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No will-o'-th'-wisp mislight thee ;
Nor snake, nor slow-worm,

bite thee;
But on, on thy way,

Not making a stay,
Since ghost there's none to affright thee!
Let not the dark thee cumber;
What though the moon does slumber

The stars of the night

Will lend thee their light,
Like tapers clear, without number !
Then, Emma, let me woo thee,
Thus, thus, to come unto me ;

And, when I shall meet

Thy silv'ry feet,
My soul I'll pour unto thee.



“Oh ye unhappy boy,” said Jeanie,“ do ye ken what will come o' ye when

ye die ?"

I shall feel neither cauld nor hunger more," said the youth.


Oh, wipe the pure tear-drop that stands in your eye,
And lament not a being so reckless as I:
My years have passed blithely 'mid hunger and pain,
And, if fate were consenting, I'd live them again!
When in peace the mild peasant retires to his bed,
I feel the bleak storm on my shelterless head;
And the blast of the desert has pierced to my soul,
Whilst the cares of the rustic were drowned in his bowl.
Yet still, though an outcast, and friendless I rove,
These haunts that my childhood have succour'd, I love ;
And the bloom on the mountain-the murmuring river,
Shall flourish and flow in my fancy, for ever.
I have stood on yon height the first dawning to hail,,
Whilst the mists of the morning o'ershadow'd the vale ;
And the rays that I felt on my bosom descend,
Went warm to my heart, like the smile of a friend ;

And there have I stood, while the moon shone on high,
And pour’d her thin light o'er the sea and the sky;
When the breeze was so soft, and the air was so clear,
That mine eyes have flow'd fast, when no sorrow was near.
Though want, which you feel not, has still been my

My joys have been such as no peasant can know;
Then come death, I shrink not! these joys will be o'er,
But I then shall feel pain, cold, and hunger no more.

P. 9.


Fortune her gifts may variously dispose,
And these be happy called-happy those ;
But heaven's just balance equally will appear,
While those are placed in hope—these in fear.


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5.-C. Allwood, Walcot, Somersetshire, confectioner.-E. Tye, Sibton, Suffolk, farmer.-S. and T. P. Franceys, Liverpool, marble-masons.-R. S. Oldfield, Kingstonupon-Hull, merchant.-W. Palfrey, Hinchwick, Gloucestershire, farmer.-G. Bradford, and A. Paradise, Bristol, brokers.-T. Jacks, Bishopgate Without, flourfactor.-T. Herbert, jun. Great Russell-street, auctioneer.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8.-J. C. Howarth, Bristol, dealer.-J. Webber, Bath currier.-J. Gray, Kingston, Surry, linen-draper.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12.-J. Johnson, High-street, Wapping, grocer.-W. Yates, Blackburn, Lancaster, dealer.-T. Burrow, Kendall, Westmoreland, meal merchant.-J. Wheeler, jun. Abingdon, Berks, grocer.-T. Pearson, Walford, Stafford, maltster.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15.-W. Clark, Maiden-lane, Covent-garden, soda-water and ginger-beer manufacturer.-I. H. Handscomb, Newport-Pagnell, Buckingham, lace merchant.-J. Frost, the elder, Birdlington-Quay, York, corn merchant.-G. Blackband, Gnosall, Stafford, grocer.-E. Bolton, Birmingham, victualler.-W. Hutton, jun.

Atherton, Lancaster, money-serivener. -T. Fenner, jun. and ). Why, Holborn-Hill, lacemen, &c.-G. B. Watson, Rock-lodge, Durham, corn merchant.

Births.-On the 6th ult. at his house in Broad-street, the lady of Dr. Yates, of a still born child.-On the 7th inst. the lady of James Eversfield, Esq. High Sheriff of Sussex, of a son and heir.

MARRIED. On the 12th inst. at Springfield, Dumfrieshire, John Cramphorn, Esq. to Anne, daughter of the late Robert Henderson, Esq. M. D.-At Broadwater, on Sunday se'nnight, Mr. James Jutten, of Littlehampton, builder, to Miss Ann Perkins, of Worthing. On Thursday last, Mr. Corney, .of Arundel, to Miss Newland, of Tortington. At Broadwater, on Sunday se'nnight, Mr. Sheppard, millwright, to Miss Sarah Lamport, daughter of Mr. John Lamport, of the Malster's Arms, in the same place.

Deaths.-In West-street, Brighton, Mary Cobden Phillips, only daughter of Mr. Henry Phillips, aged 15.-On the 14th inst. Mrs. Smithers, of the Cricketers public house, in this town, having survived her husband but a fortnight.-Mr. Batho, tailor, High-street, Brighton, lost on Saturday, Oct. 5th, a daughter, and on Monday the 7th, another : they were interred in the same grave, their ages were 16 and 22.-On the 9th inst. Mrs. Thomas Pocock, of Russell-street, in this town. On the 15th, at Lewes, the wife of Mr. Thomas Marchant, miller, North-street, Brighton. A few days since, the wife of Mr. Hammond, cabinet-maker, North-street.






MORN. EVEN. MORN. EVEN. MORN. EVEN. October 21.. 4 12 4 36 3 364 0 many 36- 8 0

22.. 5 0-5 24 4 24–4 48 8 24-8 48 23. 5 486 12 5 12 5 36 9 129 36 24.. 6 36_n 0 6 0 6 24 10 0-10 24 25.. 7 24-hp 48 6 48 12 10 48–11 12 26.. 8 12- 8 36 7 36 8 0 11 36–12 0 27.. 9

0 - 9 24 8 24 8 48 12 24-12 48 28... 9 48--10 12 9 12 9 36 1 12 1 36 29.. 10 36-11 0 10 0-10 24 2 0-2 24 30.. | 11 24-11 48 10 48–11 12 2 48 3 12

31.. 12 12-12 36 11 36–12 3 36-4 0 Nov. 1.. 1 0 1 24 12 24-12 48 4 24 4 48

2. 1 48— 2 12 1 121 36 5 12- 5 36

3.2 36- 3 0 2 0 2 24 6 06 24 High Water at Dieppe the same time as at Brighton.

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MONDAY, Oct. 7.

Monday, Oct. 14.
Essex Red Wheat(new) 23s 26 Essex Red Wheat (new) 23s 26s
32s 38s Fine.

32s 385 New - -s New

S-S White. 25s 30s White

25s 30s New

40s -8. New Fine 36s 40s Fine..

36s 40s Superfine 449 46s Superfine..

44s 46s Rye..... 20s 21s Rye...

20s 21s Barley.. 163 225 Barley.

18s 22s Fine 22s 24s Fine...

22s 24s Superfine 285 31s Superfine.

30s 32s Malt 408 44s Malt

408 445 Fine 48s 52s Fine..

48s 52s Hog Peas (new) 26s 28s Hog Peas (new) 268 285 Maple.... 285 295 Maple ...

285 295 White (new) 26s 32s White (new)

26s 32s Boilers 36s 38s Boilers

36s 38s Small Beans (new) 268 29s Small Beans (new).. 268, 295 Old... 28s 32s Old ....

28s 32s Tick (new) : 21s 25s Tick (new)..

22s 26s Old.. 25s 27s Old ...

26s 28s Feed Oats 16s 18s Feed Oats

17s 195 Fine 19s 21s Fine...

20s 22s Poland ditto 18s 21s Poland ditto

18s 21s Fine 22s 25s Fine....

228 255 Potatoe ditto 23s 258 Potatoe ditto

23s 255 Fine 26s 27s Fine....

26s 27 s


FLOUR. Town made, per sack 35s 40s Town made, per sack 358 40s Ship, ditto 30s 358 Ship, ditto


GENERAL AVERAGE PRICE, For the week ending September 28. For the week ending October 5. Wheat 408 5d Wheat

40s 50 Rye 198 4d Rye..

20 od Barley 26s lod Barley.

27's od Oats 18s 3d Oats

18 od Beans 248 4d Beans

24s lld Peas 26s lod Peas

278 lid

Oct. 5.]

PRICE OF HOPS, PER CWT. (Oct. 12. Pockets. Bags.


Bags. Kent 50s 65s 94s | 455 84s - Kent 50s 65s 94s 458 848 -5 Suss. 40s 50s 58s | 40s 50s -S Suss. 40s 50s 58s40s 50s 5 Essex 45s 60s 725 42s 60s -s | Essex 45s 60s 725 42s 60s —

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It has been said, and, we have no doubt, truly, that the weakest even of human creatures, have it much in their power to do measureless mischief, if they but as resolutely as unworthily determine to do as much as they can ;-while the power of doing good is limited, even where the means of wealth and the prompting qualities of the heart, are all on the side of virtue. It is obvious, therefore, that no difficulty exists in becoming vicious, nor in continuing sotemptations to error are constantly before us but where error, from a principle of goodness, is avoided, though only an individual benefit should be its apparent result, yet is that individual an ornament and a blessing to society; inasmuch, as example will ever be found more powerful upon the actions of the many, than precept. With the means and the disposition to meliorate the condition of those in circumstances beneath us, insuperable are the obstacles which present themselves to an objeet so benevolently disposed-he is instantly singled as a target

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