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Def. My Lord !
Oth. Are you wife?
Def. What is he angry?

Lod. May be, the letter mov'd him.
For, as I think, they do command him home,

Caffio in his government.
Def. ° By my troth, I am glad on't.
Oth. Indeed!
Def. My Lord!
Oth. I am glad to see you mad.
Def. P How, sweet Othello?
Oth. Devil!

" [Striking ber. Def. I have not deserved this.

Lod. My Lord, this would not be believ'd in Venice,
Though I should swear I saw it. 'Tis very much.
Make her amends, she weeps.

Oth, Oh devil, devil!
If that the earth could teem with woman's tears,
Each drop she falls would prove a crocodile.
Out of my light!
Def. I will not stay to offend you.

Lod. Truly, ' an obedient lady:
I do beseech your Lordship, call her back,

Oth. Mistress-
Def. My Lord.
Oth. What would you with her, Sir ?
Lod. Who, I, my Lord ?

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• So the atq; the reft, Trust me for How. By my trusb.

9 This direction first put in by T, P Sonhe qu's; the reft, Wbg for • The fo's and R. omit an.

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Oth. Ay, you did wish that I would inake her turn:
Sir, she can turn, and turn, and yet go on,

And turn again; and she can weep, Sir, weep;
And she's obedient, as you say, obedient,
Very obedient. Proceed you in your tears.
Concerning this, Sir-Oh well-painted paffion -
I am commanded o home-Get you away,
I'll send for you anon—Sir, I obey the mandate,
And will return to Venice. Hence, avaunt!

[Exit Desdemona,
Cassio Mall have my place. And, fir, to-night
I do entreat that we may sup together.
You are welcome, fir, to Cyprus --Goats and monkies ! .



Manent Lodovico and Iago.

Lod. Is this the noble Moor, whom our full Senate
Call all in all sufficient? 'this the noble nature,
" Whom pafsion could not shake? whole folid virtue
The shot of accidents nor dart of chance,
Could neither * graze, nor pierce ?

Iago. He is much chang'd.
Lod. Are his wits safe? is he not light of brain ?

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lago. He's ' that he is; I may not breathe my censure What he might be : if a what he might, he is not, I would to heaven he were !

Lod. What, strike his wife !
lago. Faith, that was not so well; yet 'would I knew,
That stroke would prove the worst.

Lod. - Is it his use?
Or did the letters work upon his blood,
And new create this fault?

lago. Alas, alas !
It is not honesty in me to speak
What I have seen and known. You shall observe " him,
And his own courses will denote him so,
That I may save my speech.

my speech. Do but go after him,
And mark how he continues.

Lod. I am sorry that I am deceived in him. [Exeunt.

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An apartment in the palace.

Enter Othello and Æinilia.
Oth. You have seen nothing then?
Æmil. Nor ever heard, nor ever did sụspect.
Oth. & Yes, you have seen Caffio and - The together,

Æmil. But then I saw no harın, and then I heard
Each syllable that breath made up between "em.

Oth. What did they never whisper?
Æmil. Never, my Lord. .
Oth. Nor send you out o'the way?
Æmil. Never.

Oth. To fetch her fan, 'her gloves, her mask, nor nothing?

Emil. Never, my Lord.
Oib. That's strange!

Æmil. I durft, my Lord, to wager she is honeft,
Lay down my soul at stake : if you think other,
Remove your thought, it doth abuse your bosom.
any wretch - hath put this in

this in your head,

f The fo's call this Scena Securida. sometimes now used. ? The qu's, Yes, and you, &c. i So the qu's; the rest, them for 'cm.

ho So all before P; he and all after, The ad q. never for rør. except C. ber for for. Quære, whether fe I Qu's, ber mask, ber gloves, &c. was not at that time used as an accu m The qu's, ba; the two firft fo's fative after the verb, as it is in discourse and Ti's octavo, bave.


Let heaven o requite it with the serpent's curfe !
For if the be not honest, chaste, and true,
There's no man happy; the pureft of P her fex
Is foul as flander.
Otb. Bid her come hither, go.

[Exit Æmilia.
She says enough; yet she's a simple bawd,
That cannot say as much. That is a subtle ? whore,
A closet lock and key of villainous secrets ;
And yet she'll kneel, and pray. I have seen her do't.


Enter Desdemona and Æmilia.

Def. My Lord, what is your will ?
Osh. ' Pray, chuck, come hither.
Def. What is your pleasure ?
Oth. Let me see your eyes-Look in my face, .
Def. What horrible fancy 's this?

Oth. [To Æmil.7 Some of your function, mistress.
Leave procreants alone, and shut the door,
Cough, or cry, hem, if any body come.
Your mystery, your mystery.- Nay, dispatch.

[Exit Æmilia,
Def. Upon my knees, what doth your speech iinport?
I understand a fury in your words,

a The ist q. beavens.

9 H. one for ackore, • The 2d q. require; it f. requit. So the qu’s and C; the reft, Pray

7 So the if q; the reft, ibeir wives you, cbuck, &c. for ber fix.

· So the qu's and C; the reft, knee.

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