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tained at luncheon by Mr. Gladstone on charge brought against them at Neuchatel, board the Pembroke Castle at Copenhagen. and set at liberty.

The Town Council of Bombay refused to Opening of the pheasant shooting season sanction the vote of 50,000 rupees granted under favourable auspices. by the Municipality for the expense of the October 3.- Miners Conference opened at public reception of the Duke of Connaught, Manchester to consider the question of wages 2000 rupees being pronounced sufficient. in various counties and districts. The dele

Patrick O'Donnell, the assassin of James gates on the first day represented 154,000 Carey, the informer, arrived in England. men; on the second, 172,000.

September 19.-Meeting of the British Opening of the Social Science Congress at Association at Southport.

Huddersfield. Fatal accident at the meeting of the Iron The ceremony of dedicating Burnham and Steel Institute at Middlesborough, from Beeches to the public performed by the the upsetting of a Bessemer converter. Duke of Buckingham, as Lord Lieutenant of

News received from Coomassie of the defeat the county, attended by the Lord Mayor and of Koffee Kalcalli, and his retreat from the Sheriffs in state. capital of Ashantee after great slaughter. New dock and fish market opened by Lord

September 21.- Arrival at Gravesend of Waveney at Lowestoft. Mr. Gladstone and party in the Pembroke October 4. - Manchester election: Mr. (astle from their Danish tour.

Houldsworth (C.) 18,188—Dr. Pankhurst Fatal explosion of rockets at the Woolwich (L.) 6,216. Arsenal.

First National Apple Congress opened in Release of the ten Strome Ferry rioters the Horticultural Gardens at Chiswick. Ten imprisoned at Edinburgh in July, under thousand different sorts of apples on exhibisentence of four months' incarceration. At tion. an entertainment given them by the Rev. Arrival in London of H.R.H. Prince Dr. Begg it was announced that a sum had Naresr, the new Siamese Minister to the been subscribed by sympathizers sufficient Court of St. James, and suite. Prince to give each man £50.

Naresr is the brother of the reigning King September 22.-Reform demonstration at of am. Four Siamese girls and two young Newcastle in favour of the assimilation of men accompanied the mission, having been the borough and county franchise. Fifty sent by the Siamese Government to receive thousand people were present, and among an English education. the speakers were Mr. John Morley and Mr. Bradlaugh.

UNITED STATES. September 24.- Arrival of Mr. Shaw, the British missionary recently imprisoned by September 13.-Arrival of the first Corean the French at Tamatave.

embassy to the United States. Arrival of Mrs. Carey and the Crown September 14.-News of the loss of the witnesses from South Africa, to testify in steamship Proteus, of the Greely Relief Exthe murder trial of Patrick O'Donnel. pedition, in Smith's Sound, on July 23.

Sale of the furniture of the Orleans Club Completion of the Central and South at Twickenham.

American telegraph connecting the United September 25.— The British Consulate at States with Brazil via Mexico. CongratulaNew York fired into by a lunatic.

tory messages exchanged between President September 27.-The Bank rate reduced Arthur and the Emperor of Brazil. from 31 per cent. to 3 per cent.

September 20.-Alleged invasion of CanaDemonstration of Orangemen and Nation- dian territory by United States soldiers, to alists at Dungannon. The rival speakers, arrest deserters from the American army, Messrs. O'Brien and J. P. O'Connor, obliged brought to the notice of the Dominion to be escorted to the railway station by the Government. constabulary.

September 25. - Bernard Gallagher, reSeptember 28.—Election of Lieut.-Colonel cently tried and acquitted in London as a Cowan and Mr. Clarence Smith as sheriffs of dynamite conspirator, sent to an asylum for London and Middlesex.

inebriates in New York. September 29.-Election of Alderman John Feeny, an Irishman, arrested for Fowler, M.P., at the Guildhall, as Lord firing two shots into the British Consulate Mayor of London.

at New York, intending to kill the Consul. Appointment of Bartholomew Binns as September 26.-General Butler renomithe common hangman, in succession to nated by the Democratic Convention of MasDarwood, with a retaining fee of £20 per sachusetts for the post of Governor of that annum, and £10 for each execution.

State. Mr. Green, the British Consul at Scutari, September 27.—National Convention of fired at by an unknown inan while out coloured men at Louisville to discuss the shooting.

future prospects of the negro race. A resoOctober 1.--Miss Booth and her compan- lution adopted by the delegates expressing ions of the Salvation Army acquitted of the sympathy with their Irish friends and best


wishes in their efforts to gain their rights in September 13.-—Terrible cattle plague Ireland.

reported in the province of Tobolsk. October 1.-Explosion of gunpowder in September 16.--Violent anti-Jewish riots California; 40 Chinamen and one white at Novo Moskovsk. Great destruction of man blown to atoms.

property; 200 families rendered homeless. October 2.–Organisation of a free trade The outbreak was caused by the report that league at St. Louis, representing the various a Russian church had been plundered by Jews. States of the Mississippi valley.

October 5.–Arrest of a number of officers Announcement of the forthcoming retire- implicated in a political conspiracy at St. ment of General Sherman from the command Petersburg. Discovery of arms, bombs, and of the United States army, which will be printing apparatus at Charkoff, revolutionary assumed on November 1st by General correspondence and publications in cypher, Sheridan.

and a dynamite factory in the suburbs of October 3.- Destruction of the Exhibition the capital, where 138 naval and 17 military buildings at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, with officers were arrested and conveyed to the St. loss estimated at £200,000. Among the Peter-Paul fortress. An artillery colonel exhibits destroyed was the first locomotive was arrested in Simbirsk on the charge of built in America.

inciting the peasantry to revolt.

Departure of the Russian frigate Mininch

from the Black Sea on a scientific voyage September 11.- Death of Admiral Pierre, round the world. at Marseilles, late Commander of the French Squadron off Madagascar.

September 14.-
Decisive French victory

September 13.-Luther festival opened at over the “Black Flags” in Tonquin an- Wittemberg by the German Crown Prince, nounced.

who after placing laurels upon the great ReSeptember 21.-Further dispatch of troops former's grave, opened the Luther Hall with to Tonquin.

a speech extolling the Evangelistic creed, September 22.-Negro insurrection at Port- liberty of conscience, and religious toleration. au-Prince; acts of violence and incendiarism

September 21.-Grand review of German committed, and foreign consulates protected troops by the Emperor at Homburg in the with difficulty by marines landed from the presence of three kings, a number of royal war vessels.

princes, and an Imperial suite numbering September 25.--Hostile attitude of the

more than 200 personages. French press and people towards the King

September 27.-German Autumn Manof Spain on learning that he had accepted auvres closed with a brilliant field-day, at the honorary colonelcy of a Uhlan regiment which the Emperor, Crown Prince, King at Strasburg September 29.--King Alphonso's arrival Milan of Servia, and the Duke of Connaught

were present. in Paris was greeted by an insolent and

September 28.—The German Emperor unhooting mob

veiled the National statue of Germania at September 30.-King Alphonso was called Niederwald, on the Rhine. upon by President Grévy, who formally apolo- October 2.-M. Antoine, deputy for Metz, gised for the hostile demonstration of the arrested on a charge of treason. mob. The King accepted an invitation to dine at the Elysée Palace.

AUSTRIA. October 1.-King Alphonso abruptly quitted Paris by early train for Madrid.

September 12.–Bi-centenary of the delivOctober 2.-General dissension in political erance of Vienna from the Turks by Sobieski, circles; a Ministerial crisis threatened. inaugurated by the unveiling of a marbló

October 5.—Resignation of General Thi- tablet on the neighbouring hill of Kahlenberg. baudin, the Minister for War, by request of

Opening of the new Rath-haus in Vienna President Grévy.

by the Emperor of Austria, accompanied by October 8.--The Spanish Government asks the King of Spain. for the formal publication of President September 13.-Revolt in Croatia ; conflict Grévy's apology to the King, and His between the citizens and the military, in Majesty's reply, in the form of a diplomatic which 20 lives were lost. circular.

September 17.-Panic at Agram, owing to rumour that the peasantry were about to

attack the town. Streets and public buildSeptember 9.-Consecration of Russian ings occupied and patrolled by troops. chapel at Copenhagen, in the presence of September 21.--A mob of 600 peasants, the Princess of Wales and other royal per- armed with muskets, axes and cudgels, sonages.

threatened the town of Faskasevinez, and September 11.--Sobieski festival at Cracow were dispersed with difficulty by the to celebrate the King of Poland's victory over military after ten had been killed and many the Turks at Vienna in 1683.





and the rest had returned to Littleton

Island. The Expedition arrived at Reikiavik September 16.—Monument to King Victor September 9. Emmanuel unveiled at Lodi, in the presence GREAT progress has been made during the of King Humbert and the civil and military month with the Mersey Tunnel. At the 'authorities.

beginning of October only about 500 yards September 20.---Commemoration of the remained to be bored between the headings, entry of Italian troops into Rome.

and the main tunnels were being rapidly September 23.-Two violent earthquake proceeded with. shocks at Casamicciola.

THE promoters of the Manchester Ship September 25.-5000 Jesuits assembled in Canal scheme have instructed their engineer Rome, representing all the provinces of the and solicitor to prepare the necessary plans order from every part of the world, to elect and book of reference for the promotion of a Vicar, who shall eventually succeed to the the bill in the next session of Parliament. office of General of the Society of Jesus, now The Suez Canal Company have announced a held by Father Beckx.

reduction of two shillings per ton on vessels September 29.-Epidemic of typhus fever which make the transit after the beginning reported in Ischia.

of next year, and official aid has been promised in future to stranded steamers. Mean

while it has been announced in Paris that September 19.—Quarantine at Port Said the subscription to the Canal funds was abolished.

entirely covered by October 1. A new JorSir Auckland Colvin was given a farewell dan Valley Canal scheme has been proposed audience by the Khedive, who conferred on

within the month, to connect the Gulf of him the Grand Cordon of the Order Osmanie, Akabah through the Desert to El-Arish, a and presented him with a diamond and point on the Mediterranean about 45 miles turquoise pin as a token of his personal few miles from the Egypto-Syrian frontier.

from Port Said, 95 miles from Jaffa, and a regard.

September 21.-Sir Auckland Colvin left The total distance of this canal would be Cairo for India.

about 140 miles, and the rights of M. de September 22.--Mr. Edgar Vincent ac

Lesseps would not be interfered with by this cepted the post of financial adviser to the plan. Egyptian Government in place of Sir Auck

The new telegraph connecting the United land Colvin, with a salary of £3000

States with Brazil, via Texas and Central

per annum, instead of £4000, allowed to his America, was opened for business September predecessor.

14, and congratulatory messages were exOctober 3.-In reply to the British note changed between President Arthur and the concerning the Treaty of Commerce, the Emperor of Brazil. Porte positively declined to recognise the

Some interesting experiments have been claim for “ most favoured nation treatment,” conducted on board the Speedy gunboat at and refused to agree to any prolongation of Portsmouth, with a view to supersede the the existing treaty. A similar reply was

use of the conning-tower on turret vessels. sent of the Italian Embassy. The Customs By utilizing the camera obscura, which reflects Commission was at the same time ordered to the position of every ship within range, it is complete the new tariff with

all possible considered. possible that the guns in the speed.

turrets of ironclads may be directed from a lower deck. On September 21 the most important trial of naval gunnery on record

took place off the port of Plymouth, on board DURING the month Mr. Stanley, the African the Agamemnon, turret-ship; the object of explorer, has succeeded in establishing a line the trial was to test the accuracy of the gunof stations extending from the mouth of the ners and indicate the resisting power of the Congo to the Equator, a distance of 700 ship, when the four 38-ton guns with which miles, thus throwing a large tract of country she is armed were discharged simultaneously, open to commerce.

or in rapid succession. The most severe News have been received by telegram from test took place at the close of the day, when Baron Nordenskiold of the explorations made all four guns were discharged in concert, by him in the interior of Greenland since loaded with 840 lbs. of powder and 3200 lbs. July 1, when an ice party, belonging to his weight of shot. The effect of the explosion expedition, penetrated for the first time to on shore was very great, but on board only the interior of the island, which was found to a slight concussion was felt. be covered entirely with ice. A portion of On September 29 the trial of the “Lay” the expedition, under the command of Dr. torpedo took place on the river Swale near Nathorst, visited the north-western coast Faversham, in the presence of Colonel Lay between Waighattel and Cape York, where the inventor, Mr. Nordenfelt, and two disthe Esquimaux said that two members of tinguished Turkish officers. The torpedo the American Polar Expedition had died, accomplished the first half-mile in 2 minutes


18 seconds, which was a much higher speed and wrecked fifty vessels. On September 21 than had been anticipated.

a hurricane visited the Gulf of Finland, On September 23 the Guion line steamer driving vessels ashore, and tearing up Alaska arrived at New York after making hundreds of trees by the roots in the vicinity the fastest passage on record from Liverpool, of Reval. On September 23 two strong in 6 days 21 hours 40 minutes. Meanwhile, shocks of earthquake were felt at Ischia, and in her trial cruise the new Guion steamer on the night of September 27 two shocksterriOregon ran from the Clyde to Ailsa Craig and fied the inhabitants of Agram. On Septemback, and the official report announced a ber 28 a tempest burst over the island of measured speed of 20 knots, or full 23 land Ischia with extraordinary violence; and on miles per hour. She is of 12,382 horse-power, the morning of September 30 a shock of or 3000 horse-power greater than the Alaska. earthquake was felt at Athens. Meanwhile

On September 23 the new electric tram- reports have reached England of interesting way between Portrush and the Giants' phenomena in various places. In the Madras Causeway was opened by the Lord Lieuten- and Bombay Presidencies the sun was obant of Ireland. It is about four times served to be of a distinctly green colour, to lo er than any electric railway yet con- the great alarm of the superstitious. The structed, and the gradients are very severe, strange colour was attributed by the Governoften reaching 1 to 40. The electric current ment Astronomer to the passage across is conveyed to the car by a conducting southern India of clouds of sulphurous smoke rail raised on wooden insulated supports from the Java volcanoes. At Singapore, on about 15 inches from the ground, alongside August 26, the working of the telephones on the line, the electricity being generated by the Ishore line was found to be impossible, water-power in a neighbouring river. Mean- owing to strange noises in the wires, though while in Paris the tramway electrical experi- Singapore is nearly 500 miles distant from ments referred to in our record last month, the scene of the volcanic eruption in the have been carried out on the line to Ver- Sunda Straits. At Colombo, on August 27, sailles, and several tram-cars have been fitted the sea rose and fell in an unaccountable with Faure's apparatus, and are daily accom- manner for some hours, and then resumed plishing the journey in an hour and a quarter, its normal condition. instead of the usual two hours. THREE sets of magnetic instruments have

ART AND ARCHÆOLOGY. just been arranged in the basement of the Observatory at Paris; one for registering, On September 28 the Emperor and Princes the second for direct observation, and the of Germany, the military heroes of the third, composed of the old instruments used Franco-German war, and about two hundred by Arago, for comparing the numbers for thousand people, assembled on the height of merly taken.

Niederwald, overlooking the Rhine, near FROM America the discovery is reported of Rudesheim, to attend the ceremony of a new mineral called Adamascobite, remark- unveiling the colossal statue that comable for its rapidity in cutting steel without memorates the founding of German unity in losing its sharpness.

1870. The memorial is an allegorical figure A NEW process of making gas-pipes from of Germania in bronze, her face turned long strips of hemp paper has been reported. towards Metz, one hand on her sheathed The paper being passed through a bath o sword, the other holding on high the Immelted asphalte, and rolled tightly on a core perial crown; to the right, on the tier below, to give it the required diameter, is formed is the Herald of War, and to the left the into a tube of sufficient thickness in layers, Angel of Peace. The monument was destrongly compressed, sprinkled outside with signed by Professor Schilling, the author of fine sand, and coated inside with a water- the Schiller memorial in Vienna, and one of proofing composition. Besides being cheaper the most talented sculptors in Germany; and than iron, these pipes are said to be stronger its cost was about £596,000. and superior in resisting changes of tem- On September 11 a memorial stone was perature.

unveiled on the summit of the Kalenberg, The Commissioners of Inland Revenue near Vienna, to commemorate the delivery have announced that two halfpenny postage of the city from the Turkish sieges in 1683, stamps may be legally accepted in receipt by Sobieski, King of Poland, and the Elecfor payments of and above £2.

toral Princes of Saxony, Bavaria, Baden, &c. The past month has been a remarkable In England several new memorials are one in regard to phenomena of nature; about to be erected. The national statue almost as much so, in fact, as the period to voted by Parliament in honour of Lord which we referred last month. The earth- Beaconsfield is ready to be placed in Westquakes at Accra, West Africa, on August 12, minster Abbey. It is of white marble, and at Java, August 25, were followed by a seven feet high, and represents the late Earl frightful hurricane at Nassau, New Provi- in full Ministerial dress. A life-size statue dence, on September 18, which destroyed of John Brown is about to be placed in the many buildings and sixty people on shore, grounds of Balmoral, within view from the castle windows; and memorials are also to collection of historic documents connected be erected to him in the Prince Consort's with the discovery of America has been unmausoleum at Frogmore, and in the nave of earthed and classified, and among them has St. George's Chapel at Windsor.

been found a list of the names of all but two In Rome a Commission has been appointed of Columbus's companions in his first voyage. by the King to arrange for the erection of a The Italian Government has secured for national monument to Garibaldi on the ' £200 the archives of the Palla-Strozzi family Janiculum.

at Florence, containing more than 500 curious A PORTRAIT-MODEL of the Duc de Nemours parchments of the 13th, 14th, and 15th in full military uniform, has been added to centuries, chiefly relating to the Papal Court Madame Tussaud's waxwork group of pre- and the Spanish embassies. tenders to the throne of France.

A NEW sword of state for the King of The work of removing the ruins of the Siam has been made in London, to replace Tuileries has been completed within the the old weapon which has been handed down past month. The condemned portion of from remote ages as the symbol of authority. Peterborough Cathedral has been removed, The blade, which is fifteen inches in length, is and the foundation-stones of the new piers inlaid with gold in various tints and curious have been laid in concrete on solid rock; devices; the handle, seven inches long, is but it is

now feared that the two enamelled and studded with diamonds; while western piers will also be condemned, as the sheath is of wrought gold set with their old foundations were laid in loose earth precious stones. four feet above the rock. In London, the An admirable etched portrait of Dr. John old Chancery Courts in Lincoln's Inn, oppo- Brown, the author of Rab and His Friends, site the Chancery Lane gateway, have been has been recently published by the Fine Art removed, and the ancient chapel of the Inn, Society, of New Bond Street. Mr. Charles 0. which has been restored, is now plainly Murray, who has executed the portrait in his visible.

happiest manner, has posed his subject in an In Scotland two historic buildings have easy attitude, resting his right arm upon a been threatened with destruction by fire table littered with books and MSS., and his within the month. On September 14 a fire treatment of the wonderfully expressive face broke out in Cortachy Castle, fortunately in is thoroughly sympathetic. On the margin the more modern portion of the structure, is a miniature etching of the head in a slightly which caused immense damage, and but for different pose, which is even better than the the utmost exertions of the firemen, would larger portrait. have destroyed the entire building. The

OBITUARY. damage is estimated at £20,000 in the building, but the loss of the antique furniture September 9.–At Didsbury, Hugh Birley, and decorations, carvings, &c., is irreparable. Conservative M.P. for Manchester, aged 66. The fire is thought to have originated in a September 10.–At Brussels, Henri Condefective chimney. The other fire referred science, eminent Flemish novelist, aged 71. to was in the cellar of Holyrood Palace at He became a popular song-writer when a Edinburgh, underneath the Throne Room; mere lad; enlisted in the Belgian army some shavings and combustibles that were during the Revolution of 1830, and served for stored there became ignited, but the fire was six years; then became in turn a gardener, a extinguished before serious damage was village schoolmaster, and merchant's clerk, done.

but continued to write poetry and novels in An exhibition of ancient and modern coins Flemish. In 1838 an anti-French league has been opened at the Imperial Mint at arose in Belgium, and his novels, which had Vienna.

been hitherto neglected came into vogue and SEVERAL interesting discoveries have been were widely circulated by the league. He reported within the month. In a little was engaged to teach the Flemish language country house at Blankenheim, in Rhenish to the Royal children, and received a valuable Prussia, an oil painting has been found civil service appointment. Only three weeks concealed behind the wainscot, and proves to before his death a statue was erected in his be a Raphael which belonged to the Důssel- honour at Antwerp. dorf Gallery about a hundred years ago, but In Donegal, the Right Hon. Hugh Law, mysteriously disappeared. At Berlin, Marie Lord Chancellor of Ireland, aged 65. Antoinette's harp has come to light in an old September 11.-In London, Dutton Cook, curiosity shop; it is richly inlaid with ivory, author and dramatic critic, aged 52. Among and bears the name of the maker, and its his successful novels were Paul Foster's history has been traced since it was carried Daughter, Hobson's Choice, A Prodigal Son, and off as a souvenir by one Fleury, the Queen's The Trials of the Tredgolds; but he was better yalet. From St. Petersburg the discovery known for his volumes of dramatic criticism, has been announced of eighty-one original A Book of the Play, Hours with the Players, drawings by Greuze, hidden away in the and Nights at the Play. attic of the Academy of Fine Arts. In the At Marseilles, Admiral Pierre, late in archives of the Indies at Seville, an immense command of the French naval forces at

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