the body received. A favourable countenance from this quarter is anticipated.

Cape Fear Association." Appointed Elder Ranaldson, Secretary, to corres. pond with the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions.-It appears God designs the salvation of the heathen. The gospel must be preached in all the world. Is it your desire to do something in this callse? Then suffer us to recommend to each one to lay by him in store a few cenis, to send up by your delegates to the next association to be appropriated to the benefit and support of foreign missions."

Chorvan Association. The minutes have been received. A committee on the subject of foreign missions “made report to the satisfaction of this association, and such measures were taken as we hope will be profitable.”

Country Line Association.-" Brother George Roberts appointed a Standing Secretary, to correspond with the Board.” Perhaps there may be a mission so. ciety formed in this quarter.

Raleigh Association.The minutes and a friendly letter have been received.

French Broad. The minutes have come to hand, and a kind letter, from which there appears reason to hope that a mission society will be formed in this quarter.

Pee Dee Association. Recently formed.

South-CAROLINA-Five Associations, and three auriliary Mission Societies, comprising many small societies auxiliary to one of these, besides one or ort Female Mite Socielies.

Charleston Association." Agreed that in future we consider it a standing rule, to have a collection for missionary purposes, at each annual meeting, on the Sabbath immediately after preaching ---Missionary fund-Charleston church and Auxiliary M. Society, S230 62 1-2--High-hills of Santee, $25–Welsh-neck church, and Society Hill Auxiliary M. Society, $48 50-Cheraw-hill church, and Marlborough Auxiliary M. Society, 948Imelia township, $1350-Mount Pisgais, $32_Mount Pleasant, $24-Beulah church, and Fairfield Auxiliary M. Society, $71–Camden, $4 25--Three Creeks, $37 50-Mrs. Stewart, $15– Sugar Creek Missionary Society, 420-Union Meeting M. Society, S5--Wateree Creek, $3 25—Deep Creek, 826 50—25 Mile Creek, 815 50~Goose Creek, S4-Piedmont, $5_Gapway, $3.--Mrs. Wingfield, $2—Mr. G. Pope, $1Master Wilds, son of the late Judge W. $1-An unknown friend in a letter $20-Collection after sermon, $82 92 1-2-balance of last year $566---8813 70—Agreed, that the satisfaction of this body be expressed with regard to those churches, who in the course of the past year have nobly engaged in the support of the Education and Missionary Funds, and to recommend their worthy exam. ple to others.”

Bethel Association. --"Received through the hands of brother M'Creary, a number of copies of the first Report of the Board of Missions : agreed to appoint brother M'Creary Corresponding Secretary, and that he be authorized to receive, and further to Dr. Staughton, any monies contributed for that purpose," to assist the funds of the Board.

Broad River Association.--" Committee appointed to examine the annual Report of the Baptist Board of Missions :-We recommend your charitable aid to the missionary society, for the laudable purpose of promulgating the gospel among the poor heathen. The association unanimously agrees to ie. ceive the annual Report of the said Board."

Saluda Association. The minutes have been received, and also a kind letter from the moderator.

Edgefield Association.--" Received 38 copies of the first annual Report of the Baptist Board of Missions, and appointed brother Joseph King Standing Secretary to correspond with their Corresponding Secretary : brother King to receive any donations offered him, either by individuals or churches, and transmit them to the Board.”

GEORGIA-Six Associations, and four auxiliary Mission Societies.

Georgia Association." Received from the Bapuist Board of Foreign Mis. sions, through their Agent, their first annual Report, accompanied by letters, desiring the aid of this body in their laudable exertions to spread the gospel of Christ in heathen and idolatrous lands. Agreed unanimously to co-operate in the grand design. Made a collection for defraying the expense of publishing and forwarding the Report, that it might be circulated throughout the churches for their information." The Powelton Mission Society, concluded to remit this year to the general fund, as mentioned in a letter to the Corres. ponding Secretary, 185 dollars.

Hephzibah Association." A number of copies of the Report of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions were presented by the moderator, and distributed to the messengers for the information of the churches. Agreed that a meeting be held, to endeavour to form and organize a society for the encouragement and aid of sending and continuing the gospel in destitute parts." Since formed.

Sarepta Association.--" Received an address from the Agent of the Board of Missions, and a packet of their Report, soliciting our attention to engage in the great and good work of missionary labours. In agreement thereto, the association recommends that the brethren of this body meet on Friday before the first Sabbath in June, in order to adopt some measure to aid in missions, or to form themselves into a mission society.”

Savunnah River Association.—The minutes have come to hand. Within the bounds of this body there are three or four auxiliary mission societies. Two on the Carolina side, one of which, at Beaufort, has been formed during the past year. On the Georgia side of the river, one has been formed at Sunbury, ihe Corresponding Secretary of which thus writes--" This year we have it in our power to contribute upwards of $200. The annual Report of the Board we received gladly, and read with unusual sensations of joy and hope. Every degree of missionary intelligence is received in this quarter with a lively in. terest. The general prevalence of this spirit is truly encouraging. Prayer Meetings on the first Monday in every month have been entered into here, and attended with happy effects." From the great Ogechee church, in the same quarter, rising $150 have been forwarded to the general fund.

Ocmulgee Association.---The minutes have been received. Among these churches it is understood a mission society has, not long since, been formed.

Ebenezer Association-The minutes llave come to hand.

Mississippi Association. It is the wish of this association, that the churches may contribute as liberally as they may find it convenient, and forward the same to our next general meeting : also, that our ministeving brethren endeavour to explain and further the views of the Board of Missions in the best manner they possibly can, and receive contributions from such persons as may be disposed to favour that great and blessed work. On notion, resolved, that $20 from the association fund heretofore raised, and all the money raised at this meeting,

after paying for printing the minutes, be fotwarded by our Secretary to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions.". The sum made up by this zealous body was $67 93—a noble example for the churches in the older settlements,-in the towns and cities,-to contemplate !

Flint River Association - The minutes have been received. Prospect good.

TENNESSEE-Seven Associations.--A mission society may be formed this year.

Holston Association,~" Unanimously agreed, that brother Mulkey be appointed to receive the communications relative to missionary concerns. Also that the Clerk pay him $5 to defray the expense of such communications."

Tennessee Association." Agreed to appoint brethren West, Walker, and Francis Hamilton, to give the Missionary Board the pecessary information they want from us; and also to receive any communications intended for this as, sociation.”

Cumberland Association." Resolved, that Elder M'Connico be appointed Secretary to correspond with the Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions, and that he call on the treasurer for such sums of money to defray the expense as may be necessary."

Red River Association.--" Resolved, that Elder Sugg Fort be appointed to correspond with the Secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions, forwarding annually a copy of the minutes of the Red River Association; and request in return the proceedings of the said Board for the information of the members and people within the bounds of this association."

Elk River Association--has appointed a person to hold correspondence om the subject of missions.

Concord Association,-" Determine, that a Secretary be appointed for 1 he pure pose of corresponding with the Board of Missions ; and that the different churches composing this association report to this body, at our next annual meeting, what their wishes may be on that subject."

Caney Fork Association.--Recently formed. Minutes received. KENTUCKY-Twenty-one Associations, and six auxiliary Mission Societies.

Elkhorn Association." A letter from the Agent of the Baptist Board of Missions was handed in, and likewise a parcel of the first annual Report of said Board; the object of which was to keep up a correspondence with this body--Whereupon Elder Silas M. Noel was appointed Secretary, and the pamphlets were distributed one to each church through their messenger, and paid for, which, as they contaiq much useful information, it is hoped will be satisfactory."

Salem Association.--" Agreed that all monies which may be intended for the tise of foreign missions, if forwarded to brother Lewis, our Secretary, shall be forwarded by him to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions." . A public collection was made at the association of $53—Elder Moses Pierson, from Cose's Creek church, $25_brother Hamilton, from Mount Moriah church, $3 50– hand of the Clerk, from Simpson's Creek church, $8-Bethel, H. C. $2—Union, $1-Mill Creek, H. C. $1-Little Union, $2 50-Otter Creek, H. C. $275– Concord, Grayson C. $2 25—from delegates for copies of the Report, $3 50.Benjamin Edwards, jun. Si-his father $5~-hand of brother Meason, 50 cents,

South Kentucky Association,--took up, at an occasional meeting, a public collection in favour of the views of the Board. At their next session they will have opportunity to enter more fully into the subject.

Tate's Creek' Association. -" Unanimously agree to carry on a correspond. ence with the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions.” A public contribution was made during the session for missionary purposes.

Bracken Association.--" Appointed Walter Warder to correspond with, and to send a copy of our minutes to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions ; and he is also directed to receive and pay for a sufficient number of the annual Report of said Board, so as to have one for each church in this association."

Green River Association--is expected, to come into the measure next session.

North Bend Association." Agreed to enter into a correspondence with the Board" appointed a Secretary for the purpose, and took up a public colleca tion for the missionary object.

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