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Our County member, W. Burrell, Esq. had been on a visit of several days, to Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, on the West Cliff, when he left us on Monday, to return to West Grinstead Park.

The Right Hon. the Speaker, is returned to Worthing.

The Duke of Cambridge, it is said, before he leaves, intends inspecting that brilliant cabinet of the arts, the Picture Gallery, on the Grand Parade.

Lady Richards and daughter have removed from the York Hotel, to private lodgings.

The Deputy-Governor of Portsmouth, Sir James Lyon, and Major Harris, left the Pavilion Hotel, for Portsmouth, on Saturday.

It is supposed, that his Majesty will shortly honour this place with his presence.

Sir J. Harrington, Bart. is returned to Bognor.

The Duke of Norfolk is entertaining a party of friends at his seat, Farnham, Suffolk.

Major-General Brand, from his seat near Worthing, left his name at the Palace, on Monday.

The Earl of Abergavenny is returned to Erridge Castle, his Lordship's family residence in this county.

Lady Louisa Cornwallis, who has been residing with us some little time, for the benefit of her health, we are happy to add, has not been disappointed in the object of her journey. The lameness under which her Ladyship had suffered from a recent fall, has been entirely removed.

Mr. Rothschild and family are on a visit to Mr. Mocatta and family, at their mansion on the West Cliff.

Mrs. Baring, General Chowne, and General Fermer, left the York Hotel on Monday, the two former for London, the latter for private lodgings. Sir Henry Wellesley arrived at the York Hotel on Tuesday.

Lord Deerhurst was among the arrivals at the Old Ship, on Monday,

The Portuguese Ambassador, the Conde de Funchal, attended divine service, as usual, from Worthing, at the Catholic chapel, in High-street, yesterday.

Lady Charlotte Denys, with her amiable and accomplished daughter, is still sojourning at the Old Ship Hotel, as are Lady Blenfield, Mrs. Teasdale, &c.-The following are among the most recent arrivals at the above Hotel.-Lord Deerhurst, Lady Shelley, Captain Vernon, Mr. Windus, Sir Philip Roach, Mrs. Ducane, Mr. G. Prescott, Mr. Michael Kelley, the celebrated composer, &c. &c.

The Old Ship rooms, for a routine of weekly balls, are now on the eve of being opened for the whole of the winter season.

Our Picture Gallery was often the resort of rank, elegance, and beauty, during the last week.


Tuppen's and Lucombe's Libraries continue to be the daily and nightly resort of elegance and ton. At the latter, a change has been made, which, at least, has the advantage of novelty-music has been succeeded by recitations; and, if the latter have failed to please, the expression upon the subject must have been of a very deceitful character. Lucombe has, himself, been the declamator, and justice allows us to say, that he possesses considerable talent for such efforts, and has put in a claim for additional notice, which has experienced the best success in fashionable recognition.

Donaldson's and Loder's Libraries, uninterrupted by the lighter amusements of loo, &c. are irradiated by the rays of rank the visits of the gay throng, more inclined to turn over the pages of literature, or peruse the printed characters of past and passing events, than to resign the opportunity of both, and are commonly crowded at all hours of the day.

THE THEATRE.—Mr. Harley, an old and established favourite here, made his first appearance of the season, on Friday evening. His entré was greeted with much applause, though, from the overflow of company the night before, an event, from such a circumstance, in nowise uncommon, the auditory was the opposite to numerous. The pieces performed were “ The Busy Body," and "Love, Law, and Physic." As Marplot, in the comedy, it would be flattery to compliment him for any fertile exercise of genius; but as Lubin Log, in the farce, the once popular favourite of the town was agreeably recognized. In the course of the evening, he introduced several comic songs, with humourous effect. On Saturday evening, as Tristram Fickle, in “ The Weathercock," Flank,

Captain Bounce, Lawyer Johnson, and Humphrey Clod, in “ Two Wives,” Popolino, in « The sleeping Draught," &c. the plauditory thunder, the merriment and laughter excited, were incontrovertible proofs of peculiar merit. We regret to observe, that Mr. Harley's engagement only included two nights.


Mr. F. M. Holden has been appointed principal coast-officer here.

Mr. H. Howell is the tide-surveyor, in the room of Mr. Wood.

A female, about twenty years of age, a dress-maker, and a lodger of Mr. Thomas, on Carlton-hill, committed suicide, by suspending herself by the neck, on Wednesday. Coroner's verdict -Lunacy.

James Richards, under the Vagrant Act, has been turned over to the Tread-mill, in Bridewell, for a month.

Thomas Baulcomb, connected with Broad, committed for trial, charged with uttering forged notes of the Brighton and Sussex Bank, has been again remanded, and is to have a final examination, this day, Monday.

Our Local Catch and Glee Club, on Tuesday eyening, had a numerous attendance, and the amateurs of harmony had much cause to pride themselves upon the unqualified success of their efforts upon that occasion.

It has been advertised that, owing to the hardness of the times, and the pressure of Mr. Peele's Bill, rat-catching has been reduced from two pence to three halfpence per head!

The effect of the short crop of Barley, has occasioned an advance on malt of sixpence the bushel.

John Colbach, Esq. solicitor, met with a serious accident, while riding on Friday se'nnight--his horse fell, and Mr. C. was thrown with considerable violence; but, we are happy to add, without receiving much injury. This Gentleman is now fast recovering,

The business of our Post Office was removed on Sunday se'nnight, from Prince's place to East-street, where it is now established in the house lately occupied by Messrs. Sturt and Gibson.

PEDESTRIANISM.-Townshend, the Sussex pedestrian, has completed his task at Newcastle 12 minutes within time. This feat may be pronounced one of the most arduous of any in the annals of walking, he having gone 500 miles out and 500 miles home, in eighteen days. Townshend is of short stature, and 34

age ; he, at the commencement of this undertaking, weighed 18 stone.

R. Smith, a private soldier, has been committed for trial, charged with having stolen some articles of wearing apparel, from the Wheat Sheaf public-house, the property of John Keeling

PULPIT WARFARE.-On Sunday last, the congregation of the Dissenting Chapel, at Bersted, near Bognor, was thrown into the utmost confusion, from the following circumstance - The Rev. J. Saunders preached his farewel sermon, and, in the course of his address, animadverted, in very strong terms, on the treatment which he had received from the members of the chapel during his residence among them. This drew forth some spirited observations from the Rev. J. Hunt, of Chelmsford, (but late of Chichester, who sat in the body of the chapel. A warm controversy between the Ministers, ensued, and which, to the great amusement of the auditors, terminated by Mr. Hunt's obtaining possession of the pulpit.

A boy, named Cutress, of Patcham, received a kick on the head from a horse, on Wednesday, which fractured his s kull, and caused his death a few hours subsequently.

years of

The name of the poor man, recently crushed to death, by a fall of an over-hanging part of the cliff, while picking up Aints and pebbles at Blackrock, was Thomas Holmes. He was 78 years


age. John Fentham, and Henry Comber, for rescuing a prisoner from the custody of the civil power, in default of bail, have been committed for trial.

The Drove hounds, (Col. Wyndham's) whose kennel is midway between Chichester and Midhurst, commence their hunting season this week.

The following reduction in tithes, exceeds for liberality, all that has come to our knowledge. The Rev. H. Hodges, Rector of Beckley, Sussex, has lately lowered them no less than 50 per cent.

It is a fact, that during the last year, no less than thirteen National Schools have ceased to be carried on, of which six are in suffolk, six in Dorsetshire, and one in Westmoreland. This, the Committee of the National Education Society attribute, principally, if not solely, to the prevailing difficulties of the times.

Sir Charles Blunt, of Heathfield Park, lately shot a large woodcock. The presence in England of this bird, at so early a season, is said to prognosticate a severe winter.

There are now running between Brighton and London 42 coaches daily. There are also 4 coaches to Worthing, 5 to Southampton and Portsmouth, 1 to hastings, 2 to Lewes, 1 to Oxford, and 5 light vans and 2 waggons for the conveyance of luggage to London.

On Tuesday, the election of the Mayor of the borough of Arundel, took place at the Court House, when two gentlemen were put in nomination by the jury, for the choice of the town, viz. -Robert Watkins and Richard Parker, Esqrs.-A strong contest was anticipated, but on the shew of hands, the number appeared to be so decidedly in favour of the former, that the advocates for the opposition declined risking a poll. R. Watkins, Esq. was, therefore, duly elected, and took the customary oaths. The other officers elected for the borough were -Constables, Mr. W. Parlet, and Mr. Redman ;-Port-reeves, Mr. John Wimble, and Mr. Monck.–Aleconers, Mr. Dawes, and Mr. C. Parker.—Leather Searchers, Mr. Field, and Mr. Perkins. Afferors, Mr. T. Shaft, and Mr. Byass.-Serjeants at Mace, Mr. Toogood, and Mr. Christopher. A dinner was given on the occasion

at the Norfolk Arms Hotel, and served up by Mr. Newman, with true civic splendour.

Two young hares, about a month old, and perfectly white, were found in a field at Bosham, last week. They are now in the possession of a gentleman, who is indeavouring to rear them,

History, Biographical Traits, etc. (c.


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THE LIBRARIE8.—The first library here was instituted by Mr. Woodgate, at the southern extremity of the Steyne, where Mr. Phillips', and the shop adjoining, at present stand ; Mr. W. was succeeded by a lady of the name of Widget, who resigned it to Mr. Bowen, after whom came Mr. Crawford, and, lastly, Mr. F. G. Fisher, who, for a succession of years, was the master, also, of the principal circulating library at East, or, rather, South Bourne.

The principal Libraries, at this time, are Tuppen's, on the Marine-parade; Lucombe's, and Donaldson's, on

the Steyne ; Loder's, and Wright's, in North-street; Cordwell's, in East-street; and Bradley's, in the King's-road, all of which are well-stocked, well-managed, and owe their chief support to the fashionable visitants of the place.

STEYNE LIBRARIES.—Lucombe's, the second library that was opened in Brighton, has had several successors, but none more deservedly popular than the present. It retains its original situation, but, certainly, not its original appearance. The former building was of that dwarfish description not to admit of suitable improvements by additions; therefore, the whole of it was cleared away, and the existing edifice erected, the dimensions and beauty of which are an ornament to the Steyne, and not to be surpassed by any structure, devoted to a similar purpose, in any watering place in the United Kingdom. The library of Donaldson, jun. is divided from the above by St. James's-street, which opens between them, and of which each forms an angle. It is not so large as Lucombe's, but is fitted up with peculiar elegance and taste. The patronage bestowed upon it, though, as yet, but of recent origin, has already lifted it to the same level of importance that distinguishes its before mentioned contemporaries, and of which, its situation, literary provisions, and mangement, are every way deserving. The interest and bustle, excited by loo and musical divertisements, have gained no settlement here at present, nor do we believe it is intended

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