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formation has yet been received. The Union at its last session, “appointed a committee to draft a constitution for missionary pur. poses.” The business may probably be matured at the next session. The Franklin at its last session, « took up the subject of sending missionaries among the destitute-and, considering the gospel as the power of God unto salvation, and the command to preach it to every creature,-voted to recommend to the several churches to raise money by contribution, and send it by their messengers to the next Association.”—Also appointed “a committee to devise a plan of operation to be adopted, if thought proper by the Association at their next meeting.” The Holland Purchase Conference, it is believed, will exert its influence in favour of the same benevolent object. The St. Lawrence, although not large, will, it is thought, find pleasure in manifesting a friendly regard towards the objects of the Board. From a member of the Ontario, which is a new Association, a friendly letter has been received, bearing intelligence of a favourable nature. It is, indeed, pleasing and encouraging to find our numerous and wealthy brethren in this large state so actively zealous in this benevolent


New Jersey, me Association, which manifests a favourable regard towards diffusing the knowledge of Christ among the heathen. In the same region has been formed, The Baptist Foreign Missionary Society of New Jersey, from which, as it iransmits to the general fund this season, a sum larger than that allowed by its delegates to be reported to the Convention, as its probable annual contribution, * the Board may indulge the anticipation of increasing support.

Pennsylvania, three Associations. In 1813, the Philadelphia embarked in the missionary cause, and took measures to bring about the formation of the Philadelphia Baptist Society for Foreign Missions; and it is gratifying to contemplate the amount,t allowed by the delegates of this society to be reported to the Convention, as its probable annual contribution to the general fund—especially as the wealth and liberality of Philadelphia, and of the churches in the adjacent country, will enable this society, with ease, to furnish the sunı mentioned. From the Redstone no information has yet been received. The Abington is small, but friendly to the wishes of the Board.

Delaware, one Association, which, although not large, has already expressed such regard to the objects of the Board, as, in connexion with The Delaware Branch Society for Foreign Missions, to justify the expectation of continued assistance from this quarter.

Maryland, two Associations. The Baltimore appears friendly, but at its last session, the state of things in that part of our country did not admit of its bestowing much attention upon the subject of missions. From The Baltimore Baptist Missionary Society also, the Board, it is conceived, may safely calculate on firm support. The Salisbury, it is not doubted, will afford friendly assistance to the same object.

Virginia, sixteen Associations, which will be able to do much for advancing the missionary cause, and may be expected cheerfully to bring forward their assistance, when the subject shall have been

• Sce Proceedings of Convention, p. 34.

† Ibid, p. 35.

properly placed before them. The minutes of the Ketocton have been received, within whose limits is The Baptist Mission Society of Frederick county, Va. before mentioned. From the Strawberry no intelligence has yet been obtained. The minutes of the Dover have come to hand, and it appears that the missionary influence is gaining ground in that interesting quarter. In the same region exists The Richmond Mission Society, which, at its late annual meeting, ordered 8250 to be remitted to the general fund, being the sum* allowed by the delegates of that society to be reported to the Convention, as the probable amount of its annual assistance. The minutes of the Middle District have been received, and a letter accompanying them, in which the writer thinks it pretty certain that that Association will be pleased with the missionary business.' From the Roanoke, Portsmouth, and Albemarle nothing relative to missions has yet been obtained. Within the limits of the Goshen, at Fredericksburgh, a Female Mission Society has been formed, and a day is appointed to complete the organization of a society in the same place, mentioned in Proceedings of Convention, p. 37. Rev. Mr. Mason, of the Shiloh, thus writes" I am much pleased with the missionary institution, believing that that, and the Bible Society, under the divine patronage, are calculated to diffuse general knowledge to the heathen world, and lay a permanent foundation for the latter day glory, and think every benevolent heart ought to contribute for the advancement of so glorious a cause." From the New River and the Mayo, no information. From a member of the Appo. mattox has been received a letter of a favourable character. From a member of the Meherrin a letter also of a favourable nature. But from the Union, the Greenbrier, and the Accomack, no missionary intelligence has yet arrived.

North Carolina, eleven Associations. Rev. Mr. Culpeper, member of the Sandy Creek, writes, that he “ shall take pleasure in promoting the missionary business.” From the Kehukee the minutes have been received, and a letter from Rev. Mr. Lancaster, Pres. of the N. Carolina Baptist Society for F. Missions, expressing his cordial approbation of the plan of communication and correspondence contemplated to be established between the Board and the Associations. His zeal for missions is well known. From a member of the , Yadkin, Rev. Mr. Wright, a friendly letter has been received, expressing sentiments very favourable to missionary efforts. From the Neuse, minutes have been received, and a letter from Rev. Mr. Bid. dle, communicating 824, taken up by public collection during the session of the Association. By the attention and zeal of Rev. Mr. Read, the missionary business was placed before the Flat River, at their last session, and seems likely to receive countenance from that quarter, as a person was appointed by the Association to receive communications from the Board. Mr. Read has also forwarded a copy of their minutes, and two very kind letters. From the Mountain no in. formation relative to missions has yet come to hand. From the Cape Pear, minutes have come to hand, and it appears that a parcel of the Proceedings of the Convention had been received by the Associa

See Proceedings of Convention, p. 35.

son, and that a collection was taken for missions. In this quarter the missionary influence appears to be on the increase. From the Chowan, minutes have been received, and a letter from Rev. Mr. Spivey, expressing his approbation of the business, and furnishing reason to hope that something in favour of it may be done by that Association. From the Raleigh, minutes have come to hand, and a letter from Rev. Mr. Daniel, who appears to be prudently and zealously engaged in advancing the missionary interest in that quarter. Minutes of the Country Line have been forwarded by the Rev. Mr. Roberts, and a letter expressive of his good wishes, and pious zeal for promoting the mission business. From a member of the French Broad also, a friendly letter has been received. So that from our worthy brethren in this state, it is believed, the Board may justly calculate on continued and increasing assistance. Besides the large mission society already formed there, the organization of another in the western part of the state, has been contemplated, and may perhaps soon take place, if not indeed, already accomplished.

South Carolina, five Associations. This business appears to so much advantage on the minutes of the Charleston, that I cannot refuse myself the pleasure of quoting the article. “The moderator laid before the Association the minutes of the late Convention in Philadel. phia, held by the Baptists for missionary purposes, at which the Hon. Judge Tallmadge and himself had attended as delegates, and at the saine time he read the constitution which the Convention had formed, their address to the public, and the minutes of the Board of missions, founded on the aforesaid constitution, requesting that the Association would give a decided public expression of their sentiments on these subjects: Whereupon it was declared, by a unanimous vote,--that this Association do approve of the said constitution and address, and of the measures taken by the Board of missions to bring the constitution into operation; and that it is their wish and request that the churches for which they are convened, will give cordial and firm support to these measures, in order that, through the blessing of God, the important object proposed, the conversion of the heathen to the faith of Christ, may be obtained.” From the Bethel, little information has been obtained, enough, however, to produce a belief, that the missionary zeal may be kindled to considerable extent in that quarter. Minutes of the Broad River, and pleasing in. formation has been communicated, evincing a disposition to patronize the cause of missions. Minutes of the Saluda, and information of a favourable tendency have come to hand. From the Edgefield, little has yet been heard. However, our brethren in these parts, there is reason to believe, when the subject shall be properly placed before them, will not decline the privilege of aiding so benevolent a cause.

Georgia, six Associations. The minutes of the Georgia have been received, from which the following is extracted, evincing the lively zeal of this Association for missionary efforts. “Br. Mercer presented and read the circular and constitution of The Savannah Bap. list Society for F. Missions, and then moved for the approbation of the Association, which was given willingly and unanimously.Whereupon it was thought proper to recommend the subject for


its evident importance, to the consideration of the churches, and Friday, 5th May, was named as a day on which all who were disposed might meet at Powelton, in Hancock county, to form a society and digest a plan to aid the glorious effort to evangelize the poor heathen in idolatrous lands." The minutes of the Hephzibah have been received, and also a letter, from which there'seems reason to cherish the expectation of aid from this quarter in the missionary business. From the Sarepta, no intelligence relative to missions bas yet arrived. The Savannah River, in connexion with which was formed, in 1813, The Savannah Mission Society, and within whose limits afterwards, The Beaufort District Mission Society, will doubtless continue to patronize this cause. From the Ockmulgee, and Ebenezer, nothing relative to missions has yet come to hand.

Mississippi Territory, two Associations. The minutes of both of which have been received, and also such other information as exhibits a favourable prospect in this region.

Tennessee, eight Associations. Esq. Hale, a member of the Hol. ston, in a letter, declares himself “truly glad to hear of the missionary scheme," and hopes the churches in that region will not be backward to contribute for its advancement. From the Tennessee and the Cumberland, nothing has yet been forwarded upon the subject. The Rev. Mr. Fort, of the Red River, expresses most cordial approbation of the object contemplated by the Board, and entertains the opinion, that, when fully understood by the churches, it will meet the approbation of that Association. From the Elk River, information upon the subject has not yet arrived. The minutes of the Concord have been forwarded by Esq. Foster, and also a letter, in which he expresses his warm approbation of the Board of missions, and that he entertains no doubt the subject will be patronized in that state; and very impressively asks, “ should we refuse to contribute our mite lo impart these invaluable blessings to those who are sitting in darkness, might not the very stones cry out against us?” From the Washington and the Little River, nothing relative to missions has yet arrived. The Board, however, it is conceived, may justly cherish a persuasion of their favourable countenance, in unison with that of their brethren generally, through the state.

Kentucky, fourteen Associations. Minutes of the Elkhorn have been forwarded, and a letter from one of its members, from which there appears a willingness to maintain a friendly correspondence with the Board. From a member of the Salem, a friendly letter has been received recently, in which the writer declares himself willing to do every thing he can to advance the Redeemer's kingdom in this world, and that he feels a very warm side towards missionary purposes. From the Tate's Creek, nothing has yet come to hand relative to missions. A member of the Bracken, expresses, in a letter, his opinion, that many will “avail themselves of the earliest opportunity to cast in their mile unto the offerings of the Lord." Esq. Hall, of the Green River, declares himself “indeed much pleased with the project”—and that with pleasure he will receive any communications from the Board for that Association. Rev. Mr. Graves of the North Bend, rejoices « at the exertions of our brethren in different parts of the world to propagate the gospel among the


heathen.” From the North District and the Burning Spring minutes, and a friendly letter, have recently arrived. From the South District, the Long Run, the Russels Creek, and the Stockton's Valley, nothing has come to hand relative to missions. The Licking received a parcel of the Proceedings of the Convention, and disposed of them so as to remit in return to the Board 83 87, besides forwarding a kind letter to myself. Minutes of the Emancipating Society, and a friendly letter have also been received. All which induces the pleasing belief, that our numerous brethren in this flourishing state, although local and obvious considerations may incline them to employ a portion of their efforts in domestic missions, will, nevertheless, find pleasure in maintaining that friendly connexion and correspondence with the Board, which offer so much mutual satisfaction and advantage.

Ohio, five Associations. Esq. Corwin, of the Miami, has forwarded a kind letter from which it appears reasonable to anticipate the favourable countenancc of this Association. The Scioto at the last session, recommended to the churches to make contributions for the "noble and good purposes" of the mission. Minutes of the Straight Creek and a friendly letter have lately been received. From the Beaver and the Mad River, no indication has yet been supplied, relative to their views of missions to the heathen. There is no reason, however, to doubt their being favourable.

Indianna Territory, three Associations. From the White Water, minutes have been forwarded by Rev. Mr. Ferris, and also a letter, in which he says, “I am truly glad that there is a prospect of the gospel shining once more in the east, and do earnestly hope that the friends of the Lord Jesus, in America, will unite their resources to send the good news of salvation to those who are perishing for lack of knowledge.” A friendly letter from Rev. Mr. M'Coy, with information relative to the Wabash and the Silver Creek, has been receiv. ed. The prospect is favourable.

The Sabbattarian General Conference has not yet been addressed upon the subject of missions.

In this brief review of the one hundred and fifteen Associations in this country, it will, I persuade myself, afford much satisfaction to the Board to find so many of them already engaged in patronizing the pious design of imparting the knowledge of Jesus Christ to the heathen. Others, a confidence may justly be entertained, will afford assistance also, when the subject shall have been properly placed be. fore them. A tabular view of the Associations is submitted on a separate paper. In relation to the whole business, I can scarcely repress the exclamation, “ What hath God wrought!He hath indeed “done great things for us, whereof we are glad.

With very affectionate christian salutations, to yourself, Sir, and to the Board of Missions, permit me to subscribe myself your agent and missionary,

LUTHER RICE. Rev. DR. STAUGHTON, Cor. Sec. of the ? Bap. Board of Missions for the U. States.

Philadelphia, 25th May, 1815.

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