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Secretary of the Board shall have the in, dicated conflict brought to the attention of the employee or special Government employee, grant the employee or special Government employee an opportunity to explain the indicated conflict, and attempt to resolve the indicated conflict. If the indicated conflict cannot be resolved. the Secretary of the Board shall forward a written report on the indicated conflict to the Board. $ 396.735–103 Disciplinary and other

remedial action. An employee or special Government employee of the Board who violates any of the regulations in this part or adopted under $ 396.735-101 may be disciplined. The disciplinary action may be in addition to any penalty prescribed by law for the violation. In addition to or in lieu of disciplinary action, remedial action to end conflicts or appearance of conflicts of interest may include but is not limited to:

(a) Changes in assigned duties;

(b) Divestment by the employee or special Government employee of his conflicting interest; or

(c) Disqualification for a particular assignment. $ 396.735-104 Gifts, entertainment, and

favors. The Board authorizes the exceptions to 5 CFR 735.202(a) set forth in 5 CFR 735.202(b) (1)-(4). $ 396.735-105 Specific provisions gove

erning special Government employ.

ees. (a) Special Government employees of the Board shall adhere to the standards of conduct applicable to employees as set forth in this part and adopted under $ 396.735-101, except 5 CFR 735.203(b).

(b) Special Government employees of the Board may teach, lecture, or write in a manner not inconsistent with 5 CFR 735.203(c).

(C) Pursuant to 5 CFR 735.305(b), the Board authorizes the same exceptions concerning gifts, entertainment, and fa

vors for special Government employees as are authorized for employees by $ 396.735–104. 8 396.735–106 Statements of employ.

ment and financial interest. (a) Employees in the following named positions shall submit statements of employment and financial interest:

(1) Chief Executive Officer.

(2) Director of Bureau of Retirement Claims.

(3) Director of Unemployment and Sickness Insurance.

(4) Director of Bureau of Data Processing and Accounts.

(5) Director of Budget and Fiscal Operations.

(6) Director of Supply and Service,

(b) Each statement of employment and financial interest required by this section shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Board, 844 Rush Street, Chicago, Ill. 60611.

(c) An employee who feels that his position has been improperly included in this section as one requiring the submission of a statement of employment and financial interest may obtain a review of his complaint under the Board's grievance procedure. $396.735–107 Supplementary state.

ments. Notwithstanding the filing of the annual supplementary statement required by 5 CFR 735.406, each employee shall at all times avoid acquiring a financial interest that could result, or taking an action that would result, in a violation of the conflicts-of-interest provisions of section 208 of title 18, United States Code or the regulations in this part or adopted under $ 396.735-101. $ 396.735-108 Statements of employ.

ment and financial interest of special

Government employees. Pursuant to 5 CFR 735.412(c), special Government employees who are not consultants or experts as defined in 5 CFR 735.412(c) are not required to submit statements of employment and financial interest.


A list of current CFR volumes, a list of superseded CFR volumes, and a list of CFR titles, subtitles, chapters, subchapters and parts are included in the subject index volume to the Code of Federal Regulations which is published separately and revised annually.

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters
Alphabetical List of CFR Subtitles and Chapters
List of Sections Affected

Table of CFR Titles and Chapters


Title 1-General Provisions
I Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

Appendix A-Guide to record retention requirements
Appendix B-List of acts requiring publication in the Federal

Appendix C—Guide to Federal Register Finding Aids


Title 2—The Congress
Chapter 1-Parallel Table of Statutory Authorities and Rules

Title 3—The President
Executive Orders
Presidential Documents other than Proclamations and Executive

Codified Text of Selected Presidential Documents
Executive Office of the President

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Title 4-Accounts I General Accounting Office II Federal Claims Collection Standards (General Accounting Of

fice-Department of Justice) III Cost Accounting Standards Board

Title 5-Administrative Personnel
I Civil Service Commission
III Office of Management and Budget
IV Civil Service Commission (Equal Employment Opportunity)

V International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board
VI Department of Defense
VII Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
IX Appalachian Regional Commission

X National Capital Housing Authority
XI United States Soldiers' Home
XII District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency
XIII National Commission on Product Safety
XIV Federal Labor Relations Council and Federal Service Impasses


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