The Book for All Households; Or, The Art of Preserving Animal and Vegetable Substances for Many Years

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Glass container association of America, August, 1920 - Canned foods - 151 pages
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Page 7 - I owe to my experiments and above all to a\ great perseverance, to being convinced, 1st, that the subject of heat has the essential quality in itself not only of changing the combination of the constituent parts of animal and vegetable products, but also that, if not destroying, at least of arresting for many years the natural tendency of these same products to decomposition...
Page xiv - I have the pleasure of transmitting to you a copy of the report made to the Society for Encouragement by Messrs.
Page 90 - The preserved truffles are employed in the same way and for the same purposes, as when they have been freshly gathered, and also mushrooms.
Page 50 - ... gathering them when the pod begins to yellow; they are shelled and put in bottles immediately, etc. They are put in the waterbath to boil for two hours, etc. WHOLE ARTICHOKES. I take them of average size; after having removed all the unnecessary leaves, and pared them, they are plunged into boiling water, and then into cold water; after they have drained, they are put in wide-mouthed bottles, closed, etc., and then in the water-bath to receive an hour's boiling, etc. QUARTERED ARTICHOKES. The...
Page 44 - Five liters of cream, skimmed carefully from good milk, were concentrated without skimming to four liters in the water-bath, the skin which had formed on it was removed, so as to strain the whole through cloth, and put it to cool. After having again removed the skin that had formed in cooling, it was put into half -liter bottles with the ordinary processes, so as to give it an hour's boiling in the water-bath. At the end of two years this cream was found as fresh as if it had been prepared that day....
Page xv - ... your reciprocal conversation. ' Madame Drouyn de Lhuys is a charming and accomplished lady, and she does too well the honours of a diplomatic saloon not to revive all the festivities, for too long laid in abeyance, of Hertford House. ' Accept, my dear Sir, my best wishes for your welfare, as well as the assurance of the perfect consideration with which I have the honor to be, my dear Sir, yours very devotedly, ' G. DE BEBARDIN.' Another letter of introduction from Edward Everett, one of thanks...
Page xiii - The foods prepared according to the process of Citizen Appert and sent to this port by the Minister of Marine, after a sojourn of three months upon the roadstead, presented the following condition : The broth in bottles was good, the broth with boiled beef in a special vessel, good also, but weak ; the boiled beef itself very edible. The beans and small peas, prepared both with and without meat, have all the freshness and the agreeable flavor of freshly picked vegetables.
Page 8 - To enclose in the bottle or jar the substances that one wishes to preserve; (7) 2d. To cork these different vessels with the greatest care because success depends chiefly on the closing; 3d. To submit these substances thus enclosed to the action of boiling water in a water-bath for more or less time according to their nature and in the manner that I shall indicate for each kind of food; 4th. To remove the bottles from the water-bath at the time prescribed.
Page xi - ... the proposal that you have made, that you write an exact and detailed description of these processes, that you deliver this description to the Consulting Bureau of Arts and Manufactures to be printed at your expense. After that it will be examined and reviewed. You are then to send two hundred copies to me. The delivery of these copies being the only condition that I place on the payment of the twelve thousand francs that you have been granted. I doubt not but that you will comply with this readily,...
Page 72 - ... do not require, as one might think, to be eaten as soon as they are opened. The food from the same vessel may be eaten for 8 or 10 days after it has been opened ( 1 ) , provided only that the stopper be replaced immediately after one has taken the required amount; so that the capacity of ( 1 ) See the report made to the Society for the Encouragement of National Industry, by M. Bouriat, in the name of the commission. Two half-liter bottles, one of milk, the other of whey, opened after twenty to...

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