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if I could hear Krishno and Petumber preach Jesus, and the power of his resur. rection, it would be more joy to me than if the whole world should pay tribute to me. I frequently pay them an imaginary visit. My dear brethren in India are printed on my heart. A mother might as well forget her sucking child as I could forget them; they engross my warmest affection.”

The Dublin Association alive to things of this kind, could not but rejoice that "the glorious object of sending the gospel to the regions of pagan darkness has every where arrested the attention of the friends of Zion ;” and de. clare that in nothing have “they more exulted than in that missionary spirit which pervades the American Israel.” The Auxiliary Society connected with this Association " received as the fruit of the first year, S163 and 85 cents." The Mite and Cent Sycieties formed and forming in this state, will, no doubt, exert an influence which will be very perceptible in a short time.

VERMONT--Six Associations, and four Mission Societies, besides Female Mite or Cent Societies, may be relied on as the steady, able, and persevering supporters of the benevolent, evangelical cause of missions.

The Shaftsbury Association, although a communication forwarded last year failed of being seasonably presented, failed not to manifest a disposition deci. dedly missionary. This subject is urged upon the attention of the churches in the close of the minutes of last session ; and in the circular and corresponding letter the idea is treated with disdain “ that we should be content to dwell in our ceiled houses, while the house of God lies waste.”. An Auxiliary Mission Society, formed during the past year in the bosom of this association, forwards to the general fund this season 888. From Female Societies in the same region more or less assistance may be expected in favour of the general fund.

The Woodstock Association, fired with the subject, could not repress the sentiment, “O! brethren lift up your eyes and behold your God, who is moving the heavens and the earth to accomplish his purposes, and bring all flesh 10 ses his glory. Come Lord Jesus, come quickly, Amen." The Auxiliary Society connected with this body forwarded, during the past year, $400 to the general furd. How much of this may have been accumulated by female societies cannot here be ed, or even whether any of it was, though it is believed there are such societies in the same region.

The Vermont Association could not lose the missionary spirit at such a time as this. The minutes of last session exhibit tl:e same friendly and zealous attitude as heretofore. The circular letter is devoted to “the subject of missions," concerned “that so great a portion of the world are in total ignorance of the only way of salvation,” and deeply “anxious to promote their best interests by sending them the gospel of Christ.” The Suxiliary Society connected with this body "received last year about 8.381." In Brandon, same region, “a female society for the promotion of missions has been formed. Their contribution amounted to $33 25." There may be others, of which information has not been received. A very interesting letter has been sent by this association to the Board. The Rev. Mr. Kendrick, their Secretary, also informs, that “Mr. Benjamin Stevens, of Cornwall, has lately deceased; and left a bequest for the foreign mission of $500. It is hoped that others in closing their concerns with this world will piously remember the same great and benevolent object.

The Fairfield Association, equally cordial in supportii.g the missionary cause, " appointed," at the last session, as a Standing Secretary for foreign missions;" and took up a public “collection for foreign missionary purposes.” At least one Female Vite Society is found in this neighborhood, if no more.

Barre Associatim—" Letters and Reports from the Agent of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, stating a plan for general correspondence, and solie citing attention to foreign missions, were brought forward, and being cordially approved, Elder Huntington was appointed Standing Secretary of the association to make communications to the corresponding Secretary of the Board-and a collection taken of $10 02, to be forwarded to the missionary fund.- Who knows but God may honour us with having sons that he will make use of for the conversion of Mahometans, and pagans, to the religion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ !”

Danville Association-scarcely surpassed by any in zeal for promoting the

gospel, agreed, last year, to “recommend a cordial approbation of the general object of the foreign mission—that a Standing Secretary be appointed, and that there be an annual contribution in the churches and association"--alleging in the corresponding letter, that intercourse of this kind “possesses increasing importance in this propitious day, in which the Saviour is not only extending bis dominion, but giving us the privilege to become co-workers, by uniting our exertions to send the gospel of peace to those dark places of the earth which are full of the habitations of cruelty." There is, it should secm, at least one Female Cent Society, if not more, within the bounds of this association. It is hoped that a more particular account will be had of societies of this description in Vermont, as well as in other places, by the time of the meeting of the General Missionary Convention next year.

MASSACHUSETTS-Four Associations, and eight Mission Societies that assist the funds of the Board, besides very many Female Mite and Cent Societies. I this quarter commenced the missionary business, now conducted by the Board : and here reliance may be placed for steady and firm support.

Leyden Association." Amount collected for missionary purposes 118 dollars and 85 cents”—of which 103 liave been forwarded to the general treasury through the medium of the Country Baptist Missionary Society connected with the association.

Sturbridge Association.-“ Permit us to call your attention to those heathen climes, which, as yet, have never been blessed with gospel peace. There may we see millions of our fellow creatures, degraded to the most abject state ; and exposed to the severest sufferings that diabolical influence can instigate. Do we not feel onr spirits moved within us when we vie w so many precious immor. tals wholly given to idolatry? Can we think we have discharged our duty to these our fellow mortals, while we have never given a dollar, or a cent, to send them a missionary, or to send them a bible ?"

Boston Association. As usual, “ the important concerns of missions were in. troduced, and a zealous interest manifested on the subject. Voted, that the thanks of the association be presented to those societies and individuals who have contributed to support the cause of missions.--Millions and millions are perishing, and what do we? What you do, brethren, you must do quickly. Help must come from some quarter; if not from you, from others; and you will miss the opportunity and lose the crown. It is a day of great events. En. deavour great things, and you will have a great reward."

This part of Massachusetts is covered with missionary societies, whose zeal and activity will not easily be surpassed. It would be pleasing, if practicable, here to insert in detail the accounts of monies received by these societies, by subscriptions, public collections, female mite and cent institutions, donations of individuals, and so on ; but this gratification must be omitted for want of room.

Westfield Association,-last session, “affectionately invited the churches to take the missionary business into consideration, and take some measure to pro. mote it. It is earnestly recommended that each church make a contribution for that purpose, previous to the next session, and send the amount by their messengers.”

Female Societies in this state, many of which assist the foreign mission, are found in Boston, Salem, Haverhill

, Bridgewater, New-Bedford, Easton, Weymouth, Bradford, Pembroke, Braintree, Dorchester, Holden, Townsend, Be. verly, Framingham, Shrewsbury and Boylston, Barnstable, Wareham, Falmouth, West Boylston, Tyringhamn, Plymouth, Ridge, Lee; and in how many other places cannot be here stated. Perhaps it will be practicable and proper to give a more particular account of these, and others, connected with the Pro. ceedings of the next General Missionary Convention.

RHODE-ISLAND-Two Associations, and three Mission Societies auxiliary to the foreign mission, besides female societies in Warren, Providence, and per. haps other places, which, although they do not expressly mention foreign mis. sions in their constitutions, do, some of them, assist the funds of the Board ; and perhaps all of them will do this when they come to understand that the foreign missionary design embraces the western heathen, as well as those in the East Indies, and in Africa.

Warren Association,-long accustomed to patronise benevolent objects, took up last session, as had been the case before, a public collection to assist the general missionary fund. At the same time, and for the same purpose, were brought forward a collection from the church in Pawtucket of 834-another from

the church at Attleborough of $6, and a donation from two females at Grafton of $2—which, with the collection above-mentioned amounted to $69 26. In their corresponding letter indulgence is given to the following happy effusions—“If these anticipations be joyful,” alluding to the prospects before the church on earth, “and if faith strengthens and augments our joy; if there be any comfort in love ; any reward in perseverance ; then let us lend our aid to the advancement of Zion. Events now favour. Our country is blessed with peace ; the earth yields her increase; and commerce replenishes our treasures. Let us remember IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE.

The Bristol Female Mite Society to encourage and aid in diffusing the sacred scriptures, and sending missionaries among the destitute both at home and abroad, has been mentioned already in another place. It is stated that " the missionary spirit increases in that region, and several engage with ardour in the good work.”

Yearly Meeting --from which, minutes, and a friendly letter have been received. They express an “ardent desire for the promulgation of the gospel, and for the mutual blessing of all the human family."

CONNECTICUTThree Associations, a large Auxiliary Mission Society, besides M te and Cent institutions, present the gratifying prospect of much assistance to the design of evangelizing the heathen.

Stonington Association, -last meeting, took up a public collection in favour of the general fund, amounting to $1682–86 were given afterwards. “Voted, to recommend to the churches to have an annual contribution, for the purpose of aiding the Board in support of gospel missions to the East Indies."

Groton Union Conference.“ Voted to have a contribution at the close of the meeting,” for the missions to India, and “ that it be recommended to the churches to have annual contributions for the same purpose."

Hartford Association.—“Agreeably to the recommendation of the association last year, collections were forwarded from the churches for the benefit of foreign missions, as follows, viz :- from the Meriden church $31; Litchfield $2 26; Colebrook $13 53; Hartford $27 32; Middletown $7 32: North Haven $2; a friend to missions 25 cents.-Voted to renew our request, that the churches make a collection for foreign missions, and forward the same at our next meeting.” In their circular, they observe : “ The attention of our breth. ren for some time past has been excited towards the spread of the gospel the heathen world. Some small exertions have been made, and the blessing of God appears to have been granted. O! may the time soon come, when all peo. ple shall be favoured with the glad tidings of salvation, and through rich grace, be brought io enjoy the blissful presence of God and the Lamb!" Their Secretary observes-"I trust we shall one day arise and grow strong in the mission

The Connecticut Auxiliary Mission Society has forwarded $300 to the general missionary fund. Among its receipts are $20 from the Female Mite Society of Windham and Hampton; and $15 from the Female Mite Society of Lebanon. There is also the Female Society of Montville, and perhaps several others in the state.

It is stated that a lady in this quarter, who deceased not long since, left her property, supposed to be between $3000 and $4000, to the foreign missionary object.

New-YORK--Seventeen Associations, eighteen Mission Societies that distinctly embrace the design of aiding the operations of the Board, and numerous Mite and Cent Societies, in this large, flourishing, and wealthy state, disclose a pros. pect peculiarly grateful and interesting to those who long for the prosperity of Zion.

New-York Association,-as has been mentioned elsewhere, displayed last year a very happy and efficient zeal for the promotion of the gospel. The same disposition was displayed again at the session of that worthy body the present year. This subject is affectionately and warmly recommended, in the circular letter,

ary cause."

to the churches. “We must not consider our work as finished until every Amerió can Indian, every Hindoo, and every Hottentot, is furnished with a bible; that they may read and hear in their own language, the wonderful works of God.”

Pursuant to the spirit of the excellent observations in their circular, the As. sociation published the following important minute: “Whereas, a concert of prayer has been established many years ago, and is now very extensively observed by societies and individuals in every quarter of the world, this Associ. ation recommend to the churches to unite in said concert, and on the first Mon. day in every month to pray particularly for the success of missionary undertakings, and the universal prevalence of the gospel upon earth.” [This concert of prayer was agreed on by our brethren of the Northamptonshire and Leices. tershire Association, 3 June, 1784. It is the source of the Particular Baptist Society for the propagation of the gospel among the heathen, formed in 1792-and of the BAPTIST MISSION IN THE East, which has translated the bible into numerous languages, and enriched thousands and thousands with the knowledge of the glorious gospel of the blessed God. Surely the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much-and if only two shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall usk, it shall be done for them of their heavenly Father-how much more when multitudes of pious persons agree in a concert of prayer for the spread of the everlasting gospel of the Redeemer!)

Warwick Association-last year, expressed on their minutes a decided appro. bation of efforts for "extending the gospel to the heathen world,—and recommended to the churches to aid the object.” The same evangelical disposition was manifested again at their session this year, and a public collection was taken up in favour of the general fund. “Let us strive to build up the Redeemer's kingdom, and extend the triumphs of his cross among the nations."

Otsego Lissociation." It is the opinion of your committee that we may ob. tain some assistance for the foreign mission, without leşsening our exertions at home; and we recommend an annual contribution at the session of the Association ; and that the foreign mission be incorporated with our domestic socie. ty, two separate funds to be kept; and that a committee be appointed, one in each church, to obtain subscriptions and donations, the subscribers and donors directing the committee into which fund they will have their donations put. It is greatly desirable that our churches and congregations make annual contributions, either for the domestic or foreign mission, or for both :" accepted. A contribution was made amounting to 835 66. Also “ by the hand of Elder Abbot from Jason Lee, 1 dollar-Abigail Lee, 1 dollar-Elizabeth Thorp, N. Burlington, 1 dollar.”—“ The missionary spirit appears to increase in this western part of New York."

Cheming Association --“We wish the work to prosper, and have appointed our brother Thomas Smiley, a Standing Secretary, to report for us to the Board ; and to receive what intelligence it wishes to send us." "Mr. Smiley in his letter says "I do not entertain a doubt but that if it were in our power we would be among the first to assist in the propagation of the gospel among the heathen."

Rensselaerville Association "Heard the letter directed to this Association by brother Rice. Received the following sums of money to be appropriated to the benefit of foreign missions, viz. from the church and society in Broome, $ 5 73-church and society in Durham, $5 90-do. in Charleston, $15~do. in Duanestown and Floriday, $5—do. in Cairo, $5–do. in Blenheim, $2 72 l'emile Mite Society, Lexington, $13 50— Female Mile Society, Cairo and Dur. ham, $11-public contribution during the session, 89 21. Appointed Elder Arnold and brother Hill to receive and forward money for the general Board.Formed into a mission society; when all present became members."

Cayuga Association Received a letter from Elder John M. Peck, on the subject of missions. Voted, that Elder Comstock be a Standing Secretary to correspond with the foreign missionary Board. Voted to recommend to the se. Feral churches to appoint delegates to meet at Aurelius the first Wednesday in January, to take into consideration the expediency of forming a mission society auxiliary to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions ; at which time it is expeci. ed that the churches will not be backward in presenting their liberality to forWard the spread of the gospel among the poor benighted heathen.”

Esser desociation," Received by the hand of brother Stone Mr. Rice's let.

ters relative to foreign missions, which being read, the association generally expressed a hearty approbation of the measures taken by our brethren to im. part the knowlege of salvation to heathen India ; and that it would be a privi. lege to unite their exertions to promote the glorious work, and to review the annual publications on the subject; for which purpose brother Stone was appointed Standing Secretary to hold correspondence with the Board of Foreign Missions. Voted to recommend it to the churches to raise 18 cents on each member-6 for defraying travelling expenses of those messengers who attend corresponding associations-6 for domestic missions—6 for foreign missions. A collection was made for foreign missions of $1554-by sundry persons in the town of Jay $9-Phebe Betts, of Elizabethtown, 25 cents."

Saratoga Association. The zeal of this body has been mentioned in another place. Their Corresponding Secretary says in a letter-" It is my impression at present that the counties of Wasbington, Warren, Saratoga and Montgomery will give at least the annual assistance to the Board of 100 dollars ; I hope more; but I would not wish to calculate too high. With great satisfaction i state to you that the Female Mite Society of Bottskill have voted to send forward about 840 to the Treasurer of the Board, for the support of Foreign Missions. And not long since I was in the town of Hadley, and a Female Mite Society proposed to send their mites on to the Treasurer. I understood they had about $20."

Black River lssociation.-" A letter received by brother Osgood from the Agent of the Board of Foreign Missions, read. Voted to enter cordially into the views of the foreign missionary society. Voted to recommend to the churches and societies, in our connection, liberal contributions to be brought forward at our next session.” This recommendation has been complied with all the recent meeting of this body were brought forward, for missionary purposes, $243 ; of which $148 were from the town of Henderson-$88 74 from a Fe male Society in the same town.

Mudison Association - The committee reported that in their opinion a mis. sionary society auxiliary to the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions may be for ed in the bounds of this association. Such a society, it is thought, would not lessen the exertions of our brethren for the domestic mission, but might increase their zeal to promute the kingdom of Christ both at home and abroad. The report was cordially received." A collection was taken up amounting 10 $85; and the Madison Society auxiliary to the Board, was formed.

Lake George Association.-From this no information has yet come to hand.

Union Association.-“ Voted that a collection be made for the benefit of fo reign missions." This amounted to 821 44. “ We feel to rejoice at the opel. ing prospects of the Redeemer's kingdom ; that nur God is spreading the tri umphs of the Cross, and erecting monuments of his victorious grace, in the benighted branches of the human family. Let it be our united cry to the throne of Almighty grace, that the glorious work may spread till every knee shall bors to the peaceful sceptre of Prince Immanuel, and his name become the praise of the whole earth."

Franklin Association.—"Voted to adopt the plan of a missionary society reported by the committee,” to wit" that this association be and the same is hereafter to be considered as a missionary society ; the managers to have two separate funds, one for foreign, the other for domestic missions. Recent infor. mation from the East, together with the promises of God, and the wretched condition of many immortal beings, call for our united efforts to be instrumental in spreading the light of the glorious gospel among them, by which alone the way of life is made known to perishing sinners."

Hollund Purchase Conference. -" Voted to recomend to the churches to take into consideration the subject respecting foreign missions, and make collections against our next annual meeting, and forward the same by their delegates to Elder Joy Handy, their Corresponding Secretary – To us it appears subject of the first consequence, and as such we desire to recommend it to the churches."

St. Lawrence Association.—No information from this has yet been received.

Ontario Association,—“Elder Goodale, in the name of the Baptist Board of Foreign Missions, presented the association with thirty copies of their first Report, whereupon, voted, that we gladly receive said Report, and that a collec


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