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And with the brands fire all the traitors' houses,
Take up the body.

2 Pleb. Go, fetch fire,

Pleb. Pluck down s benches. 4. Pleb. Pluck down forms, windows, any thing.

[ Excunt Plebeians "with the body Ant. Now let it work : Mischief, thou art a-foot, Take thou what course thou wilt.

Enter a Servant.
How now, fellow?

Ser. * Sir, Ostavius is already come to Rome in
Ant. Where is he?
Ser. He and Lepidus are at Cafar's house.

Ant. And thither will I straight to visit him
He comes upon a wish. Fortune is merry, i si
And in this mood will give us any thing.

Ser. I heard y him say, Brutus and Caffius. Tai
Are rid like madmen through the gates of Rome. :..r

Ant. Belike, they had some notice of the people,
How I had mov’d thein. Bring me to Oklavius



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$ The firt f. omits all.

y C. reads them for him. Him evidently s C. inserts ebe before lenckes.

refers to Oftavius, who, as he The firft f. Exit for Exeunt. zing into Rome, had seen Brutus and Cafe

The fo's omit sieb the body.." ius, riding bike, madmen through the

The fo's and C. omit e.. gates, and had related che fare in the 2.P.T. H, W. and 1. omit Sirk & presence of the servant.

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Cin. I dreamt to-night, that I did feast with Cæjar,
And things unlucky charge my fantasy:
I have no will to wander forth of doors,
Yet something leads me forth.

d Enter the Plebeians.
i Pleb. What is your name?
2 Pleb. - Whither are you going?
3 Pleb. Where do


f dwell? 4 Pleb. Are you a married man, or a bachelor: 2 Pleb. Answer every man directly. . i Pleb. Ay, and briefly. 4 Pléb. Ay, and wisely. 3 Pleb. Ay, and truly, you were best.

Cin. What is my name? Whither am I going? Where do I dwell? Am I a married man, or a bachelor? Then to

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Iz In P. H.W. and y. this is scene 7; d No direction here in the editions in C. scene 3.

before C; the direction in them, for the a This description of the fccne first Plebeians' entrance, being placed as given by C.

above-mentioned. b Here all but C. add, and after bim e First and 2d fo's, Wberber for Wbi. the Plebeians.

tber. c All editions but W. and C. read I c. live for devell. Baluckily for uplucky



answer every man dire&ly, and briefly, wisely, and truly: Wisely I say, I ain a bachelor,

2 Pleb. That's as much as to say, they are fools that marry: You 'll bear me a bạng for that, I fear : Proceed dire&tly,

Cin. Dire&tly, I am going to Cafar's funeral.
1 Pleb. As a friend, or an enemy?
Cin. As a friend.
2 Pleb. That matter is answer'd dire&tly.
4 Pleb. For your dwslling-briefly.
Cin. Briefly, I dwell by the capitol.
3 Pleb. Your name, hri-- truly,
Cin. Truly, my name is Cinna.
? Pleb. Tear him to pieces, he's a conspirator,
Cin. I am Cinna the poet, I am Cinna the poet,

4 Pleb, Tear him for his bad verfęs, tear him for his bad verses,

Cin. I am not Ciana the conspirator,

4 Pleb. It is no inatter, his name 's Cinna ; pluck - but his name out of his heart, and turn him going:

3 Pleb. Tear him, tear him. Come, brands, ho! fire brands ! to Brutus', to Caffius', burn all ! fome to Decius house, and forke tp Gasca's, fome to Ligarius': Away, !


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Asta TH

Enter Antony, O&avius, and Lepidus,
HESE * many then shall die; their names are

prickt. Da. Your brother too muf dię; consent you, Lepidus? Lep, I do consent : 08. Pricks him down, Antony.


i No defeription of the scene in the ly? May he not sometimes deviate from fo's or W; R. and C. fix the feene at it, provided he makes his own work Rorne; H. at a small island in the little consistent with itself 7. What though the ziver Rbenus near Bononia ; In (followed old copies say nothing of the place here? by 7.) at a small ifand near Murina, yet it is implied in a paÑage, a very few and says, "Sbakespeare, i dare say, knew lines from the very beginning of this “ from Plutarch, that these Triumvirs scene, that Sbakespeare meant to fix it “ met, upon the profesiption, in a little at Rome :: Antony fays, “ iland : which Appian, who is more But, Lepidus, so you to Cæfar's house ; " particular, says, Jay near Murins up. Fetch the will. hither, and we shall de. " on the River Lavinius." T.

termine But what if Sbakespeare knew all this? How to cut off fome charge in legaciele Is a poet obliged to follow bitory exact Lep. What, ha! , &ad you here!

Lep. Upon condition ' Publius shall not live, Who is your sister's son, Mark Antony.

Ant. He shall not live; look, with a spot I m damn him. But, Lepidus, go you to Cæfar's house; *. Fetch the will hither, and we shall determine How to cut off some charge in legacies. Lep. What, shall I find


here? 07. Or here, or at the capitol. [Exit Lepidus.

Ant. This is a flight, unmeritable inan,
Meet to be sent on errands: Is it fit,
The three-fold world divided, he should stand
One of the three to share it?

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0.7. Or herf, or at the capitol. C.' makes it a Room in Astony's bouje at What! does Antony send Lepidus on a

Rome. journey (not to fay, voyage allo) from an k Grey in his notes on Shakespeare illand near Marina or Banania, to fetch conjectures mørry for mony. the will from Cæsar's house in Rome, | Antony set down Cicero's pame in and direct him to come again to him to the lin the proscribed : Oétavius inthis fame island, and if he did not meet sisted on Antony's facrificing Lucius, bis with him there, to return to the capitol uncle by ebe meiber's fide: And Lepidus at Rome? For this will be the import of gave up his own brother, L. Æmilius the above passage, according to T. H. and Paulus. As 'tis not uncommon to blun. 7. and Lepidus will appear to be a man der in proper names, I make no doubt meet to be sent on errands, with a witness. but in the room of Publius we should Bclides, fupposing this island to be the place Lucius, Antony's uncle by his moscene, Qehavies, should rather have said, ther's side : and then a trifling correcs Or bere, er at Rome; for the dire&tion, tion sets right the other line. 01 ibe capitol, is too particular, and not Lepidus. Upon condition Lucius hall agreeable to the common forms of speech

not live. as on such an occafion; it is the same as You are bis fifter's fon, Mark Antony. if, two friends being at Paris, one should Uptor's Crit: Obl. ed. 2. po 245 say to the other, “ You will find me m The three first la sydami for damos. ciaher here (at Paris) or in Cbeat fide?


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