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Agent had received 5443 dollars and 57 cents; that the expenditures connected with the business allotted him, amounted to 1963 dollars and 67 cents. All appeared correct, and displayed great minuteness and accuracy.

Resolved, 'That, confortably to a request of the Treasurer, John Cauldwell Esq. of New York, whose indisposition did not permit him to meet with the Board, a committee be appointed to audit his accounts in that city; and that the Rev. Messrs. Cone, Williams, and Maclay be that committee.

Institution to Promote Education. Porsuant to the recommendation on the part of the Convention, of the plan submitted to that body by the President, and the report of the committee to whom that important subject had been referred, Resolved, unanimously, That it is expedient to enter actively into the

prosecu. tion of vigorous measures to improve the education of pious young men, possessed of gifts and graces suited, in the judgment of the churches, to the chris. tian ministry.

Resolved, unanimously, That, in addition to the co-operation proffered by the Baptist Education Society in Philadelphia, a union with which, it is believed, may prove a germ whence many important advantages may grow, the education societies existing in different parts of our country be affectionately invited also to co-operate in the present effort to accomplish the important object in 'view.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Agent be instructed to encourage the formation of other education societies, auxiliary if they think proper to the Institution connected with the Board ; and that he make such collections, and obtain such donations, as he may be able, for the advancement of this interesting concern.

Resolved, unanimously, That a committee of five be appointed to make arrangements with the Education Society relative to the Institution contemplated, and to carry the intentions of the Board into full effect; and that brethren Staughton, M'Laughlin, Jones, Peckworth and Curwen be that committee.

Resolved, unanimously, That the Rev. Dr. Staughton be appointed Principal in the Institution, and the Rev. Ira Chase, a young brother of piety, talents and learning, Professor of Languages and Biblical Literature.

Resolved, unanimously, That, inasmuch as the enlarging of the missionary ope. rations, the editing of the Luminary, and the concerns of the Institution for improving the education of pious young men called to the ministry, make great and increasing demands on the time of the Corresponding Secretary, the Agent be authorized and instructed to press his solicitations for augmenting the special fund provided for in the constitution for this department, and at discretion re. quest public contributions for this object; and that wealthy and liberal indivi. Juals, and the public at large, be invited to aid this important design.

Resolved, That the Rev. H. G. Jones prepare an address, and that the Publishing Committce issue without delay the annual Report. Adjourned.



TABLE OF ASSOCIATIONS. stociation. So 1c-MB01 Tot.


Times of mirctings.

Places of meeting Dwdoinhan Me.

30 31 301 2090 Thomas Francis, Leeds, Kennebec co. 4 Wed 23 Septemb. Mch.2nd Bondes

Me. 152/35 2967 Phinehas Pilsbury,Nobleboro, Lincoln co. 3 Wed. 16 Sept. Last min, get receit' umberland Ve. 20 24 470 1902 .John Tripp, Hebron, Cumberland co. Sep. Portland, Cumber. ew Hamp. N, H. 29261 00 2051 Timothy Hodson, Hollis, York co. Me. 2d Wednes. 10 June. Wells, 1 par, York e. leredith

N. H. 911 26 1004 Stephen Pillsbury, Hebron, Grafton co2 Wednes. 9 Sept. Lyme, Graston en ublin

N. H.(10/11) 48 775 John Parkhurst, New pswich, Hills. co 3 Wednes, 20 Oct. Westmoreld. Ches. haftsbury Vt. 3223 510 3563 Elij. F. Willey, N.Y. 1 Wednes. 3 June. Shaftsbry, Bength. Vooxlstock

Vt. 2524 178 2041 Gen. Abner Forbes, Windsor, Windsor co. Last Wed. 30 Sep. New Lon. New Ham Termont Vt 27 20 866 1840 John Coviant Esq. Brandon, Ratland co.1 Wednes. 7 Oct. Poultney, Fairfield Vt. 15 6 209 848 Boswell Meers, Georgia, Frankļin co. Last Wtd. 26 Aug. Enosbrg. Franklin Barre Vt. 113 605' 453 Elijah Huntingion, Braintree, Orange co.3 Wednes. 16 Sept. Bethel Danville

Vt. 75124 297 Daniel Mason, Craftsbury, Orleans co.3 Wednes, 17 June. St.Johnsbry ch-kannt Leyden


1746 Elijah Montague, Levereti, Franklin co.2 Wed. 14 Oct. Last min, et recte Sturbridge Ms. 25.24 150 2033 Zenas L. Leonard, Sturbridge, Wor. co. Last Wed. 26 Aug. Suurbridge, Weret*** Boston Ms. 3528 399 3609 Lucius Bolles, Salem, Essex county. 3 Wed. 16 Septemb. Woburn, Middlexis Westfield Ms. 10 8 76 813 Elijah Arnold, Westfield, Hampshire co. 1st Wed. 2 Septemb. Russell. Warren,

R. I. 39 37 251 4752 Nathan Waterman Esq. Providence. i Wed. 8 Sep. Bridgewtr. Yearly Meet.:R. I. 1714 1395 Philip Slade, Swansey, Bristol co. Mas. Frid. b.2 Sab.11Sep. Last min. net recea New London Ct. 16'23'226 2044 Jonathan Goodwin, Mansfield, Wind. co.3 Tuesday 20 Oct. 2 ch. Saybrook M. Stoningt. Un. Ct. 10/11 45 (1452 Roswell Burrows, Groton, New Lon. co. Wed, af,3 Sab.24 Ju. Ft. Hill,ad Gro.NL Hartford Ct. 126 22 114 2126 Elisha Cushman, Hartford, Hartford co 150 Wednes. 7 Oct Bristol, Hartford New York N. Y.25 20,135 1775 William Parkinson, New York city. Last Wed, 27 May. Scotch Warwick N. Y 19 10 1493 Aaron Perkins, near Poughkeepsie. 1 Wed. 3 June. Last min. net recea Otsego N. Y. 30 13 409 2090 Caleb Donglass, Whitestown, Oneida co. 1st Wednes. 2 Sep. 2d ch Burlgtn.Ote Chemung N. Y. 14 13 719 Thms. Smiley, near Milton, Wed. 7 Oct. Last min. net retrit Rensselæry. N. Y. 18,16 69 1341 Dea, Hiland Hill, Catskill, Green county 2nd Wednes. 14 Oct. Lexington, Green Cayuga N. Y.22 19 3010 Elkanah Comstock, Owasco, Cayuga co.3 Wed. 16 Sep. Last min. fist teoret Essex N. Y. 7 2 426 Ely Scone, Jay, Essex county, New York. 3 Wed. 21 Oct. Last min. niet meer Saratoga N. Y. 23 17 773 3479 Edward Barber, Greenwich, Wash. co. Last Wed. 24 June. Balls.Springs Sarat Black River N. Y. 17 12 239 1163 Emory Osgood, Naples in Hender. Wed. 10 June. Watertown, Jeffers Madison N. Y. 44 33 870 4360 John Peck, Cazenovia, Madison county. 2nd Wednes. 9 Sep. Delphi in Pray.Ona Lake George N. y. 5 44 64 248 Jehiel Fox, Chester, Warren county. 3 Wed, 16 Sep. Athol Up:on N. Y. 13 9 30 854 Job Foss, Dover, Dutchess county, 1 Wed. 2 Sep. X. m. h. Franklin N. Y. 20 181 1794 John Bostwick, Hartwick, Otsego county. 3 Wed. 17 June Las: min, no recite Holland Pur. N y. 144 495 Joy Handy, Fredonia, Chataugue county. Last Wed. 27 Aug. Last min, adi recent St. Lawrence N. Y. 5. 4 89 Jonathan Paine, Gyuverneur, Wed. 20 Jan. Last min. na recere Ontario N. Y. 48 23 437 2711 Solomon Goodale, Bristol, Ontario co. 4th Wednes. 23 Sep. Mendon, Ontarin Hudson Riv. N. v. 6 9 273 1267 Lewis Leonard, Poughkeepsie, Dutchs. co. Ist Wednes, 5 Ang., mixlar New Jersey N. J. 24 15 100 2000 Joseph Sheppard, Salen, Salem county 3rd Tues.15 Septem. New Mills, Burigu. Philadelphia Pa. 25 32 139 3184 George F. Curwen, Walnut Hill, Pa. 1st Tuesday 6 Oct. Bud st. m. h. Phills Redstone Pa. 30 24. 54 1085 James Estep, Mt. Pleasant, Westmore, cu 1 Tues. 1 Sept. Connelsville, Fayette Abington Pa.

289 John Miller, Abington, Luzerne county. 1st Wednes. 2 Sep. Bethany, Wayne Delaware

De. 85 $70 Daniel Dodge, Wilmington, Delaware. Sat. b. 1 Sab.6 June Last min, net recer Snlisbury Md.

439 Stedens Woolford, jr. Fishing cr. Dor. co. Sat. b. 4 Sab 24 Oct. Last min. o* reser Baltimore Md. 20 20 168 1206 Spencer H. Cone, Alexandria, Dist. Col. Thu. b. 2 55,10 Sep. Patapseo mab. Ball Ketockton Va. 38 14 154 2382 Thornton Stringfellow, Fauquier co.2h.b. 3 Sal). 13 Aug. Grove m, k. Fauqr. Strawberry Va. 21 10

John S, Lec, Lynchburgh, Campbell co. As year before. Not knore a.

Bryce, Richmond, Virginia 2nd Saturday 10 Oct. Matthews m.1. Mat Middle Dist. va. 99

Benjamin Watkins, Powhatan county. 2nd Sat. 10 October. Liberty mh. Amelie Roanoke Va.

30 19

2840 John Jenkins, n. Grasty's store, Pittsyl. co. 48 year before. Last min. ret TECTIE Portsmouth Va. 21 15 263 2321 James Mitchell, Norfolk, Virginia. Sat.b. 2 Sab.13 June. Norfolk, Norfolk sati Albemarle Va. 11.11

Martin Dawson, 1. Warren, Albem, co. As year before. Last min. *e rear Goshen Va.

Absalom Waller, Spottsylvania county. 1st Saturday, 5 Sep. Foster's Cr. Louis Shiloh

20 13 54 1625 Richard I. Tutt Esq. Culpepper county. Frid.b.lst Sab.4 Sep. Smith' er. New River

815 325 Jesse Jones, W. Fork, Lit. Riv. Mont. co.2nd Sat. 13 June, Jack's er. Montgus Mayho Va. 1514

Benj. Fewel, Rockingham county, N. C. As year before. Last mint. recette Appomattox Va. 15.15

Richard Dabbs, w. Keysville, Charlot co. Sat.b.lst. Sab.2 May. Bucking, m.h. Huck Meherrin Va.

571 Dea. J. Saunders, n. Percival's, Bruns. co. Sat.b. 4sab. 25 April. Laurel Hill Lashg Union Va. 181 91 44 517 Joshua Hickman, near Morgantown. Fr.b.last Sab.29Aug. Buckhaman, Haris Green Brier Va.

149 Josiah Osborne, Lewisburgh, Green B. co. Frid. b.2Sab.11 Sep. Big Levels Church Accomack

6) 557 671 William Costin, Lower Northampton. Sat. 3 Sab, 15 Aug. Metompkin m.b, ac Washington Va. 15 6 23 533 Elij. Gillingwaters, Esq. Washington co. and Friday 11 Sep.s.Fork m. h. Wash *Teass Valley Va. 127 494 John Young, n. Greenupsburgh, Ky. Frid. b.48ab. 21 Au. Last min. net reeft Sandy Creek N. c. 1414 704 Robt. T. Daniel, 11. Pittsboro, Chatham co. 4 Sat. 24 Oet. Last min, ne raste Kehukee N. c.3118 48 1739 Jesse Rend, 11. Halifax, Halifax county. Sat. b. 1st Sab 3 Oct. skewark'y mah. Man Yadkin N. C. 19/12 598 Thomas Wright Esq. Hamptonville, S.Co.Ist Sat. 3 October. Bethell m.h. Ini Flat River o 47 1108 Elisha Baule, Oxford, Grenville county/sat, b. 3 Sab. 17 Oet.|Cedar Creek mahu

4 3 12

43 301


26 15


15 8 130

5) 5


Aurgiations. Sts. C|M|Ba. Tot.


Times of Meetings.

Places of Meetings,

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Mountain N. C. 14/12 646 Reuben Coffey, n. Ft. Defiance, Wilkes co. 4th Satur. 22 August Mulberry m.h. Wkes. c. Cape Fear

N. C. 29 8 48/1470 Charles M'Allister, Esq. n. Fayetteville Sat. b. ist. Sab. 3 Oct. Limestone m.h. Dup. c. Chovan N.C.22 13138/2013 George Outlaw, Esq. Bertie county Sat. b. 4 Sab. 23 May Sawyers er.m.h. Cam.c. oantry Line N. c. 11 11 1031 Geo. Roberts, n. Brown's store, Caswell co. 3d Satur. 15 Augusulast m.not come to hand

N.C. 18 10 20 731 John Purify, near Raleigh, Wake county Sat. b. 2 Sab. 7 Nov. Union m.h. Johnson co. och Broad N. C. 15 12 598|James Whitaker, Esq. Buncombe county Day b. 4 Sab. 22 Aug. last m.not come to hand See Dee N. C. 10) 71 637 John Culpeper, n. Allentown, Montg. co. Sat. b. 3 Sab. 17-Oct.slast m.not cone to hand tarleston s. C. 37|27|262 3605 Wood Furman, Esq. Charleston, S. c. Sat b.1 Sab.No.31 Oc. H. Hills of Sant. Ci.Dis. lethel s, c. 36 29 2159 Sam. M'Creary, Beckam ville, Ches. Dist. Day b. 1 Sab. 3 Oct.last m.not come to hand rond River Is, c. 2018 1519 Wm. Lancaster, Esq. Mt. Astrea Spart.D. Fri- b. 3 Sah. 16 Oct. last minutes not ree'st aluda s. c. 27 10 11 1143 James Crowther, Abbeville District Sat. b. 2 Sab. 8 Aug. Hopewell mah. Pen.Dis.

s. C. 4213 212445 Joseph King, Edgefield District Sat. b. 3 Sab, 19 Sep. Dry cr, m.h. Edge. Dis utiala Mr. Pigg, Chester District

The minutes of this have never been obt'd Seorgia Geo. 3624 36 29 51 Jesse Mercer, Powelton, Hancock coumty Sat. b. 2 Sab. 10 Oct. Powelton, Hancock co. Impbzibah Geo. 31/19 1827 Charles I. Jenkins, Esq. near Louisville Sat. b. 4 Sab. 25 Sep. last min. not obtained prpta

Geo. 47 21 35 2830 Isham Goss, Oglethorpe county Sat. b. 4 Sab, 24 Oct. Mars Hill, Clarke co. avannah R. (Geo. 33 91055771 Thomas S. Winn, Riceboro, Liberty co. Sat. b. 4 Sab. 24 Oct. H.Spring c Barn.D.S.C. Faulgee Geo. 39 21 26 2411 Francis Flournoy, Madison, Morgan co. Sat. bo i Sab. 3 Sept. Crooked cr. Putnam co. benezer Geo. 19 11 681 Ezek. Taylor, Esq. n. Hartford, Pulaski c. Sat. b. 2 Sab. 12 Sept. last min. not obtained ledmont Geo. 5 2 3) 109 Wilson Conner, Sareptah ch.

Sat. b. 2 Sab. 10 Oct. Wesley cr, m.h. M'In. c. ambary Geo.

Charles O'Scriven, Sunbury, Liberty co. Sat. b. 2 $ab. 7 Nov. Sunbury, Liberty co. lint River Ala. 22 '16 9 1213 Willis Hopwood, n. Shelbyville, Bed. c. 7. Sat. b. 1 Sab. 3 Oct. meh. Mau.c.T

Ala, 5 3 118 Jacob Parker, Wayne county, Ala. Ter. Sat. b. 1 Sab. 3 Oct. last min. 11ot obtained நsippi

Mis, 31 211 1144 Wm. Snodgrass, Esq. Natchez, Adams co. Sat. b. 3 Sab. 17 Ocr. last min. not obtained olston Ten. 18-19 148/1085 Jona. Mulkey, Buffaloe Ridge, Wash. co. 2d Friday, 14 August County Line m.b. Gr.c. eunessee Ten. 29 41 501675 W.Walker, on Clynch20m.f.Knoxv.Knoxc. Ist Satur. 3, October Dumplin cr.m.b. Jef.c. Bimberland Ten. 29 30 26 1555 Garner M'Connico,n. Franklin, Wmson. c. Sat. b. 3 Sab. 19 Sep. W Harpeth m.b.Wmu.c.

River Ten.24 22 36|1995 Sugg Fort, Port Royal, Montgomery co. Sat. b. 2 Sab. 8 Aug. Barren Sp. Chris. eo. K. I River Ten.27 13 23 1412 Hardy Holeman, Lincoln county 2 Sat. 12 September New Hope m.h. Bedf.c. cord Ten. 35 28 902372 R.C.Foster, Esq. Farmer's Joy, Davidson c. Fri.b.l Sab. Au.31Jul. Wilson's cr. m.h. Wn.e. imey Fork Ten. 11 12 17 472 George Dawson, Esq. Sparta, White co. 4 Sat. 26 September Parker's m.). Bledsoe c. e fornica Ten.

Garner M'Connico, near Franklin Sat. b. 1 Sals. 5 Sept. Barton's creek m.h.Te. Ikhorn Ky, 30'12 503|3205 Silas M. Noel, Oakley, Franklin county2nd Satur, 8 Augusts. Elkhorn m.h. Fay.c.

Kr. 131.12 1531809 Gen. Joseph Lewis, Bardstown, Nelson c. 4th Frid. 25 Septem. Simpson's cr,m.h.Nel.c. ate's Creek Ry. 11816 32 1153 Wm.Goodloe, Esq. n.Richmond Madison.c. 4th Salur. 22 August Mt. Nebo, Madison eo.

Ky. 1512 958 Walter Warder, May's Lick, Mason co. 1st Sat. 5 September last min. not obtained Reen River Ky. 17 9 1143 Michael W. Hall, Esq. 1. Glasgow, B. co. Fri. b. 4 Sab. 24 July last min. not obtained wth Bend Ky. 17.151 868 Absalom Graves, Bulletsburg, Boone co. 4 Frid. 25 September last min. not oltained buth Distriet Ky. 21:11 1311 James Mason,Esq. n. Mt.Sterling, Mont. c. 4 Saturday, 25 Julysíast min, not ob'ained uth Dist. Ky. 117 81122 1164 William Stirman, Perrysville, Mercer eo. 3d Satur. 15 August Union m.h. Mercer co. mg Run

Ky. 33 26 621 3117 George Waller, Buck creck, Shelby co, 1st Frid. 4 Septem. Drinin's cr. m. New.H.e. Tessell's Cr. Ky. 118 15 45 1019J.Chandler, Stuart's cr.n.Campbellsv.G.c. 3d Satur, 19 Septem. Brush cr. in.l. Green c. oeldon's v. Ky. 1151 8 17 762 Wm. Wood, Esq. Stockton's Val. Cumb.c. 3d Satur. 15 August Spring cr. m.h. Ov.c. T. sancipat. Ky. 79 213 David Barrow, n. Mt. Sterling, Montg. c. Sat. b. 2 Sab. 12 Sep. Gilgal, Shelby county eking Ky. 21) 7 24 874 Ambrose Dudley, 11. Bryan's Stat. Satur. 12 Septem. Mill cr. in.l. Harrison c. tabe River Ky. (1813 5 720 Thos. Pasehal, Esq. Somerset, Pulaski co. Ist Satur. 5 Septem. Fishing er. m.h. Palas.c. kuxer River Ky. 25 18 12 1099 Dea. Ed. Collins, n. Russellville, Logan c. Sat. b. 4 Sab. 22 Aug. Walton's cr. ch. Ohio c. te River Ky. 3129 1013 Thomas Ros., near Dover, Stuart co. Te. Sat. b. 3 Sab. 15 Aug. last min. not obtained iming Spr. Ky. 112_10 3 359 Samuel Hanna, Buffaloe Shoal, Floyd co. 1st Satur. 3 October Red river Floyd c.

Ку. 6) 4 340 Arche. Vaubook, Esq. Cynthiana, Har.c. 3d Satur. 19 Septem. last min: not obtaineit anklin Ky. 12 9 351 1083 John Scott, n. Port William, Gallatin co. 1st Friday, 7 August S.Benson m.h. Frank.c. on-seulh Ky. 81 5

242 Peter Engle, Esq. Barbourville, Knox co. Frid. b. 4 Sat. 25 Sep. Barbourville, Knox co.

James H. L. Moorman, Breckenridge co. Time of meeting not known, min. not rec'd. Ohio 28|14 1083 John Mason, Sugar er. Warren county. Sat. D. 2 Sab. 12 Sept. last min. not obtained Ohio 13 10 27 457 Samuel Comer, n. Lancaster, Fairfield co. Sat. b. 4 Sab. 26 Sept. Deer cr. m... Ross co

Ohio 18 966 701 William West, Youngstown, Trumbull eo. Thur.b.4 Sab 20 Aug. Wooster ch. Wayne co. alghat Cr.

Ohio! 014 103 Thomas Ellrod, n. West Union, Adams co. Fri. b. 4 Sab. 21 Aug. last min. not obtained askingum ohio 16 12 70 684 Jacob Drake, Delawarc, Belaware county Th. b. 4 Sab, 20 Aug. Hopewell ch. Fairfd. c. Rurr Ohio 1414

366 John Thomas, Urbanna, Chavipaign co. Fri. b. 3 Sab. 18 Sept. last min. not obtainedha Miami Ohio 81 4 47 38 1 James Jones, Indian Hill, Hamilton co. Sat. b, 1 Sab. 5 Sept. Clough-co. not known - Hiver Ohio 5 4 160 Azariah Hanks, Chardon, Geauga county 2nd Wed. 9 Septem. Kinsville-counknown

Ind. 12 7 20 380 Isqac M'Coy, n. Vincennes, Knox county Sat. b. 1 Sab. 3 Oct. Patoka m.). Gibson co. Ft Water Jind. 1812 998 Ezra Ferris, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn c. Frid. b. 2 Sat. 7 Aug. last min. 11ot obtained per Creek lad. |14 9118401 Rice G, M'Coy, Charleston, Clark county 4th Satur. 22 August Silver creek m. house te Hiver Ind. 17 12 70 581 James M'Coy, Esq. Salem, Washington e. 21 Satur. 12 Septem. Sinking Sp. m.h. Wa. c.

M.T. 9 216 John M. Peck, St. Louis, Missouri Ter. Not known min. not yet obtained

114James E. Welsh, St. Louis, Missouri Ter. Frid. b. 4 Sat. 21 Oct, Femme Osage, St.Ch.c. Ges.Con. USA 10111 11934)William Stillman, Hopkinton, R Island Thur.b.2 Sab, 10 Sep. last min. not obtained

Bethel, 7 churehes, Missouri Ter, Todd's Fork, 6 churches, Ohio. Total, 138 associations-2682 churches ministers-12,270 baptized-172,086 members in 125 associations; probably, in all the associations, 190,000,



D C May 10 To draft for Stationary &c. to Dr. Staughton, (for 3 years)

10 do. for Sexton for attending Convention

10 do: Mess. Peck and Welch, Missionaries 1000-to two bad notes io 1010 June 5 Curcier & Co. as per order

28 Rev. L. Rice as per order 62 50-to a counterfeit Baltimore note 10 July 9 freight, &c. of Reports 2 75--to order for printing Reports 498 56 9

porterage of Reports Aug. 18

cash draft for outfit of Mess. Colman and Wheelock Sept. 16 Mr. Rice as per order

15 Oct. 2 W. W. Woodward on account of Rev. J. A. Ranaldson

23 Exchange of Foreign notes
26 do. on a remittance from the Redstone Association
28 cash as per order of the Board, May 15

1550 28 do. for passage of Mess. C. & W. 800-to counterfeit note Maryland 5 Nov. 10 cash Mess. Judson & Hough, as per order of the Board, May 15 22 cash for 5000 New York State Stock Com. &c.

5087 24 loss on tickets from Catskill Dec. 1 draft by the President

513 03 1818. Jan. 29

dolls. per ship Edward 3240--premium on do. 113 40-commission 8 32 336123 29 shipping expense, &c. Mar. 16

cash J. A. Ranaldson
19 cash Mess. Peck and Welch

Rev, Isaac M'Coy, Missionary 109 50—postages 7 464

postage May 4

dft. Rev. L. Rice 1967 67 ---to do. Rev. Cushman 34 4 do. Mr. G. Curwin 20-to do. Rev. Mr. Healy 18-to do. S. H. Cone 24 56 623

ballance due

Apr. 16

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23360 62

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CONTRA, 1817.

D. C May 10 By balance due the Board

10051 13 Rev. Dr. Furman from Mrs. H. Townsend, Charleston, s. Carolina 13 Mr. Thomas Swain, New Mills, New Jersey, F. M. S. 14 Rev. L. Rice, Washington Baptist Society, F. M. S. 21 Rev. S, Goodale, Ontario, N. Y, do. 21 Rev. A. Beebee, Skaneateles, Onondaga county, N. Y. F. M. S.

100 5 27 Rev. Jesse Mercer, Powelton, Hancock county, Geo. do. 27 do. do. do. Ocmulgee Baptist Society, Geo. do.

310 1 27 do. do. do. Sarepta

Geo. do. do. do. do. Georgia Association

57 U 29 A. Runyan, esq. East Jersey, F. M. S.

100 OC 31 B. Hastings, esq. Westfield Association June 2 L. S. Law, esq. Sanbury, Geo. F. M. S. 2 do. do. Female Mite do. do.

101 2 do. do Coloured Brethren do.

A (0 2 Rev. B. Bates, Bristol and Newport Evangelical Society 30 J. Conant, esq. Vermont, Foreign Mission Society 30 do. do. Addison, Vt. do. do. do.

10 01 July quarter Interest on U. S. Stock 8 J. Wilson, esq. Worcester co. Mass.

100 ) 14 Interest on Bank Shares 14 Rev. Dr. Furman, Charlestown, from Rev. J. King, Edgefield Associ. Rev. B. Watkins, Mid. Dist. Association, Powhattan county, Va.

121 11 Rev. J. Bryce, Richmond Female Mission Society Sept. 22

Hon. Mark Harris, Portland, Cumberland Female Mission Society
3 Hon. S. Eddy, Warren Asso. 48 77–do. African Mite Soci. Providence
Amount carried up


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July 5


May 11





Amount brought up

D. C. Sept. 23 By Hon. S. Eddy, Individuals

3 00 26 Rev. J. Segar, Red Stone Association, Penn.

167 00 Oct. 4 Oct. quarter Interest on United States' Stock

167 98 13 J. Skelding, esq. Female Foreign Mission Society

71 50 13 Rev. William Gammel, Mass. Female Mission Society

60 00 16 General A. Forbes, Windsor Union Society

200 00 20 Rev. Caleb Douglas, Utica, N. Y. do.

767 38 Nov. 14 Deacon H. Hill, Catskill Northern District Society

149 93 14 Mrs. K. Hill, Catskill Female do.

43 37 15 Rev. S. Goodale, Holland Purchase Association

65 70 15 do, do, Ontario


31 00 15 do. Female Society, Farmington

10 00 do. do. Ontario Female Mission Society

29 30 28 El. Parson, a donation from Mr. Abn. Mitchell, Turin, Lewis co. N.Y. 75 00 Dec. 2 Rev. L. Austin, Leyden F. Mission Society

100 00 24 James Loring, esq. Boston do.

500 00 1818. Jan. 2 Interest on United States' Stock

167 98 2 do. do. New York do

75 00 2 Bank dividend

7 50 29 sale of 2000 6 per cent. 5$ deducting commission

2099 74 Feb. 17 Rev. J. Mercer, Powelton, Hancock county, Georgia

143 00 Apr. 1 Interest on Public Stock

212 98 3 D. Adams, esq. Charleston F. Mission Society

639 00 3 do. do. Mrs. M‘Nair, towards a Theological Seminary

100 00 3 do. do. Mr. Lawson, translation

10 00 3 Rev. E. Barber, from an unknown person

2 00 10 Female Cent Society, Sunbury, Georgia

200 00 15 Rev. J. W. Griffith, Middleton, Ruckland co. N. York

20 00 22 Jobn Torry, Western Con. donation

10 00 22 Joseph B. Gilbert, esq. Cont. Auxiliary Society

300 00 Mrs. H. Wildman, Stratfield Mite Society

40 00 24 Rev. William Brantly, Beaufort, South Carolina

50 00 24 Female Board of Foreign Missions, Fredericksburgh

100 00 24 Auxiliary Society at Chapawamsick

40 26 27 J. Wilson, esq. Mid. District Society, Poughkeepsie

100 00 28 Mr. E. Arnold, Westfield 12-do. sale of Reports 2

14 00 28 do. do. translation

1 00 May 4 Rev. L. Rice

3387 67

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23350 60


May 4 balance due the Board

3292 614 We the subscribers being appointed a committee to audit the Trensurer's accounts, do certify that we have carebelly examined the receipts and expeditures as stated in the above accounts, and do find the ballance in the hands Ir the Treasurer to be three thousand two hundred and ninety-two dollars sixty-one and a quarter cents, and Who certificates of Stock in the hands of the Treasurer, amounting to fourteen thousand four hundred and nineFuine dollars and fifty-four cents.


JOHN WILLIAMS, Neto York, May 4, 1818.



5 15 7 50

New Hampshire, The Foreign Mission Society in Hebron

The Female Cent Society in Hebron
The Foreign Mission Society in Lyme
The Foreign Mission Society in Canaan
The Female Cent Society in Canaan

8 -
The Female Cent Society in Runney

4 64 These suns, with the addition of 9 86, have been sent by Mr. Pillsbury to the treasurer. In Maine, besides the societies mentioned last year, we notice, The Female Mite Society in Fayette; do. in Topsham ; do. in Readfield ; é o Brunswick; and the Female Charitable Society in Wayne These with others in that quarter send their tontributions to Dr. Baldwin, Boston, through whose hauds they go into the missions funds.

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