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with news that the king and queen will hear the

play. Exeunt.

Sc. V. To Ham. enter Hor. Ham.’s commendations of

Sc. VI.

Sc. VII.

Hor.'s virtues. Begs him to eye the king at the
play, and note his behaviour.
Enter king, queen, Pol. Oph. Ros Guil. lords,
as to the play. Hamlet's mad talk: to the king,
to Pol. to Oph.
Dumb shew enters. Enter player king and queen,
yery lovingly embracing. King lies down on a
bank of flowers. She seeing him asleep leaves him.
Anon comes in a fellow, takes off his coronet,
kisses it, and pours poison in the king's ears and
Exit. The queen returns, finds the king dead,
and makes passionate ačtion. The poisoner, with
two or three mutes, comes in again, seeming to
lament her. The dead body is carried away.
The poisoner wooes the queen with gifts, she seems
unwilling awhile, but in the end accepts his love.
Exeunt dumb shew. Prologue to the play. Play
begins. Enter player king and queen. King hath
been 30 years married to the queen. Queen's pro-
testation of inviolable love to him. King is infirm,
and expe&ts to die soon: mentions her marrying
another husband, which she protests against, with
oaths and imprecations. King sleeps. Queen leaves
him. Enter Lucianus, nephew to the king. Pours
poison in the king's ears.
Here the play is broke off by the king's rising and
discovering marks of terror. Exeunt.

Sc. VIII. Manent Ham. and Hor. From the king's beha

viour at the play, they conclude him guilty, and the ghost's words true. Enter Ros, and Guil, who brings news that the king is out of order; and that the queen defires to speak with Ham. in her chamber before bed-time. They sound Ham. about his distemper, but meet with a sharp rebuff. Enter Pol, to tell Ham, the queen waits for him. Excunt all but Ham. His soliloquy before going to his mother. Exit.

Enter king, Ros. and Guil. The king determines to send Ham. to England with all speed, and orders Ros, and Guil, to attend him. Exeunt Ros, and Guil. Enter Pol, with advice that Ham. is going to his mother's closet, and that he (Pol.) will hide himself behind the arras to hear their conference. Exit. King's soliloquy on his crimes of ambition, murther and incest; addresses himself to prayer and Sc. X. The king kneeling, Ham. enters. Ham. is inclined to make use of this opportunity, to kill him; but deliberates that this is not a proper time while he is" praying, for then should he send his soul to heaven; but since he kill'd his father unprepared, he will wait a more proper time for his revenge, when the king shall be engaged in some debauchery that may unfit him for heaven. Exeunt.

Sc. IX.

repentance, but ineffectually.
6 Sc. X.

Sc. XI. Enter queen and Pol. Pol. tells her Ham. is coming, and hides himself. Enter Ham. He begins roughly with the queen. She cries out. Pol, calls for help behind the arras. Ham. kills him; not knowing it to be Pol. Ham. proceeds to call the queen to account, for marrying his uncle and the murderer of his father. Produces two pićtures, one of his uncle, the other of his father, and makes a comparison between them, which affects the queen. While he is inveighing against his uncle, enter ghost. He asks the ghost the cause of its second appearance, which answers that it is come to put him in mind of his promised revenge. Exit ghost. The queen, to whom the ghost was invisible, imputes Ham.'s holding discourse with vacancy (as she thought) to his madness. Ham. convinces her that he is not mad in reality, but in craft. Is sorry that he has killed Pol. Exeunt Ham... in tugging out Pol.

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Sc, I. A royal apartment. Enter king and queen. Queen acquaints the king with Ham.’s having killed Pol. - King.

Sc. X. Enter queen, with the news that Oph. while climbing to hang a garland of flowers, she had made, on a willow that hung over a brook, fell into the brook and was drowned. Exeunt.

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Sc. I. A church. Enter two clowns, with spades and mattocks to dig Ophelia's grave. Humorous talk of self-murder, &c. Exit 2d clown. Enter Ham. and Hor. First clown fings. Ham.’s refle&tions on death—talk with the clown. Sc. II. Enter king, queen, Laer. and a coffin, with lords and priests attendant, to the burial of Oph. Laer. leaps into the grave. Ham. follows. Laer. grapples with him. The attendants part them. ExCunt. Sc. III. A hall in the palace. Enter Ham. and Hor. Ham. tells Hor. of the king's villainy in sending him to England to be murdered, and of the way he escaped. Sc, IV. Enter Osrick—tells, that the king hath laid a wager - on Ham.’s head against Laer. of their skill in the rapier. Ham. accepts the challenge. Sc. V. Enter king, queen, Laer. lords, with other attendants, with foils and gantlets. A table, and flagons of wine on it. King gives Ham. Laer.’s hand in token of friendship. Ham. begs him pardon for the wrongs he had done. They play. Ham, gives the first hit. King drinks to him, and offers

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Gets the second hit. The queen drinks to Ham.'s fortune out of the poisoned cup. Play again. Laer. wounds Ham. Then in scuffling they change rapiers, and Ham.. wounds Laer. Queen dies, saying she is poisoned with the drink. Laer. tells Ham.. that his (Laer.'s) foil was invenomed at the point, and that both will infallibly die with the prick. Ham. stabs the king. King dies. Laer. dies. Ham. finding death approaching, takes his leave of Hor. Hor. takes the poisoned cup to drink, which Ham. snatches out of his hand; begging Hor. that he would live to report his tale, and do justice to his memory.

. Enter Osr. with news that young Fortinbras is come

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elečtion for king of Denmark will fall on Fortinbras, and gives him his vote. Ham. dies. Enter Fortinbras, and English ambassadors, with the news

that Ros. and Guil. are dead, as by order of the

king. Hor. gives orders that the dead bodies be placed to view on a stage, and says he will relate the causes of this bloody scene. Bodies are taken up. Exeunt marching: after which a peal of ordnance is shot off.


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