Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Volume 36

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Chetham Society., 1896 - Cheshire (England)

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Page 71 - Heywood was called before the presbytery as the ringleader, and finally suspended from the Supper. He appealed to the classis, but " though the classis was unsatisfyed in the proceedings of the eldership, they were loth to censure them ; only desired them to passe it by and admit him to the Supper, but when they trifled about it and did nothing, my father made an appeal from the classical presbytery at Bury to the Provincial Assembly at Preston, and after the business had been debated there, they...
Page 37 - BRADSHAWE (Ellis, of the Parish of Boulton, in the County of Lancaster, Husbandman) A NEW AND CLEER DISCOVERY OF THE TRUE, AND PROPER, NATVRAL CAVSE, OF THE EBBING AND FLOWING OF THE MAIN SEA. Convincingly held forth, both from Scripture and Reason : So as any Rational man, may easily apprehend, the proper Cause of its fluent motion : And that it is not the Moon, as some have imagined, and gone about to prove. . . . London, Printed by Gartrude Dawson, for Thomas Brewster, at the Signe of the three...
Page 51 - ... ordain pro tempore in the county of Lancaster. And to obviate the reproaches of the Oxford divines, the following clause was added : " That if any person do publicly preach, or otherwise exercise any ministerial office, who shall not...
Page 38 - Naylor in his answers unto Mr. Baxter, and some others that have publikely opposed that blacke spirit in the deluded Quakers. Written by Ellis Bradshawe. London ; Printed for Lodotricke Lloyd, and are to be sovld at his shop at the Castle in ComehiU.
Page 37 - The Agreement and Distance of Brethren : or a Brief Survey of the Judgment of Mr. J[ohn] G[OODWIN], and the Church of God walking with him, touching the head of Doctrine on 1.
Page 17 - ... qualified and gifted for that holy office and employment (no just exception being made against his ordination or admission,) we have approved him ; and accordingly, in the Church of St.
Page 71 - Assembly, and at last framed a paper wch was read in the church, wherein they freed Richard Heywood from his suspension, but withal made some hints therein as though he had submitted himself, which he did not, and so it was not at all satisfactory to him, and I think he never joined with them at the Lord's Supper afterwards, but was enterteyned at Cockey and all places about.
Page 71 - Bolton the ministers Mr John Harpur and Mr Richard Goodwin, together with the Eldership made an order (after examination and approbation of the communicants) that every time they were to come to the Lord's supper, every particular communicant should upon the Friday before fetch a little ticket (as they called it) of lead of the Elders, and shew it to the Elders again in Church before they were to receive the Sacrament, that they might know that none but such as were admitted did intrude themselves.
Page 37 - Monday, the 25 February, in and about the Town of BOLTON in the MORES, in the County of Lancaster, at mid-day, to the amazement of the Beholders. Being a Letter sent from ELLIS BRADSHAW of the same Town to a Friend in London, with Observations...

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