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they were joined by another person, and in hanged for the robbery in question. Owens the course of the storm the shepherd began stated in his cross-examination that propoto relate the circumstance of his brother sals had been made to him for saving his having been killed by lightning about thirty life if he gave information against MrO'Conyears ago, when the narrator received a nor; and a Dublin paper states that the shock which instantly deprived him of his conspiracy has been traced to a Magistrate life. His dog was also killed by his side; in the county of Cork, against whom Mr -his companion received a shock, but was O'Connor has instituted an action. Sir F. merely stunned. The watch of the deceased Burdett was summoned as a witness for the was melted in his fob, the steel chain shiv. defence, and gave a high character of Mr ered to pieces, and the glass shattered into a O'Connor for honour and integrity. The sort of sand.

verdict of acquittal was hailed with loud On Thursday the 31st ult. soon after ten acclamations by those within and without o'clock, Manchester and its neighbourhood the Court, and the people were with diffiwere visited by a very serious and violent culty prevented from carrying Sir Francis thunder storm, accompanied with a descent and Mr O'Connor in triumph through the of hailstones of an amazing size. The elec- town, which was illuminated with bonfires tric fluid has left awful impressions of its in the evening. destructive power: at Pendleton, two men, Canal between Edinburgh and Glasgore. of the names of John Armitage and John -The first general meeting of proprietors Royle, were struck dead whilst making hay, of the Union Canal, which is to extend and several others were much stunned, and from Edinburgh to the forth and Clyde narrowly escaped ; Mr Gorton, bleacher, Canal at Falkirk, took place in the Royal was knocked down in the same direction. Exchange Coffee-house, Edinburgh, on

--Chain Bridge-A chain bridge is Tuesday the 5th, when the following gentlejust finished at Dryburgh, which has been men were unanimously chosen members of erected at the expence of the Earl of Bu, the Committee of Management, viz.. chan, for the convenience of foot passengers, Right Hon. William Arbuthnot, Lord across the river Tweed. The appearance of Provost of Edinburgh-Sir John Mar. this bridge is uncommonly light and ele- joribanks, Bart. of Lees, V. P.-Colonel gant, and, connected with the fine scenery. Robert Anstruther--Mr John Wigham, of Dryburgh, it is beautiful and interesting. jun.-Mr Robert Morton-Watkin Wil. It consists of a platform of wood, supported liam Massie, Esq.-John Kid, Esq. Glasby chains suspended from pillars on each gowJames M. M'Cuiloch, Esq. of Ardside of the river, at the height of eighteen well-Robert Graham, Esq. of Whitehill feet above low water, and has no support -General William Maxwell - Alexander under it. The passage is easy and level, Munro, Esq. and Robert Downie, Esq. of and has very little vibration. The span Appin.-The meeting afterwards appointbetween the points of suspension is two hun- ed Mr G. Moncreiff to be clerk to the dred and sixty-one feet, being the greatest Company, and Mr Hugh Baird to be their span of any bridge in the kingdom. engineer. It appeared, on examining the

8.-Roger O'Connor, Esq. This gen. subscription papers, that there was a defitleman, so well known in the political his. ciency or nearly L.27,000, which required tory of Ireland, was apprehended in the end to be filled up before the work can comof April last, on a charge of having been mence. Since the meeting, however, that concerned in the robbery of the Galway sum is reduced by new subscriptions to a mail-coach, in 1812, at Cuppagh Hill, little more than L.15,000, which there is county of Kildare, where it was attacked every reason to believe will be made up in and robbed of a considerable sum in bank a few days. bilis, &c. This not being a bailable of. 9.--Edinburgh High School. The anfence, Mr O'Connor was kept in prison in nual examination of this school took place Dublin till removed to Trim, county of yesterday; when the gold medal, the gift Meath, where his trial cameon on the 5th in. of the late Colonel P. Murray, was adjudg, stant, and ended in a most triumphant ac- ed to Master William Glover, son of Mr quittal. The prosecution was carried on at W. Glover, merchant, Leith.-Another the instance of the Post-office, Dublin ; but beautiful gold medal was presented to their principal witnesses, Michael Owens Master George Napier, son of G. Napier and Daniel Waring, seemingly two of the Esq. of Dales, the same young gentleman most infamous characters that ever dis. who won the Greek medal last year. An graced society, prevaricated so in their tes clegant gold medal, given by Mr Pillans, timony, that no doubt remained on the minds the Rector, to the best scholar in his geoof the Court and jury, that they had con- graphy class, was gained by Master Henry spired against the life of the gentleman at Dundas Drummond.-The writing class, the bar. Owens was recently under sen. taught by Mr Mokean, was examined on tence of death for robbery, and obtained his Thursday. Two elegant medais, the gifts pardon by swearing informations against of Walter Brown, Esq. College Bailie, and M O'Connor, and Waring's brother was Jr M.Kean, were adjuged by the exami.

nators, and presented, the one to Master the gallery of the Court, in terms of apGavin Milroy, son of Andrew Milroy, Esq. parent approbation. jeweller, Edinburgh, and the other to Mas 15.-Riot in the Isle of Man..-A new ter David Scott, son of William Scott, Esq. code of criminal laws for the Isle of Man, Leith Links.

including an act for regulating the sale of 12.-Shocking Barbarity. The assizes herrings, and an act for abolishing all paper at Trim, Ireland, terminated on Saturday money for the payment of sums under last. One of the convicts, named Martin, twenty shillings, both passed in the last has been executed for a barbarous murder, session of Parliament, were lately proclaimcommitted on the persons of a young wo ed, according to ancient usage, before the man and her infant child, of which child inhabitants of the island, in presence of the he was the father. He had promised the constituted authorities.-During the recital young creature marriage, and prevailed on of the latter act, there appeared a manifest her to cross the country with him, in or. disposition to tumult, amongst a part of the der to go to a priest, by whom to be mar assembled crowd, which increased in such a ried ; in a field upon the way the diaboli. degree as to require the assistance of the cal villain murdered his unsuspecting vic military. Only one of the mob was tim and her infant, and put the bodies into slightly wounded in the arm by a sabre. a hole. Providence sleepeth not: a heavy It appears that this tumult was occasioned rain washing away the earth, the hand of by a false report, industriously propagated, the murdered woman was observed by a that the new laws had for their object the passenger, and this led to the discovery of levying a heavy tribute upon herrings, to this horrible transaction-one at which hu. support the bishop and clergy. man nature shudders. The circumstances New Stcam Vesscl.A fine new steamwere so strong, the Jury had no hesitation boat, called the Tug, arrived at Leith yes. in finding the wretch guilty. After his terday morning from Glasgow. From the conviction he acknowledged the crime. large dimensions of this vessel, she could

13.-Horrid D pravity. At the late Mul. not pass through the Forth and Clyde Calingar assizes, in Ireland, Thomas Clarke nal, but came north about through the and Henry Burke were found guilty of the Pentland Frith, and although she encounmurder of Patrick Mahon, by beating out tered most boisterous weather off Cape his brains with an iron crow. The villains, Wrath, and in the Murray Frith, has ar., after their conviction, evinced a hardened rived in perfect safety. In the hard gale depravity, which deeply shocked Lord Nor. of yesterday, she came up the frith against bury and a crowded Court; they declared wind and tide, with a degree of velocity aloud, that on the night of the day they that astonished the numerous spectators. would be executed, their associates would The Tug is the property of the Edinburgh, have the lives of all concerned in their pro. Glasgow, and Leith Shipping Company, Sccution; and the brother of the prisoner, and is intended for towing their vessels Clarke, had the audacity to call to him from from Leith to Grangemouth.


JOUIN RAFFIELD, of Edward Street, Portman Square, architect, for certain improvements on, and additions to, his former patent, for an apparatus to be attached to fire-stoves of all descriptions for rooins, for the removal of cinders and ashes, and for the better prevention of dust arising there from, which said additions may be used jointly or separatelyJanuary 10, 1817."

TO JOSEPH de CAVAILLON, Sambrook Court, London, gentleman, for improvements in the preparing, clarifying, and refining of sugar, and other vegetable, animal, and mineral substances, and in the machinery and utensils used therein. Jan. 23.

ROBERT DICKINSON, Great Queen Street, Esq. for a inethod or methods of preparing or paving streets and reads for horses and carriages, so as to render the parts or pavements when so done more du able, and ultimately less expensive, than those in cominon usc, and presenting other important advantages. January 23.

DANIEL WILSON, Dublin, gentleman, for improvements in the process of boiling and refining sugar. January 23.

GEORGE MONTAGUE HIGGINSON, of Bovey Tracy, Devon, lieutenant in the navy, for improvements in locks. February 1.

WILLIAM WALL, Wandsworih, watchmaker, for a horizontal e capement for watches. Feb. 1.

ISAAC ROBERT MOTT, Brighton, composer and teacher of music, for a method of producing,

from vibrating substances, a tone or musical sound, the peculiar powes in the management whereof are entirely new, and which musical instrument he de nominates « The Sostinente Piano Forte. February 1.

WILLIAM BUNDY. Pratt Place, Camden Town, mathematical instrument-maker, for machinery for breaking and preparing flax and hemp. February 1.

JAMES ATKINSON WEST. Crane Court. Fleet Street, brass-worker and lamp-manufacturer, for improvements in or on lustres, chandeliers, and lamps, of various descriptions, and in the manner of conveying gas to the same. February 6.

WILLIAM CLARK, Bath, Esq. for a contriv. ance called a safe guard to locks, applicable to locks in general, by which they may be so s cured as to defy the attempts of plunderers using pick-locks or false keys. February 8.

ROBERT HARDY, Worcester, iron-founder, for linprovements in the manufacturing of cast iron bushes or pipe-boxes for chaise, coach, waggon, and all other sorts of carriage-wheels. February 20.

RICHARD LITHERLAND, Liverpool, watchmaker, for improvements in, or on, the escapement of watches. February 20.

RICHARD HOLDEN, Stafford Street, St Maryle-bone, gentlemaz), for machines for producing rotatory and pendulous motion in a new manner. February 20.


Acts passed in the 57th Year of the Reign of George III. or in the Fifth Session of the

Fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom.

CAP. I. To continue and extend the Pro liberty of the subjects of this realm.---Pri. visions of an Act of the Forty-ninth Year vileges of Members of Parliament not invaof his present Majesty, for regulating the lidated.-Persons against whom indictments Trade and Commerce to and from the Cape for high treason are already found, to be of Good Hope, until the 5th day of July tried thereon.-The Secretary of State may 1920; and also for regulating the Trade of order persons committed to be removed to the Island of Mauritius.-Feb. 24, 1817. any other goal ; but per ons so removed

Trade to the eastward of the Cape of are not to be deprived of right to be tried Good Hope, to be regulated by Order in or discharged. Council.Goods imported or exported con. Cap. IV. To extend the privileges of the trary to Order in Council, forfeited, as also Trade of Malta to the Port of Gibraitar.. the vessels.-East India Company's rights March 4. not to be affected.

Cap. V. For continuing to his Majesty Cap. II. For raising the Sum of TWEN. certain Duties on Malt, Sugar, Tobacco, TY-FOUR MILLIONS, by Exchequer Bills, and Snuff, in Great Brituin; and on Penfor the Service of the Year 1817.-Feb. 24. sions, Offices, and Personal Estates in Eng

The Treasury may raise £24,000,000 by land ; and for receiving the Contributions Exchequer Bills, in like manner as is pre of Persons receiving Pensions and holding scribed by 48 Geo. III. cap. 1.- Treasury Offices ; for the Service of the Year 1817. to apply the money so raised.-To be pay. - March the able out of the Supplies for the next Session. Sect. 38.-_Whereas his Royal Highness - To bear an interest not exceeding 31d. the Prince Regent has been graciously pleasper cent. per diem.-To be current at the ed to direct certain sums to be contributed Exchequer after April 5, 1818.-Bank of and paid, from the Civil List revenue, in England may advance £15,000,000 on the aid of the public service of the year 1817; credit of this Act, notwithstanding the Aet and whereas many persons holding offices 5 and 6 Gul. & Mariæ.

and places in his Majesty's service, and Cap. III. To empower his Majesty to sc. others having or holding pensions or other cure and detain such Persons as his Majesty emoluments derived from the public, are shall suspect are conspiring against his Per. desirous of contributing proportions of their son and Government.--March to

respective official incomes, salaries, pensions, That all or any person or persons that or other emoluments, for the same purpose ; are or shall be in prison within that part of be it therefore enacted, that it shall be lawthe United Kingdom called Great Britain, ful for the Commissioners of his Majesty's at or upon the day on which this Act shall Treasury of the United Kingdom of Great receive his Majesty's royal assent, or after, Britain and Ireland, or any three or more by warrant of his said Majesty's most hon- of them, or for the Lord High Treasurer ourable Privy Council, signed by six of the of the United Kingdom of Great Britain said Privy Council, for high treason, sus and Ireland for the time being, to issue picion of high treason, or treasonable prac. such directions, for one year, commencing tices, or by warrant signed by any of his the 5th day of April 1817, to the officers Majesty's Secretaries of State, for such of the Exchequer, and of the several departcauses as aforesaid, may be detained in safe ments of the Civil List of Great Britain re. custody, without bail or mainprize, until spectively, as may be necessary for giving the 1st day of July 1817; and that no judge effect to the most gracious intention of his or justice of the peace shall bail or try any Royal Highness in such contribution, and such person or persons so committed, with for executing the intentions of such other out order from his said Majesty's Privy persons as aforesaid ; and no deduction shall Council, signed by six of the said Privy be made, or fee, emolument, or allowance Council, until the 1st day of July 1817; taken, by any person returning, receiving, any law or statute to the contrary notwith- or paying any such contributions as afore. standing.--Act in Scotland of 1701, so far said.-Bank of England authorized to adas relates to treason, suspended. Persons vance a certain sum, not exceeding three committed there not to be tried, &c. with. millions, on the credit of this Act. out such order as aforesaid.From and af. Cap. VI. To make perpetual certain ter the 1st day of July 1817, the said per. Parls of an Act of the Thirty-sirth Year sons so committed, shall have the benefit of his present Majesty, for the Safely and and advantage of all laws and statutes in Prescrvation of his Majesty's Person and any way relating to, or providing for, the Government against Treasonable and Scdi.

tious Practices and Attempts; and for the 37. Geo. III. c. 70, and 37. Geo. III. Safety and Preservation of the Person of (Irish) revived and made perpetual. his Royal Highness the Prince Regent Cap. VIII. To continue until the 5th dav against Treasonable Practices and Attempts. of April 1820, an Act of the Fifty-second, March 17.

Year of his present Majesty, to regulate the Cap. VII. To revive and make perpetu. Separation of damaged from sound Coffee, al Two Acts of the Thirty-seventh Year of and to permit Dealers to send out any his present Majesty, the One in the Parlia- quantity of Coffee, not exceeding Eight ment of Great Britain, and the ! ther in the Pounds cocight, without a Permit - March Parliament of Ireland, for the better Pre. 17. vention and Punishment of Attempts to Cap. IX. For vesting all Estates and Seduce Persons serving in his Majesty's Property occupied for the Barrack Service Forces by Sea or Land from their Duty in the Comptroller of the Barrack Departand Allegiance to his Majesty, or to incite ment, and for granting certain Powers to them to Mutiny or Disobedience.-March the said Comptroller.--March 17. 17.


Rev. Ed private Ordinaomas Granthand a Deacon


to be minister of the charch and parish of Nigr. Sir William Carrow. Attorney-General, to be a Presbytery of Tain, vacant by the death of Mr Puispe Baron of Exchequer. vice Sir R. Richards. Alexander Macadan Sir Samuel Shepherd, Solicitor-Gener I, to be

Oxford, A . 16.--Friday se'ernight, the Bishop Attorney-General, rice Sir William Garrow.

of Oxford was admitted Warden of AD Souk' Col. Gifford, Esq. to be Solieitor-General, vice

lege, with the usual ceremonies, in the room of the Sir S. Shepherd.

Rev. Edinund Isham, D.D. deceased. G. F. Beltze, Esq. to be Portcullis Poursuivant At a private Ordination, holden by the Lord of Arns.

Bishop of Kildare, Thomas Grantham, M. A. felJuly 1.-Knighthoot conferred on John Evans,

low of Magdalen College, was ordained a Deacon. Esq. High Sherity of Middlesex.

18.-The Rev. George Rous, to the Rectory of 2.-knighthood conferred on W. H. Robinson, Laverton, Somerset. Esq. Commissary-Gen ra to his Majesty's Forces

Rev. F. S. Wall, to the vicarage of Stoke, St in Canada.

Milbro', Salop. • 16.The Duke of Wellington granted the royal

Prev. --Winnington, to the vicarage of Cliftonlicense to wear the insignia of a Knight Grand Cross upon-Teame, Herefordshire. of the Royal Sicilian Military (rder of St Ferdi "Rev. James Sparrow to the Rectory of Hemlock, nand and of Merit, and also of a Knight of the

Devon. Royal Sicilian Order of St Januarius, given by the The Rev. George Frederic Tavel, A, M. to the King of the Two Sicilies.

Rectory of Campsey Ash, in Suffolk. • 22.- The Right Hon. Edward Thornton to be . Sunday se'ennight the following gentlemen were his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minister ordained in the parish church at Kendal, WestPlenipotentiary at the Court of his Most Faithtul moreland, by the Bishop of Chester:Majesty and

D'acns, -Jhn Wim Trevor, B. A. St John's The Hon. Frane's Reginald Forbes to be Secre College; Robert Brade Brocklebank, B. A. and tary to his Majesty's Legation at that Court.

John William Sinclair, B. A. of Trinity College, 30.-Yr Plants to be Under Secretary of State Cambridge: Henry richardson, John Master Wall for the Home Department, vice Mr Cooke, re er, Jefiery Hebdon, Jaines Hayes, Joseph Docker, signed.

and Humphrey Brown, Literates. Aur. 9.-The Prince Regent has, by letters pa Prosti, -John Thomas Bowe, B. A. Richard tent, authorised Lord Bathurst to exe cise all the Moore, A. M. Christopher Barnes, Wm Rigg, Jolu rights and privileges belonging to a Knight of the Douglas, Literates. Garter, a fully as if he hau been formally installed.

16.-The Hon. Willian Maule, Admiral of the coast from Broughty castle to the Tod Head, has

III. MILITARY. appointed James Burnes, writer in Montrose, his

The 15th Foot to bear the words - Martinique deputy.

and « Guadaloupe” on its colours and appointMembers returned to Parliament. ments. Sir Samuel Shepherd for Dorchester.

The 67th Foot to bear the word “ Barrosa on Robert Gifford, Esq. for Eye, vice Sir William

its colours and appointinents. Garrow.

The 74th Foot to bear the words “ Busaco," Edmond Wodehouse, Esq. for Norfolk, viee Sir

" Fuentes d'Onor," “ Ciudad Rodrigo," " BadaJ. H. Astley, deceased.

joz," " Salamanca," " Vittoria," * Pyrenees," Jul 28.--The Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart,

* Nivelle," “O thes," and “ Toulouse," on its for Harwich.

colours and appointments. Aus. 1.-The Hon. J. P. Vereker, for the city

The Royal Scots to bear the words " Busaco," of Limerick

" Salamanca," " Vittoria," “St Sebastian," " Nive," “ Peninsula," and " Waterloo," on its col.

ours and appointments. II. ECCLESIASTICAL.

The 34th Foot, " Vittoria. Jilly 17.-The Associate Conuregation of North 2 L. G. Cornet and Sub.-Lt. T. Marten to be Lieut. Leith gave an unanimous call to the Rev. Julin

by purch. vice Meares, 18 F. Brown, of Biggar, to be their astor.

25d June 1817 31.-Mr Gavin Struthers, preacher of the gospel,

G. Greenwood, to be Comet and Sub-Lt. was ordained assistant and successo to the Rev.

vice Marten

do. James Stewart, Minister of the Relief Congrega. 2 D.G. Lieut. C. Kearney, to be Capt. by purch. tion, Anderston.

vice Hunter, retires

i9th do. Aur. 3.-llis Royal Highness the Prince Regent

Cornet J. G. Green, to be Lieut. by purch. has been pleased to appoint the Rey, Lewis liuse

vice Kearney, prom.

3d July






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3 D.G. Cornet Charles Drury, to be Lieut, by purch. R.Y.R. Gent. Cadet G. Taylor, to be Ensign, vice vice Stuart, prom.

19th June

19th June Jocelyn Willey, to be Cornet by purch. vice

G. T. Ridsdale, to be Ensign, vice Acome Drury 19th June

3d July Lieut. B. Christie, to be Capt, by purch.

R.W.I.Ran. Ens. G. Flood to be Lieut. vice Stewvice Brunskill, retires

3 July
art, dead

do. ? Dr. Lieut. James Gape, to be Capt. by purch.

Canad. Fen. Capt. J. M. Wallace, from 23 Dr. to vice Bt. Major Vernon, retires 19th June

be Maj. by purch. vice De Haren, Cornet A. Trotter, to be Lieut. by purch.


1st January vice Gape


Brevet Major W. M. Leake of R. Art. to be Lt. W. H. Oram, to be Cornet by purch. vice

Col. in the Army

4th June 1813 Trotter

5 D.G. Cornet Wm Locke to be Lieut. by purch.

J. Gardiner to be Cornet by purch. vice
Carnet H. Cazalet, from 4 Dr. to be Lt. by

Watson, prom.

10th July 1817 purch. vice Biddult, prom. 26th do.

Ass. Surg. 'D. M'Gregor, fm. 56 F. to be H. E. Porter, to be Cornet by purch. vice

Assist. Surg. vice Speer, ret. upon h. p. do. Smith, prom.

3d July 4 Dr. Thomas Harrison to be Cornet by purch. S. A. H. Lucas, to be Cornet by purch. vice

vice Cazalet, prom. 6 Dr.

do Armstrong, prom.


John Trollope, to be Cornet by purch. vice 10 Capt. H. R. C. Stapylton, to be Major by

Brown, retires purch. vice Lowther, 12 F. 19th June

23 Lieut. C. Bacon, to be Capt by purch. vice Lieut. E. F. Meynell, to be Capt. by purch.

Wallace, Canadian Fenc.

do. vice Stapylton


Cornet S.C. Simpson, to be Lieut, by purch. Cornet Wm Gale, to be Lieut. by purch.

vice Bacon

do. vice Meynell

26th do.

Cornet W. H. West, to be Lieut. by purch. Hon. R. Watson, to be Cornet by purch.

vice Procter, prom.

do. vice Gale


Ensign T. Holyaoke, from h. p. 58 F. to be P. N. De Carteret, to be Cornet by purch.

Ens. vice Edwards, ex. rec. dift. do. vice Mayne, 1 Life Guards 19th June

Lieut. Wm Orr, from h. p. to be Lieut. vice Serj.-Major John Collins, to be Quart.-Mas

Hasleham, ex.

do. ter, vice Tarleton, ret. h. p. 12th do.

31 Capt. W. H. Milles, from h. p. John Hall, to be Cornet by purch, vice Dun

vice Elder, ex. rec. diff.

do. gan, prom.


Ensign T. Edwards, from h. p. 3 F.G. Lieut. W.L. Forster, to be Lieut. and Capt.

Ensign, vice Lumsden, ex. vice Lake, resigns

26th do.

Lieut. A. F. Gregory, from 4 Dr to be Capt. Ensign G. R. Abercromby, from 51 F. to

by purch. vice Fernandez, ret. do. be Ensign and Lieut. více Forster, do.

Qrt. Mast. J. Kiens, from h. p. to be Ort. 12 F. Lieut. John Baxter, to be Capt, vice Keap.

Mast. vice Burrough, ex.

do. pock, dead

12th June

Lieut. G. E. Scott, from h. p. 52 to be Lieut. Ensign Luke Prior, to be Lieut. vice Baxter

vice Grant, ex.

do. do.

- W. J. H. Bowen, h. p. to be Lieut. vice C. U. Tripp, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Cameron, ex. rec. diff.

do. Vernon, 1 F. G.

11th do.

Capt. F. Langley, from 82 F. to be Capt. Serj Maj. J. K. Leith, to be Adj. and En

vice Bruce, ex.

do. sign, vice Priestley, res. Adj. only 12th do.

W. Bruce, from 7 be Capt. vice Assist. Surg. W. Morrison, to be Surg. vice

Langley, ex.

do. O'Hara, dead


Lieut. John Carrol, from h. p. to be Lieut. Hosp. Assist. J. Ligertwood, to be Assist.

vice Fennel, ex.

do. Surg. vice Morrison


- George Hill, from h. p. to be Lieut. John Hendrick, from Donegal Mil. to be

vice Mahon, ex. rec. diff.

do. Assist. Surg. vice Martin, res. 3d July

Paym. J. Fairfowl, from h. p. to be Paym. Lieut. H. Temple, to be Capt. by purch.

vice Campbell, ret. upon hip. do. vice Spread, retires

do. Edward Gilbert, to be Ensign, vice Pigott,

Staff: dead

Hosp. Assist. J. Cousins, from h. p. to be Hosp. Major G. Burer, to be Lieut. Col. by purch. Assist, to the Forces, vice Sibbald, canc. do. vice James, retires

do. Limerick. Lieut. T. Walsh, 2 W. I. R. to be Town Frederick Matthews, to be Ensign, vice

Maj, vice Fitzgerald, dead 19th June Abercromby, 3 F. Ġ.

26th June Staff Surg. W. Wallace, from h. p. to be Surg. to Ensign J. Howe, from 80 F. to be Ensign the Forces, vice Rodgers, ret. on h. p. 25th do.

19th do. Hosp. Assist. A. Cumming, from h, p. to be Hosp. J. M. Caldecott, to be Ensign by purch. více Assist, to the Forces

12th do. Reid, retires

24th do.

J. Sibbald, from h. p. to be Hosp.
Lieut. Col. G. Muttlebury, from h. p. to be Assist. do.
Lieut. Col. vice Robbins, dead 3d July

- J. L. Warren, from h. p. to be Hosp. Lieut. H. Stoddart, to be Capt. vice Thome,

Assist. do.

do. dead


J. Robertson, from h. p. to be Hosp. Ensign E. Woolhouse, to be Lt. by purch. Assist. do.

do. vice Croker, prom.

26th June

- Peter Lamond, from h. p. to be Hosp. T. H. Powell, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Assist. do.

do. Woolhouse


Robert Sillery, from h. p. to be Hosp. RiA.Br. 2d Lieut. W. Shaw, to be 1st Lieut. vice

Assist. do.

do. Bennet, dead


David Ewing, from h. p. to be Hosp. W. Curtis, to be 2d Lieut. vice Shaw do. Assist. do.

do, 1W.LR. Arthur Meyer, to be Ensign, vice Hunt,

Alex. Boyd, from h. p. to be Hosp. Royal African Corps

12th June Assist. do. vice Oswald, dead R. Afr.C. Ensign J. Adamson, to be Lieut. vice

Steret, dead

Ilth do.
V H. B. Adams, to be Lieut. vice Brevet Major Marlay, from 1 F.rec. diff. with Capt.
M'Rae, dead

12th do, Wetherall, h. p.
- E. Hunt, from 1 W. I. R. to be Capt. Chapman, from 6 Dr. with Capt. Gardiner,
Ensign, vice Adamson 11th do. 50 F.
Wm M Rae, to be Ensign, vice Adams - Webb, from 12 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt.

12th do. Goldsmid, h. p. 72 F. Lieut. J. Adamson, to be Adjt. vice Gray, -Warren, from 18 F. rec. diff. with Capt. resigns Adjt. only

30 July Hammill, h. p. F. R.Y.R. Lt. W. Edwards, to be Capt. vice White, - Colley, from 45 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Gordead

19th June

don, h. p. 1 F. Ensign J. Eager, to be Lieut. vice Ed - Andrews, from Rifle Brigade, rec. diff. with wards

do. Capt. Pattenson, h. p. 43 F. Ensign and Adjut. W. Firebrace, rank of Sir John Cox, 'from 2 Life Gds, rec. diff. Lieut.

20th do. with Capt. Meares, h. p. 18 F. Ensign Thomas Acome, to be Lieut. vice Barry, from 75 F. rec. diff. with Captaia M Lennon, dead

30 July M'Adam, h. p. VOL. 1.


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