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Sc. XVI. To lago enter Rod. who complains that his money

is almost spent, and he never the nearer his wishes, lago preaches patience to him, that things are in a prosperous way, and likely to issue to his desire, Exit. lago concludes with himself that two things are to be done by him; viz. to employ Æmil. to solicit Def. in behalf of Caf.- and to draw Oth, where he should find Caf. foliciting Des. Exit.


Sc. I. Before Oth's palace. Enter Caf. and musicians.

Music plays, and enter Clown, who humorously brings the message that Oth. forbids the music to play. Enter lago, who tells Caf: that he will draw Oth. out of the way, that Caf. may have the more free access to Des. Exit lags. Enter Æmil. who encourages Caf. with the hopes that he may be again

reconciled to Oth. Exeunt. Sc. II. Enter Oth. Iago, and gentlemen. Letters sent to the

senate, &c. Exeunt, . Sc. III. An apartment in the palace. Enter Des. Caf. and

Æmil. Def. promises her assistance to Caf. in ma

king the matter up between him and her husband. Sc. IV. Enter Oth. and lago at a distance, upon which exit

Caf. Def, entreats Oth, in behalf of Caf. Oth.

tells her he will deny her nothing. Exeunt. Sc. V. Manent Oth. and lago. lago artfully endeavours to

work up Oth, to a jealousy of his wife with Cas. and succeeds. Exit lago.

Sc. VI.

Sc. VI. Manent Oth. Soliloquy—that lago is a very honest

man--that if Def. prove disloyal, he will tear her from his heart. Enter Def, and Æmil. to call him to dinner. Oth. complains of a pain in his forehead. Def. offers her handkerchief to bind it, he refuses it

as too little. Defi accidentally drops it. Exeunt. Sc. VII. Manet Æmil. who picks it up, and says it was the

first present Oth, made to Def. and that her husband lago had moved her to steal it. Enter lago, who takes the handkerchief from her. Exit Æmil. lago's soliloquy—that with this handkerchief he will com

pleat Othe's jealousy. Sc. VIII. Enter Oth. who in a rough manner infifts on fa

go's giving him oçular proof of Defa's diftoyalty : this lago artfully evades; but promises him such proof as the nature of the thing will allow ; and raises Othe's jealousy to the highest pitch, by telling him he had seen the handkerchief in Cafe's hand, &c. &c. Oth, vows the destruktion of Def,

and Caf. and lago vows to affist him, Exeunt. Sc. IX. Another apartment in the palace. Enter Def. Emil.

and Clown. Def, lends the Clown to feek for Caf. Sc. X. Enter Oth. asks Def. for the handkerchief, which she

not being able to produce (and at the same time

speaking in behalf of Caf) Exit Oth, in a rage. Sc. XI. Manent Def, and Æmil, Æmil. thinks Oth. is jea

lous. To them enter Jago and Caf. Cafe prefers his fuit to Def, who tells him fhe has now no interest with Oth, lago suppo:es something of moment

has made Oth. angry; and exit to meet him. Sc. XII. Manent DefÆmil. and Caf. Def is willing to

impute Othi's anger to ftate - affairs and Æmil, 5


prays the caufe may not be jealoufy. Exeunt De S.

and Emil. Sc. XII). To Caf. enter Bianca. Caf. gives Des.'s handker

chief (which he fays he found in his chamber) to Bianca, to copy out the work. Exeunt.

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Bc. I. A court before the palace. Enter Oth. and lagi.

Iago works up Othe's jealousy till he falls in a

fit. Sc. II. Enter Caf. whom lago tells that Oth. is in an epi

lepsy. Exit Caf. Oth. recovers from his fit. lago tells him he expeêts Caf. to return presently, and persuades him to conceal himself; while he makes Caf. tell him (lago) the story of his (Cafo's) amours with Defo (which lage had pretended in A&. IV, Sc. 1. he had heard from Caf. before.) Otb. withdraws.

? Sc. III, To them enter Caf. lago induces him to talk of

Bianca. Orb. observes Cafe's gestures and laughter,

and supposes his talk and mirth to be about Def. Sc, IV. To them enter Bianca. She returns Caf. the hand

kerchief, which Oth, fees, and knows it to be

Def's. Sc. V. Manent Oth, and lago. Oth. resolves on murdering

Def. and Caf. lago undertakes to murdør Caf. and

advises Oth. to smother Def. in her bed. $c, VI. To thein enter Rod. Def. and attendants from the

palace. After falutations, Oth.. behaves rudely to Des; Excunt Def, and Otby

Sc. VII.

SC. VII. Manent Lod. and lago. "Lod. is fürprized at Othe's

behaviour to Def. Exeunt. Sc. VIII. An apartment in the palace. Enter Oth, and (mil. Othe founds her about Defi's behaviour,

which she vindicates. Oth. sends her for Def.

Exit Emil. Sc. IX. Re-enter Æmil. with Def. Oth. bids Æmil, retire.

Exit Æmil. "Oth, discovers his jealousy to Def. abu

ses her, and calls her strumpet. Calls Æmil. .Sc. X. Enter Æmil.". Exit Oth. 'Def. deplores her loss of $. Othi's loven orders Æmils to put her wedding-sheets

on her bed, and to call lago to her. Exit Æmil. Sc, XI. Re-enter Æmil, with lago. Def. opens her grief to

; him. lage pretends to condole with her, but im

putes Othe's behaviour to state-affairs. Exeunt. Sc. XII. Manent Iago. To him enter Red. who complains Ti..! that lago has ruined him, by extorting presents for Si:" Def. lago Tooths him, and proposes his under

taking the murder of Caf. Exeunt. Sc. XIII. Enter Oth. Lod. Defa Æmil. and attendants. ! ... Rodo takes leave. Otb. charges Def, to go to bed

instantly, and disinifs Æmil. and tells her, he will

return forthwith. Exit with Lod.. Dessings the E..i si song of Willow, &c. and dismilles Æmil,

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Sc. I. Enter lago and Rod, waiting to murder Caf. Enter

Caf. Rod. runs at him and wounds him. Fight. lago cuts Cas; behind in the leg, and exit, Rod, and Cuf. fall. Cal, cries Murther!

Sc. II.

Sc. II. Enter Oth. above at a window, who hearing the

voice of Casi côncludes that Iago has kept his word,

and that Caf. is murthered. Exit. Sc. III. Enter Lod. and Gra: at a distance, hearing Caf. cry

Murther. Enter lago in his shirt, with a light and sword. Caf. tells him he is beset by villains. lago, as looking about for them, finds Rod. and stabs

him. Sc, IV. Enter Bianca, whom lago charges with being an

accomplice in Caf's attack. Sc. V. Enter Emil. Bianca confesses that Caf. supt with

her, and lago feizes her as guilty. Exeunt, lago

following Sc. VI. A bed-chamber. Def. is discovered asleep in her

bed. Enter Otho with a light. His soliloquy. Kiffes her. She wakes. He bids her prepare for death, and accuses her of disloyalty with Caf. She defends her virtue, and endeavours to diffuade him from his horrid design, but in vain. He smothers

her. Sc. VII. Æmil. at the door, calling to Oth. Enter Æmil.

She comes to tell him Rod. is Nain. She finds that Def. is murdered. Oth. owns 'tis by him, and as a punishment for her disloyalty with Caf. of which he says lago had informed him. Upon Æmilia's

crying murther, Sc. VIII. Enter Mon. Gra. Iago, and others. Æmil. tells

lago that Oth. charges him with saying that Def. was false to him; which he owns. Æmil. contradi&ting him, and beginning to vindicate the character of Def, lago bids her get home; which the refusing, he offers to stab her. She relates that the



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