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IV. That it shall be the duty of this Board, to employ Mis. sionaries, and, if necessary, to take measures for the improvement of their qualifications; to fix on the Field of their Labours, and the compensation to be allowed them for their services; to superintend their conduct, and dismiss them, should their services be disapproved; to publish accounts, from time to time, of the Board's Transactions, and an annual Address to the public; to call a special meeting of the Convention on any extraordinary occasion, and, in general, to conduct the executive part of the missionary concern.

V. That such persons only, as are in full communion with some regular Church of our Denomination, and who furnish satisfactory evidence of genuine Piety, good Talents, and fervent Zeal for the Redeemer's Cause, are to be employed as Missionaries,

VI. That the Board shall choose, by ballot, one President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, a corresponding, and a recording Secretary.

VII. That the president, or in case of his absence or disabil. ity, the senior vice-president present, shall preside in all meetings of the Board, and when application shall be made in writing, by any two of its members, shall call a special meeting of the Board, giving due notice thereof.

VIII. That the treasurer shall receive and faithfully account for all the monies paid into the treasury, keep a regular account of receipts and disbursements, make a report thereof to the said Convention, whenever it shall be in session, and to the Board of Missions annually, and as often as by them required: He shall also, before he enters on the duties of his office, give competent security, to be approved by the Board, for the stock and funds that may be committed to his care.

IX. That the corresponding secretary shall maintain intercourse by letter with such individuals, societies, or public bodies, as the interest of the institution may require. Copies of all communications made by the particular direction of the Convention or Board, shall be by him handed to the recording secretary, for record and safe keeping.

X. That the recording secretary shall, ex officio, be the secretary of the Convention, unless some other be by them ap

pointed in his stead. He shall attend all the meetings of the Board, and keep a fair record of all their proceedings, and of the transactions of the Convention.

XI. That in case of the death, resignation, or disability of any of its officers, or members, the Board shall have power to fill such vacancy.

XII. That the said Convention shall have power, and in the interval of their meeting, the Board of Commissioners, on the recommendation of any one of the constituent bodies belonging to the Convention, shall also have power, to elect honorary members of piety and distinguished liberality, who, on their election, shall be entitled to a seat, and to take part in the debates of the Convention : but it shall be understood that the right of voting shall be confined to the delegates.

XIII. That in case any of the constituent bodies shall be unable to send representatives to the said Convention, they shall be permitted to vote by proxy, which proxy shall be appointed by writing

XIV. That any alterations which experience may dictate from time to time, may be made in these Articles, at the regular meeting of the Convention, by two thirds of the members present.





State of Massachusetts.

At a meeting of the Delegates from associated bodies of the baptist denomination formed in various parts of the United States, for the purpose of diffusing evangelie light, through benighted regions of the earth, convened at Philadelphia on Wednesday the 18th of May, 1814.

1. Rev'd. Dr. FURMAN, of Charleston S. C. was called to the Chair, who opened the meeting with an appropriate prayer, in which the feelings of all present appeared to be solemnly united. Rey’d. Dr. BALDWIN, of Boston, was requested to officiate as Secretary.

2. The delegates produced their testimonials, and their names were enrolled in the following order; geographical situation being kept in view.

Rev'd. Thomas Baldwin, D. D.
Rev'd. Lucius Bolles, A. M.
Rev'd. Stephen Gano, A. M. State of Rhode Island.
Rev'd. John Williams,
Mr. Thomas Hewitt,

State of New York.
Mr. Edward Proby,
Mr. Nathaniel Smith,
Rev'd. Burgiss Allison, D. D.
Rev'd. Richard Proudfoot,
Rev'd. Josiah Stratton,
Rev'd. Wm. Boswell,

State of New Jersey,
Rev'd. Henry Smalley, A. M.
Mr. Matthew Randall,
Mr. John Sisty,
Mr. Stephen Ustick,
Rev'd. Wm. Rogers, D. D.
Rev'd. Henry Holcombe, D. D.
Rev'd. Wm. Staughton, D. D.
Rev'd. Wm. White, A. M.

State of Pennsylvania:
Rev'd. John P. Peckworth,
Rev'd. Horatio G. Jones, A. M.
Rev'd. Silas Hough,
Rev'd. Joseph Mathias,
Rev'd. Daniel Dodge,

State of Delaware.


[blocks in formation]

* Delegates to whose names an astersk is affixed did not attend. 3. Agreed that a meeting of solemn prayer be held in the house of worship of the 1st Baptist church in this city, on Saturday evening next, to implore the direction and blessing of the Holy Spirit,

on our measures.

4. After free conversation on the most eligible plan for attaining the grand object this convention has in view, it was resolved that our brethren Baldwin, Bolles, Gano, Williams, Allison, Holcombe, Rogers, Staughton, Dodge, Richards, Rice, Semple, Ranaldson, Furman and Johnson, be a committee to prepare and report such a plan without delay.

5. Drs. Furman, Baldwin and Staughton, were requested to prepare an address on the subject of foreign missions and the general interests of the Baptist denomination, to be circulated among the constituents of this Convention and throughout the Union.

6. A committee was appointed consisting of Dr. Holcombe and Rev'd. Messrs. Gano and Rice, to collect and report information relative to the encouragement already afforded by Societies and Associations in behalf of Missionary Interests, and the prospects favourable to future supplies.

Dr. HOLCOMBE prayed.

Adjourned to 10 o'clock to-morrow,

THURSDAY, May 19th 1814:

Met pursuant to adjournment,

Dr. Baldwin prayel.

7. The Committee appointed to propose a plan of Coneert, reported by their chairman, on which the Convention resolvod itself

into a committee of the whole, Dr. Gano in the Chair. Its articles were twice read and several points freely debated: after which the President resumed the chair. The committee reported progress and requested leave to sit again, which was granted.


Adjourned to 3 o'clock, P. M.

Met agreeably to adjournment.

Dr. Rogers prayed.

The ministering brethren present, but not delegated to this body, were invited to take a part in the deliberations.

8. The Convention again went into a Committee of the whole, and the discussion of the constitution was resumed; when it was proposed and agreed to, that the Committee rise, and report to the Convention that it is their wish the plan already presented, should he dispensed with; that a Committee be appointed to draft another, and that Rev'd. Dr. Furman, Rev'd. Dr. Baldwin, Rev’d. Messrs. Gano, Semple, and White, be the Committee.

With this request the Convention complied.

Prayer by DR. GANO.
Adjourned until to-morrow morning 10 o'clock.

Friday, May 20:

Met according to adjournment.

DR. ALLISON prayed.

9. The Committee on the Constitution reported a plan, which was read, but at so late an hour as to preclude discussion.

Rev'd. L. RICHARDS prayed.

Adjourned to half past 3 o'dock,

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