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pertinent one, and so will be my answer. I have asked them so often, and for so much money, that I am ashamed to look them in the face.

A bride-maid found the ring in the chamber after the wedding night, the posey, cui dedit, se dedit, that is, “ He gave it to her who gave herself." The Abigail, at a loss for the sense, gave it to the nurse, who translated it“He did it, and she did it !” PERLET THE FRENCH COMMEDIAN.

1.-About two years ago, a Vaudeville, called “ Le Comedien d'Etampes,” was announced for representation at Paris, in which Perlot was to perform the character of an English lady, and to sing a song, grossly reflecting on the English nation. To do this, Perlet peremptorily refused, alleging, that he had been kindly, hospitably, and liberally treated by the English, and that he never would have the baseness to repay them with ingratitude. The managers insisted. Perlet was firm. The police was applied to, as is the custom. Hewas imprisoned—continued inexorable—and finally triumphed. The author substituted, in the original words, the ballad of “ Auld Lang Syne," for the intended lampoon. This independent conduct of Perlet did not injure him, either with the managers or the public. He is so popular, that the sum of 40,000 francs per annum, has been offered him lately by the proprietors of the Vaudeville ; in France an immense sum.

When Cromwell, Earl of Essex, the son of a blacksmith, was twitted on the obscurity of his birth by a Duke, he replied—“My Lord Duke, you boast of your ancestrymy posterity will boast of me.”

Henry IV. or FRANCE.-A daring satirist, having published some severe reflections on the French court, Henry IV. desired by some of his courtiers, who smarted beneath the castigation, to punish him with the most unrelenting rigour. “ It would be against my conscience,” replied the magnanimous monarch, “ to trouble an honest man for having told the truth !"

The following instance of the uncertainty of human life occurred at the house of Abraham Davis, Old Gravel-lane, Ratcliffhighway :-On Sunday night, October 26, Mrs. Davis complained of being unwell, and asked her husband for somthing she fancied. He said she was always longing for something, and wished she was stiff in her grave. He no sooner repeated the words than he was seized with a shivering—he became speechless, and was a corpse before twelve o'clock, having been previously in perfect health. Mrs. Davis was so shocked at the circumstance, that she took to her bed, and was a corpse in less than six hours afterwards.

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The Feebleness of Man.

“ Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven ?-Canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth ?”—JOB xxxviii. 33.

Who yet hath fathomed ocean's deepest caves,
Or, in the hollow of his hand hath grasped
The raging world of waters ?-Or, whose slaves
Are the bright elements ?-Whose arm hath clasped
Within itself the firmament of heaven ?
Or, what created power hath made the sun
To cease his shining—or, to earth hath given
A wider orb, its wandering course to run ?
Who hath decreed the summer to become
The offspring of pale winter's snows? or, spring,
From her own lowly shades, to roam,
And robe the autumn in her blossoming ?-
If such there be, then may he justly aim
His pointless weapons at Jehovah's name.

P. S.


A calm Evening.

Look on these waters, with how soft a kiss
They woo the pebbled shore! then steal away,
Like wanton lovers,—but to come again,
And die in music !-There, the bending skies
See all their stars,—and the beachloving trees,
Osiers, and willows, and the wat'ry flowers,
That wreathe their pale roots round the ancient stones,
Make pictures of themselves !


(A Song.)

Behold, my fair, that loaded bee,

Rich with the spoils of many a flow'r;
Then mark if any trace you see,

Where the sly thief impress'd his pow'r.
No, no ! each flower is still the same;

The same in colour, form, and smell :
You know not whence the booty came ;

Yet it is honey_bees can tell.
Belinda, cease then to repine

At my too fondly ravish'd kiss :
To me it was a bliss divine;

And you lost nothing you can miss.


On Julia peeping.

Behind the lofty organ's screen,
One gala eve, sly Julia lay,
Intent to peep, at whiles, unseen,
And all the glorious pomp survey.
Ah ! little dids't thou deem, that eye
Which wakes to guard Brittania's crown,
Would there thy tiny form espy,
And give thee, Julia, to renown!


The first of blood,—the first of blood,

On Eden's land is pour'd ;
The life which warm'd that quivering flood

Shall never be restored.
Abel,--my son !--the fair,--the good,-

Too soon art thou deplored.

Thy sheep no more thine hand shall feed

Where verdant pastures rise :
Who shall thy flock to streamlets lead,

While fountains drown our eyes ?
Careless they rove across the mead,

Where cold their shepherd lie This sorrow from my future race

Shall never wing her flight ;
For many as fair a form and face

Shall set in such a night.
But, oh! could hope beyond it trace

A morn of heavenly light :
And if thy spirit live again,

Where sorrow never trod,
Then hast thou left a world of pain,

A sin-accursed sod ;-
To wish thee back were worse than vain,

For thou art with thy God!


I was the Sibyl !—In this marble cell
Sleep the pale lips that breath'd the oracle.
Death's sceptre stoop'd upon my virgin brow;
Then voice and beauty fled !-All's silent now.
Yet still with Hermes and the nymphs I rove,
Elysian spirit !- I was Phoebus' love.


To Maia.

The youth who sees thee may rejoice,
And he is blest who hears thy voice;
But, oh! what cause of smiles has he,
Who, happy, gains a smile from thee!
Happy is he who thee admires,
Happier, who sighs with soft desires ;
But, oh! more blest, more happy he,
Who, sighing, gains a sigh from thee !


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER, 2.-G. Rivers, Judd-street, Brunswicksquare, Middlesex, cabinet-maker.-G. Fitze, Totness, Devon, grocer.-E. Radford, High Holborn, Middlesex, draper and tailor.-T. W. Baley, Gerrard's Hall Tavern, Basing-lane, London, wine-merchant.-H. Bowman, St. John-street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, haberdasher and draper.

Tuesday, NovEMBER, 5.-T. Dixon, Hulme, Manchester, builder.-E. Trickle, Nuneaton, Warwick, mercer, and draper. -F. Harris, Leicester-square, Middlesex, dealer.-J. Ashwell, Nottingham, iron-founder.-J. Rowed, Queen-street, Finsbury, timber merchant.-B. J. Johnson, Houndsditch, cabinet maker.C. Kennington, Glainford Briggs, Lincoln, draper and tailor.-T. Cranage, Watling-street, near Wellington, Salop, grocer.-H. Greathead, Stepney-causeway, Middlesex, master-mariner.-J. Beattie, Portsea, victualler.-P. Howse, Park-street, Hanoversquare, horse-dealer.-E. Stolworthy, Whitechapel, cheesemonger.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9.-Henry Crockett, sen. now, or late of Haddenham, Bucks, grocer.-T. Hopps, Fishergate, suburbs of York, cornfactor.–J. Adey, Cray’s-hill, near Billericay, Essex, cattle salesman.-David Whyte, Lewes, Sussex, linen draper.G. Moore, Lower-road, Deptford, Kent, timber fand coal merchant.--W. and J. Bagnell, Walsall, Stafford, platers.-W. Cook, Wouldham, Kent, corn dealer.-J. Douglass, D. and W. Russell, Fleet-street, drapers and mercers.-G. A. Hesse, Church-row, Fenchurch-street, broker.-W. Robertson, Great St. Helen's, London, insurance broker.-J. Sell, High-street, Shadwell, cheesemnonger.-H. Goter, Billingsgate, fish salesman.—John Brown, late of Fleet-street, grocer.-J. Newman, Upper East Smithfield, slopseller.-E. Hales, Newark-upon-Trent, Nottingham, cornfactor.–J. Bainbridge, late of Whitehaven, Cumberland, plumber and glazier.-J.C. Jones, late of Bridgnorth Salop, linen and woollen draper.-J. Dawson, Bury, Lancaster, linen and woollen draper.-R. Hall, late of Bury, Lancaster, cotton manufacturer.-J. Drurey, Snaith, York, coal merchant.-John Watts, Totness, Devon, linen draper.-W. Davies, Sudbury, Suffolk, haberdasher.—R. Brooke, Walcot, Somerset, common brewer.-J. Greatest, Snowhill, leather seller.-T. Smith, late of Horsham, Sussex, but now of Hampton Wick, Middlesex, tirnber merchant.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12.-T. Stubbs, Crawford-street, Middlesex, grocer.–J. Bramwell, Leadenhall-street, hátter.—R. Stevens, Soulbury, Bucks, dairyman and farmer.-J. Foster, Liverpool, Lancaster, brewer.-J. Johnson, Pontefract, York, malster. -J. Green, Rednall, King's Norton, Worcester, malster.-J.

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