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" Their line is gone out through all the earth, and

their words to the end of the world.”

his man

THERE is a certain conventional law of proprieties
which cannot be broken without giving rise to rest-
lessness, or feeling of discomfort. Suppose a perfect
stranger, from another clime, from a distant country,
should suddenly present himself in our midst, as we
were leisurely pursuing the course of our ordinary
occupations. We should, one and all, instinctively
turn and gaze upon him. His complexion ;
ner and gait; his every movement; his odd apparel,
robed and draped as he would be in the dress of his
native land ; all would excite our curiosity, and move
us with wonder. But not only this; we should ex-
perience a measure of restlessness, and a feeling of
discomfort, from being in the presence of one so un-
like ourselves ; and it would be some time, perhaps,
before we should have the boldness to question him
about whence he came, and what was his mission.

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