The State register and year book of facts. 1859

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Henry G. Langley and Samuel A. Mathews, 1859 - Almanacs, American - 420 pages
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Page 73 - shall not be allowed to hold any office of profit, or to enjoy the right of suffrage under this Constitution. SEC. 3. Members of the Legislature, and all officers, executive and judicial, except such inferior officers as may be by law exempted, shall, before they enter on the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe the following oath or
Page 73 - best of my ability." And no other oath, declaration or test, shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust. SEC. 4. The Legislature shall establish a system of county and town governments, which shall be as nearly uniform as practicable, throughout
Page 68 - SBC. 4. The returns of every election for Governor shall be sealed up and transmitted to the seat of government directed to the Speaker of the Assembly, who shall, during the first week of the session, open and publish them in presence of both houses of the Legislature. The person having the highest
Page 72 - OF AMENDING AND REVISING THE CONSTITUTION. SECTION 1. Any amendment, or amendments to this Constitution, may be proposed in the Senate or Assembly ; and if the same shall bo agreed to by a majority of the members elected to each of the two houses, such proposed amendment or amendments, shall
Page 68 - SBC. 10. He shall communicate by message to the Legislature, at every session, the condition of the State, and recommend such matters as he shall deem expedient. SEC. 11. In case of a disagreement between the two houses, with respect
Page 209 - and that he has not, directly nor indirectly, made any agreement or contract, in any way or manner, with any person or persons whatsoever, by which the title he may acquire from the Government of the State should inure, in whole or in part, to the benefit of any person except himself,
Page 72 - least one newspaper in each judicial district, if one be published therein, throughout the State, for three months next preceding the election at which it is submitted to the people. ARTICLE IX.—EDUCATION. SECTION 1. The Legislature shall provide for the election, by the people, of a Superintendent of Public Instruction, who shall hold his office for
Page 206 - afterward, may have the property of the defendant attached as security for the satisfaction of any judgment that may be recovered, unless the defendant give security to pay such judgment in all the cases specified in Section 120 of this Act. Sec. 552. A writ to attach the property of the defendant shall be
Page 68 - or persona, association, company or corporation, from exercising the privileges of banking, or creating paper to circulate as money. SEC. 36. Each stockholder of a corporation, or joint-stock association, shall be individually and personally liable for his proportion of all its debts and liabilities. Sec. 37. It shall be the duty of the
Page 67 - or privileges of corporations not possessed by individuals or partnerships. And all corporations shall have the right to sue, and shall be subject to be sued in all court?, in like cases as natural persons.

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