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For I will make him tell the tale anew,
Where, how, how oft, how long ago, and when
He hath, and is again to cope your wife.
I say, but mark his gesture. Marry, patience;
Or I shall say, you are all in all ' in spleen,
And nothing of a man.

Oth. Doft k thou hear, Iago !
I will be found most cunning in my patience;
But (doft thou hear?) most bloody.

lago. That's not amiss;
But yet keep time in all. Will you withdraw?

[m Othello withdraws. Now will I question Caffio of Bianca, A housewife, that by selling her desires, Buys herself bread and · cloaths. It is a creature, That dotes on Caffio; as 'tis the strumpet's plague To beguile many, and be beguild hy one; He, when he hears of her, cannot P refrain From the excess of laughter. Here he comes.

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As he shall smile, Othello shall go mad;
And his unbookish jealousy must 9 construe
Poor Caffio's smiles, gestures, and light behaviour,
Quite in the wrong. How do you' now, lieutenant ?

Caj. The 'worser that you give me the addition,
Whose want even kills me.

lago. Ply Desdemona well, and you are sure on 't.
Now if this fuit lay in Bianca's "power, [" Speaking lower.
How quickly should you speed !

Caf. Alas, poor * caitiff!
Oth. Look how he laughs already.

[ Aside.
lago. I never knew y a woman love man so.
Caf. Alas, poor rogue, I think ? i'faith the loves me.
Oth. Now he denies it faintly, and laughs - it out.

[Afide. lage. Do you hear, Cafio?

Oth. Now he importunes him
To tell it o'er. Go to, dwell said, well said. [Afide.

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9 The qu's, confier; the fo's, com y The fo's omit a. ferve.

2 So the aft q; the reft, indeed for : The fo's omit now.

r faith. s The 2d q. worje.

a So all before P. who omits ir ; fole The three last fo's, R. P. and H. lowed by the rest, except C. gave for give.

o The 2d q. in purtunes. u The fo's and R. down for power. < The ift q. on for o'er; the 2d, w R, first gives this direction. The qu's, cative.

d The qu's have well said but once.


Caf: İ

lago. She gives it out that you shall marry her. Do you

intend it? Caf. Ha, ha, ha!

Oth. Do you triumph, · Roman, do you triumph ? [ Afide. .- I

marry' her!. 6 what? a customer ? "I prythee bear some charity to my wit, do not think it so unwholesome. Ha, ha, ha!

Oth. i So, fo, fo, fo. * they laugh that ' win. [ Aside. lago, m Faith the cry goes " that you o fall marry her. Cas. Pr’ythee, say true. lago. I am a P very villain elfe. Oth. Have you 9 scor'd me? well.

[fide. Caf. This is tlle monkey's own giving out : she is persuaded, I will marry her, out of her own love and flattery, not out of my promise.

Oih. Iago beckons ine: now he begins the story. [ Aside.

Cafi She was here even now; The haunts me in every place. I was ' t'other day talking on the sea-bank, with tertain Venetians, and thither comes * this bauble; ' by this hand, • the falls w thus about my neck.

P H. omits very

¢ W. Rogue for Romani

* The art q. omits rbat. The fo's, R. P. and H. omit ber. • The two first fo's omit shall. & The ist q. omits, what? a cuftomer?

q The ift a. fler'd. h All but qu's omit I.

* So the qu's, the rest, the ober. i The 3d fi and all after, except C. s So the qu's; the rest, ibe for ibis. repeat so but twice.

So the ist q; the rest omit by bio k The i ft q. and Ci omit aboy. bani's

1 The ift q. and C. wins; the 2d, u All but the il q. omit pe. The wines; the three first fo's, winnes. fo's, and all after, read and for phe,

m So the oft q; the reft, Wby for w All but the ift q. add me after Feilb.

falls. K


ports it.

Oth. Crying, O dear Caffio, as it were : his * gesture im

[Afide. Caf. So hangs, and ' lolls, and weeps upon me, so ? hales, and pulls me. Ha, ha, ha!

Oth. Now he tells how she pluckt him to my chamber. - Oh, I fee that nose of yours, but not that dog I shall throw't to. Caf. Well, I must leave her company. lago. · Before me! look where she comes.


Enter Bianca.

a Caf. 'Tis such another fitchew! marry, a perfum'd one :-What do you mean by this ' haunting of me?

Bian. Let the devil and his dam haunt you! what did you mean by that same handkerchief you gave me even now? I was a fine fool to take it: I must take out the & whole work? A likely piece of work, that you fhould find it in your chamber, and not know who left it there. This is some minx's token, and I muft take out the work?

* The ift q. and ift f. jeffure.

The oft q. makes this speech a part y The ad q. jolls for lolls.

of lago's foregoing one. 2 So the oft q. and C; the ad q. bals; • The ift q. firbo for fiebow. A the rest, shakes for bales.

fitcbew is a polecat. · The qu's omit ob.

f The ift q. banting. b So the qu's; the reft, throw it for 8 So the Iftq; the rest omit wbole. sbrows

h So the qu's; the reft, know me for * ¢ The ad q. joins this speech with not know. the foregoing, and makes it Caffioso

- there,

- there, give it the hobby-horse. Wheresoever you had it, til take out no work on't.

Caf. How now, my sweet Bianca ? how now? how now?

Oth. By heaven, that should be my handkerchief. [Afide.

Bian. * An you'll come to supper to-night, you may; kan you will not, come when you are next prepar'd for.

[Exit. lago. After her, after her. Caf. ' Faith, I muft; she'll rail * i' the street else. lago. ^ Will you fup there? Caf. Yes, I intend fo.

lago. Well, I may chance to see you; for I would very fain speak with you.

Caf. Pr’ythee come. Will you? lago. Go to, say no more.

[Exit Caffio.


Manent Othello and Iago.

Oth. How shall I murder him, Iago ??
lago. Did you perceive how he laughed at his vice?
Oth. Oh, lago!
lago. And did you see the handkerchief?

i So the qu's; the reft, your for tbeo Areets elfe.

* So the qu's and C; the rek, If The 2d q. and 3. omit Will. for An,

• The if q. Faitb for Yes. So the ift q; the rest omit Fairb. p Here C. directs (coming baflily from * So the qu's and C; the reft, in tbe bis concealment,

[blocks in formation]
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