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D. C.

Amount brought forward, 299 31 Oct. 7, By the hand of Rev. Mr. Going, from Mrs. Fletcher, Cavendish, Vt.

1 00 9, By collection in the congregational M. H. Keane,* N. H.

50 60 10, By a Gentleman of the same place,

1 00 By the hand of a young gentleman, from a Lady or Ladies,

1 00 By two Ladies, 50 cents, and another Lady 20, 070 19, By Mr. G., from a Lady, Sullivan, N. H.

4 00 21, By Mr. Everett, from a Lady, Chesterfield, N. H. O 50 23, By Mr. Smith, of Colerain, Ms.

1 00 24, By Mr. M'Clellan, do.

1 00 Nov. 8, By Mr. Chase, for an exchange of bank bills, 1 00 ll, By Treas'r. of the B. S. for propagating the Gospel

in India, &c. to defray travelling expenses, &c. 50 00 13, By the church in Beverly, for preaching,

5 00 15, By four little children in Danvers, Ms.

O 35
By collection in Rev. Mr. Chaplin's M. H.
Danvers, Ms.

5 01 By the Rev. Mr. Chaplin, from a poor widow, do. 0 25 16, By Mrs. Chaplin,

do. 1 10 By Rev. Mr. Chaplin,

do. 4 00 20, By collection, Pawtucket, R. I.

24 00 24, By Mrs. Martyn, Bristol, R. I.

100 25, By Ladies of the Baptist connexion, New Bedford, Ms.

7 52 27, By collection in the Bapt. M. H. Warren, R.I.

725 06 By the hand of Mr. Allen, for Mrs. Allen, do. 050 29, By Rev. Mr. Bates, for exchanging bank bills, 1 00 Dec. 4, By collection in Newport, R. I.

728 20 Dec. 5, By Deacon Tilly and his Lady, Newport, R. I. 72 00 7, By Rev. Mr. Lewis, of Swansea, Ms.

020 8, By Mrs. Munroe, Bristol, R. I.

10 00 By Mrs. Martyn, do.

3 00 21, By collection in Rev. Mr. Holmes' M. H. New Bedford, Ms.

15 40 25, By collection in Rev. Mr. Judson's M. H. Plymouth, Ms.

12 79 27, By a Lady in Rev. Mr. Abbott's Society,

Middleborough, Ms.

1 00

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Amount carried forward, $558 59

My spendir.g a Sabbath in this place was without any previous intention of doing so. Being politely invited to preach, and understanding that a third sermon on the subject of missions would not be unacceptable, it was with emotions peculiarly pleasing I received from this respectable and worthy congregational society their willing and liberal contribution. The pastor, Rev. Mr. Hall, deceased about two months before.

+ These sums are credited to the E. Society, Bristol and Newport counties, Rhode Island Auxiliary, &c.


D. C.

Amount brought forward, 558 59 Jan. 4, By Mrs. Lamson, from a Female Society in Beverly, Ms.

15 00 8, By a collection in the Rev. Mr. Codman's M. H. Dorchester, Ms.

24 86 9, By a Lady of the same place,

9 00 18, By collection in the Bap. M. H. Belchertown, Ms. 4 86 22, By a Lady in West Boylston, Ms.

O 12 31, By a collection in a school house, Hopkinton, Ms. 2 63 Feb. 1, By a young Lady of the same place,

050 By a collection in the Baptist place of worship Westborough, Ms.

10 66 2, By Mr. Haskall, Northborough, Ms.

050 6, By collection in the house of Deacon Newton, after lecture, Paxton, Ms.

6 86 7, By Deacon Winsor Newton,


4 00 By Deacon Newton's father, da.

1 50 By coll. in Rev. Mr. Avery's M. H. Holden, Ms. 42 63 8, By collection in Baptist M. H. Belchertown, Ms. 10 08 12, By collection in Bap. M. H. Harvard, Ms. 23 82 15, By letter from Rev. Mr. Biddle, collected at the session of the Neuse Asso. N. C.

24 00 17, By Mr. Baily, for an address at a musical concert, Boston, Ms.

20 00 22, By Treasurer of the Society for Worcester county and vicinity, Auxiliary, &c.

50 00 24, By a Lady, Westspringfield, Ms.

0 25 27, By a Lady, Belchertown, Ms.

0 25 Mar. 28, By coll. in the Bap. M. H. near Trenton, N.J. *10 64 April 2, By collection in the Baptist M. H. New Brunswick, N. J.

38 19 By the church in Piscataway,


2 00 7, By the hand of Rev. Dr. Rogers, from a Lady of New Haven, Con.

50 00 By the same, from Mrs. B-Fort Mifflin, 5 00 By the same, from Mrs. Cornog, for the translation, Chester Co., Penn.

4 00 8, By the same, from Miss. M. Moore, Phila.

2 50 25, By the hand of Rev. Mr. M‘Laughlin, from the church, New Brunswick, N. J.

3 00 May 3, By the Treasurer of the Baptist F. M. Society of New Jersey,

36 29 8, By collection in the Baptist meeting house, Newark, N. J.

*47 90 By two or three persons, to be added to this collection,

*2 10 9, By another person, to be added to the same, *2 00 10, By Rev. Mr. Randolph, Samptown, N. J.

*20 50 By Rev. Mr. Brown, Scotch Plains, N. J.

*25 00 Fractional parts of the preceding receipts,

00 06

$1059 19

. These sums credited to the Bap. F. M. S. of New Jersey.

ALTHOUGH it has been constantly my wish and endeavour to avoid expense as much as possible, and have had frequent occasion gratefully, on behalf of the Board, to acknowledge favours tending to prevent its increase; still, as the Board must be aware, much would inevitably be incurred. The amount, however, I flatter myself, will not appear extravagant, when considered, that while passing between two and three thousand miles, it has supplied my contingent necessities. Besides humble thankfulness to a gracious Providence for prescrving my health, and conducting mc in safety from place to place, and gratitude to our brethren and friends in general, for multiplied instances of personal kindness and the uniform regard manifested towards the objects of the Board, allowine to record very grateful thanks for the following particular favors-o Mrs. Wooster of New Haven, for $7 75-to Rev. Mr. Elliot, and others, at the close of the last session of the Dublin Asso: for $8 31-0 Mrs. Boardman and Mr. Farwell, for the following note, handed to me by Dea: Lincoln, of Boston. “ Feeling ourselves in duty bound as well to relieve the necessities of saints as to cast in our mite to aid the cause of Christ generally, we submit the inclosed sum to you for your personal comfort. Mrs. Boardman, 820, L. Farwell, $10"-10 Mr. Allen Warren, R. I. for a pair of shoes.

The general diffusion of distinct intelligence in relation to missionary concerns, has long appeared to me of the utmost importance to the objects for whose attainment the General Convention has been organized, the Board appointed. Impressed with this conviction, it was impossible for me not to feel exceedingly solicitous that the Proceedings of the Convention should be circulated as extensively as practicable; and accordingly, after the said Proceedings were printed, before leaving this city, besides copies to many individuals, I forwarded parcels of them to several Associations, from most of which information has been returned stating their having been well received, and disposed of to advantage.

The Board having thought proper to employ my agency, under the favour of its patronage, “ with a view to excite the public mind more generally to engage in missionary exertions," as well as “ to assist in originating societies or institutions for carrying the missionary design into execution;" to discharge the duties and meet the responsibilities of this designation, I conceived it expedient to address the Associations in a printed letter. In this communication two objects were particularly in view—to engage the Associations in the 'missionary cause, and to open a channel of intercourse between the Board and all the Baptist churches in the United States, by means of a regular correspondence and interchange of Proceedings and Minutes between the Board and the Associations. These objects are indeed intimately connected, and manifestly of vital importance to the missionary interest. It will be gratifying to the Board to discover that they are attainable. The success of my efforts in this business has surpassed even the fond anticipations of my own eager wishes.

More fully to explain the plan of communication and correspondence contemplated to be established between the Board and the Associations and Churches, as well as to make up for deficiencies

in cases in which it had not been practicable to forward the above mentioned printed letter to Associations in season, I have since had a circular printed, addressed to individuals. The plan proposed, so far as intelligence has yet come to hand, uniformly meets with approbation.

A concise review of the various Associations in the United States, will contribute to shew the extent and favourable results of these exertions. Including the Sabbatarian General Conference, the Groton Union Conference, the Holland Purchase Conference, the Yearly Meeting in the Ancient Order of the Six Principles, and one called the Emancipating Society, may be reckoned one hundred and fifteen Associations in our country. Of these there are in

Maine, three Associations. All of which have been addressed relative to missions, and have yielded towards this subject a favourable countenance. The Lincoln recommends that there be a contribution of one cent per month for each member, to be applied to missionary purposes." Would each Association adopt this measure, and actually carry it into effect, though trifling the contribution of each, the amount of the whole would be very considerable indeed.

New Hampshire, three Associations. From the Meredith no information relative to missions has been received. The New Hampshire has not yet been addressed upon the subject, but from the declarations of individuals belonging to it, no doubt is entertained that it will readily and cordially enter into the views of the Board. The Dublin indeed was ready a year ago, and has manifested its zeal in the cause both by a public collection, for the mission, at the session before its last, and at its last session by a public collection, and the formation of a Foreign Missionary Society, and also by recommending to the churches of which it is composed to make annual contributions for the same object.

Vermont, six Associations. The Vermont, the Woodstock, and the Pairfield, having been addressed upon the subject, have entered into the views of the Board with laudable zeal. In their connexion two Missionary Societies have been formed, from which may justly be expected considerable assistance. The Danville is understood to be warmly favourable to missionary efforts. Accounts relative to the Barre are also of a nature to awaken pleasing hopes. The Shaftsbury, although not yet addressed upon the subject, has long displayed that zeal and charity, which furnish a satisfactory pledge of its favour towards the benevolent objects of the Board.

Massachusetts, four Associations, and all of them have listened with pleasure to the voice of Divine Providence, summoning attention to the missionary cause;-have recommended to the churches to make annual contributions for its promotion;-in various ways are encouraging and assisting exertions of this nature;-readily and affectionately, with their brethren in other places, advancing to the help of the Lord against the mighty.

Rhode Island, two Associations. The Warren has entered into the views of the Board, with a readiness and zeal worthy its established excellent character. Large in number and venerable by age, it associates with these considerations peculiar endearment, by so warmly

espousing, as it does, the cause of those who dwell in the dark places of the earth, that are full of the habitations of cruelty. Besides a resolution to take a public collection at each annual meeting of Association, the churches of which it is composed are affectionately exhorted to make annual contributions for the purpose of imparting the knowledge of the gospel to the heathen. The Yearly Meeting also, at its last session, took this subject into serious deliberation, and mani. fested a willingness to hold a correspondence with the Board.

Connecticut, three Associations; which have embarked in the mission cause, with a decision and activity becoming the piety of our brethren in that quarter. The Groton Union Conference has not indeed yet been addressed upon this subject; but such accounts have been received as to induce a confident persuasion, that our brethren of that Conference will afford their patronage and assistance to the general object. The Connecticut F. M. Society has already been mentioned, and it is believed the Board may calculate on its steady and increasing support.

New York, fifteen Associations. The New York had not till the present season been addressed upon missions. At its recent session, as Agent of the Board, I had the pleasure of presenting the subject, and the satisfaction of seeing it attended to with propriety and zeal

. A public collection annually at its session,—-contributions by the churches and the formation of two mission societies, one in New York and one in East Jersey, were affectionately recommended by the Association, at whose request also I delivered a missionary sermon on the occasion, and a public collection was taken for the general fund. The Warwick has not yet been addressed, nor any information, except a copy of their minutes, been received. But from their number, local situation, and character, it appears not too much to anticipate their countenance and aid in this business. The Otsego appears to be exerting a zealous patronage in favour of missions to the heathen. In this quarter has been formed The Utica Baptist Society to aid in Foreign Missions. The Chemung expresses a cordial approbation of the objects of the Board. The Rensselaerville has appointed persons "to receive monies collected in the Association and churches, to aid the foreign mission.” The Cayuga also has appointed a person " to receive contributions for foreign missions." The Esser recommends to the churches, “ to pay six cents a member to help support missionary labours." The Saratoga has not yet been addressed, but from their number and pious zeal for the Lord Jesus, the Board would probably do them injustice not to calculate on their cordial patronage and assistance. The Black River, also, it is believed, will yield a favourable countenance. The Madison has entered into the subject with a lively interest, appointed a standing secretary to correspond with the Board, taken a public collection, and forwarded 842 for the general fund. The standing secretary thus writes, “ Your letter to me I read to the Association, and likewise the printed one addressed to the Association, and the Address of the General Convention respecting the same thing, These communications excited the most pleasing sensations in the friends of Zion assembled. The business was immediately attended to, as you may see by our minutes." From the Lake George no in

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