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DE by Alples, out of ararpes, by auley freda wow To Rogored

son & SOCSO by Ton.boy. dana by ney..... Started 12, won won Deskos

Tweli, tried.

losne Watson 7h.b. 3 55 brown Paney Boy ::

Dean', taford 7 by Sir Hercules, out of Quiccioli, by Bob Booty started 0, won won St. Loger Frugh-a-Ballagh brown

Mr. J. Painter 6 by Sheet Anchor, out of Mortgage, by Bedlamite started 1, won 1/won £190 at Chester.... Juntried.

Colliergate, York.... Mr. 8. Reed. BOYS, 1., 2 sov bay ...

Cheltenham 9 by Voltaire, out of Matilda, by Comus.. started 34, won 9 won Glasgow Cup ......untried.

Messrs. Hum- 6 sove, h.b. 3 sov phreys

(dams of winners,

9 by Langar, out of Cast-steel, by Whisker ... started 8,won 3 won Great Yorksh. Stakes untried.

Belsay, Newc.-on-Tyne Mr. J. Aynsley

8 sovs. Galanthus

bay ...
10 by Muley Moloch, out of Darioletta, by Amadis started 13, won won Manchester Cup

Harker Lodge, Carlisle Mr. Blamire .... 78.
bay ...
6 by Tomboy, out of Lady Moore Carew, by Tramp never appeared

Holcombe, Bury, Lane.

8 gs. (dams of win

ners of £50, gratis).
Garry Owen .... chesnut 11 by St. Patrick, out of Excitement, by Emilius started 73, won 33 won Stewards' C., Good. untried.

Newmarket .......

Mr. Pettit ...... 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
Gibraltar ....... bay 11 by Muley, out of Young Sweet Pen, by Godolphin started 9, won 5,

and divided 2.. won the Port

untried. Hampton Court

10 sovs., h.b.5 sovs. Gilbert Gurney.. chesnut 18 by Muley, out of Miss Orville, by Pendulum.. started 19, won 4 won Wolverhampton S.. 2 The Traverser .. Mount Pleasant, O.War

den, Beds. Thomas Morgan 12 gs. Giraffe ........ 4 by Carew, out of Madcap, by Dinmont... never appeared ..

Corsham, Wilts ...... Mr. Gardner .... thoroughbred gratis, untried.

h. b., 2 gs. Giovanni brown 20 by Filho da Puta, dam by Don Juan... -tartedi 59, won 23 won Manchester Cup

Lothario Hippodrome, Bayswater H. Paterson & Co.10 gs., h b. 5 gs Gorhambury 8 by Buzzard, out of Brocard, by Whalebone.... started 11, won 3ran second for Derby

.. untried.

Villa Stables, Mordon Mr. Lewis ...... 7 Sovs., h. b. £3 10s.

5 by Pantaloon, out of Lapwing, by Morisco.... started 1

The Lodge, Wentworth.

5 sovs., h.b. 2 sov Harkaway ...... chesnut

started 38, won 25 won Goodwood Cup (2) 14 by Economist, dam by Nabocklish ............

19 Horn of Chase .. RossmoreLodge, Kildare

6 gs., h. b. 3 gs. brown.. 15 by Bustard, dam by Orville...

started 41, won 17 won Liverpool Cup

6 Charlotte Erdington, Birmingham J. Sh-ppard Hetman Platoff. brown ..

started 10, won 6 won Northumberland P. 12 by Brutandorf, dam by Comus.......


13 Tickhill Castle, Rother-W. Hornshaw gs.

started 20, won 10 won Goodwood Cup.. 15
chesnut 16 by Velocipede, dam by Comus

Lady Wildair Bretby,Burton on Trent Mr. Taylor
Hornsea .......

10 sovs
Humphrey ...... bay .... 13 by Sandbeck, out of Oceana, by Cerberus started 46, won 16 won Stockton Plate untried.

Sowdon Scarbro'...... Mr. R. Coverley . 5 gs., h. b. 2 gs.
The Hydra

18 by Sir Hercules, out of Zebra, by Partizan... started 19, won 5 won Croxton Park Cup


Tollerton, York ...... Mr. R. Batty. 5 gs., h. b. 2 gs.
John of Gaunt.. chesnut 10 by Taurus, out of Mona, by Partizan......... started 88, won 23 won Newmarket S.... untried.

Paddocks, Newmarket Messrs. Barrow.. 10 gs.
brown 13 by Cain, out of Margaret, by Edmond ...... starte! 6, won 1 ran second for the Derby 3 Ionian


Mr. Barrow
bay 7 by Touchstone, out of Verbena, by Velocipede started 3, won 2 won Liverpool St. Leger untried.

Middlethorpe, York Mr. Smallwood.. 10 SOVs., h. b. 5 sovs.
Knight Templer. chesnut 4 by Jack in the Green, out of Babel, by Inter- never appeared

Temple-newsam Leeds Mr. J. Mills 5 gs., h. b. £2 58.,

winners gratis.
Kt.of the Whistle chesnut 10 by Velocipede, dam by Whisker..

started 42, won 12 won R. Hunt Cup ......untried.

Brixworth, Northamp. Mr. W. Derry 5 gs, h. b. 3 sovs.
Kremlin ....... brown

started 13, won won Cleveland Cup
12 by Sultan, out of Francesca, by Partizan.


Dalkeith Park, Scotland Mr. Marshall..
Jumble .......

10 sovs., h. b. 3 sovs.
started 40, won 26 won Ascot Cup ........
Lanercost ...... brown.. 13 by Liverpool, out of Otis, by Buzzard

29 Van Tromp York

Mr. Kirby

...... 25 gs. Launcelot ...... brown.. 11 by Camel, out of Emma, by Whisker started 10, won 64 von St. Leger .......... 3


Billington, Delamere
Forest .....

Mr. Winsor..... 12 gs. (40 subs.)

24 by Blacklock, dam by Prime Minister

started 27, won 12 won 8 Gold Cups

13 Westeria Stockwell, Surrey ... J. Lowry 12 gs., h. b. 6 gs. The Libel ... brown.. 6 by Pantaloon, out of Pasquinade, by Camel.. started 7, won 3 won Chester St. Leger.. untried.

7 gs., h. b. 4 gs

Bushbury, Wolverh... Mr. Philips
Lord Strafford

......... started 3, won 1 won £125 at Chester...
14 by Langar, dam by Waxy

Fitz-William.... Nottingham

Arthur Chester 10 sovs., h.b. 2 sovs.
17 by Muley, out of Bequest, by Election ........ started 7, won won £100 at York
The Magnet .... brown.

Wroughton Swindon Mr. H. Reeves 5 gs., h. b. 2 gs.

14 by Humphrey Clinker, dam by Cervantes..., started 18, won 9 won Palatine Stakes.... 5 Sir Tatton Sykes. Turf Tavern, Dring-

houses, York... Mr. G. Forster .. 15:5.
The Merry
Monarch...... bay .... 6 by Slane, out of The Margravine

started 4, won 1 won the Derby


Ham, Arundel ........

5 sovs., h.b. 2 sovs.
9 by Velocipede, out of Dido, by Whisker started 2, won 1 won the 2000 gs. Stakes.untried.

The Lodge, Wentworth Mr. Martin 4 by Lanercost, out of Miss Martin, by Voltaire started 2, won won Windsor Stakes. untried.


Mr. G. Holmes.. 7 gs., h. b. 2 gs.
Muley Moloch brown.. 18 by Muley, out of Nancy, by Dick Andrews.... started 17, won 11 won the Port .......... 75 Alice Hawthorn. Stockwell, Surrey

J. Lowry
The Nob..
10 by Glaucus, out of Octave, by Emilius ........ started 17, won 64 won £600 at Ascot......


Downside, Cobham, Sur. M. Todd..
Nutwith ........ bay .... 8 by Tomboy, dam by Comus ...... ......... started 7, won 3 won St. Leger.......... untried.

Morton-on-Swale, Nor-

Mr. Robinson ... 10 gs. Oakley 10. by Taurus, out of Oak Apple, by Royal Oak.. started 49, won 31 won the Column .......

Willesden Paddocks bay


Messrs. Tattersall 10 gs., h. b. 5 gs.
The Odd Mixture black 7 by Ion, out of Mary Ann, by Blacklock ...... started 9, won 2 won £70 at Newmarket.untried.

Cherrydown, Chingford
Old England bay 6 by Mulatto, out of Fortress, by Defence...... started 12, won won New S. Ascot

Leybourne, Maidstone. Mr. Tweed

....untried. Orlando ........ bay 7 by Touchstone, out of Vulture, by Langar. started 11, won 10 won the Derby


Bonehill, Fazeley...... E. Ward ... 12 y., h. b. 5 gs.
Palinurus ..... bay 9 by Sheet Anchor, out of Katherine, by Sooth-

started 1

untried. sayer

Ardee, Louth, Ireland C. Campbell Pantaloon .....chernnt 24 bv Castrel, out of Idalia, by Peruvian........ started 7. won 6lwon Warwick St. Leger


Cawston. Rugby Continued un next paje.

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