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(eventually rejected by 52 to 32), the Local Government Bill for Scotland (thrown out by 40 to 31), Appropriation Bill (passed in August 13.—Kimbal House at Atlanta, the Lords), and Corrupt Practices, Bank- Georgia, destroyed by fire; loss one million ruptcy, and National Debt Bills (passed dollars. through Committee).

August 16.-Official notice by Treasury August 14.-The tenders received for the Department at Washington of forthcoming Indian Loan of 25,000,000 rupees at four redemption of bonds to the amount of per cent. amounted to 134,205,500 rupees. 5,000,000 dollars without rebate of interest.

August 15.- Ministerial Whitebait Dinner August 18.–Failure of the Telegraph at Greenwich.

Strike publicly admitted by the leaders of August 16.—The Princess of Wales with the movement. the Princesses Louise, Victoria, and Maud August 26.-Rumoured plot of outlaws to arrived at Bellevue (Copenhagen), and were kidnap the President of the United States received by the King and Queen of Denmark (afterwards denied). and Danish Royal family.

August 21.-Public announcement of the August 17.-Strike of 15,000 weavers in completion of the Northern Pacific Railway. Lancashire.

August 23.–Tornado in Rochester; 230 August 18.-Crowning of “the Rose houses wrecked and 200 damaged, 26 person; Queen,” at Crystal Palace, London, and killed, 50 injured. presentation of a dowry according to annual August 27.- Arrival of English delegatio:1 custom.

toattend opening of Northern Pacific RailSerious riot at Coatbridge between Orange- way. men and Catholics.

According to the usual monthly report of August 19.—Conference of Irish Land the Secretary of the Treasury, the Public League of Great Britain in Palace Chambers, Debt of the United States decreased during Westminster.

August by $6,670,000. August 20.—Renewal of Irish riot (Orange- Official reports of the grain harvest, Sepmen and Catholics) at Coatbridge.

tember 1, pointed to an unprecedentedl; August 21.-Riotous disturbances in con- large yield. nection with the Salvation Army at Luton. One hundred and fifty special constables sworn in to assist the police. The inhabi- August 15.—The theatre at Tours comtants cautioned by the authorities against pletely destroyed by fire; loss £20,000. joining the processions.

Six thousand pilgrims, chiefly invalids, August 25.- Parliament prorogued by left Paris for Lourdes, where religious Commission.

ceremonies and processions took place durAugust 26.—Collision of French Trans- ing the week, attended by miracles. atlantic steamer St. Germain, and British August 24.-Death of the Comte de Chamsteamer Woodburn, the latter sinking with bord, Henry V. of France. loss of 18 lives.

August 25.-Announcement that the ConRelease of Mr. Shaw by the Frencla at sular body at Tamatave were restored to Madagascar announced.

their posts, by Admiral Pierre, commander August 27.--Arrest of Dr. Connolly and of the French fleet at Madagascar. Patrick Connolly (brothers) near Limerick, August 26.—Release announced of Mr. on charge of conspiring to murder Govern- Shaw, the British missionary arrested at ment officials.

Tamatave on a charge of “connivance with August 30.—Drought and famine in the enemies of France.” Northern Provinces of India. Famine relief August 27.-News received of thc death works organised by Indian Government. of the Queen of Madagascar.

August 31.- Arrest of six Irishmen con- August 28,—The Comte de Paris addressed nected with the Dynamite Conspiracy at a circular to all the Courts of Europe, forGlasgow.

mally notifying them of the death of the September 1.–Arrest of four more Irish Comte de Chambord, the circular being dynamite conspirators at Glasgow.

signed Philippe, Comte de Paris. September 4.-Festival of the Three August 29.--Signature announced of the Choirs opened at Gloucester.

Treaty of Hué, whereby a French ProtectorBust of Fielding unveiled at Taunton, by ate over Annam and Tonquin was recognised. Mr. James Russell Lowell, the American In this treaty it was stipulated that France Minister.

should have absolute control of the AnnamThe recent proposal to exhume the ite finances and that the Customs should be remains of Shakespeare at Stratford-on- French. France on her side undertook to Avon was brought before the Town Council. free Tonquin from the “Black Flags," and After indignant speeches by the Mayor and protect commerce on the Red River and others, who denounced the project as a coasts of Annam, and to recognise Hiephma desecration, the Corporation agreed to as the new king of Annam. The extortion strenuously oppose it.

of this treaty from the king, after the attack on his dominions, was regarded with indig- ciously burnt, and the inhabitants are nox nation at Pekin, and the danger of hostilities homeless and enduring the greatest privabetween China and France greatly increased. tions. At Ekaterinoslav three Jews passing

September 3.-Burial of the late Comte de through the forest were attacked by persons Chambord in the Monastery of Castagnavizza, who robbed them of all they had, and cruelly near the bodies of Charles X. and several maltreated them. other deceased members of the Bourbon September 5.-The Emperor's sanction family. None of the Orleans Princes or given to the newscheme for the reorganisation Austrian Archdukes were present at the of the Russian cavalry. The changes are to funeral celebrations. Religious services of be effected within a period of four years. It an impressive character also took place at has been arranged that the cavalry regiments Paris.

shall be re-formed at the termination of this

year's camp exercises, and that the converGERMANY.

sion of the existing cavalry reserve squadAugust 14.-Refusal of Prussian Bishops rons into cadres of the cavalry reserve, under at their Conference to subscribe to the new the new system, shall be effected gradually Ecclesiastical Law.

between the present date and the year 1887. August 19.-Baptism, at Potsdam, of the Russia has been engaged during the month youngest son of Prince William of Prussia, with Socialist trials, and a large number of under the name of William Frederick Nihilists have been despatched to Siberia, Christian Charles.

but treated with more humanity than usual August 25.-Institution of a prosecution in such cases. for high treason against Herr Antoine of Metz.

AUSTRIA. August 29.-Opening of Reichstag in Ber- August 13.-Anti-Jewish rioting at Pesth. lin. The Imperial Speech expressly stated Troops called upon to aid the police in that Parliament had been convened to ratify quelling the mob. the Commercial Treaty with Spain, owing to August 14.-Fierce rioting at Agram; the the complaints that the Government had Custom-house, railway station, and Bishop: acted unconstitutionally in deciding to give Palace threatened by mobs. Streets and effect to the conditions of the Treaty before public square occupied by troops. the agreement itself had received Parlia- August 15.--Houses of Jews at Prague mentary approval.

attacked by a mob, who were dispersed with August 30.- Meeting of Prince Bismarck difficulty by police. and Count Kalnoky, the Austrian Foreign August 16.-International Electrical EsMinister, at Salzburg.

hibition at Vienna formally opened by ArchSeptember 5.–Forty persons killed by duke Rudolph. express train while attempting to cross the August 19.—Political riot between Ausline at Steglitz railway station.

trians and Italians at Trieste. September 6.-Earthquake shocks in Dus- August 26.-Violent anti-Hungarian deseldorf

monstrations in Croatia. Removal of the Within the month Germany has been Hungarian arms from Government buildings visited by King Charles of Roumania and and effacement of officialinscriptions in public King Milan of Servia. King Charles was places. Strong reinforcements of troops dereceived in Berlin, not as a Hohenzollern spatched to restore order, and martial law Prince, but as the Roumanian monarch, and proclaimed in various places., as an additional honour was asked to stand August 31.-Anti-Semitic riots on the sponsor to Prince William's infant son, increase in Croatia and Hungary, where the christened at Potsdam with great ceremony. mob was given up to pillage and destruction On August 19 this baby was baptised with of property, setting the authorities at defiwater brought from the Jordan by Prince ance, and even attacking the houses of Frederick Charles; his grandmother, the wealthy Christians. Crown Princess, giving the names of Wil- September 2.–Birth of a daughter to the liam Frederick Christian Charles.

Crown Prince and Princess.

September 4.-Large incendiary fires at Vienna.

September 6.-Working-men's meeting of August 12.--Reports of the recent anti- a revolutionary character broken up by Semitic outbreak at Ekaterinoslav state that police and military at Vienna. 14 persons were killed, 73 wounded, and 121 taken into custody. The property of more than 200 Jewish tradespeople to the value of 800,000 roubles was plundered and August 14.--Commencement of the condestroyed.

struction of villas near the sea coast at August 26.-More anti-Semitic riots in Casamicciola, in consequence of statements various parts of the country. , At Berchadi of a reassuring character by Professor Paleighty houses belonging to Jews were mali- mieri.




August 18.–The proposal of M. Meyer, the Editor of the Gaulois, to raise funds for the sufferers by the Ischia earthquake by a The following topics under this head have temporary exhibition in Paris of Italian been brought to public notice within the masterpieces from the Vatican and other past month : museums, declined, on the ground that the THE International Fisheries Exhibition Italian Government made it a rule never to has given a great impetus to all matters allow its artistic treasures to leave the connected with fish culture, and oyster country.

culture amongst other branches is just now August 26.--A number of persons belong- attracting a good deal of attention in Enging to the Republican party assembled at land as well as in other countries. A the Porta Cavalleggeri, in Rome, and raised telegram has recently been received by Procries of “Long live the Republic! Down fessor Browne Goode, the Commissioner of with the Law of Guarantees !” and “ Death the United States to the International to the Emperor of Austria!” The crowd Fisheries Exhibition, from Professor Baird, was dispersed by the police.

United States Commissioner of Fish and August 29.- The Italian war vessel Bar- Fisheries, stating that the problem of the barigo arrived at Tangiers from Al Zali, culture of oysters from artificially impregwith Sid Suissi, the Governor of Rabat, on nated eggs has been definitely solved. The board. The latter, on landing, proceeded to solution is due to Mr. Ryder, the Embrythe Italian Embassy, and before all the ologist of the Fish Commission, who states Italian officers there present offered an that on the 4th September, at the Government apology to Signor Scovasso, the Italian Station at Stockton, Maryland, there were Envoy, as satisfaction for illegal acts com- many millions of young oysters, threemitted against Italian subjects in Morocco. quarters of an inch in diameter, which had The apology having been accepted, the been hatched from eggs artifically impregdifficulty between Italy and Morocco is nated 46 days before. It need hardly be believed to be nearly settled.

said that the fact thus brought to light is of August 30.--News received that the new the utmost importance to oyster-breeders all tribunals in the Vatican, instituted by the over the world, it being possible to obtain Pope, will commence working in November; from a single bivalve eggs to the amount the formal opening to take place shortly of several millions. Oysters, therefore, may with a special ceremony:

be produced in almost unlimited numbers September 10.-Fresh shocks of earth- in any sheltered estuary in temperate quake felt at Casamicciola.

climates, and places where they do.not breed may be stocked by the transplantation of seed.

THE success of the great Fisheries ExhibiDuring the month the cholera epidemic tion in South Kensington has, by the way, has continued to decline till it is now (Sep- been so great that the period originally fixed tember 10) practically at an end. The victims for closing it seems to have been postponed to the disease numbered about 27,000. The

indefinitely Elsewhere, too, exhibitions revolt in the Soudan has been resumed, the appear to be flourishing. The promoters of Mahdi preparing to march on Khartoum in the Calcutta Exhibition do not know how to force.

supply the demands for space from abroad.

In Switzerland, the success of the Zurich SPAIN.

Exhibition is enormous; and the prepara

tions for the coming exhibition at Nice are Has continued tranquil since the prompt being pushed forward with rapidity. suppression of the military revolt referred

The great Electrical Exhibition in Vienna to last month, and the expected Ministerial shares the general good fortune which has Crisis having been averted, the King left lately waited on similar enterprises elseMadrid on August 31 for a visit to Germany, where, and is spoken of in very favourable leaving Queen Christina to act as Regent terms. The English section there is rather during his absence.

below the mark, but promises to make a better show when Dr. Siemens's exhibits

shall have been completed. The electric MISCELLANEOUS,

railway in connection with the ExhibiJAVA was visited, August 25, by a terrible tion, which traverses a mile in three volcanic eruption, in which it is believed minutes, is a prominent and very popular that from 80,000 to 100,000 natives perished, feature. besides many Europeans. Whirlwinds, This, with the exception of the high-level earthquakes, waterspouts, and great tidal railway in Berlin, is at present the only line waves occurred simultaneously, and the of the kind in Europe; but, in a, like conStraits of Sunda are now almost closed to nection, mention may be made of the pronavigation by fourteen new volcanic moun- | gress of electric tramways in Ireland, as tains which rose up in the channel.

evidenced by the cutting of the first cod of


the line which is to be established between this is a new comet or a re-observation of Newry and Bessbrook.

that discovered by Messrs. Brooks and Swift An interesting experiment and an in- on the 23rd February. teresting achievement are recorded in connection with engineering. The experiment

ANT AND ARCHEOLOGY. concerns the practicability of tunnelling the river Humber from Hessle, near Hull, to The birthplace of Washington, at WakeBarton, on the Lincolnshire side of the field, Westmoreland County, Virginia, has river. The distance between these points is been bought for State property by the nearly three miles, and the result of the American Government, and a national monutrials recently made is so satisfactory that ment is to be erected there. the engineers engaged on the project believe The annual Congress of the British that its successful accomplishment will be a Archæological Association was this year held matter of no great difficulty. The achieve- at Dover. At one of the meetings in the ment is the new Territel Montreux Chillon Town Hall, Mr. Edward Knocker, in describRailway, which is certainly one of the greatest ing and exhibiting the records of the Corporawonders of mountain engineering accom- tion, expressed his belief that Doverexisted in plished in this or any age. The line, which a corporate capacity at the date of the Doomsstarts on the Vevey side of the Castle of day Book, and that its charter of incorporaChillon, seems to go straight up the side of tion under a Mayor was antecedent even to the mountain for a distance of nearly 700 the charter of the incorporation of the City mètres, terminating at the village of Glion. of London. Amongst the muniments and The locomotion is due to water power, a regalia which were shown and described machine, which is filled with water at the were a silver-gilt mace of the date of station on the top, being fixed under the Charles I., and a curious horn of the carriage, which then proceeds in a down- thirteenth century, which is still blown in ward direction. An iron wire cable is Dover by the town-crier when the writ for attached to it, which is run round a huge electing the borough members is prowheel and fastened at the lower end to the claimed. At an evening meeting a very carriage at the bottom of the hill, which interesting paper was read by Mr. Morgan, commences its journey upward at the mo- F.S.A., on "The History and Progress of ment that the carriage at the top starts the British Archæological Association since down the hill. The constructor of this its foundation at Canterbury in 1844.” The extraordinary railway is Mr. Riggenbach, to kindred society of the Royal Archæological whom we owe the invention of the Rigi Institute will hold its next annual meeting railway, a main difference in the principle at Newcastle, and will then open an Antiof the two being, that while the new line is quarian Museum in tho Black Gate of the worked, by water, the first one is worked ancient castle. entirely by steam.

The famous old Rochester Castle is about Mons. L'HOSTE, the French aeronaut, has to pass from the ownership of the Earl of at last, after several failures, succeeded in Jersey into the hands of the Corporation of crossing the Channel in a balloon. Leaving Rochester, who have purchased it for £8000, the French coast on September 9 at 5 A.m., and intend to preserve it as a ruin. in the balloon Ville de Boulogne, he landed The long-neglected statue of Queen Anne, safely at 11 P.M. the same day at Smeeth, which has been and is an eyesore to all near Ashford.

visitors to St. Paul's, is at last about to It is intended shortly to establish a undergo restoration, the funds being found British Channel observatory near Chepstow, by the Corporation of London. to report on the atmospheric changes and THE “ Luther Collection” now on show in meteorological conditions produced by the the Grenville Library at the British Museum, Atlantic waves when they first reach the forms an extremely interesting and valuable British coast. _The observatory will be the display both from an historical and artistic gift of Mr. J. E. Lowe, who has long carried point of view. There are to be seen, amongst on meteorological studies near Nottingham. other rare and curious objects, the first The Dutch Arctic Expedition which went German editions of Luther's Pentateuch, out last summer to the mouth of the Yenesei Psalter, and Bible, bearing dates respectively to establish an international meteorological | 1523, 1524, and 1534; and the Reformer's station has been found near Waigatz. The own Bible of 1541, containing his own and members, who, together with the Danish Melancthon's autographs. Besides these, Expedition, were ice-bound during the win- there is the original printed broadsheet conter, and lost their vessel in July, are now on taining the ninety-five theses against tho their way home.

doctrine of indulgences, &c., which Luther's MR. WENDELL, of the Harvard Collego own hand nailed on the door of Wittenberg Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, has Church. Altogether the collection is of an announced an observation of a comet of the interest quite unique. 10th magnitude, which he describes as faint MR. SHAPIRA's alleged Deuteronomy and diffused. It is uncertain as yet whether I manuscript, after engaging the attention of English savants for a good many weeks, debút; and three years later he married the has been finally dismissed as a fraud. Dr. Princess Maria Theresa, eldest daughter of Ginsberg, of the British Museum, put the the Duke of Modena. The fourth and most fragments through the closest possiblo famous of the proclamations which he adexamination, and declared them to be not dressed at various times to France was genuine. M. Clermont-Ganneau, the well- issued on the 5th July, 1871, and in this, for known French savant, who was sent over to the first time in a public document, ho examine and report upon the “ find,” came assumed the title of king. But shortly to the same conclusion, after the cursory afterwards he withdrew into voluntary exile, inspection which was all that Mr. Shapira and the hopes which were formed of a fusion would allow him to make.

between the Legitimists and the Orleanists Last year an Act was passed enabling the were dispelled. Although in his later years Corporation of Manchester to establish an he sent out several other manifestos, little art gallery by devoting £2000 from the rates political value was attached to them; and annually for twenty years. The gallery has the Count lived on in a quiet fashion at now been opened, and for the future Man- Frohsdorf, earning the love and esteem of chester will possess its own permanent all around him. He died after a long and collection of art treasures.

painful illness, the last of the elder branch THE Fine Art authorities are giving great of the Bourbons. care to the organisation of the first triennial August 26.-At Lower Norwood, Captain Salon which is to be opened in Paris this G. H. Kerr Bower, R.N., C.B., K.L.H., late month. Famous painters who have not captain of Her Majesty's royal yacht Oscxhibited in recent years will be amongst borne, who in the early part of his career the contributors, and altogether the under- took part in many operations in the Crimea, taking promises to be very successful. and was more than once decorated.

The excavations which have been carried August 27.-At Bournemouth, Sir T. S. on at Delos under the direction of the French Reilly, K.C.M.G., aged 58, who, in conschool at Athens, have brought to light a junction with “Rob Roy” Macgregor, was beautiful private house of the Alexandrin tho promoter of the Shoeblack Brigade in period, near the theatre of Apollo. It is London. Last year he was appointed counhoped that an entire quarter of the city may cel to the Speaker of the House of Commons, now be laid bare.

and Queen's Counsel.

August 30.-- At Fareham, Hants, Admiral

Robert Patton, aged 92, who entered tho

Navy in 1804, and served as midshipman in August 13.-On the Hill of Correen, Aber- the Bellerophon at Trafalgar in the followdeenshire, suddenly, while grouse-shooting, ing year. General William Gordon, aged 60. Ho August 31.-Suddenly, while travelling served with his regiment (the 17th Foot) on the Midland Railway, Mr. Thomas Plant, in the Crimea, was twice promoted for gal- the well-!:nown meteorologist of Birminglant conduct, and received a number of ham, aged 64. medals.

At Bois d'Haine, Louise Lateau, the August 14.-At Ince Hall, near Liverpool Stigmatica, aged 33. After several illnesses, (where he was on a visit), the Most Rev. from one of which her friends said that she Rodger Bede Vaughan, Roman Catholic was cured by miracle, she was stated in 1868 Archbishop of Sydney, aged 49. He was to have first experienced pain in the locality rominated Coadjutor Archbishop of Sydney, of the stigmata. Soon after this, sho ceased with the title of Archbishop of Nazianzus, to sleep, and in March 1871 began her alleged and consecrated at Liverpool in 1873. complete abstinence from all nourishment.

August 20.–At Boston, U.S., the Rev. Many of those who investigated her case
William M. Baker, clergyman and novelist. pronounced it a gross imposture.
The best known of his books are His Majesty September 3.-At Bougival, Ivan Tour-
Myself, Blessed Saint Certainty, and Colonel génief, the Russian novelist, aged 65. Origi-
Dunwoddie, Millionaire.

nally holding an appointment in the Ministry August 24.- At Frohsdorf, Henri Charles of the Interior, he became known by tho Ferdinand Marie Dieudonné d'Artois, Comte publication of national poems. On the apde Chambord and Duc de Bordeaux, aged pearance of his novel, The Journal of a Sports63. He was the son of Prince Charles man, he was banished by the Emperor Ferdinand D'Artois, Duc de Beiri, who was Nicholas to his estates at Orel, and conassassinated in 1820, and of the Princess of tinued in exile there for about five years. the two Sicilies, the famous Duchess of He spent very little of his after-life in his Berri. Although Charles X., soon after the native country, visiting Russia only now outbreak of the revolution of 1830, resolved and again for the purpose of studying to abdicate in his favour, he was compelled Russian life. He was considered to stand at to quit his country, and travelled in Ger- the very head of the Russian "naturalist” many and Italy. In 1813 he resided in school, and the best of his novels were London, whero lo mado a kind of political | translated into several European languages.

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