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Bentley, Mr. Richard, Stanzas to, i. Bonfoy, Nicholas, resided at Abbot's

Ripton, ii. 378.
editorial note to Stanzas, i. 121. his marriage and family, ii. 379.
the Stanzas first published in 1775, visits Gray at Cambridge, ii. 320.
i. 100.

his belief that everything turns out
assists in preparing the Chronologi- for the best, ii. 321.

cal table of ancient authors, ii. 158. dines with Gray, iii. 21.
his designs for Gray's Elegy, ii. 234 ; Bonfoy, Mrs. Elizabeth, references to,

their publication, ii. 237; a second ii. 378 ; iii. 32.
edition, i. 227.

who taught Gray to pray, is dead,
sale at London in 1882 of his draw- iii. 152.

ings for the six poems, ii, 237. her fortitude, iii. 152.
reference to, ii. 218.

Bonfoy, Mr. and Mrs., Gray sends them
Berger, a disciple of Linnæus, iii. 88. a copy of The Odes, ii. 320.
Bernardi, Francesco, reference to, ii.65. Boustetten, Charles von, Baillie of
Bevis, Earl of Southampton, The Re- Nion, Switzerland, letter to Norton
portes of, i. 338.

Nicholls, with footnote of Gray's
his residence at Duncton, i. 338.

opinion of the writer, iii. 355-356.
his sword one of the relics at Arun- proceeds to London with Gray, iii.
del Castie, i. 338.

Bibliographical statement of Gray's returned to France, iii. 358.
writings, i. ix-xiii.

note on, iii. 360.
Bickham, James, Fellow of Emmanuel, Gray laments the loss of his pres-
ii. 320.

ence, iii. 360-362, 369.
Gray sends him a copy of The Odes, Gray's expression of warm regard,
ii. 320.

warns him against vice, iii, 371.
laments Mason's indolence, ii. 394. sends Gray views of Switzerland, iii.
reference to, iii. 98.

Bickham, Rev. Jeremy, obtains a liv- is disordered in his intellect, or has
ing, iii. 108.

exasperated his friends, iii. 401.
Biographia, Dr. Nicholls wrote the Borneil, Girard de, his invention of the
latter articles of, ii, 244.

Canzone, i, 352.
Birch, Dr. Thomas, his State Papers, ii. Boscawen, Admiral, his victory over

the French, iii. 14.
his State Papers of Sir T. Edmondes, Boswell, James, tells Mitford that
ii. 281.

Gray received forty guineas for
Birds, Couplet about, i. 139.

The Odes, ii. 330.
editorial note on, i. 139.

his Account of Corsica and Memoir of
Birds in Norfolk, table of their noises Paoli, iii. 310.

being first heard during 1755, iii. Gray's light estimate of his abilities,

iii. 310-311.
Birkett, Rev. George, asked by Gray Botanical Calendar for 1755, iii. 92-94.

to pay his Italian master, ii. 3. Bougeant, Guillaume Hyacinthe, ii. 27.
Blacowe, Rev. Mr., Canon of Windsor, his Langage des Bêtes, ii. 27, 96.
his death, iii. 40, 63.

Epistle to, by Gresset, ii. 184.
Blue-Coat or Man-in-Blew, an attend - Bourbon, Duke of, Governor of Bur-

ant on the Vice-Chancellor of gundy, ii. 31.

Cambridge University, ii. 117. Bourne, Mr., a friend of Mason's, ii.
Boaden's Life of Kemble, extract rela- 349,
tive to Mason, ii. 242.

Bower, Archibald, his career and pro-
Boadicea, Glover's play of, ii. 134.

posals for a History of the Pope, ii.
Boar, the silver, badge of Richard III., 180.
i. 47.

Bowes, George, of Streatham Castle,
Boccaccio, introduced the Ottava Rima his daughter married to the ninth
measure, i. 347.

Earl of Strathmore, ii. 369; iii.
his de Cassibus Illustrium Virorum, 276.
i. 391.

Boycot, Mr., may be of assistance to
Bolby, Mr., reference to, ii. 187.

Rev. N. Nicholls, iii, 342.
Bolton, Duke of, his duel with Mr. Bradshaw, Mr., secretary to the Duke
Stuart, iii. 34.

of Grafton, ii. 241.

Braidalbane, Lord, his Scottish do- Brown, Rev. James, of Pembroke
inain or “ policy,” iii. 216.

College, note on, ii. 138.
Bramston, Rev. James, reference to his fortitude, ii. 138.
his poetry, ii. 220.

supports the case of Tuthill, ii. 161,
Brandenburg, Frederick the Great's 188.

Memoirs of the House of, ii, 229. interests himself on behalf of C.
reviewed in the Mercure Historique, Smart, ii. 178.
ii. 229.

successful in his endeavour to elect
Brawn, collars of, stuck with rosemary, Tuthill and others Fellows of Pem.
ii. 118.

broke, ii. 188.
Brian, King of Dublin, death of, i. 54. presented to the living of Tilney, ii.
Bridgewater, Duke of, accompanied by 189.

P. Wood through Italy, ii. 328. contributes to Dodsley's Miscellane-
Bristol Cathedral, elegiac verses tu ous Poems, ii. 221.
Mrs. Mason in, i, 141.

visits Gray at Stoke, ii, 259.
Bristol, Lord, Ambassador to Spain, Gray canvasses on his behalf for an
iii. 116.

office in the University, ii. 287-
Britannicus, tragedy by Racine, ii. 167. 289.
performed in Paris, ii. 27.

asked to distribute copies of Gray's
British Museum, a treasure, ii. 396. Odes, ii. 320.
its excess of expenditure over in. Gray enquires if the parcel of Odes
come, ii. 396 ; iii. 2.

have reached him, and asks that
Gray expects to see the collection he will send any criticisms he may
offered for sale, iii. 4.

hear, ii. 322.
very crowded, ii. 396.

if he has paid any of Gray's Cam-
Gray's chief amusement, iii. 1.

bridge bills, Gray wishes to be
persons attending the reading-room, informed, ii. 384.
iii, 2.

laments Mason's indolence, ii. 394.
dissension of its officers, iii. 6.

invited to Gray's lodgings in South-
Gray's researches in the Ledger-Book ampton Row, iii. 6.

of the Signet preserved in, iii. 11. requested to prepare Gray's Cam-
Gray's further researches, iii. 29. bridge apartments, iii. 61, 63.

Gray's MSS. in, i. xiv. 73, 113, 140. his opinion requested of young Pon-
Brivio, Signor, singing instructor, ii. sonby, iii, 67.

favourable opinion of young Pon-
BrockettLawrence, Professor of

sonby, iii. 77.
Modern History, iii. 136, 140. his pictures of Ware Park, near Hert-
tutor to Sir James Lowther, iii. 137. ford, iii. 69.
agent for Earl of Sandwich at Cam- inclined to suffer from sciatica, iii.86.
bridge, iii. 168.

proposition that he should visit Lady
his death, and Gray's succession to Strathmore, iii. 86.
his Chair, iii, 318.

not at all well, iii. 125.
manner of his death, iii. 322.

his evening prayer to the congrega-
Bromwick, dealer in wall-papers, iii. tion, iii. 152.
83, 118, 120.

called familiarly by Gray “Petit,
Brook, Dr. Zachawy, of St. John's, Bon," iii. 164.
note on, iii. 189.


grafts for Dr.
elected Margaret Professor, iii. 189. Wharton, iii. 169.
candidate for the Mastership of St. invincibly attach'd to his duties, iii.
John's, iii. 190.

reference to, iii. 168.

deep in Quintilian and Livy, iii. 205.
Broschi, Carlos, sopranist, ii. 22, 57; visits his brother near Margate, iii.
iii, 80.

Brown, Sir Anthony, supposed por- Gray has been nursing him, iii. 259,262.

trait in St. John's College, i. 311. will he accompany Gray to Masou's ?
Brown, Mr. (one of the six clerks in iii. 267-268.

Chancery), his house on banks of visits Mason, iii. 272.
Eden, i. 250.

visits Lord Strathmore at Gibside,
Brown, H., a contributor to Dodley's and accompanies him to Scotland,
Miscellaneous Poems, ii. 220.

iii. 282,



Brown, Rev. James, and the livings of Bussy, Pitt's contempt for his pro-

Framlingham and Oddington, iii. posals on behalf of France, iii.

accompanies Gray to York, iii. 347. Bute, Earl of, Groom of the Stole, ii.
receives the Mastership of Pembroke 290.

and the living of Streath-ham, Isle a botanist, iii. 89.
of Ely, iii, 388.

his new system of botany, iii. 89.
joint executor with Mason of Gray's his favouritisin, iii. 123.
will, ii. 138.

refuses an application on behalf of
references to, ii. 155, 203, 230, 231, Gray for the Professorship of
237, 346; iii. 58.

Modern History, iii. 136-137.
Brown, Rev. John, his Estimate of the ill of an ague in his eye, iii. 269.

Manners and Principles of the Times, Bute, Lady, bequests from her father,
ii. 310.

Wortley Montagu, iii. 91.
his praise of Gray, ii. 328, 330.

her second son to take the name of
reference to, iii. 42.

Wortley, iii. 91.
Brown, Dr., suicide of, iii. 250, 251. Butler, Dr. Joseph, Bishop of Durham,
Brydges, Sir Egerton, his account of ii. 241.

Gray's feelings on kissing hands Butler, J., of Andover, criticises Gray's
for the Professorship, iii. 323.

Bard, ii. 344, 346.
Buchanan, Mrs., Gray dines with her description of his residence, ii. 349.
at Penrith, i. 250.

Byron, Lord, kills Mr. Chaworth in a
Buffon, his Histoire du Cabinet du Roi, duel, iii. 203.

cominended by Gray, ii. 199.
discovers the Speculum of Archi-
inedes, ii. 230.

CADWALLADER, his device, i. 70.
arrival in England of the 9th and Caius, Dr., an original portrait of, i.

10th volumes of his history, iii. 85; 306-307.
11th and 12th volumes, iii. 172; date of his death, i. 308.
13th volume, iii. 235 ; 14th volume, his tomb, i. 309.
iii. 215.

Caius College, old portrait in, believed
Buller, Mr., of Cornwall, patron of Mr. to be Theodore Haveus of Cleves,
Bedford, ii. 289.

i. 307-309.
Buondelmonte, Guiseppe Maria, a Calas, Voltaire's good action on behalf
littérateur of Tuscany, ii. 103.

of the family of, iii. 173.
Sonnet by, with Gray's imitation, ii. Calendar (Botanical), of Upsal (Sw.),

Stratton, and Cambridge, for 1755,
Burg, Elizabeth de, Countess Clare, i. iii. 92-94.

Cambis, Marquis de, see Velleron, ii. 27.
Burgundy, Dukes of, tombs of, ii. 31. Cambridge, Richard Owen, purchases
Burke, Edmund, reference to, iii. 126. Mr. Zolman's library, ii. 373.
Burleigh, Lord Treasurer, Chancellor presented H. Walpole with Lord
of Cambridge, i. 97.

Whitworth's MS. of Account of
Papers, reference to, ii. 128.

Russia in 1710, ii, 373.
House, Lord Exeter refurnishing, iii. his powers of conversation, iii. 2.

his account of the Life of Edward,
Burlesque account of Gray's travels in Earl of Clarendon, prior to its pub-
France and Italy, ii. 55-61.

lication, iii. 2-3.
Burney, Dr., and The Installation Ode, Cambridge, Ode on the death of a
ii. 92.

favourite Cat, written at, i. 10.
his opinion of Il Ciro Riconosciuto, ii. Progress of Poesy, written at, i. 28.

The Descent of Odin, written at, i. 60.
Rurnham Beeches, description of, ii. 9. portion of the Elegy, written at, i. 72.
Burroughs, ViceChancellor and Master The Alliance of Education and Govern-
of Caius College, i. 307.

ment, written at, i. 113.
Burton, Dr. John, M.D., author of Couplet on Birds, composed near, i.139.
Monasticon Eboracense, iji. 2.

views of the colleges, by Loggan, i.
Business, the great art of life is to find 309.
oneself, iii. 32.

Satire upon the heads (of colleges), i.
Bussy, setting out for France, iii. 116. 134.

ambridge, Gray unacquainted with Caradoc, a Welsh fragment, i. 180.

the younger tutors of, iii. 58. probably written in 1764, i. 129.
likened to a desolation and a solitude, Caradoc, see Bard.
ii. 5.

Caradoc, Caer, mountain in Shropshire
election of a High Steward (Lord ii. 270.

Hardwick and Earl of Sandwich Cardale or Cardell, Mr., admitted &
the candidates) will take place in Fellow of Pembroke College, ii.
Westminster Hall, iii. 168, 171 ; 203, 288.
Lord Hardwick to come in quietly, Cardinals, frugality of the Roman, ii. 98.
iii. 183; appeal to the King's Bench, Carew, Sir George, writer of the State
iii. 200; Lord Hardwick judicially Pupers of Sir T. Edmondes, ii. 281.
declared elected, iii. 200; points Carey, Henry, his poem

of The
settled by Lord Mansfield, iii, 201. Moderator between the Free Masons
contest for the Margaret Professor- and Gormogons, ii. 166.

ship of St. John's College, iii. 189. Carey, General, reference to his being
great contest for the Mastership of in Mason's company, iii. 348.

St. John's College, iii. 190. Carlisle, reference to the affair of, iii.
St. John's Lodge, old picture in, 203.

considered to be Sir Anthony Carlisle, Lady, her altered circum-
Denny, iii. 227.

stances, ii. 389-390.
Mr. Lyon's chambers destroyed by Carlyon, Mr., reference to, ii. 176.
fire, iii. 301.

Carnival at Turin, ii. 44.
as soon as ceremonies are over, Gray Casley's Catalogue of the King's Lib.
will start for Skiddaw, iii. 342.

rary, i. 306, 312.
list of distinguished visitors expected Castle of Otranto, by H. Walpole, Gray's

to attend at the installation of the account of its reception at Cam.
Duke of Grafton as Chancellor, bridge, iii. 191.
iii. 343, 344.

Castlecomer, Lady, her death, ii. 402
expensiveness of lodgings in antici- iii. 3.

pation of the installation, iii. 314. Cat, Ode on the death of a favourite, i. 9,
Camden, Lord, “will soon be Chan. editorial note on, i. 10.
cellor," iii. 237.

sent to Dr. Wharton, ii. 164.
Camelford, Lord (Thomas Pitt), ii. Catalina, Crebillon's tragedy of, its

success in Paris, i. 193.
Candidate, The, a poem by Churchill, Brindley's edition of, i. 194.
quotation from, ii, 289.

Vaillant's edition of, i. 194.
Canterbury Cathedral, its choir built, Cavaillac's, Marquise de, Conversa-
by William of Sens, i. 316.

zione, ii, 44.
Canterbury, Gray sets out for, iii. 237. 'Cavendish, Lord George, attends the
Canzone, its invention, i. 352.

university, iii. 385.
esteemed by Dante the noblest the last survivor of those who had
specimen of poetry, i. 352.

known Gray, iii. 385.
Capel, Lady M., attempted suicide of, Cavendish, Lord John, Chancellor of
ii. 274.

the Exchequer, ii. 287.
Captives, The, a play by Rev. Dr. Delap, visits Gray at Cambridge, ji. 309.
ii. 309.

reference to his visit, ii. 311.
Caractacus, Gray's influence on Rev. W. Gray's criticism of Mason's Elegy on,
Mason's, i. 262.

ii. 356.
Gray's criticism of, ii. 297, 300-307, consults Gray as to the tutorship of

317-318, 332-338, 351-353, 386-387, his nephew Ponsonby, iii. 57.

recovering from pleurisy, iii. 108-109.
Walpole's opinion of, ii. 332.

reference to, iii. 67.
Gray receives the first act, ii. 384. Cavendish, Lord Richard, reference to,
Mason issues, and has a fit of affec- iii. 297.
tation, iii. 20.

description of, iii. 331, 385.
Gray sends a copy to Rev. J. Brown, Watson, his tutor, iii. 331.
iii. 20.

Winstanley, his private tutor, iii. 331.
the work of a man, Elfrida only that Caviche, Gray's receipt for, iii. 81.
of a boy, iii. 148.

Celtic mythology, ii. 351.
references to, ii. 341, 371, 379. Cenci, Cardiral, death of, ii. 84.

Cephalo and Procri, opera of, ii. 133. Chaucer, the King's library referred to
Chairs, Gray describes some to H. as possessing Occleve's portrait of,
Walpole, ii, 217.

i. 306.
Chaise, post-, description of a French, article in Bibliotheca by Bishop

prior to their introduction to Eng- Tanner on, i. 306.
land, ii. 17.

alludes to the diversity of writing
Chalice of St. Remi, ii. 28.

our language, i. 326.
Chalotais, Louis René de, Gray cannot examples of his metre, i. 335, 336, 339.

find the Mémoires of, iii. 258. Chaworth, Mr., killed in a duel 'with
Chambers, Mr., reference to, iii. 70, 160. Lord Byron, iii. 203.
Champneys, Mr. Basil, his remarks on Chenevix, Bishop of Waterford, in-

Gray's Norman Architecture, i. 301. sulted in an Irish riot, iii. 26.
Chandos, Duke of, at Southampton, Chenevix, Madaine, reference to, ii. 124.
iii. 179.

Chesterfield, Earl of, purchased the
Chapel of St. George at Windsor, i. 315. lanthorn from Houghton Hall, ii.
Chapman, Dr. Thomas, Master of Mag-

dalen, ii. 162.

his friendship for Mr. Dayrolles, N.
his Essay on the Roman Senate, ii, 353.

Chevalier de St. George, references tu,
his marriage to Miss Barnwell, ii. 193. ii. 68, 76, 84, 94.
his reception of the Duke of New Child, Epitaph on a, i. 126.
castle at Cambridge, ii. 196.

editorial note on, i. 126.
pamphlet by, ii. 204.

Chinese possess the art of landscape
visits Gray at Studley, ii. 241.

gardening, iii. 160.
his death, iii. 50.

Cholmondeley, General, one of the
cause of his death, iii. 56, 61, 64. judges on the trial of Lord G.
his estate, iii. 56.

Sackville, iii. 31.
references to, ii, 228, 327.

Christ College, Cambridge, founded by
Character, Sketch of his own, i. 127.

the Countess of Richmond, i. 96.
Characters of the Christ-Cross-Row, i. Christ-Cross-Row, Characters of the, i.

210, 213.
editorial note on, i. 210.

editorial note on, i. 210.
Charles I., his love and taste for the Christmas dinner in the Duke of
beautiful, iii. 158.

Norfolk's establishment in (?) six-
Charles III. of Naples and the excava- teenth century, ii. 296.

tions of Herculaneum, ii. 277. Christopher, Mr., reference to, ii. 165.
Charms of Sylvia, The, by Frederick, Chronological table of the works of
Prince of Wales, iii. 73.

ancient poets and orators being
Charteris, Hon. Mr., his castle at compiled at Cambridge, ii. 158,
Hornby, i. 275.

and at Haddington, i. 275.

Chudleigh, Miss (Duchess of Kingston),
Chartreuse Grande, Gray writes an gives a ball to the Conde de

Alcaic Ode in the album of the Fuentes, i. 40.
monks of the, i. 182.

Madame de Mora present at, i. 62.
Chartreuse, La, a poem by Gresset, ii. Churchill, Charles, death of, iii. 187.

Churchill, quotation from his Candi-
Chatsworth House, description of, iii. date, ii. 289.
134, 135.

Chute, John, Gray asks him to obtain
Mr. Brown's improvements, iii. 135. Marivaux' Mariane, i. 213.

stateliness of its apartments, iii. 135. at Casa Ambrosio, ii. 126.
Chaucer, old print by Speed from Gray's regard for, ii. 136.
Occleve's portrait of, i. 305.

his return to England, ii. 204.
family arms of, at bottom of print, visited by Gray at “The Vine" in
i. 306.

Hampshire, ii. 264.
his portrait in possession of George Cibber, Caius Gabriel (Danish sculp-
Greenwood, Esq., i. 306.

tor), his work at Chatsworth, iii.
MS. of his Troilus and Cressida in

St. John's library, i. 305.

Cibber, Colley, his Character and Con-
his portrait by Occleve not in St. duct of Cicero, criticised by Gray,
John's library, i. 305.

ii. 169.

2 A

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