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If ever mortal eyes I do fee them bolster,
More than their own. * What then? how then?
What shall I say? where's fatisfa&tion!
It is impoffible you should see this,
Were they as prime as goats, as hot as monkeys,
As falt as wolves in pride, and fools as gross
As ignorance made drunk; but yet I say,
If imputation and strong circumstances,
Which lead directly to the door of truth,
Will give you satisfaction, you might have't,

Oth. Give me a living reason that she's disloyal,

lago. I do not like the office;
But P fith I am enter'd e into this cause fo far;
Prick'd to 't by foolish honefty and love,
I will go on. I lay with Caffio lately,
And being troubled with a raging tooth,
I could not sleep.-
There are a kind of men, so loose of foul,
That in their sleeps will mutter their affairs ;
One of this kind is Caffio :
In fleep I heard him fay, Sweet Desdemona,
Let us be 'wary, let us hide our loves!
And then, sir, would he gripe and wring my


; Cry, Oh sweet creature ! " and then kiss me hard,

| The qu's, did for do.

in C, rcads, Wbat iben? bow sben, San you ? Where's fatisfation Wbat shell I fay?

* The qu's, you may bay's; C. you may bave 't.

• All but the qu's omit that. 'p Ti's duodecimo, W. and J. read fince for fb.

9 So the qu's; thc reft, is for ixto, r Second q. one.

H. reads all before tbeir; C. of before beir,

^ The ift q. merry for wary.
# The qu's, Cry out, sweet creature,

w The fo's and R. omit and.


As if he pluckt up kisses by the roots, That grew upon my lips ; * then y laid his leg ? Over my thigh, and a ligh'd and kiss'd, and then Cry'd, Cursed fate that gave thee to the Moor. Oth. O monstrous ! monstrous ! lago. « Nay, this was but his dream.

Oth. But this o denoted a fore-gone conclusion; ! 'Tis a shrewd doubt, though it be but a dream.

lago. And this may help to thicken other proofs, That do demonstrate thinly.

Oth. I'H tear her all to pieces.

lago. Nay, 8 but be wise; yet we see nothing done; She may be honest yet. - Tell me but this, Have


not sometimes seen a handkerchief, Spotted with strawberries, in your wife's hand?

Oth. I gave her such a one; 'twas my firft gift.

lago. I knew not that; but such a handkerchief (I am sure it was your wife's) did I to-day See Caffio wipe his beard with.

Oth. If it be that

lago. If it be that or any, * if 'twas hers It speaks against her with the other proofs.

x The fo's and R. omit iben.

y R. and all after, except C. lay for laid.

2 The fo's and R. ore for over.

a So the qu's and C; the rest, Figb for Sigbid.

b So the qu's and C; the reft, kiss for kiss'd.

< So the qu’s and C; the reft, cry for

d P. and H. omit Nay.
c The ist q. deuoted.

f The It q. and W. give this line to lago.

& The fo's and R. yet for but.
h All before R. wives.

i So che qu's and C; the reft, if it for If's.

k The qu's and it f. it was bers, &c,


'Tis gone.

Oth. O that the slave had forty thousand lives!
One is too poor, too weak for my revenge.
Now do I see 'tis true.-Look here, Iago,
All my fond love thus do I blow to heaven:

Arise, black vengeance, from thy hollow cell !
Yield up, O Love, thy crown and hearted throne
To tyrannous hate! swell, bosom, with thy fraught,
For 'tis of aspicks' tongues P.

Iago. 9 Yet be content.
Oth. 'O blood, lago, blood !
lago. Patience, I say; your mind perhaps may change.

Oth, Never, ' Iago. Like to the Pontick fea, Whofe icy current, and compulsive course Ni'er w feels retiring ebl, but keeps due on To the Propontick and the Hellefpont; Even so my bloody thoughts with violent pace Shall ne'er look back, ne'er ebb to humble love, 'Till that a capable and wide revenge Swallow them up.- Now a by yond marble beaven, ['He kneels. In the due reverence ? of a sacred vow I here engage my words

1 The 2d q. I doe for do 1.
m The ift q. and W. time for true.

* So the qu's and Y; W. ib' unballow'd cell; the reft, ebe bollow cell.

• The ift q. barted; W. parted. P Here the qu's direct, be kneeles, 9 The qu's and C. Pray for Yet.

* So the qu's and C; the rest, o blood, blood, blood,

s The fo's, R. P. and H. omit pero Laps.

The following in italic is omitted in the ilt g.

u P. H. and W. omit so.
w The fo's, keeps for feels.
. Second q. be yond.
y This direction by R,
2 Second q. so for of.


lago. Do not rise yet.

[Iago kneels. Witness, you ever-burning lights above !

You elements that clip us round about ! Witness, that here lago doth give up The execution of his wit, d hands, heart, To wrong'd Othello's service. Let him command, * And not to obey shall be fin me remorfe, 8 What bloody work so ever. Oth. I greet thy love,

[Rifang. Not with vain thanks, but with acceptance bountebus; And will upon the instant put thee to't, Within these three days let nie hear thee say, That Caflio's not alive.

lago. My friend is dead'; 'Tis done ' as you requeft. But let her live.

Oth. Damn her, lewd minx! O, damn her, damn her! Come, go with me apart; I will withdraw To furnish me with some swift means of death For the fair devil. Now art thou my lieutenant. Lagoo I am your own for ever,



a The 2d q. ibe for you ; J. ye.
J. ye for

f The ist q. omits in me. c The it q. excellency for exccution, & So the qu's; the rest, Wbat bleedy & The qu's and C. band.

business ever. e All before P. read, And to obey, h This dire&ion by C. &c. P. Nor to obey, &c. followed by H. i So the qu's and C; the rest, ae jour W, reads, And to obey shall be in me. requef, &c. Remord, &c. I conjecture that not only * The qu's, Dam ber lorod minks : 0 was left out, which is fupplied in the dam ber, Come, &c.


[blocks in formation]

Def. Do you know, sirrah, where " the lieutenant Caffis

lies? Clown. I dare not say, he lies any

where, Def. Why, man? Clown. He is a soldier ; and for P one to say, a soldier

lies, 9 is stabbing. Def. Go to; where lodges he?

Clown. To tell you where he lodges, is to tell you where I lie.

Des. Can any thing be made of this?

Clown. I know not where he lodges; and for me to devise a lodging,' and say, he lies here, or he lies there, were to lie in 'mine own throat.

Def. Can you enquire him out? and be edified by report?

Clown. I will catechize the world for him; that is, make questions, and w make thein answer.

| The fo's call this Scena quarta.
m This description by T.
* All but the qu's omit sbe.
. The aft q. omits Clown.
p So che qu's and C; the rest, me for

• These two speeches in italic are omitted in the aft q.

s The qu's, and say be lies there, were to lie, &c.

* The if q. my, ebrodia
u Second q. omits be.

w So the 2d 9., T. H.W. J. and.C. bid for make; the rest, by.


4 So the qu's and Cį the reley 'tia for: is.

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