The People's Charter: With the Address to the Radical Reformers of Great Britain and Ireland, and a Brief Sketch of Its Origin

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C.H. Elt, 1848 - Chartism - 28 pages

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Page 14 - Act, every male inhabitant of these realms be entitled to vote for the election of a member of Parliament ; subject, however, to the following conditions : 1. That he be a native of these realms, or a foreigner who has lived in this country upward of two years, and been naturalized.
Page 15 - II. That, at the end of every such period, the returning officer for each district be nominated in like manner, and elected at the same time, as the Member of Parliament for the district ; he shall be eligible to be re-elected. III. That vacancies occasioned by the death, removal, or resignation of the returning officer, shall in like manner be filled up as vacancies for Members of Parliament, for the unexpired term of the three years.2 IV.
Page 7 - B. axiom in politics, that self-government, by representation, is the only just foundation of political power — the only true basis of constitutional rights — the only legitimate parent of good laws; — and we hold it as an indubitable truth that all government which is based on any other foundation, has a perpetual tendency to degenerate into anarchy or despotism; or to beget class and wealth idolatry on the one hand, or poverty and misery on the other. While, however, we contend for the principle...
Page 15 - OFFICER, AND HIS DUTIES I. Be it enacted, that at the first general election after the passing of this Act, a returning officer be elected for every electoral district throughout the kingdom, and so in like manner at the end of every three years.1 II.
Page 21 - X. That if any person lose his voter's certificate by fire, or any other accident, he shall not have a new certificate till the next registration; but on the day of any election, if he can establish his identity, on the testimony of two witnesses, to the satisfaction of the registration clerk, as being the qualified voter described in the registration book, he shall be allowed to vote.
Page 20 - ... officer, who shall then determine whether the claim to be put on the register be allowed or not. VI. That if the person objected to fails to attend the court of the returning officer at the proper time, to substantiate his claim, his name shall be erased from the register, provided he is not prevented by sickness or accident ; in which case a certificate shall be forwarded, and the returning officer shall determine, as before directed. VII. That if it should be proved before the returning officer,...
Page 10 - ... when a knowledge of their rights and duties shall have taught the people that their own vices and ignorance are the chief instruments by which they are bowed to the dust, titles, privileges, and wealth will lose their potency to enslave them.
Page 24 - That, immediately preceding the commencement of the balloting, each ballot-box shall be opened by the deputy returning officer (or otherwise examined as the case may be), in the presence of an agent appointed by each candidate, and shall then be sealed by him and by the agents of the candidates, and not again be opened until the balloting has finally closed, when notice shall be given to such of the agents of the candidates as may then be present, to attend to the opening of the boxes and ascertaining...
Page 7 - A strong conviction of these truths, coupled as that conviction is with the belief that most of our political and social evils can be traced to corrupt and exclusive legislation, and that the remedy will be found in extending to the people at large the exercise of those rights now monopolized by a few, has induced us to make some exertions towards embodying our principles in the Charter. We are the more inclined to take some practicable step in favor of reform, from the frequent disappointments the...
Page 23 - ... himself, or appoint a deputy for that purpose. X. That, provided only one candidate be proposed for a member of Parliament for the district by the time herein before mentioned, the returning officer cause notice to be given, as hereinafter mentioned, that such candidate is elected a member for the district ; and if only one candidate be proposed for the returning officer, he shall in like manner be declared duly elected. XI. That no other qualification shall be required for members to serve in...

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