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have since visited them again, and found the good work was going on in a most glorious manner. I was with them nearly four weeks, and performed a circuit twice, of about seventy miles, and preached upwards of forty times, from my leaving home until my return. The congregations were frequently so large, even on week days, that the meeting-houses could not contain the people. The most solemn effect appeared to attend the word. My labours were truly fatiguing, but I trust not in vain. I baptised about 40 persons on profession of their faith in Christ. Other brethren have baptised some. From present pros. pects we have reason to hope that hundreds more will be added yet to the church. es in that neighbourhood.”

In some parts of Virginia,-perhaps, too, in the Carolinas and Georgia, "mercy drops” have fallen upon the churches, prelusive, it is hoped, of a great rain of righteousness.

Besides these revivals, others have taken place which the limits of this Re. port will allow only to be introduced. Amongst these may be mentioned the heavenly influences that have descended upon several colleges and other seminaries of learning. Who can but cherish the hope that from the youth who have been sharers in the blessed work, God is about to raise up a muititude of labourers to enter into the vast harvest among the heathen. While the Christian world is exerting itself to send forth the gospel to the ends of the earth, God is not leaving his people without a testimony of his own faithfulness, that the liberal soul shall be made fat; and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

Amid the numerous sources of consolations that the church of Christ is per. mitted to approach when men eminently wise and useful are removed, none pre. sents more lively encouragement than the consideration that the Head of the Church for ever lives. Rarely has a shock been more extensively felt througte the circles of piety and missionary endeavour, than that occasioned by the decease of the Rev. ANDREW Fuller. Europe, America, and Asia have united in the exclamation, a great man is fallen ;” but a greater than he, possessing all the treasures of wisdom, power, and grace, the advancement of whose honour was dear to our deceased brother's heart, ever lives. While, therefore, we deplore the loss the mission cause has felt, and mingle our tears with the tears of Zion, we may look up to the great Lord of Missions, and at once bless him for the past, and trust him for the future.

From the Minutes of the British and Foreign Bible Society, May 22, 1815.

“ The Committee learn, with deep regret, the decease of the late Rev. As. DREW I'ULLER, Secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society; and impressed with a sense of the valuable services rendered by that excellent individual, in promoting the translation and publication of the Scriptures in the East, desire to unite their condolences, on this afflictive event, with those of their Baptist brethren, to whom he was more particularly allied ; and of the Christian world, by whom his memory will deserve to be held in affectionate and grateful veneration."

DOMESTIC MISSIONS. A very brief sketch is all that can here be given of the various and increasing exertions of our brethren in different parts of the United States to promote the preaching of the gospel in the new settlements, and places destitute of the stated ministrations of religion-enough, however, to show that the foreign and the domestic missionary efforts mutually advance each other's prosperity.

The funds of the Maine Baptist Missionary Society last year, amounted to about $ 300, raised by public contributions, female societies, donations, &c. The Bowdoinham and Cumberland Associalions, the Female Mite Society in Readfield; a Donary Society, N. Yarmouth; Female Mission Society, Portland; Fe. male Society, Livermore; Female Donary Society, Buckfield, are among the contributors. Several missionaries for short seasons have been employed.

The Mission Society connected with the Vermont association bad in fund last October, $124 ; of which $73 were received at the association from churches and individuals. Some missionary appointments were made at the same time.

The Country Baptist Missionary Society in the Leyden association, does some

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thing at domestic missions, besides assisting the foreign. Received, last session, from a Female Baptist Society in Wardsboro, $9 82.

The Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society has done much, and continues its unabating and benevolent exertions in the cause. Its funds are considerable. U. S. stock, $300; notes, $2026; cash, $639: receipts last year, $1112. Fe. male Benevolent Society, Newton, $50 80—Female Cent Society, Salem, $57. Among their appointments, last year, are the names of thirteen missionaries, whose terms of service together would amount to between 50 and 60 months. For this year they have several missionaries appointed the field of their la. bour extends from Nova Scotia through the intermediate sections of the country to the western parts of Pennsylvania; and they now contemplate pushing their operations still further to the westward.

The funds of the New-York Baptist Missionary Society, last year, by subscriptions, collections, legacies, and assistant societies, amounted to $1811. Mis. sionaries for nearly 60 months were appointed, and laboured in various parts of the state with success. Auxiliary to this are the Pouth's Assistant Society, NewYork ; the Poughkeepsie Assistani Society; and a society at Mount Pleasant.

The First Baptist Church in the city of New York has been in the habit of employing missionaries. During the last year has been formed the New-York Buptiat Foreign and Domestic Mission Society. Besides assisting the funds of the Board of Foreign Missions, this society employs a domestic missionary,

Besides the exertions of the Saratoga Association, considerable has been done in the western parts of the state. At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Baptist Missionary Society, “ Six Femule Societies were present by their Delegates, and made donations, including some small ones from others, amounting to nearly $300,” (chiefly in cloth furnished by themselves.] The Otsego Baptist Missionary Societythe Cayuga Society-the Franklin Association as a Mission Society and a Society in the Ontario Associution, are all engaged in the same evangelical design.

The Baptist Domestic Mission Society, connected with the Philadelphia Association, employed last year, a part of the time, five missionaries, in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Lust fall the balance in the hands of their Treasurer was $175 44.

'The Richmond Baptist Foreign and Domestic Mission Society, Va. employs a domestic missionary. So also does a similar society in Fredericksburg, Va.

The Savannah River Association, Geo. promotes domestic missions. Their general committee reported the employment of four itinerants last year; and the funds in hand to be $191 50. In the Hephzibah Association has been formed the Rephzibuh Baptist Society for Itinerant and Missionary efforts.

In Kentucky, the North Bend, and the Long Run Associations, have adopted measures to aid domestic missions.

The Miami Association, Ohio, last session voted to form themselves into a Do. mestic Missionary Society. The Beaver Association is engaged in the same causefrceived last session from several churches to the amount of $80, and appointed, for a short time each, several missionaries.

The Wabash Association, Indiana Territory, last session appointed a commitlee to open subscriptions, and receive contributions to support a domestic mission on the frontiers. By the Silver Creek Association a similar plan was adopted.

These domestic missionary endeavours have been the result, in several instances, of the foreign missionary operations. So perfectly consentaneous and be. neficently diffusive are the influences and tendencies of the gospel in all its churacter, bearings, and suggestions. It is particularly gratifying, also, to observe the happy effects of missionary efforts in conducing to harmonize the views, and to conciliate the affectionate regards of different denominations towards each other. Said MoNTGOMERY, [the poet,) at the formation of a Methodist Missionary Society, “In the Bible Society all names and distinctions of sect are blended till they are lost, like the prismatic colours in a ray of pure and perfect light. In the missionary work, though divided, they are not discordant; but like the same colours displayed and liarmonized in the rainbow, they form an arch of glory, ascending, on the one hand, from earth to heaven ; and on the other, descending from heaven to earth ; a bow of promise ; a covenant of peace; a sign that the storm is passing away, and the Sun of Righteousness, with heala ing in his wings, breaking forth upon the nations."

Conformably to the spirit of this beautiful sentiment, the Presbyterians in Scotland appear to have conducted in the formation of The Glasgow Auxiliary Society in aid of the Baptist Mission and Translations in India. « How much the Baptist Mission in India,” they observe, “is distinguished for zeal and snccess in preaching the gospel, in teaching schools, and in translating the foly Scriptures into the numerous languages of the East, is well known to the public. India was the boast of the infidel, who thought that no efforts of christianity could ever overcome the Cast, and other barriers of idolatry, among those whom he termed the amiable Hindoos. This boast is now put to silence; and, in s great measure, by the Baptist Missionaries. Others have done, and are still doing worthily in the same work. But the most eminent of these unite in giving distinguished praise to their Baptist brethren.”

Dr. CAREY to the Rev. ROBERT HALL, thus writes : " The field of mis. sionary exertion in this country, and those that surround it, is every day increas. ing and extending itself as it respects all branches of the work.From the Speech of Maj. Gen. PROLE, Chairman of the Bristol Mission Society.

« After an actual residence of 36 years in India, I can truly say, that the peo. ple of the East are in a deplorable state. They do indeed profess to believe in a Supreme God; but their popular deities resemble those of Greece and Rome: as Cowper says, “ gods such as guilt makes welcome.” I have twice passed the temple of Juggernaut, marching with troops, and both times we were halted to afford an opportunity for the Hindoos to worship the idol. I beheld the avenues to the temple strewed with sculls and human bones. Their morality, generally speaking, is such as may be expected to flow from sources so impure They are, in a degree peculiar to heathen countries, liars and thieves. Perjury is so common as scarcely to be thought a crime! It is common with them to poison each other. I once saw a mother take her little in fant from her bosom and daslı it down upon the stones!

“In fine, we can truly appreciate the importance and necessity of missionary labours, only by considering, that all the best natural qualities of man, cannot save the soul from perditinn; for this momentous end, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, working by love to God and man, is indispensably necessary. Those who believe this will be the friends of the Misssionary cause."

SYRIAN CHRISTIANS IN INDIA.- From the Christian Herald. “ The prospects of the Syrian churches, which Dr. Buchanan visited wlien lie was in India, are of the most encouraging kind. A Major Monro has conceived the design of establishing a College for the instruction of the Syrian priests and laymen. A printing press is to be connected with the establistinent."

BIBLE INSTITUTIONS. He serdeth forth his commandment upon earth; his word runneth very swiftly."

The multiplication and success of Bible Societies, excite the astonishment and demand the gratitude of the church of God. Had their number, thcir labours, their extent, their arclour, been foretold, in explicit terms, twelve years ago; while the general tenor of holy prophecy were admitted, the immediate and unexampled accomplishment would liave appeared more like the visions of ima gination than the fulness of truth. But from this time it shall be said, “what hath God wrought." Good men have fastened on an object where all can cor. dially unite, and they are uniting:

Following the example of the British and Foreign Bible Society, the nations of Europe have formed their numerous associations. Asia is a second time sounding forth the word of the Lord, and Africa welcoming and forming measures for extending the heavenly intelligence. America, in the strength of her God, is endeavouring to perform her part. She has between one and two hundred Bible establishments, besides the AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY lately forned in New York. Do our children ask what mean we by these services, are we not permitted to answer, it is the Passover, the feast of Ingatlering, the year of Re Ic29e, the Jubilec of the SON of GAD;

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** Let the whole earth be filled with HIS glory

Amen and Amen."


THY kingdom come! has been the devout and benevolent aspiration of every true disciple of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, from those who caught the prayer from his gracious lips, to those who now utter the fervent ejaculation, with hearts animated by the delightful prospect of its extensive accomplishment, and souls illuminated and fired by the blaze of the Divine glory, as the millennial sabbath dawns. In the execution of the vast and important, yet truly grateful task of directing the liberality of thousands of their brethren to the objects by them designed, and in their endeavours faithfully, in every point, to attend to the duties delegated to them by the general Convention, the efficacy of the supplication has been made evident to the Board; and they now acknowledge it, with sentiments of heartfelt gratulation to their brethren in Christ, and of devout thankfulness and praise to the Lord God Omnipotent, who, riding forth in the chariot of salvation, deigns to make them fellow-workers with himself in the magnificent design of redeeming from the dominion of darkness, and the bondage of sin, out of every kindred and tongue, and people and nation, the sanctified, the sacramental host, who shall ultimately join the univer


sal choir in ascribing blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, unto Him that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb, for ever and ever.”

Conceiving that nothing could contribute more to the generous ardour of enlightened benevolence, and to the excitement of extended christian sympathy, than the diffusion of missionary intelligence, the Board have commenced a periolical publication, entitled the Latter Day Luminary : from this, and the documents annexed to the present address, may be collected every information respecting the number of missionaries under the patronage of the Board, their destination, their operations, and their prospects of usefulness. It may not, however, be improper here to present a concise statement of the transactions of the preceding year.

Our agent, Mr. Rice, has continued persevering in those active exertions for the advancement of the missionary cause, which so essentially contributed to its rise : and, whilst prosecuting this course, “ in labours more abundant,” « in journeyings often,” “ in weariness and painfulness,” “ in watchings often,” he has our warmest sympathies, and we recommend him to the patronage of every friend of Zion.

Brethren Peck and Welch, whose designation to the western mission was announced in the last Report, have arrived at St. Louis ; constituted a church of believers, whom the providence of God had conducted thither before them; opened a school; and made excursions among the Indians in the surrounding country; and found them generally willing, even solicitous, that their children should be instructed.

Brother Ranaldson has been actively employed in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, in preaching the gospel to bond and free, with a success that has rejoiced our hearts; and has established a church in the former state. Though unable, from the sickness of his family, to visit the Creek Indians, pursuant to the instructions of the Board, his representation to the Mississippi Association produced a mission from that body, which eventuated in the formation of a Creek African Church.

Among the Cherokees inhabiting the wild mountainous country which lies on the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee, the Rev. Humphrey Posey has communicated evangelic instruction with acceptance, and has established several schools for the education of their children. Having similar objects in view with respect to the Indians inhabiting the state of Indiana, and territory of Illinois, the Board appointed the Rev. Isaac M.Coy, near Vincennes, to missionary service in that quarter.

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