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When the box of Pandora was opened on earth,
And Misery's triumph commenced over Mirth,
Hope was left! Was she not ? but the goblet we kiss,
And care not for hope who are certain of bliss !

Long life to the grape, and when summer is flown,

of our nectar shall gladden our own ; We must die !—Who shall not ?-may our sins be forgiven, And Hebe shall never be idle in Heaven.


Awake, my pensive muse, and raise

A low, a deep, and solemn song ;
A record of departed days,

And joys long lost, and cherish'd long.

Oh! when shall fear and strife be o'er,

And torn affection cease to smart;

and love return once more,
To cheer a sad and vacant heart?

The lamp of hope is quench'd in night,

And dim is friendship's soul-bright eye,
And cold the hearth of home delight,

And mute the voice of poesy.

I seek for comfort all in vain,

I fly to shadows for relief,
And call old fancies back again,

And breathe on pleasure's withered ļeaf.

It may not be-my lot if ill

Was dealt me by a mightier hand;
The woe, that came not at my will,

Will not depart at my command,


2 K


Written under a Lady's name in a Window.

Three brilliants fair Celinde grac'd,

(There love's artillery lies)
One from her snowy finger blaz’d,

Two sparkled in her eyes.

The first, which shone with fainter rays,

Cou'd here her name impart;
The others drew her charming face

More deeply on my heart,


How lovely the morning! Awake, my fair friend !

Come! let us its fragrance inhale, Where nature's sweet warblers their harmony blend, And Health, on the mountain, invites to ascend,

And catch her fresh tints from the gale.

Oh! come! now the blush of Aurora is bright,

As she welcomes the monarch of day :
But soon half its beauties will fade from the sight:
Then haste, while the charms of the landscape invite,

And all nature around us is gay.
Let the vot'ries of Fashion, unenvied, repose,

While we gaze on the beautiful scene,
And taste, while the morning its freshness bestows,
The delicious perfume of the summer's first rose,

As we trip o'er the dew-spangled green.


Form'd with such strong propensity to prate,
Had females beards how dreadful were their fate!
Beneath the razor's edge each fair enslaver
Would lose her nose while chattering to the shaver!

[blocks in formation]

High Water at Dieppe the same time as at Brighton.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER. 30.-G. Wingfield, Worthing, Sussex, innkeeper.-I. Field, and L. Royston, Leeds, York, cloth and stuff merchants.-C. Ulric Riethmuller, Mark-lane, broker.-H. Ellis, Friston, Suffolk. farmer.-J. Craig, 316, High Holborn, linendraper.-J. Butler, Milk-street, London, merchant.-C. Grey, Upper Montague-street, St. Mary-le-bone, horse dealer.-T. Kirby, Market Weighton, York, common brewer.—G. Stock, Ashweek, Somerset, farmer.-Wm. Dare, Woking, Surrey, nurseryman and seedsman.-N. Goldstein, high-street, Shadwell, wholesale slopseller.—J. Turner Grockett, late of Manchester, wine and spirit merchant.–T. Edwards, Gerrard-street, Soho, woollen draper.—J. J. Thompson, late of Bermondsey Wall, Surrey, boat builder.-J. C. Jones, láte of Bridgenorth, Salop, linen and woollen draper.-L. H. Martley, Finsbury-square, London, merchant.-L. Hoult, Norwich, iron founder -T. Matthews, Ross, Hereford, Currier.

Tuesday Dec. 3.-J. Wheeler, Frome Selwood, Somerset, clothier.-F. Lee, Bocking, Essex, victualler.-I. Ball, Poultry, ironmonger.-C. Le Roy, Pall Mali, haberdasher.-J. Bowker, Bolton-le-Moors, grocer.-J. South, Cardiff, ironmonger.

SATURDAY DEC. 7.-J. Armstrong, Reading, Berks, linen draper.-Robert Errington, Hexhăm Northumberland, butter factor. T. Turner, now or late of Saundridge, Hertford, timber-merchant, victualler, &c.—Wm. Crisp, Brámpfield, Suffolk, grocer. -J. Wiltshire, Wootten Bassel, Wilts, dråper and tailor.-W. Balster, Sherborn, Dorset, Malster, and brewer.-W. Cotterall Bishop's Cléeve, Gloucester, farmer.-J. Austin, Berkhampstead, St. Peter, Hertford, coach-maker.-J. Wiltshire, Wootten Basset, Wilts, saddler and harness maker.-1. Nixon Brown, late of Manchester, and of Inglewood Cottage, Cumberland, Cotton spinner.-W. Heap, Cobbers Nab, near Bury, Lancashire, Calico printer.—T. Jones, formerly of Hallow, Worcester, late of Cleobury-mortimer, Salop, innholder and malster.—T. Cory Hawkes, late of Little Abingdon-street, Westminster, now in. Horsemonger Prison, coal merchant.--J. Shackle, milk-street, Cheapside, hosier,

Tuesday, Dec. 10.–J. Blackhand, Newport, Salop, grocer.E. Deavill, Manchester, wholesale grocer.--H. Clift, Painswick, Gloucester, clothier.-J. Scot, Alley Field, Cumberland, butter dealer.-J. Bury, Manchester ; J. Bury, Pendlehill, Lancashire ;


and T. Bury, Bucklersbury, calico-printers.-T. Atherstone, Nottingham, dyer.-J. Wilcux, Madeley Wood, Shropshire, grocer, -Ť. Hulbert, otherwise T. S. Hulbert Chippenham, Wilts, linen draper.-J. Cookson, Leeds, woollen cloth manufacturer. -R. Watts ; Lawrence Pountney Hill, merchant.

SATURDAY DECEMBER. 14.-N. Berry, York, merchant.W. Griffiths, late of Abergavenny, Monmouth, seedsman.-H. Horatin Greame, late of Hexley, Halifax, York, but now of No. 4, Lower Fountain-place, City-road, Middlesex, merchant.-T. Matthews, now or late of Starston, Norfolk, Farmer.-J. Wych, Ashton-under-Line, Lancashire, timber merchant.-J. Morgan, Elder-street, Norton-falgate, Middlesex, leadpipe manufacturer. D. Todd, J. Douglas, and D. Russell, No. 90, Fleet-street, London, and Leigh-street, Burton-crescent, Middlesex, also of Longacre, Middlesex, and W. Russell, Bow Church-yard, London, drapers, and mercers.

-T. Hudson, late of Lower Pillerton, Warwick, weaver and farmer.-J. Glyde, Yeovil, Somerset farmer.

-W. Wells, Burton Hole, Henden, Middlesex, hay salesman. -B. P. Evans, late of Freeman's-court, Cornhill, London, law stationer.-E. Woodward Whetstone, Middlesex, butcher.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER. 17.-R. G. Speedding, jun. Rickmansworth, Herts, coal merchants.-J. Butterton, Drayton in Hales, Salop, money scrivener.-J. Crisp, Peasenhall, Suffolk, shopkeeper. -S. Knipė, Liverpool, merchant..-S. Roylance, Liverpool, tobacconist.-J. H. Seward, Leominster, mercer.-M. Pile, Sidmouth, Devonshire, cabinet maker.-E. James and R. Weston, Manchester, hop dealers.

SATURDAY, Dec. 21.–J. Saxty, Batheaston, near Bath, saddler, and harness maker.-H. Humphreys, late of Wells-row, Islington, grocer.-J. Ward, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, stationer. -T. Buxton, Ingól, near Preston, Lancashire, corn merchant.-C. Edwards, Throgmorton-street, London, and of Compton-street, Middlesex, stock-broker.-R. White, late of Maiden Bradley, Wilts, farmerJ. Jones, Gt. Commercial-buldings, Blackfriar'sroad, Surrey, haberdasher.-W. Childs, Whitehall, Westminister, Middlesex, vietúaller.

TUESDAY, Dec. 24.-John Bennett, Worcester, glover.-J. S. Radford, Kingston-upon-hull, merchant.-T. Greenwell, formerly of Sunderland, Durham, late of White Lion-court, Cornhill, London.--C. Allen, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden, Middlesex, Woollen-draper.c-W. Bailey, late of Rotherhithe, Surrey, but nów of Butt-lane, Deptford, Kent, merchant.-J. Barns, of Pendleton, near Manchester, brewer.-M. Agard, and F. S. Agard, and W S. Agard, of Borrowash, Derby, millers.-H. Marsland, of Handforthcum-Bosden, Chester, cotton manufacturer.-T. Mills, of Milverton, Somerset, baker.-S. R. Houfsletter, late of Sheffield, York, merchant.-W. T. Heath, Cushion-court, Broad-street, London merchant.

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