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The qu's and fo's read I for Ay thro' the whole Play; and frequently then for than.


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Sc. I. Platform before the palace. Enter Ber. and Fran, two centinels; Fran, is relieved by Hor. and Mar. Talk about a ghost having appeared. Hor. is incredulous. Enter ghost. They perceive it to be like the deceased king. Hor. speaks to it. It stalks away without answering. They conjećture about the ghost, and the warlike preparations that are making in Denmark. The ghost appears again. Hor. conjures it to speak, but in vain. The cock crows: It vanishes. Talk hereupon. Hor. and Mar. agree to tell Ham. of

the ghost. Exeunt. Sc. II. The palace. Enter king, queen, Ham. Pol. Laer. Wol. Cor. lords, and attendants. King's speech, of the death of the late king, and of his marriage with his widow; of negotiations with the court of Norway; [Exeunt Wol, and Cor. as ambassadors to Nara 3 way]

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Sc. VII.

way] of Laer.'s departing for France. Ham.'s sor-
row for the death of his father: Is dissuaded from
going to Wittenburg. Exeunt.
Manet Ham. His soliloquy; On the baseness of
human nature, and the frailty of his mother the
queen, in so soon forgetting her former husband
the late king, and incestuously marrying his bro-
ther the present king, with a comparison between
them to the disadvantage of the latter.
To Ham. enter Hor. Ber, and Mar. They ac-
quaint Ham. with the appearance of the ghost. He
determines to watch with them, that if it appeared
again, he might see, and speak to it. Exeunt.
An apartment in Pol.’s house. Enter Laer. and
Oph. Laer.’s instrućtions to her in the matter of
Ham.’s love.
To them enter Pol. He instrućts Laer. how to
behave in the foreign country whither he is tra-
welling. Laer, takes his leave. Talk between
Pol. and Oph. about Ham.’s amorous addresses to
her; which he advises her not to regard.
The platform before the palace. Enter Ham. Hor.
and Mar. Talk of the drunkenness of the Danes.

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Sc. VIII. Re-enter ghost and Ham. It tells him, it is the

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to Oph. It is agreed to try Ham. with Oph. by turning them together, and watching them. Exeunt king and queen.

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Sc. VI.

wildly to him. Exit Pol.
Enter Ros. and Guil. Ham. sounds them on the
occasion of their being at Denmark, and finds they

were sent for by the king. Talk of the players, who are expe&ted.

Sc. VII. Enter Pol. with the news of players being arrived.

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of the player under a feigned passion, compared with his own under a real one. The effe&t of stageplaying so great, that guilty persons have, by the cunning of the scene, been induced to confess their crimes. He determines to have something played like the murther of his father, before his uncle : and from his behaviour under the play to judge of his guilt.


Sc, I. The palace. Enter king, queen, Pol. Oph. Ros.

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