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Sherman, Willian, his daughter mar- Sonnet, its invention ascribed to Fra'
ried to Mason, iii. 198.

Guittone d'Arezzo, i. 349.
Shirley, Mrs., mother of Lord Ferrers, Sopha, Le, de Crebillon, ii. 128-133.
petitions for mercy, iii. 36.

Sophonisba to Masinissa, story of, ii.
Sicilian poetry, period of its success, i. 115-116.

Sophonisba to Masinissa, part of an
Sickness makes us better friends and heroic epistle, i. 183.
better men, ii. 206.

Southampton, appearance of the coast
Sictryg, his warfare with the King of in its vicinity, ii. 265.
Dublin, i. 54.

Gray staying in the High Street, iii.
Sidney, Sir Philip, his attempt to in 177.

troduce the hexameter, i. 341. full of bathers, but Gray knows not
and the park of Warwick Castle, ii. a soul, iii. 178.

no coffee-house, no bookseller, no
Sidney, Le, comedy by Gresset, ii. 184. pastry-cook, and lodgings very
Sigurd, Earl of the Orkney Isles, his dear, iii 178.
expedition to Ireland, i. 54.

description of, iii. 179-180, 200.
Silver boar, the badge of Richard III., Southampton Row, once the residence
i. 47.

of Dr. Wharton, and afterwards a
Simms, Mr., Mrs., and Madlle. Nanny, lodging of Gray's, ii. 397.
reference to, ii. 124.

Gray takes up his abode at Mr.
Simons, Rudolph, his portrait in Jauncey's in, iii. 1, 6.
Emanuel College, i. 310.

description of the prospect from, iii.
Sisters, see Fatal Sisters, an Ode.

3, 5.
Sketchley, Mr. R.F., reference to, i, xvii. its surroundings, jii. 4.
Skinner, John, Fellow of St. John's, Gray about to remove, iii. 102.

candidate for the Mastership of Southcote, Mr., offers his house and
St. John's, note on, iii. 190.

lands to Dr. Wharton, ii. 252.
Skroddles (Rev. Wm. Mason).

Southerne, Thomas, Restoration dra-
Smart, Christopher, the poet, his debts, matist, ii. 11.
ii. 161, 178.

Southwell, Henry, of Magdalen College,
biographical note, ii. 161.

reference to, ii, 76.
his comedy of a Trip to Cambridge, goes to Ireland, ii. 104.
ii. 162.

Southwell, Mr. and Mrs., reference to,
Duke of Cleveland allows him £40 a ii. 287.
year, ii. 179.

Gray sends him a copy of The Odes,
committed to Bedlam, ii. 215.

ii. 320.
not dead, Merope and The Guardian Spain, quarrel with, about logwood,
acted for his benefit, ii. 391.

iii. 116.
collection on behalf of, iii. 162.

and the French, iii. 172.
Messrs. Gordon and Anguish, gentle- Spanish War, Gray takes an interest
men interested in him, iii. 163.

in the, iii. 84.
Smith, Dr. Adam, has heard several of Spectacles, Gray's aversion to wear, ii.

the Erse poems repeated from tra 75-76.
dition, i. 311.

Spedding, Mr., his residence of Ar-
Smith, his print of Derwentwater, i.259. mathwaite House, i. 262.
visits Malthain and issues an engrav- Speed, Miss (Countess de Viry), refer-
ing of Gordale Scar, i. 278.

ence to her attitude towards Gray,
Smith and Philips, reference to, i. 212. ii. 330.
Smith of Trinity is dead, iii. 303. possessed Gray's MS. of the Amatory
Snowdon, its name, i. 41.

Lines, i. 137.
resorted to by eagles, i. 43.

Gray writes a Song at her request, i.
Somerset, Carr, Earl of, reference to a 138.
letter about, iii. 123.

reference to, i. 82.
Somerset House, John of Padua, its her legacy from Lady Cobham, iii. 37.
architect, i. 307.

Gray's probable visit with her to
Sommer's Saxon Dictionary, reference Oxfordshire, her uncertainty of
to, i, 326.

mind, iii. 49.
Song, to an old air of Geminiani, i. 138. public chatter respecting Gray and,
editorial note on,
i. 138.

iii. 65.


Speed, Miss, her marriage with the Stillingfleet, Benjamin (Blue Stocking),
Baron de la Peyriere, iii, 83.

the naturalist, iii, 38.
need not change her religion, iii. 83 ; resides with his friend Mr. Marsham,
Iso Peyriere.

jii. 88.
Spence, Joseph, his description of a his observations on the Norfolk
puppet-show in Turin, ii. 44.

birds in 1755, iii. 95-96.
his Polymetis, ii. 170-172.

Stocks, public, are low, ii. 393.
his Essay on Pope's Odyssey, ii. 170. Gray loses £200 by selling, ii. 395.
drowned in his own garden at By- Stoke Pogis, “ West End," residence
field, iii. 329.

of Gray's uncle, Mr. Rogers, after-
Spence, S., his verses on the death of wards of his mother, i. 2.

Frederick, Prince of Wales, ii. 119. Ode to Spring, written at, i. 2.
Spencer elected Fellow of Pembroke, Ode on Distant Prospect of Eton College,
ii. 227.

written at, i. 16.
interests hinself for Lord Nuneham, Hymn to Adversity, written at, i. 24.
ii. 309, 311.

Elegy in a Churchyard, chiefly written
Spenser, Edmund, adopted the hexa- at, i. 72.
meter, etc., ii. 341.

Sonnet on the death of Richard West,
Spiletta, portion of a comedy, refer- written at, i. 110.
ence to, iii. 81.

Manor House, Gray's sketch of, i.
Spleen, The, a poem by Matthew Green, 82; ii. 234 ; the residence of various
ii. 219.

families, i. 83.
Spring, Ode on the, i. 1.

Gray's melancholy reminiscences at,
editorial note on, i. 2.

ii. 250.
Matthew Green's Queen's Hermitage Stone, John, sculptor, reference to, iii.
furnishes Gray with two thoughts

for, ii. 222.

Stone, Nicholas, sculptor, reference to,
Squibb, Dr. Arthur, M.A., chaplain of i. 321.

Colonel Bellasis's regiment, i. 88. Stone, Mr., obtains a political post, ii.
Squibb, James, of Saville Row, i. 88. 290.
Squibb, James, of Stowe, i. 88. Stonehewer, Dr., rector of Houghton,
Squire,' Dr. Samuel, Bishop of St. ii. 241.
David's, i. 127.

his death, iii. 351.
biographical note on, ii. 327. Stonehewer, Richard, Fellow of St.
Dean of Bristol and candidate for Peter's College, and secretary to
St. David's, iii. 78.

Duke of Grafton, ii, 241.
reference to, iii. 103.

Gray enquires of Dr. Wharton his
Staël, Memoires de Madame, ii. 291. opinion of, ii. 187.
Stamp Act, Bill for the repeal of, gone Gray seeks the interest of Dr. Wharton

to the Lords. “Oh that they and Dr. Keene on behalf of, ii. 197.
would throw it out," iii. 234.

proposes to visit York with Gray, ii.
Stanhope, Mr. and Mr. Dayrolles, ii.354. 238.
Stanza on Immortality, i. 141.

fragment of the Prophecy sent to,
State Papers, by Dr. Birch, ii. 194.

ii. 268.
Statius, translations from the The- tutor to the Duke of Grafton, ii. 277.
baïdos of, i. 145-148.

goes to Portsmouth to receive a
when printed, i. 144.

Morocco ambassador, iii. 10.
Stephen, Mr. Leslie, analysis of Dr. attendant on his sick father, Rev.

Middleton's writings in English Dr. Stonehewer, iii. 46.
Thought in the Eighteenth Century, busiest creature on earth, except
ii. 199.

Mr. Fraser, iii. 224.
Sterne, Laurence, his popularity, jii. 36. Gray's oracle of State, iii. 233.
receives £700 for a second edition of living in Queen Street, London, iii.
Tristram Shandy, iii. 36.

his portrait by Reynolds, iii. 36. induced the Duke of Grafton to re-
publication of his sermons, iii. 37. commend Gray for the professor-

Gray's opinion of the sermons, iii. 53. ship of Modern History, iii. 322.
Stevenson, John Hall, humorous poet, health of his father, iii. 350.
friend of Sterne, iii. 37.

Gray's letter of condolence on the
his Crazy Tales, iii. 245.

death of his father, iii. 351.

Stonehewer, Richard, references to, ii. | Suarez, Countess of, entertains Gray at

144, 181, 188, 230, 264, 268, 273, 307, Florence, ii. 53.

373, 390, 395 ; iii. 37, 150, 173, 176. Suffolk, Lord, his seat at Levens, i.
Story, A Long, i. 81.

editorial note on, i. 82.

Sully, Duke de, Gray's opinion of his
occasion of its being written, ij. 228. Memoirs and character, ii. 281.
not intended for publication, suffered Summers, Mr., recommended by Gray

to appear because Mr. Bentley's to Dr. Wharton for his skill in
designs were not intelligible with planting, iii. 292.
out it, iii. 268, 308.

Superstition, Gray's love of popular,
Strathmore, John, ninth Earl of, his iii. 222.

personal appearance, ii. 263. History of Witches and a History of
returns to College with his brother, Second Sight given by Beattie to
ii. 307.

Gray, iii. 222.
his coming of age, and biographical Surrey, Lord, his use of the Cæsura,
note, ii. 369.

i. 333.
his seat of Hetton, iii. 208.

his verse, i. 334.
going abroad, iii. 21.

Swift on Money, ii. 155.
proposed voyage to Genoa, iii. 28. Swift's application of Herodotus's
ill at Turin, iii, 98.

passage on feathers, ii. 240.
takes Gray to Scotland, iii. 208. Swift's history of the Tory administra-
his agricultural operations around tion, ii. 360.
Glamis, iii. 212.

Swinburne, Lady, reference to, ii. 246.
approaching marriage, iii. 245. Swithin's Alley, fatal fire in, iii. 22.
to be married in London, iii. 258. Switzerland,
interesting condition of Lady Strath Arve, river, banks of, at Geneva, ii. 38.
more, iii. 268.

description of, ii. 40.
reference to, ii. 261 ; iii. 276.

Geneva, its peasantry contrasted
Strawberry Hill, bowl with Gray's with those of Savoy, i. 245.

lines on Walpole's cat at, i. 10. Geneva, description of, ii. 37, 38.
Stricklands, their family seat of Siserge, lake of, ii. 38-39.
ii. 269.

its trout, i. 246 ; ii. 39.
chapel in Kendal church, ii. 269. Gray obliged to forego his proposed
Stuart, Mary, and her son, Robertson's visit to, iii. 403, 405.
History of, ii. 396.

Syon Hill, Brentford, residence of
Stuart, James (“Athenian Stuart”), Lord Holdernesse, iii. 15.

his work anjong the Antiquities of

Athens, ii. 283.
Gray subscribes to his Atticn. ii. 360 ; Tacitus, Gray's admiration of, ii. 104-

to his Antiquities of Athens, and 105.
desires a copy for Pembroke Hall, whenever translated into English
iii. 149-150.

should be done freely, ii. 111.
successful architect, iii. 149.

Davanzati's Italian translation of, ii.
proposed to be consulted for Mrs. 111.

Mason's monument, iii. 266. Tadcaster, beauty of country south of,
approves of Mason's sketch, iii. 272. ii. 247.
Stuart, Mr., his duel with the Duke of Talbot, Earl, Lord High Stewaril at
Bolton, iii. 34.

coronation of George III., iii. 116.
Stuart of Cambridge, reference to,ii.159. and barons of the Cinque Ports, iii.
Studley, residence of Dr. Wharton, 116.
visited by Gray, ii. 240.

and Alderman Beckford, iii. 116.
Stukeley, Dr., frequents the reading his treatment while suppressing a

room of the British Museum, iii. 2. riot, iii. 339.
note on, iii. 2.

Talbot, Thoinas, Gray sends him a
talks nonsense and coffee-house news copy of The Odes, ii. 320.
at the Museum, iii. 5.

his part in Rev. William Robertson's
Sturbridge fair, ii. 15.

marriage, iii. 62.
Sturgeon, Roger, Fellow of Caius, ii.311. reference to, ii. 379 ; iii. 176, 179.
Suard, Madame, an acquaintance of Tale of Sir Thopas, reference to the, i
Voltaire's, iii. 173.


Taliessin, chief of the bards, i. 49, 361. Theodulus, his treatise De Contemptu

prophecy that Welch should regain Mundi, i. 361.
the sovereignty of Britain ful- Thibaut, King of Navarre, i. 347.
filled, i. 48.

Thomas, Dr. John, Bishop of Lincoln,
Tanner, Bishop, his article on Chaucer translated to Salisbury, iii. 105, 114.
in Bibliotheca, i. 306.

Thomas, Dr., Master of Christ's College,
Taroc, a game played in Turin, ii. 44. rumoured to be Bishop of Carlisle,
Tasso, translations from the Gerus of, iii. 335, 337.
i. 148, 151.

Thomas, Miss, singer, sung in the
first printed, i. 44.

Installation Ode, iii. 343.
Taste, more difficult to restore than Thompson, a friend of Gray's, ii. 63.

to introduce good taste to a nation, Thomson, the poet, his fine description
iii. 158.

of a spirit, iii. 48.
Tavistock, Francis, Marquis of, comes Thorney, visited by Gray, iii. 366.

to Cambridge, ii. 309, 311. Thrale, Mr., the brewer, reference to,
Taylor, Dr., attends Mrs. Charles York, i. 316.
ii. 401.

Thrale, Mrs., calls Gray a merciless
his opinion of a portrait in St. John's critic, iii. 399.
College, i. 311.

Thurcaston, the living of the Rev. Mr.
Taylor, J., Tracts by, ii. 119.

Hurd, 326
Temple, Lancelot, see Dr. Armstrong. Thurlow's Papers, ii. 128.
Temple, Lord, Head of the Admiralty, Thurot, hovering off Scotland, iii. 23.
ii. 292.

Thynne, Sir John, employed John of
Newcastle and Bute's opposition in Padua at Longleat, i. 307.

council, cause of his resignation, Tickell, Mr. Thomas, his poem on the
iii. 123.

peace of Utrecht, ii. 219.
disinherits his brother, iii. 123. his ballad of Colin and Lucy, ii. 219.
Temple, Mr., allusion to, iii. 241. Tolomei, Claudio, Bishop of Corsola,
Rev. N. Nicholls mediates on his i. 342.

behalf with Lord Lisburne, iii. Tophet (an epigram), i. 139.
287-289, 332-333.

editorial note on, i. 139,
Gray's opinion of the disagreement, Torrigiano, i. 319.
iii. 302-303.

Tory Administration, Swift's History
Gray would wish by all means to of the, in the press, ii. 360.
oblige him, iii. 336.

Tour of the Lakes, Gilpin's, i. 279.
and Lord Lisburne, his distress of Tour of the western counties, Gray's,
circumstances, iii. 402.

iii. 379-381.
Gray suggests application for chap- Townsend, Charles, William White-

lainship of Leghorn on behalf of, head's verses to, ii. 220.
iii. 402.

accepts office, but not what he as-
reference to, iii. 401.

pired to, ii. 292.
Temple of Tragedy, Gray busy in writ- refused post of Secretary of State
ing the, iii. 187.

and a peerage, iii. 238.
Templeman, Dr. Peter, keeper of the reference to his death, 282.

British Museum reading-room, iii.l. Townsend, General, his relations with
biographical note on, iii. 1.

Wolfe before Quebec, iii. 25.
translator of Norden's Travels in

adventure with an Indian boy, iii. 25.
Egypt, ii, 194.

Tractatus, universi juris, published by
Tenducci, Ferdinando, reference to, ii. Zilettus, ii. 368.

Traigneau, Professor, ii. 122.
Tent, Ode on a, William Whitehead's, Translations, i. 143-160.
ii. 220.

editorial note on, i. 144.
Tenter-grounds, description of, i. 268. Travelling, difficulty of, between Old
Terrick, Bishop of London, reference Park and York, iii. 348.
to, iii. 202.

Travelling, On the Abuse of, by G.
Thanet, Earl of, his castle at Skipton, West, ii. 90.
i. 279.

Trebia, battle of, Elegiacs suggested by,
Theatres, common, subject to outrage- i. 177.
ous riots, iii. 157.

Trevigi, Girolamo da, his style of draw:
Theirre, Madame de, reference to, ii. 128. ing, i. 319.

Trevor, Dr. Richard, Bishop of St. | Union, The, a Scotch collection of
David's and of Durham, ii. 241.

poems containing Gray's Elegy, i.
Trevor, Mr. (Hambden), designs some 227.
wall-paper, iii. 121.

Urry, see D'Urry.
Trial of Scotch Lords, ii. 139.

Utrecht, T. Tickell's poem on the
Trinity College, Cambridge, Henry peace of, ii. 219.

VIII. its benefactor, i. 95.
Trip to Cambridge, or the grateful Fair, VAGA, Perin del, reference to the
a comedy by Smart, ii. 162.

painter, 321.
Trissino, his invention of Blank Deca- Valence or Valentia, Mary de, Countess

syllabic verse without Rhyme or of Pembroke, foundress of Pem-
Italian Heroic Measure, i. 343.

broke College, i. 95 ; ii. 280.
Tristram Shandy, popularity of Sterne's, Valet, The Lying, farce by Garrick, ii.
iii. 36.

much humour in, iii. 53.

Valkyriur, description of the, i. 55.
Triumphs of Owen, The, a fragment, Vane, Harry, Impromptu on, i. 140.
i. 67.

journies to the north, ii. 238.
editorial note on, i. 68.

reference to, ii. 178.
Trollope, Mr., referred to by Gray, ii. Vane, Rev. Mr., the younger, circum.

117, 118, 121, 123, 138, 161, 164. stances of his ordination, ii. 231.
at Dev'reux Court, ii. 159.

ordained by the Archbishop of York,
Tucker, Dean of Gloucester, Warbur. ii. 232.
ton's remark to, ii. 327.

Vanrobais, Madame, her famous manu.
Tudors, History of the, Hume's, ii. 396. facture of cloth at Abbeville, iii.
Tully ad Familiares, Epistles of, by Rev. 358.
J. Ross, ii. 193.

Vauxhall preferred to Ranelagh Gar-
Turner, Dr. Shallet, of Peterhouse, his dens, ii. 125.
declining health, iii. 21.

Vavasor, Mr., his residence of Weston,
his death, iii. 136.

i. 280.
Turnpike Riots at Leeds, ii. 240. Velleron, Marquis de Cambis, The
Tuthill, Henry, Dr. T. Wharton's in- Pope's Lieutenant - General in

fluence solicited on his behalf, ii. France, ii. 27.

Verneuil, Marqse. de, Henri IV.'s pro-
biographical note, ii. 178.

posal to marry the, ii. 281.
elected a Fellow of Pembroke, ii. 188. Verrio, Antonio, his paintings at Chats-
Gray anticipates his success as a worth, iii. 135.
Tutor, ii. 197.

Verse, Table of the measures of, with
indebted to Dr. Keene's interest for authorities and the order of the
his fellowship, ii. 201.

Rhymes, i. 343.
votes for Mr. Spencer at Pembroke Vertue, George, his MSS. purchased by
College, ii. 228.

Walpole, i. 305.
references to, ii. 138, 161, 197, 230, his engravings of Chaucer, i. 306.
264, 308.

known by Burroughs, Master of
Twitcher, Jemmy; or The Cambridge Caius, i. 307.
Courtship, i. 131.

discovers John of Padua to be the
editorial note on, i. 131.

architect of Somerset House, i.
Two Odes, a satire against Mason and
Gray, iii. 53.

Ververt, hy Gresset, ii. 184.
Tyre, Cardinal Archbishop of, ii. 62. Verzenay, famous for red wine, i. 239.
Tyrrell, reference to young, iii. 208. Vicissitude, Ode on the pleasure arising
Tyson, Mr., of Bene't College, his from, i. 123.
drawing for Tophet, i. 139.

editorial note on, i. 123.
Victory, popular superstition in Lyd-

gate's time of decisive, i. 389.
UBALDINI, Ubaldino, verses by, i. 368. Villeneuve, Huon de, quotation from
Union of poetry, music, and the dance the verse of, i. 337.

with painting and architecture, Villevielle, Marquis de, visits Gray, iii.
might bestow the sublimest plea- 372, 374.
sure, iij. 155.

Villiers, Lord, his interest for Lord
causes to hinder, iii, 156.

Nuneham, ii. 309, 311.


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