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prisons from Spike Island, which in future Mr. John Bright. [The purpose of the Ilbert will be a military station.

Bill is to render natives in India capable of July 16.-Royal Agricultural Society's exercising judicial authority over Europeans.] Show opened at York.

August 2.-Meeting at Limehouse to International Challenge Trophy won at protest against the Ilbert Bill. Wimbledon Rifle Meeting by the Scotch The Goodwood Cup won by Mr. JohnTeam.

stone's Border Minstrel. July 17.-- The Queen's Prize at Wimbledon News of the murder of Carey received in won by Sergeant Mackay, of the 1st Suther- | Ireland with exultation. Bonfires were built land Regiment.

in the streets, around which the peopledanced Wexford Election-Redmond (N) 307— with savage joy. The O'Connor Don (L) 126.

H.M. corvette Canada, which was some July 18.—The foundation stone of the days overdue, arrived at Halifax, N.S., Prince Literary and Arts Institute at York laid by George of Wales and all on board being well. the Prince of Wales.

August 3.-A dynamite infernal machine, July 19.--Elcho Shield won by the Irish with half-extinguished fuse, was found in a Team at Wimbledon.

factory in Cupar, Fife. New Town Hall at Westminster opened by Alva, Clackmananshire, swept by a waterthe Duke of Buccleuch.

spout, which caused great damage to property, July 21.--Mr. Maekonochie, the Ritualistic flooded the streets to a depth of three feet, clergyman formerly of St. Allan's, Holborn, and washed tons of boulders into them from and afterwards of St. Peter's, London Docks, the neighbouring hills. A man in the town deprived of his living, by sentence of Lord was so frightened by the lightning that he Penzance as Dean of the Court of Arches. hanged himself.

Sinking of land and immense subsidence August 6.--Bank Holiday observed throughof water from the lake and river at Dunkirk, out the United Kingdom. in the Cheshire salt districts, into cavities in Public meeting in Trafalgar Square the earth.

addressed by Mr. Bradlaugh, at which a July 23.—The Government abandons the resolution supporting his claim to take his second Suez Canal scheme proposed three seat in the House of Commons was passed. teeks previous.

The Lady Godiva procession revived at July 24.-Admiral Sir James Drummond Coventry on a scale of great magnificence, the becomes Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. streets being elaborately decorated, and the

Dinner to the American and Canadian pageant including various distinguished perRifle Teams at the Mansion House, London. sonages historically connected with the town.

Order for the second reading of the Chan- August 7.-Welsh National Eisteddfod, at nel Tunnel Bill in the House of Commons Cardiff, presided over by Lord Aberdare; the discharged.

proceeds to be devoted to the founding of a July 25.—Reported death of King Cetewayo scholarship at the Royal College of Music. in battle at Ulundi, after the defeat of his army James Macdermott arrested at Liverpool by Usibepu. (Afterwards contradicted.) on his arrival from America, and charged

Sir Spencer St. John, British special envoy with conspiracy to murder public officials. to Mexico, presents his credentials to Pre- Joseph Bates, labourer, indicted at Norsident Gonzales.

wich for threatening to murder the bishop Speech Day at Christ's Hospital.

of that city and destroy the cathedral. The family of Peter Carey, the informer, August 8.- Banquet to her Majesty's suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from Ministers at the Mansion House, London. Beverley, where they had been staying for Forced sales on farms near Maidstone, for more than a month.

the exaction of extraordinary tithes. SimulJuly 27.-The American and Canadian taneously a public indignation meeting was Rifle Teams entertained at dinner at the held denouncing tithes. Junior Carlton Club.

August 9.—The postal authorities in the July 29.-James Carey, the informer, Punjaub seized a large number of seditious murdered on board the steamer Melrose, while letters referring to the Maharajah Dhuleep on the voyage, with his family, from Cape Singh's approaching visit to India. Town to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The Manchester Ship Canal Bill thrown out by murderer, an Irishman named O'Donnell, the House of Lords Committee. was immediately arrested.

Four Fenians, Featherstone, Deasey, FlanJuly 30.— The Sunday Closing Bill for agan, and Dalton, found guilty, at Liverpool, Cornwall was lost in the House of Lords by of being in possession of nitro-glycerine for the casting vote of the Lord Chancellor. the purpose of blowing up public buildings,

The Rev. T. George was fined ten shillings and sentenced to penal servitude for life. for causing an obstruction in the streets of Swansea in connection with the Salvation Army Movement.

August 1.--Meeting at St. James's Hall in July 17.-Strike threatened by 15,000 support of the Ilbert Bill, presided over by telegraph operators against the Wostern

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Union and other Companies, the strikers Mormon victory at the Utah elections, in
demanding an increase of fifteen per centall districts but oue, owing to the general
in their salaries, extra pay for Sunday and abstention of the Gentiles from voting.
night work, and the limiting of the day's
labour to eight hours, and seven hours to be

FRANCE. the limit of a night's labour.

July 20.—News received by the State July 9.-A new English newspaper, The
Department at Washington of an attack Morning Neu's, started in Paris, designed
male by Mexicans upon Dr. Shaw, American, chiefly for the American colony.
Consul at Monterey, in Mexico.

July 15.-Serious riot at Roubaix. The July 22.–Pauper families arriving in New Hôtel de Ville being attacked by three York from Europie forbidden to land, and the hundred Anarchists was defended by the steamship companies obliged to take them police with the aid of several troops of back to Europe.

gendarmerie, reinforced later by a battalion July 23.-Severe tornado in Minnesota of rifles despatched from Lille. Six rioters and Dakota; a railway train overturned by , armed with revolvers were arrested, and the the force of the wind and thirty-four passen- town occupied by the military for some days. gers injured.

Arrest of the Comte de Drée, at Annecy, July 24.-Captain Webb drowned at Nia- for hissing the Marseilluise played by the gara in attempting to swim through the band at the National Fête. He was sentenced rapids and whirlpool.

to eight days' imprisonment and 60 francs Telegraph strike extended in the Western fine. States.

July 20.-Unsuccessful attempt of three Seventy excursionists drowned in the Pa- aeronauts to cross the Mediterranean from tapsco river, near Baltimore, by the sinking of Marseilles in a balloon which, after travelling a pier on which two hundred people were more than 1200 miles, came down safely near standling.

Brescia, in Italy. July 25.—The American Catholic clergy July 21.- The Bandmaster of the 63rd reported to the Vatican their intention of Regiment placed under arrest for a fortnight following the Pope's instructions in regard at Limoges for playing the Marseillaise. to the Parnellite party.

July 22.-11. Alfred Naquet, the champion July 26.--All outstanding Three-and-a- of divorce in France, elected senator for the Half per Cent. Government Bonds not offered Departinent of Vaucluse. for exchange into Three per Cents. called in July 25.-A fund of 50,000f. devoted by by the Treasury.

Interest to cease on the Minister of Finance to paying the erNovember 1.

penses of a sanitary mission to Egypt to Telegraph operators'strike continued. The study the nature and possible prevention of American Rapid Company, employing five cholera. hundred hands, yielded to their demands, July 26.— The Municipal Council of Marthe other Companies remaining firm. seilles accepted the gift of the Imperial

July 27.- The Baltimore and Ohio Com- Palace, on the terms prescribed by the pany yielded to the terms demanded by the Empress Eugénie—that the city shall retelegraphists on strike, and work was at once imburse her for the costs of the recent trial resumed. The other strikers promised sup- decided in her favour. port until Christmas, if need be, by 800,000 August 3.—The Paris police discovered knights of labour.”

traces of the existence of a secret Legitimist August 1.-—Special Session held in New committee of action, and seized documents York by the Council of the National Land indicating the plans of the conspirators. Leagne of America, to consider the purchase Arrest of two coachmen, a concierge, and of American lands by foreign speculators, to other domestics in Paris, on whom were the exclusion of genuine settlers; and steps found subscription lists, tickets, and other taken to frustrate the operations of the so- suspicious documents connected with the called “ land jumpers,” by State legislation. so-called “Royal Essling Group," an organi

August 2.-- President Arthur opened the sation for the dissemination of Royalist Exhibition at Louisville, and afterwards set doctrines, chiefly made up of domestics emout for Yellowstone Park, accompanied by ployed in Legitimist families. One of the General Sheridan.

prisoners admitted that 25,000 rifles had The Treasury issued a circular subjecting been ordered for the use of the conspirators. all neat cattle arriving from Europe to ninety August 6.---News received in Paris of days quarantine.

Colonel Baden's successful sortie from NamA lock-out in the cigar trade, by which dinh, in Tonquin, the capture of seven guns, eight thousand men were thrown out of and a large number of small arms, and the employment, terminated by concessions being destruction of 700 Annamites. made by both masters and en.ployés.

August 9.—The charge of plagiarisin Suicide of Seior Barcı, the Spanish Min- brought by M. Javio l'chard against M. ister to the United States, owing, it is Victorien Sardon, on the ground of a simisupposed, to pecuniary embarrassments. larity between the two plays Lu Fiammina





and Odette, was decided in favour of the wedding, for the benefit of various sanitary defendant.

and benevolent institutions in Germany. No hostile steps have been taken by the French in Madagascar since our last report. The state of siege at Tamatave has been continued, and four French war vessels have

August 3.-The trial in the case of the occupied the harbour.

Tisza-Esslar mystery in Hungary, in which fifteen Jews were charged with the murder of a Christian girl, resulted in the acquittal

of the prisoners. July 11.-A new Convention, or prelimi

August 7.-Meeting of the Emperors of nary treaty, drawn up between Russia and Germany and Austria at Ischl. Persia, defining the north-eastern frontier,

August 11. – Riotous demonstration of was provisionally accepted by the Persian workmen in Vienna protesting against the Minister, subject to the assent of the Shah. suppression of a newspaper devoted to the

July 13.-A terrible conflagration de interests of the working classes. The police, stroyed one-fourth of the town of Rostoff.

assisted by the dragoons, succeeded, after a July 20.--Seventy thousand Russian troops

severe conflict, in dispersing the mob and stationed temporarily on the Armenian making several arrests.

Large bodies of frontier, between Bayazid and Batoum.

infantry and cavalry were afterwards detailed July 23.-Report of a treaty between the to patrol the streets. Russian Government and the Shah of Persia, establishing a Russian protectorate over Irania.

July 17.—Collapse of a portion of the August 3.-Report of the discovery of a

Schmitten Railway Tunnel, between FriNihilist conspiracy at St. Petersburg, in- bourg and Berne. volving a great number of persons, many of

July 23.–The Swiss Federal Council rewhom have been arrested.

jected Miss Booth's appeal against her exAugust 7.—A small tin box containing pulsion from Geneva, on the ground that explosive material was thrown from a carriage in neglecting to give an account of the colwindow in St. Petersburg, by unknown lections made at Salvationist meetings she persons, but the explosion caused no serious violated the law of the Canton of Geneva, damage.

and was justly expelled, in spite of her claim Discovery at Odessa of a formidable sys- as a British subject to enjoy the fullest retem of fraud in connection with the shipping ligious liberty in Switzerland. trade in the Black Sea. Many vessels largely

July 30.—Meeting of Socialist workmen at insured were found to have been wrecked Geneva, who made violent speeches, calling purposely by their pilots, who were in league upon the State to provide them with employ; with a band of salvage pirates. Fifty vessels ment. The workmen afterwards proceeded are said to have been deliberately run ashore to the Hôtel de Ville, and on the refusal of in less than two years.

the authorities to receive a deputation from

their body, incendiary speeches were made, GERMANY

and the chief organiser of the demonstration

unfurled a red flag. He was immediately August 7.- Krasczewski, a celebrated

arrested with other ringleaclers. Polish poet and novelist, mysteriously imprisoned on a charge of high treason, was released on his depositing 1500 marks as caution money.

July 13.-Quarantine established in all The German Emperor, accompanied by the Spanish ports against ships arriving from Emperor of Austria, arrived at Ischl, where England, in consequence of the British he was received by the Empress Elizabeth, Government failing to enforce quarantine and the local, civil, and military authorities. regulations against cholera.

August 8.--Opening of the Luther Festi- July 27.—The Spanish minister at Mexico val at Erfürt, attended by representatives recalled, owing to the refusal of the Mexican from all the German Universities. A grand Government to pay its Spanish indebtedness. procession arranged to represent the Re- August 5.--Attempted military rising at former's reception in that town in 1521, on Badajoz, in Estremadura, on the Portuguese his way to attend the Imperial Diet at frontier, with the object of establishing a Worms, passed through the principal streets, Federal Republic under the constitution of most of the characters in it being personated 1869. The rebels, consisting of infantry by the Protestant students from the Uni- and cavalry and a company of artillery, to versity.

the number of 900 men and 150 horses, The Crown Prince and Princess assigned together with about 300 civilians, crossed the sum of 830,000 marks, which was sub- the frontier under command of two Lieuscribed as a compliment to them by the tenant-Colonels and two Majors, whereupon nation on the occasion of their silver they were disarmed by Portuguese authorities,



and the officers kept in close confinement. August 2.- Torre de Greco invaded by
The movement received little support from lava from Mount Vesuvius, which is still in
civilians, and the Gendarmerie and Custom a violent state of eruption.
House Guards of Badajoz, who refused to August 3.- Destruction by fire of the
join, were disarmed by the rebels, who also famous Armenian Catholic Convent on the
cut off all telegraphic and railway communi- Island of St. Marzara, near Venice, from
cation. The province was declared in a which fortunately the priceless historical
state of siege by the Government, who im- manuscripts belonging to the Order were
mediately despatched 2000 troops to protect saved.
Badajoz, where 23,000 rifles and a large Renewed earthquake shock of great
quantity of ammunition were stored in the violence at Ischia. The rebuilding of Casa-

micciola forbidden by the Government. August 6.-The insurrection in Badajoz August 4.-Professor Mansueli, of the was officially declared to be entirely at an Geographical Institute at Florence, perished end, the troops ordered to return to Madrid, in an attempt to make the ascent of Monte and the whole Peninsula reported tranquil. Santa Cattarina, in the Valtellina.

August 7.—The Portuguese ordered the 900 August 6.-Socialistic revolutionary coninsurgents from Badajoz to be imprisoned gress opened at Ravenna, but broken up by in the fortified town of Peniche.

the police, who forced the doors and dispersed · August 8.-Insurrection of a regiment of the assemblage. Lancers, at Santo Domingo de la Calzada, in the north of Spain. After cutting the telegraph wires and attempting to destroy a bridge, they withdrew from the town, but SINCE our last report the cholera outbreak were

pursued by other troops from the in Egypt has caused frightful havoc, about garrison, to whom they surrendered.

12,000 deaths having occurred during the August 9.--The garrison of Seo-de-Urgel, month, from its ravages, nearly half of which in Catalonia, numbering 300 men, rose in were in Cairo and its suburbs. At the time revolt, and expelled the Military Governor our Record closes the mortality is steadily from the town. A large number of troops diminishing throughout the country, thanks were immediately despatched by the Gover- to the efforts of European officials and nor to restore order, in which the Civil medical attendants in nursing the sick and Guards, who had remained in the barracks, improving the sanitary condition of the took part.

country. The English army of occupation

meanwhile has lost about 150 officers and July 13.-Resumption of the Indian Mail July 17.-The International Indemnity service, vių Brindisi, where ships coming Commission at Alexandria announced that from the East had been lately prevented up to that date 5379 claims had been froin landing the mails by reason of the fears allowed, amounting to £2,530,000. of the populace concerning cholera.

July 24.–One of the vessels of the Lynch July 27.-Arrival in Rome of agents of Steam Navigation Company on the Tigris, the Salvation Army, prepared to establish on arriving at Bagdad, was not permitted to organisations and enlist recruits for an active land passengers or cargo, and was thus Salvationist campaign.

obliged to return with them to Bassorah. July 28.--An Italian squadron ordered to July 29.--Another steamer of the Lynch Tangiers to support the claim of the Ministers Steam Navigation Company was obliged by against the Moorish Government for the full the officials of Bagdad to return to Bassorah payment of losses incurred by Italian subjects without landing passengers or cargo. in Morocco.

At Constantinople, Mr Wyndham, British Fifty men killed by a terrible explosion of Chargé d'Affaires, and General Wallace, gas in a mine in Sicily.

United States Minister, have continued Appalling calamity in the Island of Ischia. their opposition to the proposed new Licence The entire town of Casamicciola, with excep- tax. tion of five houses, being destroyed by earth- The Imperial Irade for the conversion of quake, with a loss of 4000 lives, several neigh- the public debt is still withheld in spite of bouring villages being also destroyed with the strenuous efforts of Mr. Edgar Vincent, great loss of life.

president of the Council, who urges that July 31.-Mount Vesuvius in a state of every effort should be made to convert the active eruption; the town of Torre del Greco whole or a large portion of the debt this threatened by lava and deserted by its in- year, in order to put an end to the confusion habitants.

now existing August 1.-Another shock of earthquake August 1.–The Sultan's sanction to the at Ischia, not attended by fatal results. The re-organisation of the Turkish Army was island visited by King Humbert, who placed announced semi-officially. The whole re100,000 lire at the disposal of the Prefect for organisation will cost £4,500,000 (Turkish), the relief of the sufferers by the calamity. and be carried out in one year.



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An Imperial Irade provided for the intro- part of the country through which it would duction of the French language into inter- pass is mountainous, and the engineering mediate educational establishments in difficulties of the work would be formidable. Turkey.

The extension of London sea-wards is Mr. Wyndham, British Chargé d'Affaires, being furthered by the construction of the was semi-officially informed that instructions vast Tilbury docks, opposite Gravesend, upon had been sent to the Vali of Bagdad to which more than 1000 men, and steam revoke the prohibition against the naviga- machinery are actively engaged. The question of the Tigris referred to above.

tion of communication across the Thames SERVIA.—August 3.—The Servian Ministry below London Bridge has continued to resigned, and M. Myatovitch, Minister of occupy the Committee, who are to decide Finance, was charged with the formation of between ferries, a bridge, and a tunnel. a new Cabinet.

ON August 8 a new ambulance steamer was launched in London. She was built for

the Metropolitan Asylums Board, for the SCIENCE AND PROGRESS.

conveyance of small-pox patients down the The following topics under this head have Thames to the floating hospitals at Darenth, been brought to public notice within the and is called the Red Cross. past month:

On August 2, in London, a diver at work in ENGLAND's final decision against the con- his diving apparatus, 65 feet under water, struction of the Channel Tunnel, and the was suffocated, owing to the bursting of an rejection of the Suez Canal scheme of M. de air pipe, though drawn up with all speed. Lesseps by the Government have brought a On July 17 a new electric launch of imdouble disappointment to France. The proved construction and uncommon size French Tunnel Company had already com- made her appearance on the Thames. She pleted at Sangatte, near Calais, a shaft about is 40 feet long, and capable of taking 40 or a mile in length, about half a mile of it 50 passengers; no machinery is visible, the being under the sea, which was inspected motive power being stored in cells under last May by the Government Commission, the seats, and the trip from Temple pier to and reported upon favourably. On August Greenwich was accomplished in 37 minutes; 2, 1883, the Company, according to their | a speed of about 7 miles an hour. agreement of August 2, 1875, had to decide A NARROW-GAUGE electric railway has been whether they would retain the concession built on the beach at Brighton, measuring or abandon it, and notwithstanding, the only two feet between the rails. The car, abandonment of the scheme by England the which carries 10 persons, is lighted, as well French Company decided to retain the con- as driven by electricity. In Paris the cession, hoping for a future reconsideration General Omnibus Company and Electrical of the question in England. About the Power Storage Company have been making same time, at a meeting of the English practical experiments in the substitution of Channel Tunnel Company it was agreed electricity for horse traction. On August 3 that no further action could be taken for an ordinary tram-car fitted with the apparathe present, but that the Company should tus, and lighted within and without by be ready to seize the first favourable oppor- electricity, made its appearance in the Place tunity for reviving it.

de la Concorde, and, crowded with passengers, MEANWHILE, in conjunction with the ran rapidly over the ordinary roads as well Government of France, the South-Eastern as on the tramway. The cost of running Railway Company have made improvements the electric trams is said to be less than in the approach to the harbour at Boulogne, half that of the old system, and they are to and also extended their harbour works at be introduced on the Versailles tramway. Folkestone, for the purpose of establishing a On July 28 an adventurous marine tricynew fixed passenger service between London clist crossed the English Channel from and Paris.

Dover in his curious machine, constructed It is estimated that the proposed widening somewhat on the plan of a catamaran. The of the Suez Canal will cost about £5,000,000 voyage occupied cight hours. sterling. The question of expense and of It has been semi-officially announced that the means of raising the necessary funds the new sixpenny telegram system will be will be considered at the next general meet- introduced in October 1884, and that the ing of the shareholders in October. Mean- new wires and apparatus required will cost while, in addition to the project of the £500,000. Palestine Canal, connecting the Mediter- The past month has been marked by unranean with the Red Sea, as described in common activity on the part of aeronauts. our Record for June, another rival canal has On July 14 a large balloon, in which two been proposed. By connecting the river travellers had unintentionally crossed the Euphrates with the Mediterranean, a canal, Channel from Belgium, descended safely at though no longer than that of Suez, would Bromley, in Kent. On July 20 a balloon save, it is said, more than 1000 miles in the ascended at Marseilles, with three French voyage to Western India. Unfortunately 2 | aeronauts who hoped to cross the Mediter

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